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General Introduction Special introduction Aims of the study Scope of the study Methodology adopted Limitations

General introduction: Marketing is a composite process in a society by which the demand structure for economic goods and services in intelligently anticipated or enlarged and satisfied through conception. Promotion, exchange and physical distribution of such goods and services which can satisfy wants need and desires of consumer ore users in market places. Marketing program start from the product ideas and class not end until customer wants are adequately satisfied. Customer is the around which the entire Beginning and end of

marketing operation revolve.

marketing is consumer satisfaction, learning more about consumer and dealer and about marketing mix generally is the heart of marketing research. As business grows larges and as management becomes more remote from the market place, marketing management has its more solving any problem, in the

field of marketing its an invaluable tool in decision marketing based on scientific investigation and analysis of a marketing problem. This project has been aimed at giving detailed report of marketing survey conducted on cosmetics especially Fair and Lovely. collected. Both secondary and primary data are

For this purpose and with available data

collected in the span of time available at marketing displaced subject. This project report gives analysis of survey Findings. Methodology adopted, Observation of the performance and recommendation for improvement both from general point of view for machine and from individual point of view. Decision regarding marketing mix namely, product, bill, promotion and physical distribution are made on the basis of market research reports. Such reports will help analysis and interpretation on the same

to decide between the different prices. Such reports may help the marketer to modify a particular marketing strategy so as to get maximum project in the available marketing conditions. Special Introduction: Specifically this project is made with reference to Fair and Lovely. As there are numerous cosmetics of

different kind all cannot be taken for the purpose of survey. Survey means going in depth to study a

particular or specific things product etc. The information collected for the survey may not be liable in all cases as it depends on the minds Fair and Lovely is a very old As there were no

cosmetic product since many years.

projects connected to Fair and Lovely, this project has been prepared regarding it by taking Fair and Lovely for special reference. The information regarding this was collected from Sanjana fancy stores and few books and from Google.com

Also a brief description of various Fair and Lovely products has also been given in this.

Aims of project report: Following all the aims of this project;a) To analysis the sales of Fair and Lovely b) To know the consumer attitude towards cosmetics. Scope of the study: The scope of this report is restricted to the study of consumer attitude towards cosmetic products. The area of the study has been restricted to Shimoga district. This report gives information in general regarding the attitude of consumer towards cosmetic in Shimoga. However the survey has been in the sampling basis of 100 consumers selected on random basis for collecting information regarding their attitudes. In addition this information the secondary data has been collected. Methodology:








collected to bring out this project report efficiently. The sours of secondary data are newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia and websites such as

google.com etc. Primary data have been collected through

questionnaire method.

The questionnaire is a set of

questions drawn to collect the opinion from the public for making survey or in coming into a conclusion regarding the problem. The selection of respondents is made on

the basis of has been issued to respondents to avoid unnecessary delay in filling task is made easy. questionnaire is prepared in a structural manner. Limitations: Owing to the factors like limitation of time cooperation of dealers etc the accuracy of this is limited. As cosmetic has market all over the country, for conveniences say Shimoga city was selected as sample The


Survey which means going into depth, is

conducted. The result of survey is applied to all the other market. the result of survey is applied to all the other

markets. In the assumption that similar conditions prevail in other market too. 100 consumers were selected as sample and

investigated with the help of questionnaire, on this 15 consumers were non-co-operative and hesitated to

provide information.

Therefore the accuracy of the

survey of the project report is limited.

CHAPTER 2 Cosmetics History and Development

Origin and Development Significance Brief Introduction of cosmetics and their uses

COSMETICS- HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT Introduction: Cosmetics are substances specially prepared to improve beauty and generally increases the

attractiveness of the person colombia preposition are therefore intended to enhance the beauty of have, hand, nails and complexion. Recognition of the importance of personal beauty and the application of new scientific advance to product development have made Colombia a major industry in America, Europe and also in many party of the world.

Origin and Historical Development: It is quite provable that Colombia had their origin in china, but it is necessary to turn to Egypt for the lucre of earliest recorder of Colombia and luxuries with the dead kings. Toilet articles and unguents have been forced and in the British museum there are many beautifully carved


vales that authorities have been dated back to 3500 B.C. other interesting specimens are now vales in glass and stadium pencil used in 1500 B.C. Popular showing men and women having humps and world fixed on top of the head. The opening by however lutes of the tomb of

Thukhanum who ruled about 1350 B.C. has brought to light lay money excellent specimens. According to

eyewitness the unguent vales contained quantities of automatics that were still elusively sergeant. Other

moments and tombs in Egypt bill provide ample evidence of the value of the ancient Egyptian placard upon

cermets far instance in the breathy of sphinx, king thither I U ( 1420-B.C.) in portioned making o\an of fearing of license of fragrant oil or unguent. At this period it is

probable that the priest made most of there compounds and this manufacturing was considered as mysterious and much honored out. The container is beautifully erected principally in ivory and alabaster, while frequently earned wood, wax and porphyry were fashioned into last and


vales. The ingredients were naturally comparatively ingredient grown in Egypt were thyme and olio mate have been extracted from the shelled of lame identified such all hayrick rotenone and spikenard came from Arabia, vehicles fore aeronautic, although both demand and olive oil were undoubtedly used. The ancient Egyptians were probably the first to introduce the bathtub in the later years bath was treated on a more elaborate scale by the Greeks and Romans. This form of ablution was followed by the liberal application of performed oil and unguents that were found to be smoothing gave the skin a smooth, even colors, cosmetics were by Egyptian ladies who enhanced their personal beauty by wing lame what used points such paintings reached it zenith in the time of Cleopatra. As judged from the discoveries in the Egyptians tomb abed from paintings, the makeup of eyes remained the greatest attention. The effected achieved were not unlike lame fashion in eye makeup in the 1960s. They were



made from antivsosy (sulphide) and applied

with the aid of ivory or wooden strike. Henna was much favored for dyeing the fingers, nails, palms, head and solar of the foot. Well-surveyed spucomens can be seen in the British museum of combs and polished metal mirrors used by Egyptian women. The bible mentions

colombia used by Egyptian women. The bible mentions cplnetia used by Jeursh women in II kings, where at is written that When Jeho has come to Jezreel, Juzebel heard of it, and they pointed her face and tied her hair and looked out of eye point is suggested by sura 56, and there shall be the glories with large dark eyes like pearls hidden in the shells. The Romans during their early history gave very little interest in their personal appearance. It was only

after their incursion to southerean Italy then occupied by the Greeks, that they acquire moue intimate knowledge by the aesthetic side of life. By the time Nairobean


emperors in A.D.54, both cosmetics and performs has assumed important role. He personally colombia liberally and has wife Poppuia madena lecrete of using artificial beauty aids. White lead and chock were used to within skin. Egyptian kohl for eyelids and lasher Fueus a sort of range or blush for cheek and lips. Psilotrum a species of

depslotory, barley flour and butter as a cure for pimples and skin eruptions. A pumic stone for whitening the teeth. The ultra fashionable ladies of Roman covert devised a method of bleaching their hair by means of soap that came from yaul. The Romans made may attractive

containers for their hair by many attractive containers for their perfumes and cosmetics . the three principle kinds are:Solid unguents ( ointments ) are lidysnata Liquid unguents are stymmata Powder perfumes are Deapasmata.


The solid unguents were generally of one specific perfume such as almond or guinea. The liquid unguente were most frequently compounds of flowers, spices and gums digested in either olives been or seseme oil. Though the use of cosmetics had long been known in Britain importation of toiler articles from the East dates from the time of crusades. When returning crusades

brought back money of the cosmetics prized by the ladies of the Harene. By the reign of queen Elizabeth I, these substances had become mare and more popular. The ladies of the court kept strongly performed boxes called net coffers. That were considered a necessary part of the bedroom furniture. A recipe for making beautiful complexion at the time of Elizabeth was first to take a very hot bath to induce excessive perspiration and to follow this up by washing the face. This later treatment was even in those days fairly expensive through Mary Queen and Scots, as alleged to have bathed in the wine.


This luxurious habit was not uncommon with the elder ladies of the court, but the younger one had the content with the milk. With the advent of the common wealth all these luxuries were discarded. But when Charles II was restored to the throne they became popular again, Milk bath was considered an indispensable aid to beauty and in later years the ladies of the court adopted new practices, probably introduced from France, like powdering their hair, but this soon fell in to disease. By 18th century cosmetics were used in such an extent by nearly all classes that in 1770 , according to

G.V.Septimly plerre in his Art of perfumery (1879), a bill introduced in to the English parliament. This contained the following drastic provisions. That all women of what ever age real profession or degree whether origins, maid or widows. That shall provide and after such act, impose upon reduce and betray in to matrimony and of his majestys subjects, by the scents paints, cosmetic washer, artificial teeth, false


hair, Spanish wool, Iron stays, hoops, high yield shoes, bolstered hips shall incur the penalty of law in force against which craft and the miscellaneous and the marriage upon convictions, shall stand nil or void. This same law was adopted by the state of Pennsylvania in the U S and open use of cosmetics was generally looked upon with disfavor in most American colonies. Cosmetics were much favored in Italy and at the court of Louis XIII in France one of the greatest users was Louis Queen the beautiful Anne of Australia. From Spain creams of Vanilla and Coco and Almond paste were imported and used liberally to whiten the skin of ladies of the court. Louis XIV disapproved of artificial enhancement and consequently cosmetic fell in to disease. These were again revived under the regency under the powder a la Marechale was in vogue. The emperor Napoleon I was insaptiable to the artistic refinements of his time and the express Jolephins brought


from Mortinegre cosmetic that the always continued to use. The French at this period made a definite more to place the manufacturer of perfume and beauty aids on a scientific basis. The history of cosmetics in the U.S. Streams from Europe and clearly parallel to its developments in Europe. During colonial times in the u.s the use of cosmetics varied enormously in different pants of the country. Function, New England, for instance, banned it in moral grounds, reflecting the pvritarism of the motherland, in south, especially in colonies of French origin, cosmetics flourished. The conversation Victorian Era that provened open artificial beautiful aids influenced the cosmetic habits in America. France pioneered in the development and

manufacturing of cosmetics and French woman used make up long before it was accepted in polite society in England are America. It was not vital after world war I that barriers were lowered and prejudice were gradually


discarded, even then the use of cosmetics was sporadic and limited as compared with that of 1960s. Significance: In modern day, cosmetics play a very important role in the day-to-day activities of the people. Everyone

irrespective of religion, classes, sex etc uses them. The uses of cosmetics given in before explain how essential they are: - uses of cosmetics begin with the very birth of the child. Cosmetics like soaps; powders etc are used to keep the newly born baby clean and fresh. From there onwards cosmetics are used in every stage in childhood, adolescent youth, middle-aged and even old aged.] Cosmetics are essential in childhood to add to the natural beauty of the children to make them look more attractive. The very sight of children beautifully dressed up with cosmetics refreshes the mind, which is full of tensions and worries, on the next stage of human life cycle i.e. adolescence and also in the succeeding stage of youth. Find any youth who is non-users of cosmetics.


In this stage, where minds tend to make themselves look more and more attractive, cosmetics are a must. The very sight of a youth dressing up to attend any occassion or even on the usual or casual days show how important are cosmetics in their day to day life. The next stage of human life cycle is middle age lasing all the beauty and glamorous of youth is very painful. But cosmetics try to reveal this pain upto some extent. Eventhough middle age and old age are

inevitable, it can atleast be postponed with the help of cosmetics. Most of the cosmetics will help considerably in regaining all contributing the beauty of youth in the middle age. Thus, cosmetics are a boon to middle aged and old aged people, thus, cosmetics prove to be essential party of human life. It occupies a very

significant part in all the stages of human life.


Brief Introduction of cosmetics and their uses: Cosmetics mean any article to the rubbed,

powered, sprinkled all sprayed or applied to promote attractiveness or altering the appearance and include any articles intented for use as a component of cosmetics. Cosmetic may be divided into 4 main categories. They

are: creams, lotions and emulations for the case of skin and hair. Make up preparations such as powder, lipstics, eye makeup Hygenic and toilet preparations for bath. Fragrance. Skin care: Cold cream is the only class and greasy cream to which both the cleaning and lubricating creams belong. A standard formula calls for spermoecti 125gms, where paraflin wax 120gms expressed oil of almond 560gms, sodium bicarbonate 5gms. Strongness rose water

190gms, they are many variations of this formula on which other facts all waxes are substituted for spermate and mineral oil is used in place of wax. The variations in


formulas change the creams only in detail. The standard cold creams are generally purpose creams used for their smoothing and softening effect.


Cleaning creams: Cleaning creams may be simple form by cold creams or even solidified mineral oil that melts at the touch. As the name implies their purpose is to remove accumulated grime and makeup from the skin. Lubricating creams: Lubricating creams, night creams or massage

creams are a type of cold cream with the addition of London (wool fat). These creams are usually called

nourishing creams are skin food as they are still called in England. As they contain lonolen, the best substitute for natural oils secreted by the skin, there creams help to overcome dryness and with consistent use the skin becomes softer and pleasant. Foundation creams: Foundation can be in a powder base, in forms of lotions, in form of pancake etc. It is primarily used to Foundation

create a smooth foundation for make up.


lotions are emulsified version of the creams and are used for the some purpose. Now they are also available in the form of stick. Skin tonics are toning lotions: Skin tonic are toning lotions are primarily performed alcohol and water. They are usually used after the

removal of make up with cleansing creams, as mild astringents giving the skin the sensation of freshness. Make up: This term adopted from the theater refers to the use of beautifying cosmetics such as rounge, lipstick, powders and eye shadows. Until World War I it was considered

improper and even immoral. Only face powder i.e. white, tinted pink (fresh) all creams which is delicately

performed was considered permitable in polite society. Much of the make-up preparations were originally

imported from France. By 1925 range and lipstick were generally used and the influence of the film store gave makeup a tremendous boort. Generally cosmetic


developed into a social necessity as more and more women entered into the business world. at first powder, lipstick and rough (blush ) were available only in 3 shades viz light medium and dark intend for the bland, modern and brunette complexion. shades were available. By 1960s vast range of

The popularity of eye make up

increased tremendously during 1960s again in late 1960s. Face powder [Translucent powers]: Face powder is used to give a smooth matt finish to the complexion.


Compact or compressed powder: Compact all compressed mixing powder with a weak gum solution as a binder and pressing it into cakes make powder. The finished cake is somewhat denser than loose powder but last enough to be readily picked up by pill or pad. Liquid foundation: A liquid foundation is suspended in water or oil nonoily emulsions similar in composition to skill and hand lotions. It tends to dry the skin but, when skillfully

applied lasts well. Cake Makeup: Cake makeup is a dense face powder treated with oil or wax to make it water repellents compounded with soap or a synthetic surface active agents and then pressed into cakes. sponge or pad. Blush: It is applied with a moisturized


Blush is used to give colour to cheeks or complexion. Compact Blush contains tale, Kaolin, small amounts of white pigments concentrate red pigments and gum solution as a binder. Cream blush pigments are

ground with petroleum, mineral oils, lumolin and wax to face in a smooth consistency. Mascaras: Mascara as are used to give the lashes the colour and to make lashes look dark and length. It is a mixture of pigments, waxes and synthetic resin in a volatile solvent. After the solvent evaporates. The Mascara Now

on the lashes is highly resistant to water.

applicants had been developed and applicators all brushes facilitated the use. They are packed within

the containers of mascara. Now a false lashes are also is to lengthen or extend the lash, which is made of fibrous material such as nylon. Eyebrow penciles:


Eyebrow penciles are a mixture of pigments; petrolatum landing and waxes made into penciles like sticks are contained in plastic survels. It is used on

the eyebrow to give it a thick look and also to make it look long. Kajal: Kajal is used on the eyes to give it a definition. It applied on the eyelids or near the eyelashes to give eyes a perfect shape. Eye-liners: Eyeliners may be in a liquid farm or in stick form. These are used on the eyelids.

Lipstick: Lipstick was used to give a red a rosy look to the lips: It was also used on the chapped lips to smoothen it. It was one of the most inevitable things for the women in their dressing tables. Earlier there were only few shades


available but now in the modern year, there are unlimited shades. Sun screen lotions: Sunscreen lotions had ingredients such as

derivatives of salicylic anthromilic and other to protect the skin from the harmful ultra-voilet rays. Hair care products: The care of hair has always been considered as one of the greatest beauty problems. Hair is hard to keep

clean than face as any other part of body. And dressing the hair in the prevailing fashion takes more time. Hair products may be divided into 3 groups. 1. Shampoo and tonics that keeps hair and scalp clean and healthy. 2. Lotions-that makes dressing of hair easier. 3. Hair cosmetics that improve or changes the

appearance of hair.


Shampoos: Shampoos are based on soaps or synthetic

[Soapless] detergents; ideally they lather well and cleanse both hair and scalp. Soap shampoo is usually in liquid farm, largely made from coconut oil, produce a heavy lather and are solute enough to farm concentrated solutions. Conditioners: Hair rinses and conditioners contains cationic

surfactants which are attracted to and adhere to the hair oily film that oils in wet combining the hair and leaves the hair soft in texture when dry. Other ingredients may be added to give the hair additional body and set control. Hair Bleaches: Hairs bleaches depend on the action of hydrogen peroxide in the hair various effects and levels of bleaching are attained use of stronger formulas can decolorise the hair to blonde, repeated treatments will have to be performed for darker hair.


Hair Colorings: Hair coloring can be divided into 3 groups: 1. Temporary hair colors- products, which can be easily removed with the first shampoo after, apply. 2. Semi permanent dyes are applied as a rinse through hair, the excel being rinsed away with water. 3. Permanent hair dyes were applied as a shampoo to the entire head of hairs the excess is rinsed out with water. Hair spray: Hairs spray is used to help set the hair and hold the finished set in place Hair spray is the largest selling acrosol and the largest single item in cosmetics and toileteries. Manicure or hand preparations: Hand lotion of classic glycerin and rose water type has been in use since the beginning of 19th century. Sometimes irtch hazes is added and if a mild bleaching is desired a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice is included.


Special care of the fingernails began in about 1900s until nails lacquers were introduced. The

manicure consisted of filing the ends of nails into an oval shape, pushing back the cuticle. Them the change in the fashion included the use of bright colour on nails to match with other make up. Hand lotions and creams are based on the vanishing cream formula. Glycerol is added as a hummulant and

skin softner. Various emulsifiers were included and skin preparations as on added protection. Hygienic or Toilet preparations: Bath preparations: Bath preparations other than soap include bath salts, oils, bubble bath and talc or dusting powder.


Bath salts: They are coloured and perfumed crystals that soften hard water. carbonate There salts are based upon sodium ddcohydrate (Sal soda) or sodium

sesquicarbonate mixed with coloured and perfumed alcoholic solutions. Bath oils: They are used mainly far their scent. The perfume is dissolved in a low viscosity mineral oil. Another type of bath oils usually of a poly oxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate and produces a dispersion of extremely fine droplets that then perfumes the atmosphere. Bubble bathes: It is a solid or liquid mixture of perfumer foaming detergent. Among these foaming detergents are the

alkylaramides sulphated fatty alcohols, or sulphated fatty acid glycerides. The stable foam is usually almost

immediately broken by the toilet soap used in bath.


Bath powder or dusting powder: It usally consists of perfumed tale with a moderate proportion of absorbent kaolin. Deodorants and Anti-perspirants: Deodorants such as colognes or cologne sticks are alcoholic water solutions of fragrances to cover odour. Bacterially active compounds are added to prevent the development of odour by bacteria on the perspiration. This formula is found in many aerosol deodorants. Epilators: They are used to remove unwanted hair. The cream is made with alrontium or related sulphides are effectives but the strong odour of hydrogen sulphide maker them objectionable. A mere modern formula based on calcium thigly collate has a milder odour that can be masked by certain perfumes. Waxes are based rasin and wax mixture. They are heated gently until melted and applied to the hairy area. The wax is allowed to cool and harden and then the hair is pulled off.



I. Marketing Definitions: Meaning of marketing Importance of marketing Functions of marketing II. Marketing of cosmetics advertising


Marketing of Cosmetics Definition: Marketing is a comprehensive turn and it includes directing and facilitating the flow of goods and services from producers to consumer in the process of distribution. Marketing comprises all activities involved in the

determination and satisfaction of consumers needs at a profit marketing encomposes all activities of exchange conducted by producer and middlemen in commerce for the purpose of satisfying consumer needs or demands. The America marketing association: The

performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer are user It emphasises distribution aspects of the market and fails to stress on managerial aspects of marketing. Philip Kotter- The set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchange. The essence of


marketing is exchange of products and the transaction is to satisfy human needs and wants. With the changing of time, defination prescriber in the past also require modification. The institute on marketing of the UK- The Inactive Management function which promotes trade and

employment by accessing consumer needs and initiating research development to meet them It Co- ordinater the resovers of prevention and distribution of goods and services, determine and direct the nature and scope of total effort required to sell profitably the maximum production to the ultimate users. Council of the Institute of the marketing The management function which organizes and directs all those business activities involved in assuring and

converting costumer purchasing power into effective demand for a specific product as service. And in moving the production service to the final consumer or user to as


to achieve the profit target or other objectives set by a company. What Marketing does? It is available to understand what is included in marketing activities. Marketing is invariably connected

with the insight of research into consumers behaviour, namely what is the customers want need prefer and value, who are the prospects and where they live their incomes and expenditure how they make purchasing decisions and loan. Marketing deals with the product policy i.e. what type or product or products should be manufactured. The determined of price and turn of payments are also covered in the product policy. The amount of discount to be allowed to the distributors of the product and whether to insist on each payment or allow customer deferred payment facilities must also be considered while

formulating the product policy.


Thus marketing tries to define the right type of products in term of the companys objective and attempts to make it available at the right place and at the right price. This is described as consumer orientation.

Decision in these areas is assisted by marketing research. Meaning of Marketing: Marketing refers to all business activities involved in the determined creation and satisfaction of human wants at fair prices. The meaning of turn marketing to studied under two concepts. 1. Traditional or old marketing concept. 2. Modern marketing concept. According to traditional marketing concept

marketing refer to the sum total of all those activities, which are related to the flow of good from the paint of origin to the point of consumption. Traditional concept is sales-oriented here distribution is given importance in their concept.


According to modern marketing, marketing as a process of discovering and translating consumers wants into product and services and then in turn of helping making it possible for more consumers to enjoy more and more of these product and services. Importance of marketing: Marketing is recognized or most significant activity in our society. Marketing is all around us. Over very

existance, over entire economic life style are continuously affected by wide range of marketing activities. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the having that shelter comfort, the aminties and us we enjoy in over home at work places. The wealth and welfare activities, which

gives us peace of mind, all these are greatly affected each day by the marketing system. Marketing is directly responsible to maintain

equilibrium b/n mare production and mass consumption. Marketing is great because of its functions. Concentration.


Disperssion and Equilisation. There constitute the heart by marketing. All there marketing institution called middlemen in marketing performs major three functions of marketing. Functions of marketing: Clark and Clark classified the marketing functions or follows: Functions

Functions of Exchange 1. Buying and selling 2. Assembling

Functions of Physical Supply 1. Transportation 2. Storage

Facilitating Functions 1. Financing 2. Risk bearing 3. Standardization and. Grading 4. Marketing research or Information

Marketing of cosmetics: Marketing is a comprehensive term and it include all resources and a set of activities necessary to direct and facilitate the flow of good and services from producers to consumers in the process of distribution.


This deals with the four important elements of the marketing mix. Product Price Promotion Physical distribution

It also deals with other aspects concerned with marketing of products. a. Demand: Demand is one of the important concepts, which along with demand determines the future of a product is a very important term, which is to be death with.

b.Supply: A very important aspect, which along with demand determines the future of a product, is a very important term, which is to be dealth with. a. Product plan and strategy:


It plays a very important role in the marketing of the product great the firm towards it gives attention.

Branding: The cosmetics manufactured by the firms has got their own brand name i.e. faire and lovely. The brand

name of the product is duly registered under the trade name and trademarks. This helps in easy identification of products in the market. e. Packaging and Labelling: As the product are convenience goods and

packaging acts as the firm for packaging and labeling pays a silent soluman. f. Pricing Policy: Price is an important factor, which influence the market for the product. It is an instrument generally A free enterprise

identified with a market economy.


system could not flourish without price competition. Price of product is a complex problem.


h. Advertisement and sales promotions: An identified sponsor can define advertisement as more aid communication of goods, services or ideas.


Warehousing and Transportation: The word storage means holding the stock of goods

for a relatively longer period as the goods are not immediately in demand. than storage. Warehousing involves more

Ware housing perform many of usual

functions of wholesalers. Eg:- Breaking bulk, dispatch of smaller consignment to retailers. Providing Regulating market the goods flow and to retailers. other



merchandising service of manufacturer. J. Channel of distribution: Distribution mean to distribute spread out or

divceminate in the field of marketing, channels of


distribution includes routes or paths ways through which goods and services move from primary producer to the ultimate consumer. K. Competition: Vow a days due to the growing importance of cosmetics there are number of firms big and small providing. ADVERTISEMENT: Definition; The America marketing association defined as, Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsors. The following are the important purpose of advertising 1. Promotion of new products. 2. Support of salesman ship. 3. Brand patronage 4. Immediate buying action. 5. Presold goods. 6. Advertising support dealers.


Following are the important advantages of advertising 1. Advertising offers planned and controlled message. 2. It can deliver the same message consistently in a variety of contexts. 3. It helps to presell goods and pull the buyers to retailer. 4. It refers to wide choices of channels for transmission of messages such as visual and oral. 5. It is very useful to create maximum interest and offer adequate knowledge of new products when the

innovation is being introduced in the market. Weaknesses of the advertising are as follows: 1. It is much effective than personal selling and sales promotion of later stages in the buying process. 2. It is less flexible than personal communication. 3. Many times advertising creates voices in

communication. 4. Many times Advertising lacks trust worthiness. Advertising Media:


The mean through which advertising message is conveyed to the public are called as advertisement media. The solution of suitable medium is made

considering the following factor: a. Objectives of an advertisement. b. Media circulation. c. The class of people. d. The extent of competition. e. The cost and life by various media of advertising. 1. Press Advertising: Press advertising includes advertising in

newspapers, magazines, and trade journal as well as other media, which come out occasionally 2. Outdoor advertising: . It will be realized that press advertising is generally As

read when the subscriber or reader are indoor.

against this, there are other media, which are noticed by a person when he is outdoor. There includes a. Posters. b. Vehicular Advertising.


c. Electric light sign. d. Sky advertising. 3. Direct Mail Advertising: Direct mail is any advertising send by mail including sales letters, folders, phomplets, booklets, catalogues and other like. Direct mail advertising may make different paths. The important among them are: a. Sales letter b. Circular letter c. Booklets. 4. Point of purchase Advertising includes: a. Window display b. Showroom display c. Counter display. 5. Film Advertising includes: a. Documentary films. b. Feature films. c. Slide films. 6. Radio Advertising: All-India Radio at Bombay introduced it from 1st November 1967. It has proved extremely popular with


trade and industry and the demand for exeeds its advertising. The main advantages of radio advertising

are that the distances can switch off the radio if he is not interested. Besides the brought home to the customer

when he is in a receptive mood. 7. Television Advertising: When the Television age has dawned the Televison setup in India has delinked from all India Radio on 1st April 1976 under its new name Doordarhshan a separate department meant for full development of the medium and specialized skill peculiar to television. 8. Specialty Advertising: It includes giving some gifts as advertising their products. They are: a. Key chains. b. Ash trays c. Ball pens. d. Calendar etc.



Introduction Definitions Why study consumer behaviour? Kotlers Consumer Buying Behaviour Model Consumer Buying Process. Summary


Introduction: Profits from customer relationship are major aspects of all business. So the basic objectives of any business are profit maximization through customers satisfaction. But it is always difficult to get customers satisfaction. A consumer may state his needs and wants and yet may act otherwise. He may not be aware of his deeper

motivations and may change his mind at any time.

Inspite of such diversities among consumers there are many similarities among them. To find these, the

study of target consumers wants, perceptions and shopping and buying behaviours will be helpful, as it will provide the information necessary for developing new products, prices. Channels, communication and other marketing elements.


The importance of consumer behaviour in marketing has been beautifully described in journal bitted modern management, Calcutta January 99, in the following words; consumer behaviour is rapidly growing in field of research and teaching which, in addition to considerable value of marketing managers and others who are professionally studying consumer behaviour is evaluation of consumer groups with unsatisfied needs and desires. The essence of modern marketing concept is that all element of business should be greased far the

satisfaction of consumers. Definitions: 1.The dictionary of marketing and advertising: Observable activities choosen to maximize

satisfaction. Through the attainment of economic goods and services, such as choice of retail outlet, preference for particular brand etc. 2. Astrow and smiths dictionary of marketing:


The actions of consumer in the marketing place and the underlying motives for those actions. Marketers

expect that by understanding what causes consumer to buy particular goods and services they will be able to determine which product are needed in the market place, which are obsolate and how best to present the goods to the consumers. 3. Schiftman and kanuck: The behaviour that consumer display in searching for purchasing, using, evaluating and displaying of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs and the study of consumers behaviour is the study of how individual make decisions to spend their available resources like time, money, effort on consumption related items. 4. Why study Consumer behaviour? A number of reasons make the study of consumer behaviour relevant for effective marketing. They are


a. Consumers do not always act or react, as the theory would suggest. b. Consumers preferences are changing and become highly diversified. c. Consumer research has vividly pointed out that

customers dislike using identical products and prefer differentiated products. d. Meeting of special needs of customers requirement in market segmentation. e. Rapid introduction of new product with technological advancement has made the job of studying consumer behaviour more imperative. f. Consumers behaviour can be used to sell product that might not sell easily. KOTLERS CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR MODEL: A consumer decision to buy a product or service is the result of interplay of many forces or stimuli. The

starting point is the marketers stimuli in the form of product offering through some promotional method,


available at some outlets at a price.

The marketing

stimuli for the product includes locating target markets and segmentation of market as per the consumers needs. The marketing and Envtl stimuli, enter the buyers mind through cultural, social, personal and psychological

factors when the marketing and other stimuli come in contact with buyers his division process is initiated. The marketer has to correctly read the buyers conscious unconscious behaviour similarities or universals.


Consumers buying process: This is an important process. Which has a vital role in consumer behaviour study. This is the first essential step to understand consumer behaviour. The objectives of study of consumer buying process are to know how a consumer makes his decision regarding buying or not buying any commodity. In most case, a decision involves the detection of an option from two or more attractive choices. The buying process is the process of decisionmaking leading to a purchase function. It represents a

problem solving approach. The mechanism is the same as in any processing activity in which we supply some input followed by the processing activity and finally the output comes before us.




During the last two decades, numerous model of consumers behaviour depicting the buying process have


been developed. All these models treat the consumer as a decision makes ho comes to the market place to solve his consumption problems and to achieve the satisfaction of his needs. Summary: Consumers Behaviour is the study of why how what where and how often do consumers buy and consume different products and services. Knowledge of consumer behaviour is helpful to the marketing manager in understanding the needs of his different consumer segments and developing appropriate marketing strategies for each. influence their decision. psychological, personal in The study of consumers drives at a purchase decision and the variable, which A consumers decision to term of their sex, age, purchase a product classified into 4 categories namely education, income, family life cycle stage, personality and life style and other personal characteristics, which influence their buying from those of young consumers. Newly married coupler have needs, which are totally different from older different personal characteristics, the marketer must according modify his marketing strategies.


CHAPTER-5 FAIR and LOVELY COMPANY PROFILE Company profile- HLL, Hindustan Lever Limited


History: Hindustan lever Ltd is the number one leading company in India. It produces a variety of household

articles like cosmetics, Soaps, detergents etc. Before Independence this company was a private company, which was called as The lever Brother Ltd. Co.. In 1976 this company came to be called as the

Hindustan Lever Ltd.Co., is in London. Their percentage of shares bring 51% and remaining 49% of shares held by the Indian public company. The first chairman of this company is H.S. Banga today in the midst of many potential competitors in the Indian market, this company has its own reputation due to its quality products and services. It has made its name especially in the field of cosmetics. Today it is the largest cosmetics manufacturing company in India.


Many of its products are laid in the world market 75% of the Indian cosmetic market is acquired by the company. Its products are very popular. Products of Hindustan lever Ltd: Personal products like cosmetics fair and lovely soap and detergents. Soap and detergents. Agriculture leather products, perfumes, shall

thermometers. Lakme cosmetics. HLL in 2003, announced the launch of Hindustan Lever network, a unique network marketing opportunity HLL network aims to be the preferred business

opportunity by partnering its consultants to success and providing them with a business and lay development opportunity i.e. truly rewarding. from Hindustan lever Ltd. This is an opportunity Which has a historical

consumers understanding for more than 70 years in India. With a turnover of over 10,600 crores. HLL is Indias









distribution network across India. HLL is the market leader in consumer beauty personal hygienic home care products in India. With a strong invest and learning of 4 years behind it through avaince business. HLL is uniquely poised to

Leverage the goodwill and strength of a large origin to create a truly vibrant direct selling business. Hindustan lever network to be invited to be associated with such renounced company by becoming a CONSULATANT IN HINDUSTAN LEVER NETWORK is most gratifying and will definitely be rewarding. HLL vision: To be most preferred direct selling company in India by partnering consultant to success and providing them with a business and self development opportunity that truly delights them.


HLL Mission: To provide its consultants innovative, high quality products to meet the needs and improve the lives of Indians everyday, everywhere. This will include

unsurpassed service training and an opportunity to grow themselves successfully or business entrepreneurs. HLL a 51% owned subsidiary of angle Dutch against unilever has been trying its way into India since 1888. Indias

largest consumer goods company. HLL markets produces such as Beverages, Food and home and personal care goods. Its brands include Faire and lovely, Lakme,

Kwality wallys Ice creams,. Lipton Tea, Life boy soap. Pepsodent toothpaste and self laundry detergents. HLL

also markets Aatta (a type of meal ) Maize, rice, salt, and specially chemical and its exports division ships, Castor oil and fish. The company plans to began selling bottled water over the counter health care products.











Golden Achievements: HLL is new of their peak success. It is the number one leading company in India. Its annual turnover is

more than 8500 Crores and its profit is more than 10 to 12 crore every year. HLL is of very much helpful to the Government as its exports of goods to various foreign countries and earns a lot of foreign currency.


Many companiee in India such as TATA, ponds and Kissan have been merged with HLL Ltd as they failed to compete with this company. This is one of the greatest achievements of Hindustan Lever Ltd. As HLL is a Multinational company it has installed imported computerized machineries for the production and packaging of their products. They are wing imported machineries from abroad due to lack of technology in India. With the help of these machineries. HLL has

increased its goodwill and reputation. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: During the year the export business of the company was organized into 3 different categories viz, HPC exports, beverages exports and specialty exports. HPC

exports and beverages export have now been closely aligned and integrated with domestic personal production and beverages business respectively to leverage an supply chain synergies and other benefits arising from this realignment. During 2002 products recorded low


growth in the context of a flat to dealing market in many of the categories. The year was marked by innovation

and activation of the care brands and Investment in strengthening their equity. The skin care category had a very good year with Fair and Lovely performing well for the second year in succession. The gain from Innovations of 2001 was

consolidated and the brand was extended into herbals and naturals area with the launch of Fair and lovely

Ayurvedic cream. The sachet pack grew well and led to increased penetration of the brand particularly in rural areas. Lakme Ltd which was owned by TATA oil mills Ltd ( TOHCO ). Merged with HLL in 1993 and in 1995 Lakme lever was formed. In the oral category, the toothpaste market showed both volume and value decline over the previous year. There was also increased competition from low priced brands.


In hair category, the shampoo Market saw the growth of low priced sachets at Re-1 and 50 paise. Over leading brands Sunsilk and clinic have extended into these new price growth in rural areas. These brands now operate across the entire spectrum of shampoo sachets and bottler. In deodrant category, focus on AXE and REXONA. AXE brand was extended to role toiletries including talcum powder its and shaving on products. long-term Rexona deodrant



efficiency backed by delivery and advertising. Colour cosmetics category saw product and

packaging improvements and many innovations on both Lakme and Elle 18 This included a well received range of new colour based around the LAKME INDIA FASHION WEEK. Fast facts: India largest fast moving consumer goods company touches the line of two out of three Indians.


30 power brands. Combined volume four million retail outlets, 50,000 villages About 40,000 employer ( including group cos ) Golden super star branding house: Net Foreign

Exchanges earner. History: 1888- Sunlight introduced in India. 1918 Vanaspati launched through imports. 1931- Unilever registers company in India. vanaspathi manufacturing company. 1933Lever brothers India Ltd in corporated to Hindustan

manufacture soaps. 1935- united traders Ltd incorporated to manufacture soaps. 1956- HUM, LBIT, UTL merge form HLL 1979- Chemical complex commissioned in India. 1993- Tomco merges with HLL 1994- JV Kimberly clark lever formed. 1995- Lakme Lever formed 1996- HLL and BBLIL merge.


Milestones: 1998- Ponds India Ltd merges with HLL, HLL acquires Lakme 2000- HLL acquires modern foods. 2001- Project Shakthi. HLLs partnership with rural self help groups. Launch of HLLs e-mailing service SangamMax confectioneries launched. 2002- lever Ayush launched. 2003- Launch of Hindustan lever network. Financials: Financial performance in 2002 Gross turnover Rs 10952 crores. Net profit Rs 1756 crores. Earnings per share Rs 7.98 Dividend per share Rs 5.50 Changing face of Indian consumer More aware and selective has faster changing needs and habits. Increased ability to spend on wide range of products


Availability and willingness to use credit. Quality consciousness. Rural consumers are specially price sensitive. The Indian Market place: Urban cities / towns 3700 Outlets 1.5 million Rural villages 6,27,000 The reach: 7000 redistribution stockiest direct coverage of 1 million of Indians 4.8 million retailers 501000 villages. Commitment to society: Proactive social development Rural development Basic education. Case and education for abondoned, special children caring for HIV- positive patients. Reconstruction and relief post natural calamities.


Fair and Lovely Faire and Lovely is a expert Fairness cream. It is

accepts by millions of people across the world. it was the first Fairness cream which people really accepted it. Before the introduction of Fair and Lovely vicco turmeric was in demand which was Mfd by vicco laboratories. To beat the demand of vicco turmeric HLL introduced Fair and Lovely. Fair and Lovely have introduced Fair and Lovely foundation. Fair and Lovely foundation is a non-profit institution dedicated to help women across the country to gain economic independence through education career guidance and scholarship. Their main projects are: Project Disha aims to provide career guidance by organizing Career Fairs in over 20 cities across the country. Offering counselling in as many as 110 careers. In addition to their there are special TV programs an career counselling.


Which are: Fair and Lovely careers Baatein on DD metro Thursday at 6.30 pm. Fair and Lovely Bharti on DD Sanyadri every Monday 7-30 p.m project Saraswathi offers scholarship for deserving woman in several and urban India. Project soundarya- the first of its kind professional course for aspiring beauticians. The various products of Fair and Lovely include. 1. Fairness Cream Which is considered as the worlds No 1 Fairness cream. 2. Ayurvedic Fairness cream With contains Haridra, Jast Bharma and Kumumadhi Tailam. Non greasy base for natural fairness. 3. Fairness cream for Deep skin shade With brightness. 4. Fairness Soap pearl extracts + Milk cream for extra


A complete moisturizing soap. 5. Fairness Talc Which is in sale for Karnataka, A.P, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A perfumery Talc. 6. Fairness face wash Which removes the dist from inside leaving a fresh, glowing and supple skin making it look fair and beautiful. 7. Fairness lotion It is a liquid base for dry skin. 8. Dark circle remover cream Removes Dark circle. 9. Anti Marks Cream Reduce Marks left from pimples, pigmentation and dark circles. 10. Winter fairness cream Preferred in winter for maintaining Moisture level in the skin. 11. Oil control fairness Gel With extract of papaya and watermelon which is suited for the oily skin. 12. Sun Block creame


Which has been introduced recently to protect the skin with harmful rays of the sun with SPF-25




A chapter on Sanjana Gifts n Fancys This report specially refers to the marketing of Fair and Lovely products in Sanjana Fancy stores. necessary to know the brief history of the concern This chapter deals with the various aspects of the shop such as its establishment, location, objectives, promoters capital Investment, means of finance and management. a. Establishment: Sanjana fancy was established recently in 2003 with an initial capital of Rs 250,000. They started dealing with the fair and lovely and other products soon after commencing their business. They have obtained sales tax registration from the Asst commercial tax office. Shimoga with the help of an auditor. So it is


b. Location: This shop is located opp. To kariyanna bldg. Aruna complex vinobanagar, Shimoga, since many years the people particularly surrounding vinobanagara did not have much better service of cosmetics, But since this fancy store is established people are really fulfilling their requirements. Management: It is not a partnership concern. It is an individual

concern. It is owned by Rakesh and misses Tutsi. The name of the fancy stored is named after their little daughter Sanjana. Table showing Turnover of the Sanjana fancy store. (per year ) Year 200 3 200 4 200 Fair and lovely products 50000 60000 75000 Other products 90000 95000 98000


5 Beside faire and lovely they are also dealing in Lakme, Ayur, ponds, Sunsilk, Yardley, Elle 18, Nivea, Dove Imperial leather, Davis ADS. Garnier, Himalaya. They are of the opinion most of the people who visit their shop. Are the girls b/n the age of 18-24 years and next is the people those who are married recently. But they say that all categories of people visit their shop. They are also of the opinion that these young girls never stick on to a particular brand they always ask for change. Besides cream the next sales are the nail polish and the lipstick. There are only few who ask for hair

colours at present besides Mehndi powder is in demand. Women mainly ask for Fair and Lovely i.e Ayurvedic with Kunkumadi Tailam is of great sales. They also consider that the consumer are the king in all business and to tackle their problem is very difficult as there are many types of consumer like Talkative, price minded, Timid, Innocent, Argumentative etc.




Introduction: Today consumer is the king of the market.

Consumer is the only judge.

The reputation of the

product is entirely dependent upon his attitude towards the products, so consumers satisfaction should be the aim of the producers and the marketer. Consumers

interest should be taken into consideration while taking marketing decision. It is only through consumers

satisfaction the producer and the marketer can improve their sales and product. While conducting the survey, I got a good response from the respondents, respondents were selected

randomly. I got same suggestion that the respondents wanted to give and this opinion regarding different brands different brand of cosmetics have been

interpreted as in the following pages.


Analysis of Findings: The following are the findings and the analysis of this market survey of Fair and Lovely products. Findings of consumer survey: Table 1:- Showing sex group of cosmetic users Sex Group Male Female Total No. of respondents 20 80 100 Percentag e 20 80 100

From the above table it is clear that only 20% of the males out of 100% use cosmetics and 80% of the females use cosmetics. men. The cosmetics are mainly preferred by females as they are conscious about their beauty than

M ale 20%

Fem ale 80%


Table-2 : Showing the division of respondents according to their age SEX Age 15-18 18-22 22-26 26 and above TOTAL MALE Numbe r 0 10 3 7 20 FEMALE TOTAL Percentag Numbe Percentag e 0 50 15 35 100 r 1 67 3 9 80 e 1.25 83.75 3.75 11.25 100 1 77 6 16 100

From the above table we can see that only 1 girl belonging to the age group of 15-18 years have responded. 77 respondents belong to 18-22 years. The age group of 22-26 there are 6 of the respondents and the remaining 16 belong to the age group of 26 and

above. From this table it is clear that the male category of the age group 18-22 have preferred cosmetics and even females of the age group 18-22 years are 83.75%. Therefore young boys and girls are the main buyers of cosmetics.








1 0

0 1 8 5-1 1 8-22 Male Female 22-26 26 and above


Table-3 Showing the status of the consumers: SEX Status Employee Business Students House wives 20 100 80 100 MALE Number Percentag 4 3 13 0 e 20 15 65 0 FEMALE Number Percentag 3 0 67 10 e 3.75 0 83.75 12.5

Here in this table we can see that 4 employers are from male category who constitute 20%, 3 are


Constitute 15% and 13 are students

constituting 65% in female category we can only 3 females are employees are students constituting 83.75 and lastly 10 are housewives who constituting 12.5%. It is clear that in both the categories students are in majority.


Graph showing the status of the consumers

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Employee Business Male 20 15 3.75 0 65


12.5 0 Students Female House w ives


Table 4 Showing the income of Fair and Lovely consumer. ANNUAL INCOME Below 5000 5000-10.000 10000-30.000 30.000 and above Not specified TOTAL USERS OF Fair and Lovely 2 6 2 62 72 Percentage 2.77 8.33 2.77 86.11 100

From the above table we can see that there are 72% of Fair and Lovely consumers and 28 are non users of Fair and Lovely. The income level below 5000 there are only 2 persons constituting 2.77% in the income level of 500010000 there are no users of Fair and Lovely. The income level of 10000 30000 there are 6 persons and only 2 persons are of the income of 30.000 and above. 62 i.e. 86.11% of Fair and Lovely users have not mentioned their income as majority of them are students.


Graph Showing the income of Fair and Lovely consumer.

3% 0%




Below 5000



30.000 and above

Not specified


Table- 5: Shows the No of respondents who ask for specific brand. SEX MALE Opinion Numbe Percentag Yes No r 18 2 20 e 90 10 100 FEMALE TOTAL Numbe Percentag r 77 3 80 e 96.25 3.75 100% 95 5 100

From the above table we can see that 18 males out of 20 i.e. 90% of 20 males ask for specific brand and only 2 i.e. 10% do not ask for specific brand. In the female respondents out of 80 females 77 females i.e. 96.25% of them ask for specific brand and 3 of them who constitute 3.75% do not ask for specific brand.


Graph Shows the No of respondents who ask for specific brand




Table- 6 This table shows the respondents would purchase some other brand instead of specific brand. SEX Opinion Yes No TOTAL MALE Number Percentag 4 16 20 e 20 80 100 FEMAL Number Percentag 10 70 80 e 12.5 87.5 100

In the above table we can see that 4 male respondents out of 20 would purchase some other brand instead of specific 20 would purchase some other brand instead of specific brand they constitute 20% and 10 respondents who constitute 80% said that they wont compromise. Similarly in female respondents 10

respondents i.e. 12.5% of them said that they wont compromise i.e. 87.5%. this shows that people do not have changing attitude. They only stick to a particular

brand only in case of cosmetics.


This Graph shows the respondents would purchase some other brand instead of specific brand

MALE 29%

FEMAL 71 %


Table-7 It shows whether the respondents consider price as the only consideration. SEX MALE Opinion Numbe Percentag Yes No TOTAL r 3 17 20 e 15 85 100 FEMALE Numbe Percentag r 0 80 80 e 0 100 100 TABLE

3 100 100

According to the survey conducted we saw that only 3 males out of 20 i.e. 15% consider the price as the only consideration and 17 i.e. 85% wont consider. And from female category nobody consider price as the only consideration. 100% of them will not consider price as As female are very cautious

the only consideration.

about the quality they wont consider the price as the only consideration. They are ready to pay any amount if they get a good quality product.


It Graph shows whether the respondents consider price as the only consideration


80 70 60 50 40 30 20 3 10 0 MALE FEMALE 0 17


Table-8 Table showing Lovely products. PARTICULARS Users of Fair and Lovely Non users Fair and Lovely TOTAL MALE 14 6 20 SEX FEMALE 58 22 80 TOTAL 72 28 100 users and non users of Fair and

From this table we can see that 14 out 20 males use Fair and Lovely. Only 6 males do not use Fair and Lovely. In female category 58 out of 80 are the users of Fair and Lovely and only 22 are non-users of Fair and Lovely.

1 9%



Table no - 9 Table showing the status of the users of Fair and Lovely. SEX Status Employee Business Student Housewive s Total MALE Numbe r 4 2 8 0 14 Percentag e 28.57 14.28 57.14 0 100 FEMALE Number 2 0 46 10 58 TOTAL Percentag e 3.44 0 79.3 17.24 100 6 2 54 10 72

From the above table it is clear that out of a survey of 100 people 72 are the users of Fair and Lovely among them 58 are female and 1 are male. The status of them is 4 out of 14 males are employers. 2 of them are businessmen and 8 are students. In female category 2 are employees, 10 out of 58 are housewives there are no businesswomen and the rest of 46 are students.


Graph showing the status of the users of Fair and Lovely.

50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Employee Business Student 4 2 2 8



0 Housew ives


Table-10 Table showing respondents, how they come to know about the product SEX Media Friends Advertisemen t Retailers Friends and advisor Advertise and retailers 20 100 80 100 100 MALE Numbe r 0 16 0 3 1 Percentag e 0 80 0 15 5 FEMALE Number 10 60 2 5 3 TOTAL Percentag e 12.5 75 2.5 6.25 3.75 10 76 2 8 4

This table shows that there are o males who came to know about this brands only from friends. 16 males i.e. 80% know about this product from their friends . from

only retailers nobody came to know about this. Friends and advertisement 3 came to know i.e. 15% know from advertisement. 2 i.e. 2.5% from retailers, 5 i.e. 6.25% from friends and advertisement and 3 i.e. 3.75% from advertise and retailers.


Graph showing respondents, how they come to know about the product







0 Friends Advertisement Retailers Friends and advisor Advertise and retailers




Table-11 This table shows what the respondents feel about the Fair and Lovely. SEX Particulars Excellent Good Not bad Bad Total MALE Number s 2 8 4 0 14 Percentag e 14.28 57.14 28.57 0 100 FEMALE Number s 20 32 6 0 58 TOTAL Percentag e 34.48 55.17 10.34 0 100 22 40 10 0 72

In this table we can see 2 out of 14 males respondents 14.28% said excellent, 8 i.e. 57.14 said good, 4 i.e. 28.57 said not bad, and there are no males who have a bad opinion on Fair and Lovely. In females 20 i.e.34.48% out of 58 said excellent, 32 i.e. 55.17 said good, 6 i.e. 10.34 said not bad, even in females there are no female who said bad.


This Graph shows what the respondents feel about the Fair and Lovely

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Excellent Good 2 8



6 4 0




Table-12 Table showing whether the respondents purchase product from Sanjana stores or other. Particulars From Sanjana stores Others TOTAL The above table Number 15 85 100 clearly shows Percentage 15 85 100 that only 15

respondents out of 100 respondents purchase from Sanjana Gifts and fancies other 85i.e. 85% of them purchase from other shops. According to the survey the people living in vinobhnagara and nearby purchase from Sanjana stores. From this we can understand that people see convince of location.


Graph showing whether the respondents purchase product from Sanjana stores or other

From Sanjana stores 15%

Others 85%


Table-13 Table SEX Opinion Yes No Total sowing the respondents FEMALE Number s 54 26 80 who consider TOTAL Percentag e 67.5 32.5 100 67 33 100

cosmetics as a boon to beauty. MALE Number s 13 7 20 Percentag e 65 35 100

From the above table the no of respondents who have considered cosmetics as a boon to beauty are more than there who say no. in males 13 out of 20 have said yes i.e. 67.5% have said yes. and 32.5% i.e. 26 of them said no.

MALE 1 9%





Suggestions: Regarding to the survey each and everybody use cosmetics some use creams others lipstick etc. the male users prefer hair colour, deodorants, creams etc.

Therefore following are the suggestions given to the co in the marketing of Fair and Lovely cosmetics.

Advertising Today advertising plays a vital role in marketing a product. Many products, which are manufactured are

marketed starting a small scale industry to large scale industry. Even from the survey conducted it is revealed that more of the consumer were introduced to the product by means of advertisements. days market advertisements can Thus, in present do wonders.

Advertisements may be by T.V. media or by using broadcast media or by using magazines as media. By

survey it was revealed that T.V. media is much popular


next is the magazines than comes newspapers and lastly radio which has to be still effective. Sales Promotion: Sales promotion also plays a important role in marketing a product. types:a) Promotion to consumers b) Promotion to wholesalers and retailers. Promotion to consumers: It is highly essential to enhance sales of production. The following are the consumers promotion devices:1. Sampling 2. Money refund orders 3. Premium offer should be given 4. A coupon Promotion to wholesalers: It is highly essential to enhance the sales of production. They are the people who actually sell the Sales promotion may be two


production and they must be mentioned to sell more especially, a main branded product like 5 star products must undertake promotion of wholesalers and retailers. To expand its market and no enhance for its sales. Following some of the important promotion devices that can be undertaken by the firm 1. Bonus offers 2. Extra units at given price 3. coupons to retailers. 4. Gifts to wholesalers / retailers.

Attractive packing: In my project according to the survey many of the respondents have suggested to change the packing style. Therefore the packing style of Fair and Lovely should be changed and attractive packing should be adopted. Innovations: Innovation means something new. Innovation has become most important part in marketing strategy. This


is increased in the day-to day expansion of number of brands. The number of brands available has doubled in the past 5 years. Now a-days people are innovative they purchase those things which have something new in them. Therefore innovations are must. CONCLUSIONS: With the increase in literacy, the impact of western culture, the T.V. and the emergence of discriminating youth, the cosmetics Industry have a great future. Hence the firm in the industry have great future if managed properly. Even though brand names help in marketing a production, it is not true that band alone are a unique selling proposition of cosmetics world wide. name definitely creates mages of The brand and


companys Goodwill.

However cannot replace good

production quality and sound marketing strategies.


It can be concluded that eventually, every brand must satisfy the consumers needs in terms of aspiration and quality at an affordable price. If the firm considers these points and improves its marketing strategies, it has a bright future.



Consumer questionnaire Bibliography


Questionnaire 1. Name :-------------------------------------------2. Address:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Sex: 4. Age a. 15-18 years b. 22-26 years c. 18-22 years () () () --------------------------------------------

d. 26 and above ( ) 5. Occupation: a. Employee b. Student c. Business d. Housewife 6. Income a. Below Rs 5000 () () () () ()


b.10.000 30.000 c. Rs 5000-10.000 d 30.000 and above 7. Do you use cosmetics? a. yes ()

() () ()

b. No


8. If yes, which cosmetics? a. Nail Enamel b. Lipstick c. Creams d. Eyeliners () () () ()

e. Others, specify ---------------------9. When you go for sop do you ask for specific brands? a. yes ( ) b. No ( )

10. If yes which is the brand? 11. If the specific brand is not available do you purchase other bands? a. yes ( ) b. No ( )

12. Do you consider the price as the only consideration? a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )


13. Do you use Fair and Lovely products? a. yes ( ) b. No ( )

14. Since how long you are using Fair and Lovely---------15. How did you feel about the product? a. Friends b. Retailers c. Advertisement () () ()

16. How do you feel about the product? a. Excellent b. Good c. Not bad d. Bad () () () ()

17.By which media of advertisement were you introduced to Fair and Lovely products. a. T.V. b. Radio () ()

c. News Paper ( ) d. Magazines ()

18. Do you purchase from Sanjana Gifts and fancies ?


a. yes ( )

b. No ( )

19. If yes how is the costumer services in Sanjana gifts and Fancies. a. Excellent ( ) b. Not bad ( ) d. Good ( ) e. Bad ( ) 20. If No from where do you purchase?------------------21. Do you think cosmetics area boon to beauty ? a. yes ( ) b. No ( )

22. Your valuable suggestions to improve the product. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




Marketing management by S.A Sherlakar Marketing management by Rustom .S.Davis Britannica Encyclopaedia Fairandlovely.fdn@unilever.com