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CHARLES LEDERER Presents EDWIN LESTER'S Production of KISME A Musical Arabian Night Music and Lyrics by ROBERT WRIGHT and GEORGE FORREST Based on themes of Alexander Borodin) Book by CHARLES LEDERER and LUTHER DAVIS GBased on the play by Edward Knoblock) Orchestral and Choral Arrangements by ARTHUR KAY Production Directed by ALBERT MARRE Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by JACK COLE Settings and Costumes Designed by LEMUEL AYERS Lighting by PEGGY CLARK Musical Direction by LOUIS ADRIAN VOCAL SCORE (idited by Louis C. Singer) Cherry Lane Music inc. 24, 25. 28, 30. 31 3 33 34, 36, 39. 40. 4l TABLE OF CONTENTS ACT ONE, Overtune and Sawps Or Time Ruwates Have T Fare Tue Hann Or Fars Fare— Reprise Bazaar Or Tae Caravans, Ewtaance Or Lawuue Anany Dawer | Nor Since Nineven Nor Since Niveven~-Dance: Ex Avmux Ninevest and Stones Onances Bavntrs, Basours AND Beads Tue Port Axp Tan Stave Guns Stave Gini Sov Tue Port's Anrist—Panapisk Gaapes Sraancer IN PanaDise Tne Ananvs Go Suoopixe He's Is Love Ta Wazin's Pavact Tae Wazia’s Counctt Gesricerare Tae Cattew’s News Fare—Fuvate Act 1 ACT TWO Ewrw'act Niows Or My Nrostss Srraxorr IN Parapiss—Revaist Bavauts, Baxouts AND Braps—Repaist He's In Love—Repais ‘Tye Exery Leeren and Tae Wazin’s Sores Was | Waztn? Ramapeakum ANp Tus Is My BeLove Tur Pours Meer Tax Onwe Tare Tue Wazie's Wenninc Tue Catipn’s Diwan’ Zenner Sauaris’ Dance Anau Daner I From Tue Runarvat Tue Wazin Is Drap Fixate Act IL Page B 2 26 69 95 101 105 16 us 19 120 ral 127 12 149 149 155 155 156 16} 164 16s 168 168 No.1 é “ avstoso, OVERTURE 5 N. EY By ROBERT WRIGHT eee teed cal GuORGE Powers Piano pV. Basses M8 lft Nisetapea as, bees be aaa Copyright © 1953, 1954 FRANK MUSIC CORP. Copyrights renewed and assigned to SCHEFFEL MUSIC CORP, New York, NY Copyright © 1955 FRANK MUSIC CORP. Allrights controled by SCHEFFEL MUSIC CORP Ierational Copyright Secured All ights Reserved