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General: Walk the ground. Know your department and the other locations you may need to find for a code blue. Your department: Trauma / Resuscitation Room Decontamination Room Psychiatric Rooms Med Room Other Departments: Radiology (CT, X-ray, U/S, ICU, CCU) Resuscitation: Personal Protective Equipment Sterile gown & gloves Defibrillator Scalpel Ultrasound Broselow tape 14 gauge over-the needle catheter Intraosseous Kit Surgical Airway Kit Central Line Kit Chest Tube Kit Thoracotomy tray Emergency Delivery Kit Transvenous pacemaker Neonatal resuscitation (ET tubes, T type connector for PEEP, suction, warmer, umbilical line kit) Arterial line equipment Fluid infusers and warmers Location of warm fluids Bair hugger Airway: Crash airway cart Pediatric (orgd by Broselow?) Adult Look through the carts BVM (adult and pediatric bags) Ventilator (make, model, set up) Video laryngoscope Other rescue airway devices CPAP/BiPAP Jet insufflation kit Emergent transport bag (eg. For inter-dept transport of sick patients) What swab do I use for regular C&S, fungal, viral, and syphilis? Do we have a co-oximeter? How do I detect met-, sulf-, carboxyhemoglobin? What tests are sent off site and what are the turn around times? (eg. Toxic alcohols, heavy metals, HIV, Hep) Who runs the ABG? What is on the test (K, lactate, Hb)?
Note: This document is inspired by Scott Weingarts The Mind of a Resus Doc: Logistics Over Strategy. Consider checking it out at Emcrit.org before doing your ED reconnaissance. Intent: To facilitate the transition of nurses, medical students, residents, new physicians, and other criticalcare providers to a new ED environment and familiarize them with the protocols and location of mission essential equipment such that they may provide high-quality care from day one. How to use this document: Physically locate and touch the equipment listed here. Its not just a scavenger hunt. Ask yourself, Is the equipment where it should be? Is it in good repair? Are the kits missing something that I need to complete the procedure? Are there any defects/shortages that need addressing? Is something missing from this document? Feedback is always appreciated and will only make the document better. Cheers, Damon Tedford Damon.tedford@gmail.com @damontedford Chris Bond socmobem@gmail.com @socmobem Chris Krause christopherkrause@gmail.com

Medications: What induction and paralytic agents are available? Do I need a code/login/key to access meds? What reversal agents are available? Miscellaneous Procedures & Gear: Lumbar puncture kit US Doppler (fetal heart rate and ischemic limbs) Ring cutter Slit lamp Casting supplies Suture tray Epistaxis gear (head lamp, cautery, etc) IV pump (make, model, operation) Mouth wire cutters Laboratory: Troponin generation and return time Order sets (cardiac, septic, liver, renal) & what each includes D-dimer Available Blood products (PRBCs, Platelets, FFP, PCC) How much O neg blood is on site? Where is it held and what is the turn around time? Anti-coagulation reversal