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Transition Afternoon

Year 2 and Year 5 Organised by Mr Mills and Mrs Askew

The following activities require the use of the playground and/or field. Students should be wearing suitable clothing (PE kit).

Warm up 1.1) Ship Ahoy!

Students slowly jog around a section of the playground moving in and out of each other. When the teacher shouts; Hit the deck players quickly lie down flat on their stomachs Submarine players lie down on their backs with one leg in the air Double Submarine players lie down on their backs with both legs in the air All clear players get back up and continue to jog around the playground.

1.2) Body Parts

Players get into pairs. The pairs then face each other standing up with a ball in between them. The teacher shouts out a body part. Both players then have to touch the ball using the body part which has been shouted out. Ideas for body parts can include nose, ears, head, shoulder, arms, legs, bottom, knees and feet. When the teacher shouts ball one player needs to grab the ball and hold it above their head. The first player in each pair who gets the ball first wins.

Preparation Split the class into two teams. Team A should be given bibs. Activity One: Hills and Hollows
Cones are placed around the playground (some upside down, some the right way up). One group attempts to put all the cones the correct way up whilst the other group try to turn them all upside down. Once the whistle is blown the teacher will allocate points. Repeat several times

Activity Two: Balloon Sandwich Extreme!

Students carry a ball back to back from one point to another.

How to Play:
1. Split everyone into equal teams. Maximum 10 people in one group. Groups need to be even numbers. If odd number one child can assist teacher as a referee. 2. Students select a partner in the group. 3. Students stand back to back with a sponge ball placed between them. 4. Students have to move back to back without dropping the ball round cones and other obstacles. 5. The first team to have all partners across the finish line will be the winners. Obstacles: Round cones, over bench, limbo under, drop ball in bucket.

Activity Three: Toxic Waste

Students must transport a bottle of toxic waste from one destination to another using only the allocated equipment. Once the students achieve this they can repeat the task through the obstacle course.

Activity Four: Egg and Spoon Challenge

Children race through an obstacle course whilst balancing a table tennis ball on a spoon. The aim is to be the fastest group to complete the obstacle course. Bonus points will be awarded to groups who do not drop their ball or spoon.

How to play:
1. Split everyone into equal teams (Maximum 7). Teams stand in a line facing the start line. 2. When the whistle is blown the first person in each team needs to make their way through the obstacle course whilst balancing the table tennis ball on the spoon. 3. Once the first person has completed the obstacle course they need to run back and tag the next person so they can then attempt the course. 4. The first team to finish will be the winners.

Activity Five: Poison Ball!

Divide the class into two groups and put a large variety of soft balls and bean bags in the middle of the court. The object of the game is to have the least amount of balls in your side of the court when the whistle is blown.



Activity Six: Toxic River

Summary: Travel from one side of the river to the other without touching the floor. Goal: Be the fastest team to cross the river safely How to play:
1. Split everyone into equal teams of 15 (ish). 2. Students have to get from one side of the marked area to the other side without touching the playground. Students can only use the A2 paper supplied. 3. 2 people have to be travelling at ALL times on the paper. 4. The first team to have everyone safely across will be the winners. Cones can be added to make the exercise more of a challenge

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