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Soc 201: Introduction to Sociology Nassau Community College, Department of Sociology Spring, 2013 Monday, 6:25 9:15pm Room:

: G-373 Instructor: Rose Sayre Email: rose.sayre@ncc.edu Office: G-357, office hours by appointment. Course Description This course is an exploration of the basic concepts and theories of Sociology. Students will learn the Sociological approach to analyzing the world, enabling them to move beyond some of their established ways of thinking about human interaction, and instead recognize the larger social processes in operation around them and a greater connection to others the world over. Issues of culture, inequality and social structure will emerge as continuous themes throughout the course. In the first section of the course, there will be an emphasis on the basic concepts used by sociologists and its unique theoretical perspective. In the second section, we will turn explore the various institutions that shape our social world. Finally, we will apply the Sociological perspective to the issue of inequality in the areas of social class, race, ethnicity and gender in order to understand the specific social forces behind human behavior. Course Requirements and Grading Required text: Henslin, James. Essentials of Sociology. Tenth Edition. New York: Pearson, 2012 There will be chapters assigned from the required text for each class that correspond to the course material. Additionally, there may be short supplemental readings which will provided by the instructor either in-class or via email attachment. Grades will be based on the following: One personal essay worth 25% of the final grade. Three short-answer exams worth 75% of the final grade. Instructions for the personal essays will be distributed in class by the instructor. Exams will be based on BOTH the readings and the class lectures. Students are strongly encouraged to see me in person if they have questions regarding the course material, assignments, exams, etc. or if he/she would like to discuss grading or anything else that may arise over the course of the semester. Please contact me via email to schedule an appointment. Academic Integrity Statement Each student must pursue his or her academic goals honestly and be personally accountable for all submitted work. Representing another person's work as your own is always wrong. Any suspected instance of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students. For more comprehensive information on academic integrity, including categories of academic dishonesty, please refer to the Nassau Community College Student Code of Conduct. Disability Access Statement

If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact your ability to carry out assigned course work, I urge you to contact the staff in The Center for Students with Disabilities, U Building (behind the old college union). Their contact number is (516) 572-7241. CSD will review your concerns and determine what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation are confidential. Course Schedule Subject to change. Any changes will be announced in class. Section 1 The Basics of Sociology Week 1 (Jan 28): Course Introduction The Sociological Imagination Week 2 (Feb 4): Culture and Socialization Text: Chapters 2 & 3 Week 3 (Feb 11): Social Structure and Social Groups Text: Chapters 4 & 5 Week 4 (Feb 18): No Class Week 5 (Feb 25): Deviance and Social Control Film: Paradise Lost Text: Chapter 6 Section 2 Social Institutions Week 6 (March 4): First Exam The Economy Text: Chapter 11 Week 7 (March 11): Politics and Political Processes Film: The Garden Text: Chapter 11, continued Week 8 (March 18): Family, Education and Religion Text: Chapter 12 & 13 Week 9 (March 25): No Class Week 10 (April 1):

Urbanzation, Suburbanization and Immigration Text: Chapter 14 Section 3 Social Inequality Week 11 (April 8): Second Exam Global Stratification Film: Life and Debt Text: Chapter 7 Week 12 (April 15): Film, continued Social Class Text: Chapter 8 Week 13 (April 22): Race and Ethnicity Text: Chapter 9 Week 14 (April 29): Gender Text: Chapter 10 Week 15 (May 6): Personal Essay Due Social Change and Social Solidarity Text: Chapter 15 Week 16 (May 13): Third Exam