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TECHNOLOGY IN THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT 1- The schools learning resources center 3- See and say (utilization of teaching aids)

5- Paper works (prepare hand-outs) 7- My E-world (Websites) Learning Resources: A.) print resources Books journal Encyclopedia Newspaper Almanacs Reference Materials Speakers Radio, cassette tape Television DVD player Charts, pictures, flashcards Board displays Chalkboard Posters D.) ICT resources Television OHP- overhead projector Computers 2- Bulletin Board Displays 4- Tools of the trade (teaching aids hands-out) 6- Slideshow biz (Slide presentation)

C.) non-electronic visual resources Maps Globes

B.)Audio resources : The materials are free of dust and moisture and are well arranged and organized 1.



4. 5.

Were the learning resources/materials arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics? ----the learning resources/materials are arranged properly according to their functions, although they were assigned to different areas. Do the guidelines and procedures facilities easy access to the materials by the teachers? Why? Why not?-------Yes, the guidelines are pretty much simple and the teachers can easily access the materials because the in-charge of the facilities is always around. What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center? -------The main learning resource center of ICEHS is their library. One good thing about it is that it is always open even though the persons-in-charge are teachers. They have arranged their schedule well so that they can accommodate library users anytime of the day. Aside from this, the library also has a good number of books and encyclopedia that the students can use. What are its weaknesses? --------- The library needs better lighting especially during cloudy days and better ventilation on warm and humid days. What suggestion can you make? -----When finances can suffice, it would be better to add more lighting fixtures and ventilation measures to the library.

BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAY CRITERIA: Effective Communication- conveys the msg. quickly & clearly. Attractiveness- colors & arrangement catch & hold interest. Balance- objects are arranged so stability is perceived. Unity- repeated shapes of colors or use of borders holds display together. Interactivity- the style & approach entice learners to be involved. Legibility- letters& illustrations can be seen from a good distance.

Correctness- Free from grammar errors, misspelled words, ambiguity. Durability- well-constructed, items are securely attached. Brief Description of the Bulletin Board: - Very well arranged and the messages were clearly stated. - The bulletin board was about the Science Month Celebration and certain images with various colors regarding Science and Technology are found. They are arranged well and are made of cartolina and art papers. There are no misspelled words and grammar inconsistencies. Thus, the messages are clear and easily understood. STRENGTH: -letters & illustrations can be seen from a good distance - Colorful, effective in the eye of the learners. -The board display was satisfactory -Clearly stated, the students can understand the words that were used there WEAKNESSES: -lack of appealing colors with some of the images. - Writings were not legible(too small) -Inconsistency of the relevance towards the theme of some materials posted in the bulletin. -Writings were not legible(too small) it is not clearly seen in a distance Recommendations or Suggestions for Improvement: -the content of the bulletin board must be consistent & be related with the theme. -We think that they should put more arts on it and make the fonts of the announcements bigger in order for them to read even in a distance. 5 skills that a teacher should possess in order to come up with effective board displays 1. Knowledge on visual principles

This is important because as a teacher, you have to learn if possible, all the rules that govern visual principles for you to be aware of the measurements of everything: letters, margin, spacing, and many others. Also the elements, pattern and arrangements of every variable present in your board display. 2. Creativity

This is important because this is the number one factor on how to get the attention of the target audience. The creativeness of a board display motivates the target audience to see what is beyond what is being displayed. 3. Sensitivity

This is important because you have to know who will be your target audience and what content are you going to put in the board display. 4. Resourcefulness

This is important so that you will not be spending too much on your board display. You can reuse some materials but you have to make sure that they are still in good condition. You can also make some innovations from previous materials used. 5. Knowledge about the content or the subject matter

This is important because you should only post simple information but you have to make sure that these will be relevant to your target audience. 6. Artistic- I was a member of the art organization during my year level before. I, together with my group mates usually given a tasked to design our bulletin board and if ever there were programs held in our school. But we dont mind the contents of it only the design so that the students will look at and read what is on the board. 7. Visual skills. Teachers are somewhat like interior designers; they must be able to visualize the presentation and impact they want to create, and then apply those to the display. 8. Organizational skills. This goes along with #2, but organization includes comparing and contrasting, grouping and arranging content in a meaningful way. 9. Communication. Teachers know that words combined with visual content can often communicate more than words alone. As well, the teacher must be a good communicator. 10. Minimalistic views. Good teachers know they must minimize content to the basic building blocks they want to teach. Rather than a display aimed at students who understand the most, the best, or the easiest, the display would be geared to include students who understand the least, the poorest, and the hardest. Which skills do you still need to develop? Reflect on how you can improve on or acquire these skills. I think I need develop my thinking skills when it comes to organizing the content of the article or announcement displayed on the board. I must research more about the ideas I will post on the board so that students will be attracted as well as understand whats on the board. I feel that I need to develop more elegance and ingenuity in coming up with designs not only in making a board display and other instructional materials. I can improve on these skills by constant practice and by research on various designs helpful in coming up with instructional materials. UTILIZATION OF TEACHING AIDS FORM Comments on Appropriateness of the teaching Aids used

Teaching aids used (enumerate in bullet Form)




Manila paper / Cartolina

Guide for the students in learning and also for reviewing the lessons. - One of the common and effective method in teaching It is more effective in teaching and cheaper in budget. . It can be used again or recycle. - One of the common and effective method in teaching

Students are not taking down the notes it makes the students lazy. - Lessons cannot be saved permanently

It is an easy method for teaching and giving notes for the lesson. - Lesson can easily be erased

Some students cannot see clearly of some words or grammar. Maybe students will be bored. - Lessons cannot be saved permanently

The methods are okay but some of the students are not listening or making some activities does not belong the lesson. - Lesson is not written or saved permanently.

: The chalkboards were used effectively because it is convenient to use both for formally prepared lessons and for spontaneous sessions. I would do similarly the teachers strategy that I observed by establishing discipline and attentiveness of pupils in the classroom discussion. 1. What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/learning resources that she/he used? Because its easy for teaching method by using the visual aids because it can easily attract to the students for student learning. And less for the budget they can use recycled cartolina or manila paper for the next discussion. 2. What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed? The students maybe did not learn well because some are just doing something they are not listening. Some teachers are not teaching well because of errors of the materials they used in teaching method and the students will be bored. 3. Over-all, were the learning resources/materials used effectively? Why? Why not? We think its No, because some of the students are not participating and did not listen to the teacher. Its better to give some oral to the students so that she/he knows if the students are listening. Tools of the trade (teaching aids hands-out) Flashcards, word cards, pictures, cut-outs, transparencies, others There are learning resources that I could used for my chosen topic in the learning resource center I visited. The materials are available and appropriate for the grade 6 level. The materials that are useful for my topic are the room which is conducive for learning and with enough chairs, LCD projector, and a computer. There are other materials that I can make which are the collection of pictures and a video that fully shows the whole content of my topic. Topic: Human Reproductive System

Grade/Year Level: Grade 6







Paper Works! (Preparing Hand-outs) 1. 2. What are the good features of a Hand-out? Strong title Clear uncluttered layout Color to increase willingness to read Bold or underlining to focus attention Simple examples to understand the lesson Which of these features are present in the Hand-out I made? Features present in my handout: Clear uncluttered layout No more than two fonts in a document Bold and underlining to focus attention Which features are not present in the Hand-out I made? Features not present in my handout: strong title Inviting graphics White space to help find the eye to search and find information Graphics instead of words to simplify Inviting graphics Bullets rather than narrative sentences


White space to help find the eye to search and find information

Bullets rather than narrative sentences Graphics instead of words to simplify

What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making Hand-outs? How did you overcome them? In making the handouts, I did not encounter any difficulties since all I did was to type the information and copy it from a reliable website. I did not include graphics, and so, I did not have problem in searching because graphics on the other hand is not necessary to have in this kind of topic. Another thing is that, I made the handout using the basic computer operations. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of Hand-outs? Tips regarding preparation of handouts: Plan your handout ahead of time Make them pleasing, simple and practical Contents should be accurate and appropriate Add graphics/pictures which are related to the topic. Make sure that you present correct information like correct spelling and grammar Keep the focus on a single handout Carefully proof read your handouts Be guided with the good features of a handout.

Slide Show Biz (Slide Presentations) What are the good features of a slide presentation? Information are visible for all Easy to operate Fonts are big and clear Simple and short Follow the 6x6 rule Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made? All good features are present in my slide presentation. Information are visible for all Easy to operate Fonts are big and clear Simple and short Follow the 6x6 rule

Simple transitions Clear, inviting backgrounds, images, fonts, color Enhancements: graphics, animation, sound effects, music, hyperlink

Simple transitions Clear, inviting backgrounds, images, fonts, color Enhancements: graphics, animation, sound effects, music, hyperlink

Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made? There is no good feature that is absent in my slide presentation. My E-world (Websites) Evaluation of the Website: STRENGTHS Attractive Interactive Easy to operate Inviting graphics, images, colors and backgrounds Hyperlink Fun Showcases hundreds of latest interactive tools, activities and games. WEAKNESSES In order to have unlimited access to the internet latest interactive learning tools, activities and games, it requires membership which cost $39.95 per year Not all activities/games can be accessed for free.

Technology can be used inappropriately because people can become independent on it, but it has given humanity unbounded access to information which can be turned into knowledge. If appropriately used, interactively and with guidance, they may become tools for the development of higher order thinking skills. If inappropriately used in the classroom, technology can be used to perpetuate old models of teaching and learning. Students can be plugged into computers to do drill and practice that is not so different from workbooks. Teachers can use multimedia technology to give more colorful, stimulating lectures. Computers are increasingly being incorporated into school curriculum. Teachers present processes and concepts using programs such as Power point, and students can utilize visual models and word processor to enhance their learning experience. One thing that is apparent is that the outlook of computers in education is promising.