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Temple Beth Sholom

United Synagogue Youth

Membership Registration 2008-2009
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Are you members of Temple Beth Sholom? □ YES □ NO

If not, where are you affiliated? ______________________________

Temple Beth Sholom Code of Conduct

There will be proper conduct at all times. Treat all people with respect; be a positive
leader and a good example. No one may leave a USY/Kadima event at any time
without prior permission by the youth director or his designate, and written permission
of the parent or guardian. No member or guest of the Temple Beth Sholom Youth
Department will be permitted to smoke during any function at or away from the
Temple. Possession or use of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated. Any youth
possessing or suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be
removed from the program without any refunds. All events sponsored by the TBS
Youth Department will adhere to the laws of Kashrut and Shabbat. Males must wear a
kippah/appropriate head covering (hat) when attending any religious events. Females
may do so if they wish.

Signed (Member) _________________________ (Parent) ______________________

Dues Information

Please make the check out to TBS USY

(7-12 grades)
TBS Members $80.00
Non-TBS Members $100.00

Dues entitle USY members to attend all chapter activities at the member rate. Dues also
enroll the USYer in both the Far West Region and the International USY organizations.
Membership in these organizations allows the USYer to attend Regional & International
events such as Regional Kinnusim, USY Israel Pilgrimage, Regional USY dances, and
many more. Members of USY receive mail and publications from both the Regional and
International Organizations.

Mailings are sent out in advance of all events, and list an RSVP date. Please RSVP by
the requested date. We need to know how many people are coming in order to have
enough food, staff, tickets, busses, etc. Many events are limited in space and you can
only guarantee a spot for yourself by RSVPing by the deadline. In addition, you may be
charged an additional $5 late fee if you RSVP after the deadline. You can RSVP by
calling Lauren Frydman at (702) 327-5858 or emailing counselkids8@yahoo.com

We welcome you to bring your JEWISH friends to TBS youth events, even if they do
not belong to Temple Beth Sholom. All guests must have a completed medical release
form on file prior to the start of the event. Invite your friends to join the fun of USY by
becoming members.

Kashrut (Kosher)
The TBS Youth Department follows the laws of kashrut at all youth events. If you are
asked to bring a sack lunch, it must be either dairy or pareve (vegetarian). At all events
that take place outside the synagogue, only dairy or pareve food may be eaten, unless we
are at a kosher establishment. A dairy product may not be eaten for 3 hours following a
meat course.
Kinnus/Convention Applications
All applications have deadlines set by the hosting chapters and regional office. These
deadlines must be respected in order for the chapter to be accepted. Applications must be
submitted by the Youth Department and may not be sent by the USYers. If the
application is not received by the deadline, the USYer will be waitlisted accepted at each
chapter’s discretion. When air travel is involved, all USYers, including those who were
accepted late by the hosting chapter, must travel together and a chapter, the air fare may
be higher after the initial deadline has passed. Should seats not be available on the
chapter’s flights, USYers will not be allowed to attend, even if space is still available at
the event itself.

To allow for maximum enjoyment at all programs, we have scheduled each activity to
begin and end at certain times. Please try to arrive 10 minutes early for both drop-off and
pick-up. If we are traveling by bus or car pool, we may be unable to wait for you if you
arrive late. We will make every effort to return from our events by the scheduled time.

Tikun Olam
REPAIRING THE WORLD. Tikun Olam is the USY Tzedakah Fund. A portion of all
monies raised by TBS USY go to Tikun Olam. These monies are allocated to over 250
worthy causes, both Jewish and secular, in the United States and Israel.