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David Foster

David Walter Foster, commonly known as David Foster, was born in Victoria, Canada on November 1st, 1949. The best description for a recording executive like foster is that he/she has great ears. But Foster hasnt only been described as some extraordinary ears but great eyes. Thats because he has an innate ability to recognize young talented people and to create a visual image that expresses the essence of sound. David started taking piano lessons at the age of five in his native city. Quickly, teachers realized that he was superior in so many ways to children his age. At the age of 13 he enrolled as a student in the University of Washington, and at the age of 16 he was offered the opportunity to be part of the group called Skylark and he had to move to Los Angeles. But soon the song Windflower was in the top ten list. Not that long after his debut with Skylark, he consolidated a solid reputation that led him to play with superstars like George Harrison, Barbara Streisand and Rod Steward. And this was jut the beginning, because from there, Foster added to his client list, bands as Hall and Oats, Deniece Williams, Carol Bayersager and The average white band. David Foster won his first Grammy Award in 1979 for co-writing Earth Wind and Fires song After love was gone. After that major success in his career he kept on the hard work and the following year won another Grammy for producing the cast album of the Tony Award winning hit, Broadway musical, Dream Girls. Soon after that, Hollywood recognized his talent and that led him to film and television projects like Look what youve done to me. He is also the great musician behind number one singles just like Hard to say Im sorry and The glory of love. But on his records he also has soundtracks for productions as Ghostbusters and Footloose, in those he actually was the producer. By that time he wasnt just consolidating a reputation as the best of all the songwriters and producers of the actual generations, but he was also becoming even more known in different areas of the industry. This would led him to dozens of multiplatinum successes, this happened with the discovery process. Foster then consolidating the base of his experience which now includes just about every style of music including; Rock Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Soul, Country, Jazz and classical. This process defined not only Fosters success, but afterwards empowered him in the creative community. After becoming known, David Foster increased in a great number his list of production credits, creating great hits such as Talk to you later originally preformed by The Tubes, Youre the inspiration mainly preformed by Chicago,

Somewhere by Barbara Streisand and Weve got tonight by Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton. By the end of the 80s Foster was a recognized symbol of contemporary radio because he helped producing hits that belong to personalities as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Chicago, Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Manhattan transfer, Phil Collins, The Pointer Sisters and Aretha Franklin along with many others. By 1993, David Foster was honoured with Billboards Top singles producer and Top R&B producer, the same year he was named the years top Grammy nominee with seven nominations and he took home his third producer of the year award for Whitney Houstons soundtrack to The Bodyguard. Recently, in the past few years, Foster has been partly or completely involved in the production of number one songs such as Celines Grammy Award winning Falling into you, Because you loved me and To love you more, This last one was co-written with Edgar Bronfman, Jr; Natalie Coles Unforgettable, Barbara Streisand Broadway and back to Broadway, Michael Boltons Timeless: The classics, and Kenny Gs Breathless. Going back a little, between 1994 and 1997, four of his productions were ranked in the #1 position on Billboards Hot 100 chart and in total these productions occupied the fist position for an amazing 20% of the time between those years. In 1994, Atlantic Record recruited him as vice president. This woke up in David an entrepreneurial spirit. In not longer than a year David Foster had already established his first recording label, 143 Records, which was distributed by Atlantic. By 1997, his entrepreneurial career continued to develop because he got a Senior vice president promotion in Warner Music Group and Chairman which now is just an important step between Foster and the music group or musician. In his own recording label he has had many celebrities, as Celine Dion, which is a very good friend, who he loves to work just as he told her in her concert in which he was the pianist on September the 1 st, 2007. They had been working together for about 25 years now and they dont regret a single song theyve made. Nowadays, Foster continues to improve the music industry more and more. Lately, he has had really good tiny bits of success with songs such as Its your song Garth Brooks, Let me go Faith Hill, Have you ever Brandy and Tell him with Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand. Without forgetting about The Prayer that was co-written and co-produced with Carole Bayer-Sayer, magnifically interpretated by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli for the great animation movie The Quest of CamelotThis beautiful song, The Prayer, gave David Foster a Golden Globe Award in January 99. And we cant forget that this same song gave Josh Groban his ticket to fame, because Foster called him and said that he had to be at the Grammys doing the rehearsal with Celine

Dion because Andrea Bocelli couldnt make the rehearsal. He also helped Charice becoming famous in a similar way before she was al Glee. In this moment, Foster is single but in his life he had been married 3 times and has 5 daughters and 2 step-sons. He was first married to BJ Cook who is a singer and songwriter and has collaborated with many celebrities Foster is currently collaborating. She had one previous daughter called Tamre Winger and together they only had Amy Foster who was born on July 29 th, 1973. His second marriage was to model Rebecca Dyer and they had 3 daughters: Sara, Erin and Jordan Foster, these three might be no younger than 26 and no older than 31. His third marriage was with Linda Thompson, on June, 1991they got married.

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