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Work profile of Officers in Credit Risk Management Cell 1) Senior Manager

1. Validating all credit ratings for cases processed at Central Sanctioning Department for sanction at Corporate Office by Central Credit Committee/ Board Members. a) Check the formats b) check the parameters c) justify any changes made to the marks allotted by business line. 2. Providing relevant industry scenario and outlook for the particular cases. 3. Turn around time for response with either a validation or queries - 1 day. 4. Maintaining a MIS for all activities performed. 5. Any other assignment as allocated by Head- IRMG.

2) Manager
1. Rating validation of proposals with exposure of Rs.50 lacs and above which come under Branch/Zonal Credit Head/Zonal Credit Committee powers (at present - proposals of all Zones). Ensure rating is done on the prescribed format Check the rating parameters and the marks given by the business line. Provide the reasons/justifications for reduction in marks if any. Provide the industry/ proposal specific comments. If the exposure is to the Non-Retail Portfolio, verify whether the asset is rated by RBI accredited External Credit Rating Agency (solicited rating) as per Basel II Standardised Approach and if not recommend to obtain the same. Comply with the TAT for response. Maintaining MIS for rating validation 2. IRMG representative for Zonal Credit Committee Kerala Zone. Sanction, Review & Rejection of credit proposals as per delegation at ZCC meeting & circulation.

Recording of Zonal Credit Head sanctions). Verification/approval of minutes.

3) Officer Computation of CRAR for Credit Risk under Basel II norms, in B2 ReCap Software. Verify the extracted data and reconcile with the Banks GL, before uploading to B2ReCap staging area. Verify the data consistency of the reports generated from the B2ReCap, with the relevant norms of RBI in CRAR calculation. Collection of data on Gold Loans and computation of risk weighted assets as per RBI norms. Collection of data, manual calculation and adjustment of risk weighted assets, wherever the data is not available with the software

Work Profile of Officers attached to Operational Risk Management Cell 1) Officer

Operational Risk Work flow assessment Identifying Risk events & KRIs (Key Risk Indicators) Conducting RCSA (Risk & Control self Assessment) Operational Risk management policy Revision Operational Risk vetting of new process, products and system. Preparing the Minutes of Operational Risk Management Committee meetings. Quarter end works

Report Generation from B2ReCAP and reconciliation Preparation of CRAR statement for Basel II Preparation and uploading of XBRL Instance DocumentRCA2 to RBI data repository Preparation of Report on Progress in Implementation of New Capital Adequacy Framework for submission to RBI. Preparation of Report on Preparedness of Basel II recommendations for submission to Board. Preparation of Report on Basel II software implementation status for submission to Board.

Work Profile of Officers attached to Market Risk Cell 1) Officer, Market Risk Cell-IRMG
Preparation of the Statements:Risk Management committee reports to Board Risk review report Market Risk Calculation under Basel I & II (Manual). Generation of Reports on Market Risk Contingency Funding Plan Liquidity Ratios Preparation of Prudential exposure Norms Revision of ALM Assumptions for the preparation of Structural liquidity statement o Stress test o Revision of ALM Policy o Revision of Stress testing policy o o o o o o o o

2) Jr.Officer, Market Risk Cell-IRMG

Preparation of the Statements:Daily o Structural Liquidity Statement Weekly

o Comparison of Interest rates offered by the Bank with peer banks & public & New generation banks o Comparison of Special term deposits Interest rates offered by the Bank with peer banks & public & New generation banks Fortnightly o o o o o o o o Economic/Interest rate outlook Interest rate Sensitivity Earnings at Risk Contractual Maturity of Term deposit Dynamic liquidity Back stop Availability Preparation of ALCO Minutes Preparation of Structural Liquidity Statement to RBI

Monthly o o o Top 20 depositors of the Bank Deposits above card Rates Fixed & Floating Rate loans