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Practice Quiz 5 1. What type of commerce is enabled by technology? A) Path-to-profitability B) E-commerce C) EBuy D) Internet 2.

What type of commerce occurs when a business sells its products over the Internet to other businesses? A) B2B B) B2C C) C2B D) Enterprise commerce 3. What is term used when the government employs technology to deal with citizens, businesses, and other government agencies? A) G2BC B) web C) consumer D) E-government 4. What term refers to an organization's ability to tailor its products and services to its customers? A) Specialization B) Target commerce or T-commerce C) Mass customization D) Adaption 5. What term refers to the small web page that opens automatically with an ad when you visit some web sites? A) Marketing page B) I-ad C) Affiliate ad D) Pop-up ad 6. When two companies are linked together by computers and they send business transactions through these computers, they are probably using _____. A) Digital wallets B) Electronic data interchange C) B2C D) Smart cards 7. What type of technology scrambles the contents of files sent via the Internet? A) Encryption B) Secured data interchange C) Cryptogram D) Regulated code 8. What type of Web technology creates a secure and private connection between two computers?

A) B) C) D)

Secure socket layers Encryption Internet-locked connections Sheltered web sites

9. What term refers to your ability to connect to the internet and your company from a wireless device? A) Net services B) Push technology C) Pull technology D) Mobile computing 10. What age group was born after the digital revolution? A) Digital natives B) Digital immigrants C) Digital boomers D) Web kids 11. If you wanted to avoid the failure of the dot-com businesses from the late 1990s, what does the author recommend you do? A) Build a company that is Internet and brick-and-mortar based. B) Develop IT systems capable of processing millions of transactions quickly. C) Develop a path-to-profitability (P2P) plan. D) Disperse risk amongst a group of investors rather than just yourself. 12. Which type of e-commerce refers to the electronic commerce activities performed within a nation's government or between governments? A) i-GG B) e-GG C) G2 D) G2G 13. C2C marketplaces that are supported by advertising are said to be _____. A) B2C B) ad-supported C) market-oriented D) push technology 14. Which of the following types of products purchased on the internet are typically high priced items because they are purchased infrequently and often require some sort of customized order? A) B2B B) Innovation C) Specialty D) Computer 15. What is the term used to describe an ad that appears after you close your current browser window? A) AdWare B) e-Marketing ad C) Online or banner ad


Pop-under ad

16. What is the percentage of potential customers who visit your site who actually buy something? A) Hit rate B) Conversion rate C) Click-through D) Viral speed 17. What is a credit-card like device that contains an embedded chip on which digital information can be stored and updated? A) Smart card B) E-credit card C) e-Information D) Intelligent spending card (ISC) 18. What scrambles the contents of a file so that you can't read it without having the right key to unscramble the file? A) Coder B) Scrambler C) Encryption D) Fusion 19. Which type of technology allows you to wirelessly connect to and use your school's information technology? A) Networking applications B) Operations management tools C) Mobile computing D) Laptop applications 20. If you were surfing the Web and actively searching for information for your next research paper, what type of technology would you be using? A) M-commerce B) Internet search and detect C) Exploratory D) Pull 21. What term is used to describe two or more computers that are linked to each other? A) Star connection B) Computer system C) Computer network D) Net 22. What interface card do you need to connect to a network? A) ISP card B) Wireless card C) Router D) NIC 23. What is the most common interface card used to connect one computer to a network? A) Cat 5 B) Router

C) D)

Ethernet card DSL card

24. What type of network device allows you to share your connection to the Internet with other computers in your home? A) Ethernet card B) NIC C) Router D) Cat 5 25. What is another name for a shared network? A) WAP B) Switch C) Broadband router D) Hub 26. What type of network is commonly used in a college lab environment? A) WAN B) MAN C) LAN D) CAN 27. What type of network is commonly used in an international organization? A) WAN B) MAN C) LAN D) CAN 28. What is the term used to describe the amount of space you have to transmit to and from the Internet? A) Internet speed B) Network speed C) Router D) Bandwidth 29. Which of the following high-speed circuits is the fastest? A) T1 B) T2 C) T3 D) DS3 30. What type of communication media is infrared? A) Wireless B) Wired C) Detached D) VoIP 31. If you needed to connect your dorm computer to the campus network, what device would you need? A) Ethernet card B) RJ jack

C) D)

WAP Router

32. What Windows option do you need to activate so that you can share files on your home network? A) VPN B) File-sharing C) FTP D) Internet options 33. What does a switch enable a network to do? A) Listen to each other's transmissions B) Repeat messages to other computers so that the messages are not lost or dropped C) Allow computers to have different conversation at the same time. D) Create direct links between separate networks or subnets 34. Which type of network covers a metropolitan area? A) LAN B) MAN C) WAN D) VPN 35. Which of the following communications medium is not classified as a broadband connection? A) Dial-up B) DSL C) Cable modem D) Dedicated line 36. Which type of Internet connection is limited to the distance between you and your phone company; generally about 3 miles? A) Dial-up B) DSL C) Cable D) Satellite 37. What communications device receives a radio signal, strengthens it, and then sends it on? A) WiFi B) Wireless fidelity C) Repeater D) Microwave 38. What software and/or hardware device protects a computer or a network from intruders? A) Router B) Firewall C) Switch D) Hub 39. Which of the following replicates and spreads itself? A) Encryption B) Worm

C) D)

VoIP Spyware

40. What type of model describes an environment when a server's only duty is to help with data management; the computer receiving the information does everything else? A) Client model B) Server-to-peer model C) Hierarchical model D) Distributed data model