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Dennie Timberlake's Crossword

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30 32







5. Check out the _________ test drive videos on our website. 6. "Follow me on_________ @DennieTimberlak" 7. You can schedule an appointment with the _____________ department online or by calling (919)571-5061. Search their availability in real-time, 24 hours a day. 8. A ____________functions like a protective armor thats designed to protect the inner surface of a pickup bed. 9. You can ____________ Dennie at (919)571-5138 or at the dealership (919) 787-0099. 12. a considerable inland body of standing water; 13. Visit http://www.fredandersontoyota.com/ . The 4th section on our toolbar that outlines great deals! (This word starts and ends with the same letter.) 17. A sacrificial, high-tensile steel box (or boxes) built inside Toyota bumpers to help absorb a minor impact. 20. "At Toyota, we believe the best way to have an impact on the _________ is to have as little impact as possible." 24. a catalog or a list of vehicles on hand 25. With the ___________ Audio Jack, you can connect your ipod or similar device in a Toyota audio system. 28. to be able to bear the cost of 31. miles per gallon 32. to turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase 33. Perceptible as real or material. The Toyota Prius Hybrid has been called a ___________ car. 35. a small passenger van like our Sienna! 36. The Family Plan has no _____________ end date. 37. Toyota's ______________ - "Moving Forward".

1. __________ _________ Toyota, the Family Store is #1 Volume Toyota Dealer. 2. "Like me on......" 3. Come and check out our new & ________vehicles. 4. Child _____________ System - A standardized design of upper and lower anchors that can secure a CRS-compatible child safety seat without using the vehicles seatbelts. 6. to drive (a motor vehicle) in order to evaluate performance 8. Visit us at www.toyota.com and "___________your own Toyota". 10. This person is important to me and to Fred Anderson Toyota. 11. A vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle. 14. The ________ cage is a rigid body structure that surrounds the vehicles passenger compartment - constructed with high-strength steel and may be reinforced in vital areas such as the pillars, door openings and roof structure. 15. having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience 16. The _____________ Plan includes Lifetime Powertrain warranty, complimentary loaner car, complimentary car washes, Lifetime oil changes and Loyalty discounts! 18. Under www.toyota.com/owners/web/pages/resources . You will find a _____________ that gives you definitions of vehicle-related words. Great resource for manuals, too. 19. to place or leave in a location. "The Family _______" 21. Get __________ in seconds! It's quick, easy, and hassle free! Be sure to contact Dennie afterwards. He'll be waiting to get you into that new vehicle. 22. acronym for the best dealership on Hwy 70 in Durham - The Family Store. 23. This number (3 times) or _ _ _/ -205-4121 will get you to our Sales, Service and Parts Department. 26. the people living near one another 27. Read this and other articles on our website under _________, "Toyota and Cincinnati Childrens to Donate 10,000 Child Car Seats to Families In Need as Part of Child Passenger Safety Education Campaign".

29. Make a ____________ that purchases a vehicle from Dennie and you will receive $100. 30. capable of moving or being moved 32. What loggers yell when cutting down a tree. 33. Car that rhymes with the word "lion". 34. Eco-Friendly and has the Best MPG of any Midsize Vehicle

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