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10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World

Everybody loved fairytales during their childhood. Every boy and girl listened breathless, at a certain point in their lifetime the wonderful adventures of prince and princesses and all those magical adventures evolved around a beautiful castle.

The magical things associated with the architectural masterpieces that ruled over the Medieval Era are of course based on the peoples imagination but the history has proved that every king and queen had a castle and that castle was a place of wonder and power worthy of the fascination and admiration it is looked upon with even today.

Here are 10 of the most fascinating castles in the world one should visit at least once in a lifetime: 1. Windsor Castle

A place filled with rich royal history, the Windsor is one of the largest inhabited castles in the world, proud to show for 900 years of royalty dwelling within its walls.

Large and spectacular, it is opened for visitation only in those periods when her Majesty the Queen of England is not present there. 2. Alcazar

The most impressive Spanish citadel dated in the 12th century served as a military outpost and after that as a state prison. Many war adventure stories were built around and its amazing walls are nowadays hosting a museum.

3. Prague Castle

Extremely large, one of the largest European castles, this architectural masterpiece has within its walls built in the 9th century, years of troublesome political intrigues.

When it was expended in the 16th century the castle structure wrapped itself around two historical churches of national significance: St. Vitus Cathedral and St. Georges Basilica.

4. Arg- e-Bam

The most impressive citadel on the famous historical Silk Road, Arg-e-Bam is a UNESCO heritage. Its reconstruction was funded in the perspective of remaking one of the Irans most significant pieces of historic architecture. 5. Forbidden City Castle

Forbidden City Castle was the place of ultimate political power in China between the 14th and the 19th century. Home of one of the most impressive national heritage of China, this is surely a wonder of civilization.

6. Angkor Wat

Home of the most colorful Asian Legends and cradle to one of the most picturesque civilizations the Khmer Empire; the impressive Angkor castle is also a place where the grandeur of one of the largest cities of old Asia mirrored in the beauty of a majestic architectural masterpiece.

7. Alhambra

Dated in the 13th century, the jewel of Muslim reign of Spain, the Alhambra palace was considered the pearl of an arid area where water was extremely scarce. The beauty of the architectural details and the exquisite design make this palace a treasure.

8. Hohensalzburg Castle

One of the oldest most preserved castles of Europe, Hohensalzburg was built in the 11th century and expanded in the 14th century becoming one of the most impressive jewels of Austrian historic heritage.

9. Schloss Neuschwanstein

Schloss Neuschwanstein is truly the fairytale image of a kings castle and a true inspiration for many Disney fairytales.

Built based on the dreams and ambitions of King Ludwig of Bavaria the castle became expensive even for the royal household. Still it remains one of Germanys best travel destinations and also the most photographed building in the world. 10. Versailles Palace

The architectural jewel of Europe literally bedazzled with the most impressive architectural details and romance stories of Louis the Sun King, this fairytale palace is surely one of the most impressive art displays in the world.

Adding to this the majestic gardens and impressive size, Versailles is truly the image of a powerful era when grandeur was a sport of the kings.