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Animal Farm Chapter Questions Chapter 1 1. What's the name of the farm? 2.Who had a strange dream? 3.

Identify the following : 3 dogs, 2 cart-horses, goat, donkey, mare, raven. 4. Describe the animals lives according to Old major (3 things) 5. Who do the animals see as the enemy? 6. In one word, what is Old Major's message to the animals? 7. Who were voted in as comrades? 8. What song did the animals sing? 9.What did the singing do? 10. Who was the farmer? Chapter 2 1. What time of year did old major die? 2.Who was the cleverest of the animals? 3. What two pigs were emerging as leaders? Describe each of them. 4. What name did they give to old major's teachings? 5. What mysterious place did Moses talk of? 6.What was Mr. Jones' favourite "watering hole"? 7. What animal comitted the first rebellious act? What did they do? 8. What had the pigs taught themselves to do? 9.What was the name of the farm? 10. List the 7 Commandments. Chapter 3 1. Did the pigs actually work? Discuss. 2.How long did it take the animals to do the harvest? 3.What was Boxer's personal motto? 4. Describe Animal Farm's flag. What did it represent? 5.Describe the ceremonies that took place on Sundays. 6. What did the pigs use as their headquarters? 7. To what extent did Boxer learn the alphabet? 8. What single sentence did Snowball reduce the 7 Commandments to? 9.Who repeatedly talked to the animals on behalf of the pigs 10. What were the animals completely certain of? Chapter 4 1. Who was sent out to tell the story of the rebellion? 2. What two farms were beside Animal Farm? 3. What time of year did the first battle take place?

4. What book did Snowball study in preparing the farm's defences? 5. Who was killed? 6. What animal was wounded? 7. Which one of the humans was injured 8. What two military decorations were created? 9. What did the battle become known as? 10. What was set up at the foot of the flagstaff? Chapter 5 1. Who dissapeared? Where was she later seen? 2. What happened at crucial moments in Snowball's speech? 3. What did Snowball want to build? 4.What did Napolean do to Snowball's plans? 5.Under what two slogans did the animals form themselves? 6. What happened to Jessie and Bluebell's puppies? 7. What happened to Snowball? 8. What did Napolean announce would come to an end? 9. What was set up on a stump at the foot of the flagstaff? 10. Who had a remarkable gift for composing songs and poems? Chapter 6 1. What did Napolean announce? What was the penalty for not volunteering? 2. How did the animals deal with the huge boulders? 3. What were Boxer's two slogans? 4. What new policy did Napolean decide upon? 5.Who was hired to handle the affairs of Animal Farm? 6. What sight brought a certain pride to the animals? 7. What commandment did the pigs break? How did they cover it up? 8. Which animal refused to grow enthusiastic about the windmill? 9. What happened to the windmill? 10. What did Napolean offer for the capture of Snowball? Chapter 7 1. How was the building of the windmill going to be different? 2. How did the animals attempt to fool Mr. Whyumper? 3. Why were the hens upset? 4. What rumor was circulating about Snowball? 5. Who was said to be in league with Snowball? 6. Who had difficulty believing Snowball was a threat? 7. What did Napolean award himself? 8. Which animals were the first killed by Napolean? 9. What hppened to "Beasts of England"? 10. Who wrote the new song?

Chapter 8 1. How was the sixth Commandment changed? 2. What titles did the pigs invent for Napolean? 3. What poem did Minimus write in honour of Napolean? 4. What terrible stories concerning Mr. Frederick were circulating around the farm? 5. What name was given to the windmill? 6. Why was Napolean upset with Mr. Frederick? 7. What battle took place in this chapter? 8. Did the animals win the battle? Why or Why not? 9. What new decoration did Napolean create? 10. How was the fifth Commandment changed? Chapter 9 1. What was Boxer's one real ambition? 2. How old was Boxer? 3. What was going to be built in the farmhouse garden? 4. How much beer were the pigs recieving daily? What about Napolean? 5. What happened in April? 6. According to Moses, what was Sugar candy mountain like? 7. How did Boxer get hurt? 8.What was Boxer's fate? 9. What did Sqeualor announce to the animals concerning Boxer's death? 10. What did the pigs purchase at the end of the chapter? Where do you think they got the money? Chapter 10 1. Who were the only animals to remember the old days with Mr. Jones? 2. What was the windmill used for? 3. What do the pigs learn to do? 4. What do the pigs now carry in their trotters? 5. What do the Sheep now say? 6. What remains of the seven Commandements? 7. Who made a toast to the Animal Farm? 8. What did Napolean announce would be the new name of Animal Farm? Is this surprising? Why or Why not? 9. What was the source of the violent quarrel between Mr. Pilkington and Napolean? 10. What are the differences between man and pig at the end of Chapter 10?

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