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First/Second Semester B.E Degree Examination, June 2012 Environmental Studies (COMMON TO ALL BRANCHES)
Time: 2 hrs.]

[Max. Marks : 50


1. Answer all the fifty questions, each question carries ONE mark. Use only Black ball point pen for writing I darkening the circles.

2. 3.

For each question, after selecting your answer, darken the appropriate circle corresponding to the same question number on the OMR sheet.


Darkening two circles for the same question makes the answer invalid.


Damaging/overwriting, using whiteners on the OMR sheets are strictly



An a lternative eco-frie ndly fu el for automobiles is a) Petrol b) Diesel c) CNG Population explos ion will cause a) Bio-diversity More employment

d) Kerosene



b ) Stress on ecosystem d) None of these .

Which of the fol lowing is not a so lution for global warming? a) Reduc ing fo ssi l fue l consumption b) Planting mo re trees c) Deforestation d ) None of these. The first o f the major environmental protection act to be promulgated in India was a) Air act b) Water act c) Environmental act d) Noise pollution act Popu lation exp losion will cause a) Soc io-economic problems c) Food scarcity Global warming could affect a) C limate c) Melting of g laciers Ac id rain can be controlled by a) Reducing S02 and N02 emission c) Increasing number of lakes b) Energy crises d ) Al l of these. b) Increase in sea level d) All of these. b) Reducing oxygen e missions d) Increasing the forest cover




- Cl -

For More Question Papers Visit - http://pediawikiblog.blogspot.com

For More Question Papers Visit - http://pediawikiblog.blogspot.com

8. 9.
The pH val ue of the acid rain water is a) 5.7 b) 7.0
c) 8.5 d ) 7.5

Major compound respons ible for the destruction of stratospheric ozone layer is b) CFC c) Carbon dioxide d) Methane a) Oxyge n

10. Domesticated animals are used for a) Dairy products b) Production of fiber c) Production of meat d) All of these .
11. World ozone day is be ing celebrated on 111 b) October 5 a) September 5 111

c) Septembe r 16 111

d ) Septe mber II 111

12. B hopal gas tragedy was due to the leakage of a) Methyl isocynate (MIC) b) Sulphur dioxide c) Mustard gas d ) Methane

13. The forest (conservation) Act was enac ted in the year a) 1986 b) 1974 c) 1980

d ) 1972

14. The leader of C h ipko mo vement is a) Med.ha Patkar b) Sunderlal Bahuguna c) Vandana Shiva d ) Suresh Hebl ikar 15. An intemational conference on env ironmental education was he ld in Decembe r 1982 at b) Vienna c) New Delhi d) London a) Kyoto 16. The world environmental day is celebrated on a) June 5 111 b) November 5 111 c) Apri l 5 111 17. India has the world's largest share of a) Manganese b) Copper 18. The hydrological cycle is re lated to a) Water cycle and balance c) Hydropower
c) Mica d) Decembe r 5 111 d) Diamond

b) Water and e lectric ity d) Water characterization

19 . . An important NGO involved in global environmental protection is a) UNICEF b) Green peace c) W HO d) CPCB 20. About 3/4 of the country 's coa l deposits are found in a) Ka mataka b) Tamil Nadu c) Kashmir

d ) Bihar & Orissa d) Humidity d ) Multidirectiona l d) Stockho lm

Which of the followin g is a biotic component of an ecosystem? b) So lar light c) Temperature a) F ungi c) Unid irectiona l

22. In an ecosystem, the flow of ene rgy is a) Bidirectional b) Cyc lic

23. The first lnte mational Earth Summ it was he ld at a) Johannesburg b) R io-de J ane rio c) Kyoto 24.
ISO 14000 standards deal with a) pollution manage ment c) risk management

b) environmental management d) None of these. d) Helium.

25. The major atmospheric gas layer in stratosphere is b) Carbon dioxide c) Ozone a) Hydrogen

- C2-

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For More Question Papers Visit - http://pediawikiblog.blogspot.com

26. Which of the following is not the environmental effect of industrialization, in genera l? a) Solid waste b) Water po llution c) Economic g rowth d) Air pollution. b) En vironmen t and Im pact Activities d) Environmental Impact Assessment. b) loss of wild Iife hab itat d) All of these .

27. EIA can be expanded as a) Environment and Industrial Act c) Environmentall y Impo rtant Activity 28. T he impact of c on struction of dams is a) s ubmerged forests c) damages down stream ecosyste m

29. Amo ng the fresh water ava ilable on the Earth, the percentage of s urface water is about a)50 % b) IO % c)5% d) lessthanl %. 30. Majo r sources of fluo ride is a) Gro und water b) Toothpaste
c) Ri ver wate r d) Food products

31. Blue baby syndrome (me thae mog lobinemia) is caused by the conta mination of water due to a) Phosphates b) Sulphur c) N itrates d) Arsenic

32. The most important fu e l used by nuc lear power plant is a) U-235 b) U-248 c) U-23 8 33.

d) U-245

Bacte riological po llution of water is due to the presence of a) s il t and grit b) paras itic wo rms c) suspended particals d) floating materia ls. Lead poisoning may cause a) reduction in haemoglobin c) mental retardation b) kidney damage d) a ll o f these.



Air pollution from auto mobiles can be contro lled by fittin g a) e lectrostatic precip itato r b) wet scrubber c) catalytic converte r d ) all of these. d) Both a and c d ) Carbon dioxide.

36. W hic h of the fo llow ing are no n-biodegradable? a) Pl as tics b) Do mestic sewage c) Detergents
37. Wh ich of the foll o wing is a secondary air pollutant? a) Carbon monox ide b) Sulphur diox ide c) Ozone

38. In which year, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India made env iron menta l educatio n compulsory subject at all the levels of education? a) 2000 b) 200 1 c) 2002 d) 2003 39.
Environmenta l protection is a fundamental d uty of the c itizen of India under the artic le a)5 1-A(8) b)48-A c)47 d )2 1 c) T he tmosphe re d ) Troposphere d) 1987

40. Ozone layer is present in a) Stratosphere b) Mesosphe re

41. Che mobyl nuc lear d isaster occurred in the year a) l 984 b) l 952 c) l 986

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For More Question Papers Visit - http://pediawikiblog.blogspot.com

42. Which of the following is not a renewable source of energy? a) Wind energy b) Tidal wave energy c) Solar energy
d) Fossil fuels.

43. Electromagnetic radiation can cause a) Plague b) Malaria


c) Cancer

d) Dengue fever.

Nuclear power plant in Karnataka is located at a) Bhardravathi b) Sandur c) Raichur

d) Kaiga

45. Which place in India, the tidal energy has been experimented? a) Goa b) Karnataka c) Kerala
In hydro power plants, power is generated by a) Hot springs b) Wind c) Water

d) Tamil Nadu

d) Solar energy

47. Environmental pollution is due to a) rapid urbanization b) deforestation

Definition of noise is a) Loud sound b) Unwanted sound

c) afforestation

d) both a and b

c) constant sound

d) Sound of high frequency

49. Sound, beyond which of the following level, can be regarded as a pollutant? a) 40 dB b) 80 dB c) 120 dB d) 150 dB


'Minamata disease' is caused by a) Lead b) Arsenic

c) Mercury

d) Cadmium.


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