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February 3, 2013

Volume 13, Number 5

"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life (John 6:68). It catches my eye, when I read that some church group is making the decision to break with its denominational ties. Perhaps, you have also read, with interest, the saga of an Edmond church that has voted to break its association with its governing denominational section. They claim that the parting is the result of scripture. Especially noted in the reasoning was the denominations allowance of practicing homosexuals into pastoring or clergy positions. The Edmond congregation is not the first to make such a break, nor will it be the last. They have plans to join a different association within the larger denomination that does not hold the same views. Such church movements interest me. At one point I find myself rejoicing that they are willing to draw defined lines on such a subject. Then I tend to struggle with the recognition that this action is not some revival or scripture restoration taking place. It is more of a cultural segregation that uses scripture to maintain an area of preference. More and more, we see groups and congregations asserting something of a kind of independence to be what they want to be. Yes, it is surely good to find common ground with inspired scripture. Still, what is being done is more of a lateral move than a movement toward the embracing of stronger Biblical authority. For us, there is no denomination or ecclesiastical organization from which to remove ourselves. It is true that we associate in close fellowship and harmony with congregations in other locations. Still, our binding contract is with the Lord. If we disassociate, we do so from Him. So, where do we go? If we are going to move, lets move closer to Him. Russ

The Sentinel February 3, 2013

Keep These In Prayer

Jerry Doyle will have shoulder surgery on Thursday (2/7). Jo Hutton has started treatment for a serous cancer on her lips. The treatments will last for about two years, and be painful. It will be difficult for her to be out in public during this treatment. Larry Baldwin will be undergoing some medical testing in the next few weeks. Sam & Mattie Ruble are both having some difficulties. Mattie has fallen and injured her leg again. Sam is also having some trouble with his legs. Talsie Downs received a good report and a new cast from the doctor. She is to go back in four weeks and if all is well, she can begin to bear some weight on that foot again. Andy Haynes, son of Wayne and Mary had eye surgery to repair a torn retina. He is slowly improving. Riley Baldwin continues having surgeries about every six weeks. Chandrapaul and Kumari Kumari has been having several very serious health problems and has been transported to the Hydrabad Apollo Hospital in serious condition.

Be a Daily Bible Reader February2013 3. Isaiah 32-33; Mark 8 4. Isaiah 34-36 5. Isaiah 37-38; Mark 9 6. Isaiah 39-40; Mark 10 7. Isaiah 41-42 8. Isaiah 43-44 9. Isaiah 45-46; Mark 11 10. Isaiah 47-49 New Address: Sherry McKiddy Keona & Kaden 721 NW 16th St. Moore, OK 73160 (Same phone.) New Bible School QuarterThe new Sunday School quarter has begun. Now would be a great time to join a class. If you have any questions about our childrens classes, see Walter McFadden.

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No wedding anniversaries to announce this week.

Winter 2013
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Special Dinner On February 9 at 5:30 PM, there will be a special dinner to honor and express love to our members who have lost their mates. The Brothers Keeper groups will be in charge of preparing and serving this special dinner. If you have any questions, see your BK leader.
ary 9, at 10 AM. It will take place at the church building. See Emily Jaworsky for details.

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Paulas Request If you have any plastic pop bottle caps and/
or Pringles cans that you would save and bring to her for a teaching project, it would be greatly appreciated.

There is a new quarterly calendar on the east bulletin board.

Affirming The Faith Seminar February 22-23

Sponsored by: Oklahoma Area Churches of Christ Hosted by: North MacArthur Church of Christ 9300 N. MacArthurOklahoma City, OK Everyone is Invited! Over 25 Sessions and Classes Keynote Speakers: Noel WhitlockTim Pyles Bob TurnerThomas Jackson For more info: www.affirmingthefaithok.com

The Sentinel February 3, 2013

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