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(Working in partnership with Peterborough City Council)



Katherine Tateno Speech and Language Therapist Dr J Measures Consultant Paediatrician Linda Angus Sensory Support Teacher Linda Cox Senior Regional Director, NDCS Gary Nethercott Regional Director, NDCS Pip Johns Family Worker, NDCS Lisa Dawson Audiological Scientist and NHSP Lead Teresa Quail Sensory Support Teacher, Jack Hunt School & BSL interpreter Jayne McKerchar-Kaye Audiologist Liz Dawson-Butterworth Audiological Scientist Matthew Powell Audiologist APOLOGIES Karen Lake Penny Baker, Childrens Disability Team Wendy Haskins Sensory Support Teacher Suzanne Taylor Sensory Support Teacher Craig Dixon Sensory Support Teacher Louise Lea Sensory Support Teacher MINUTES OF LAST MEETING No matters arising.

AGENDA Items 1. Newborn Hearing Screening Programme We have not yet had the final report. We all sent in suggested amendments to the draft report but have not yet heard back. Nathan Stewart is the Team Leader for NHSP and Lisa Dawson is local manager of NHSP. Lisa will ask Nathan to chase up the final report. Sensory Support Service Still no lead for the peripatetic team. Clare George should be looking into this. Marion Wiggin should be supporting the team but not happened yet as she was filling in while Clare was away. Lots of budget cuts at present. Having to fight for equipment. Pushing for more radio aids. The criteria for radio aids is a severe or profound loss. Moderate loss do not usually get radio aids unless have additional needs. Sensory Support Teachers need to liaise with Audiology to make sure the aids prescribed are compatible with radio aids when needed. The Sensory Support Service base is now at Orton Longueville School. They share with the VI Teachers. Main telephone number is 01733 454460. 3. Speech and Language Therapy News Katherine Tateno is going on maternity leave later this year. There should be reasonable cover. Sue Osborne is a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant who works with Katherine. Anneka Starling will cover the work December to April. Katherine works 15 hours a week and Sue Osborne also 15 hours a week. The workload is about 30 children. Peterborough and District Deaf Childrens Society News The Christmas Party will be at Jack Hunt this year, Saturday 3rd December. There is a new blog/website with all the news. They have produced a newsletter which Linda Cox will forward to Jenny Measures and can be included in the Minutes. Andy Palmer is organising the newsletter and website. Jenney will email out to CHSWG members. Linda Cox mentioned the difficulties the NDCS has had with decreasing donations and therefore having to fight for finances. Linda mentioned the Save Our Services Campaign but she has received no replies from Director of Childrens Services or other local leads. Parents have told NDCS that they have experienced gaps in service even having to pay for private speech and language therapy. The NDCS has an audiology service survey out and at present is asking for basic information. All part of the three year Save our Services Campaign.



The previous NDCS educational research is what sparked off the SOS Campaign. Responses are being chased up from Education.

The more factual information the NCDS can gather the more they can counter responses from Local Authorities etc. 6. News from Pip Johns The NDCS weekend for newly diagnosed deaf children 10 12th June at St Albans. June 25th is the Family Fun Day, also at St Albans. There is a DVD from the NDCS on positive parenting. Also another DVD on deaf childrens stories. All available from the NDCS website. Social Care Practitioners Guide is now out. framework. Focuses on the legal

Local safeguarding childrens board audit tool is now out. You can email Linda or Gary for details or it is on the professionals website. Jenny will make sure Emilia is aware. (Emilia is our Designated Doctor for Safeguarding) 6. Audiology News Now settled in PCH. Recent collaboration with In Health the providers of adult services has resulted in an agreed transition policy. The first appointment for the child/adult with In Health will be longer than the normal appointment to allow all information to be looked at. Unfortunately adult services still use a different brand of hearing aid to Peterborough Audiology. Linda Cox said Devon did some good work on transitions looking at an integrated policy and integrated working. Jayne said she is not aware of any transition model for when NHS Childrens Audiology Services are having to work with a private provider of adult audiology services. Jenny will ask Dr Reddy to look at the transition issues from NHS to In Health. Is the contract appropriate? (might be worth Dr Reddy meeting with Linda Cox). There is a named transition lead at PCH Audiology and at In Health. Transition is very important especially if the child has additional needs. Audiology passes over to adult services at 18 years of age.

Sensory Support Teachers are negotiating with the adult Sensory Support Team to try to improve transition. Working on this with the VI colleagues. If the child is 18 but still in school the Audiology people still have to hand over to In Health unless the GP specifically refers back to Audiology. 7. Confidentiality Because of the difficulties of confidentiality and not being allowed to email childrens confidential information, people are still struggling. If the person has an NHS.net account this is fine, otherwise there are problems. Jenny will look into further advice from the Caldecott Guardian.

Any Other Business Gary asked about a copy of the Transition Policy. Jayne and Liz DawsonButterworth will get back to Jenny about this. Sensory Support Service is planning an Open Day at Orton Longueville School provisionally 28th June 11 am 4 pm. DATE OF NEXT MEETING 3.45pm on Thursday 20th November 2011 Same venue at City Care Centre. Agenda item for that meeting Local Authority Budgets.