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Atomic Verse

Ian R Thorpe 8 February 2013

An atom. The entire universe is contained within it, and yet it's whole is wholly contained within the smallest thing, that's what the ancient scripiture says. Electrons dancing in a ring around a nucleus with empty space between each and the centre, insubstantial, but a quantum leap away from transubstantiation, Lead turns to gold and gold to bread*, the Alchemists goal and great obsession, the Holy Grail secure within each atom. We may seek the secret of the universe in equations, ciphers, symbols, chemical reactions, magnetic attractions, helical molecules and mathematical rules.

We may seek the alpha and omega, the start and end of everything, the truth of god. But still we do not learn the lesson. Until we understand there is no secret neither in the universe nor locked in each atom; things simply are. It works therefore it is and if it does not work it cannot be. All the science is in defiance of common sense. The human mind can never understand these things we seek to know, because we are part of them and they the whole of us.
*bread: References in ancient Egyptian, Assyrian and Persian texts suggest the 'bread of heaven' referred to in the Old Testament was an orbitally rearranged monatomic element derived from gold. This substance had, according to modern research into how it might be recreated, healing properties, the ability to cancel out gravity (which might help explain how the Pyramids and the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem were build, and many other 'miraculous' properties that would help solve the most pressing problems humanity faces.