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Studying in Dubai is worthy, reliable and creditable now as number of internationally acclaimed and accredited universities have been

opened in and around Dubai. A vast and gigantic piece of land in the outskirts of Dubai has been dedicated for establishing an education city and the place has been named as Dubai Education City. All the available facilities has been provided to this area and universities and colleges such as Zayed University, American College of the Emirates, American University of the Emirates, Al Ghurair University, French Fashion University, Murdoch University, SZABIST, University of Waterloo, National Institute for Vocational Education, HCT Dubai Men's College and Hamdan e TQM University are already operating here. Moreover according to an estimate, around 40,000 students are expected to enroll and study at 40 different institutes by the end of year 2015 at Dubai Academic City. Apart from the normal traditional education, the state is also focusing on availability of technical education. Dubai is having colleges and universities that are offering education in areas like Islamic teachings, law, hospitality, aviation, agriculture, medical and cosmetic surgery, engineering and management sciences. Education in Dubai is on a move. The day is not very far when we will see excellent, world class and superior educational institutes all over in Dubai just like nowadays we have witnessed marvelous hotels in Dubai every where. There is strong support in the UAE for international institutions such as the United Nations. The UAE signed or ratified laws to protect the rights of people with disabilities and hosted conventions to eradicate torture and cruelty in punishment, suppression of nuclear terrorism and combating human trafficking. Illicit drugs are another problem, as its proximity to South Asia makes it a drug transshipment point for traffickers. Furthermore, being a major financial center, the UAE is at risk of harboring money laundering schemes. The international community is seeking the UAE government to implement controls to mitigate these problems. The UAE is also a supporter of peaceful resolutions in Palestinians with the support of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Disputes have existed between the UAE and Iran over the ownership rights to three UAE-based islands. These disputes date back to 2003 when Oman and the UAE signed and ratified boundary agreements for the entire border. Failing to publish the agreement and detailed maps of alignment gave Iran the opportunity to dispute the Tunb and Abu Musa Islands. In October 2009, Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint commission between itself and the UAE. Furthermore, the UAE has concern over Iran's nuclear program. Once long-time tensions between Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also abated. The biggest threat to the UAE is an internal regime failure, which would collapse the GCC military. The UAE's foreign aid policy is based on the Islamic philosophy of extending a helping hand for the needy to fulfill a duty of all Muslims. Wealth from oil and gas provides the UAE with the means of helping less fortunate countries. Organizations such as the UAE Red Crescent, which provides emergency relief, play an important role in such efforts. For more information and Support on Construction and Managements Course, visit our website Construction and Managements Course this Article is Published and Promoted by Seo Dubai.