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BRILLIA B ANCE CO OLLEGE E Deputy C D Collector : Genera Awaren Set 1 al ness

Sam mPitrodaisheadedNat tionalInnova ationcounciltogiveshapetothe Indian governm ments decis sion to obse erve the current decad (2010 de 202 20)astheDe ecadeofInn novation. Sam Pitroda is the Chairman of N m National Kn nowledge Com mmission(NK KC). 2010 0istheInternationalYe earofBiodiv versitybyUN NO

201 11istheInte ernationalY YearofChem mistry.

K.N N.Raj(died)isafamouse economist.

Just ticeS.H.Kap padiahasbe eenappointe ed38thChief fJusticeofIn ndia. At tpresentSup premeCourthas31judgesincludin ngtheChief Justice.

Libe erhanComm missionRepo ortrelatesto odemolition nofBabriMosque.

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Kee eping the Faith: Mem F mories of a Parliamentarianis a book writt ten by Som mnath Cha atterjee.

Bef foreMemory yFadesisan nautobiogra aphybyFali.S.Nariman.

Indiansfirstop penjailforw womenwasinauguratedattheYerw wadaCentralJail,Pune.

ressPriyank kaChopraw wasappointe edasUNICEFNational Bollywoodactr Am mbassadorfo orpromoting gChildandA AdolescentR Rights.

Pro Madhava Menon he of. a eaded the c committee s up by C set Central Gov to evolve a compre vt. ehensive pol licy on auto onomy for C Central Uni iversities,IIT TsandIIMs.

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Wo orldExpo20 010washeld dinShangha ai,Chinafrom mMay1,20 010toOctob ber31,2010 0.Itis the most expe e ensive expo held in the history wit over 73 m e th million visito It broke the ors. e recordof64millionvisitors sin1970OsakaWorldE Expo.

tyodayaAnn naYojanabe eneficiariesgetwheatatRs2/kgandriceatRs.3 3/kg. Ant

eCentralGo ovt.plansto oexpandthe ecoverageo ofBelowPo overtyLine (BPL)population The und derthePublicDistributio onsystem(P PDS)fromth hecurrent6. .52croreto8.07crore.

Wh holesalePric ceIndex(W WPI)with bas seyear2004 405.TheCentralGove ernmentrele eased the erevisedseriesofWhole ePriceIndex x(WPI)withbaseyear200405repla acingthecurrent WP PIwith1993 94asbasey year. The erevisedWPIserioushasareprese entativecom mmoditybasketof676 itemsandu usea new wweighing diagramref flectingthe currentstru uctureofthe eeconomy. Thedataw willbe bas sedon5482pricequotationsselecte edfromacro ossthecoun ntry.

eMasqueof fAfricaiswr rittenbyV.SNaipaul. The

Mis ssMexicoJim menaNavar rretewascro ownedMissUniverse2010.

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The eUnionCab binethascle earedtheNa alandaUniv versityBill,2 2010paving gthewayfo orthe esta ablishmento ofNalandaU Universityin nBiharatanestimatedc costofRs.10 005crores.

The eJourneyist theautobiog graphyofTo onyBlair,Bri itishPrimeM Minister.

The eMuseumof fInnocenceiswrittenbyOrhanPam muk

Y.H H.Malegamh headsRBIsu ubcommitteetostudyis ssuesregard dingmicrofinancesecto orsin India.

efirstWorld dClassicalTa amilConfere encewashe eldatCoimba atore. The Tam mil,Sanskrit,TeluguandKannadaare ethe4classicallanguagesinIndia.

The eRelianceIn ndustriesCha airmanMuk keshAmban niwaselecte edtothe fou undationboa ardofWorld dEconomicF Forum(WEF).

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The eworldslarg gestproduce erofhydroe electricpow werisChina.

The upgraded version of short ran e nge surface eto surface missile w e which has been suc ccessfullytes stfiredbyIra anrecentlyi isFateh110 0.

Indiasno:1socialnetwork kingsiteisFa acebook.

IndianAmbassa adortoUSA:MeeraSha ankar.

mplyFlying:bookwritte enbyCaptain nGopinath. Sim

Bra ahmosislike elytobeindu uctedintoA AirForceby2 2013.

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The eYouthOlym mpicGames s2010wash heldinSingapore. Chin naisatthetopoftheme edaltallyinYouthOlympicGames2 2010.

orld hampion Vis swanathan Anand has refused to a accept Wo Chess ch the ehonoraryd doctoratewhichwasto havebeen conferredo onhim byUniversityofHyderabad d.

Da ailyTelegrap phisaleadi ingBritishN Newspaper.

Sain naNehwal( (Badminton) )gotRajivGa andhiKhelR RatnaAward din2010.

The efollowingp personsgetD Dronacharya aAwardin2 2010. A.K.Kutty:Lifeti ime(Athletic cs) wal:Billiards sandSnooke er SubhashAggarw omchaSingh h:Boxing L.Ibo Ajay yKumarBan nsal:Hockey y Capt t.Chandrup:Lifetime(W Wrestling)

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2010MensHockeyWorldCupwasheldinDhyanChandNationalStadium,NewDelhi. AustraliawontheCupbeatingGermany.


The Union Cabinet on August 20, 2010 approved a 300 percent salary hike from Rs.16,000toRs.50,000forMembersofParliament. Aftersalaryhike,besidessalary,anMPgetsanallowanceofRs.2000for each day the Parliament is in session or for taking part in House committeemeeting.FormerlyitwasRs.1000.


Australia on Aug 8, 2010 defeated England to clinch the Champions Trophy Hockey TournamentinMonchengladbach,Germany.




The first Indian women Sh hooter to be crowned World Cham e mpion is Teja aswiniSawan nt.

towinPGAt tourtitleofG GolfisArjun nAtwal. ThefirstIndiant

Thevenueof20 012OlympicGamesisat tLondon.

rans first d domestically built unm y manned bom mber aircra calling i an aft it Karrar, the Ir bassadorofdeathtoIra ansenemy. amb

The Fateh110(c conqueror) asurfaceto osurfacemissileistest firedinAug g2010isbuiltby Iran.

Badm minton play Saina N yer Nehwal has been named the brand ambassa ador for An ndhra Prad desh.

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Shra Ratnais the count am s trys highes award g st given by th Ministry of Labour and he Emp ploymentfor routstandingworkersin nPSUs.

nentIslamicscholarMaulanaWahiduddinKhanhasbeenbestowedw withthe18th Rajiv Emin GandhiNationalSadbhavan naAwardinN NewDelhiin nAug2010.

NELP PIXisNew ExplorationLicensingp policyIX.Go overnmentla aunchedNELPIXofferin ng34 bloc for biddi cks ing. Form N NELP IX onw wards, energ explorers will get an incentive b gy based onthisinvestm mentreplacin ngtheexistingregimeofsevenyear rholidayonprofit.

InternationalCo ongressofM Mathematics sheldinHyd derabadonA Aug19,2010 0.

Jarawasareane endangeredtribalgroup pfoundinAn ndamanNicobarIslands s.

asGreenco overisexpan ndingandin nthelast10yearsweha aveadded3 3millionhec ctares India offo orestcover.

UN secretary General Ban KiMoon ha set up a high level panel on as bal bility heade by the P ed Presidents o South Af of frica and glob sustainab Finla and.

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Oct tober5iscelebratedast theWorldT TeachersDa ay September5isNationa alTeachersDay. WorldFood dDayiscelebratedonOctober16. Unitedagai insthungeristhetheme eof2010W WorldFoodDay.

omdev Devv varman beca ame the sixt Indian M th Mens Tennis player to So figu ureinthetop100ATPra anking.Hisr rankingis96 6.

IndiasNarainK Karthikeyan nclinchedth heSuperleagueFormula araceinUK K in2 2010.

aaNiMildiis sthefirstDo ogricolourm moviehasbe eenreleased dinJammuin nAug2010. Ma

DTC CstandsforDirectTaxC Code.Itwillc comeintoeffectfrom2012onward ds.


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IRDAstandsforInsuranceRegulatoryandDevelopmentAuthority.Itistheregulatorof insurancesectorinIndia.

SEBI stands for Securities and Exchange Board of India. It is the regulator of stock exchangesinIndia.

Both among developing countries and the worlds poorest nations, India is the largest recipientofWorldBankLoansin200910.

Anil Ambanis ReliancePowers Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) is in Madhya Pradesh.




Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa are a part of the group of states for which recently a unitedcommandtotacklenaxalmenacehasbeenformed.



PSL LVC15wass successfullylaunchedon nJuly12,2010.

The ewinnerofG GermanGrandPrix2010 0isFernandoAlonso.

Srila ankasMutt tiahMuralitharanbecam methefirst cricketerto oreach 800 0wicketsint testcricketo onJuly22,20 010inGalleagainstIndi ia.

enewChiefElectionCom mmissionero ofIndiaisS.YQuraishi. The

centlyIndias signedaCou unterTerror rismInitiativ vewithUSA. . Rec


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Dav Cameron who was on an official visit to In vid n, ndia in July 2010, is the ePrimeMinisterofBritain.

IndiaonJuly26 6,2010testf firedsuccessfullyInterceptorMissil le.

Lee elavathiawa ardisgivent toMathematicians.

Tem mbhil: FirstA AadharVilla age. Prime M Minister Dr.M Manmohan Singh and U Chairpe UPA erson Son Gandhi on Sept29, 2 nia o 2010 launch Aadhar Project in T hed Tembhli village in Nandu urbar dist trict of Mah harashtra.A Aadharis the new name ofUnique Identificat e e tion Project t.The villa agerMs.Ran njanaSonaw wnebecame thefirstInd diantohave eaUniqueIdentityNum mber 782 2474317884 4.Aadhar will become basic identity document of the peo y t ople in India and a also otogetvario ousfacilities slikebanka/ /c,rationcard,jobcardandotherb benefits.

Om maralBashir recently charged wi genocide by the Internationa r ith al Crim minalCourthasbeenreelectedasth hePresident tofSudan. Darfurisaprovin nceofSudan nwhichwitn nessedbloo odyGenocide by Arab militia and supporte by Natio ed onal Congres the ruling ss, partyinSudan. Kharto oumistheC CapitalofSudan.


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UNWomen:UNOhasconstitutedanewcellforGenderEqualityandEmpowermentof WomenwiththenameofUNWomen.RecentlyIndiahasbeenelectedto41members UNWomenExecutiveBoard. MichelleBachelet:UNWomenExecutiveDirector

FinlandhasdeclaredBroadbandserviceasafundamentalright. CapitalofFinland:Helsinki

August2010reportshowsthatthereare706.37Milliontelephones(landlineandmobile) subscribersand670.60millionmobileconnectionsasofAugust2010.

July24hasbeendecidedtobecelebratedasIncomeTaxDaytomarkthe150thyearof theexistenceofIncomeTax.



Indiaistheleadingproducerofmilkintheworld.200809productionwas108.5million tones. 200910production:112milliontonnes.



ICPSIntegratedChildProtectionScheme. Indiaishometoalmost19%theworldschildren.Morethanonethirdofthe countryspopulationisbelow18years.

TheIndianwhorecentlywondoubletrapgoldinWorldShootingChampionshipisAsher Noria.





Bt.Brinjal Safe: Six Premier Indian Science Institutions, given the task of evaluating Bt. BrinjalbyEnvironmentMinisterJairamRamesh,onSeptember23,2010declareditsafe. Bt.Brinjalis Indias first Genetically Modified (GM) food crop. Launch of Bt. Brinjal was abortedinIndiainFebruary2010afterasafetydebatebrokeout.



Inte erlocutors for Peace in J & K, Centre Govern f n nment has a appointed a group of t a three inte erlocutorsin nOctober20 010.Theywi illinitiatedialoguewithvarioussect tionofsocie etyto pav vewayforpe ermanentpe eaceinthes state. The team will be lead by Dileep Padg e gaonkar an eminent jou urnalist. Oth member are her rs MM MAnsari,Inf formationCo ommissioner randProfes ssorRadhaK Kumar.

Kam mlaPersadB Bissessarhasrecentlybe eenelectedthefirstwo omenPrime Min nisterofTrin nidadandTo obago.

The eyoungestte eenagertor reachEveres stinthewor rldisJordanRomero.

The Govt. has decided to setup a C e o Central Insti itute of Him malayan Cu ulture Studies in Aru unachalPrad desh.

tanKumarSinhaisthen newDirector rofBARC(BhabaAtomicResearchC Centre). Rat


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Nuclearsecuritysummit2010 TwodaysNuclearSecuritySummitheldatWashington,USAcametoanendon April14,2010.Thesummitattendedbyleadersof47countriesconductedwith a plan to lock down loose nuclear materials world wide within a period of 4 years. India was represented in the meeting by Dr. Manmohan Singh. He announced that India would set up a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership.

Russian Gas Pipeline to Europe: Russia launched the construction of a new pipeline to Europe. The $12billion Nord Stream Pipeline would carry upto 55 billion cubic meter (bcm)ofgasayearfromSiberiangasfield900Kmoverlandand1200KmunderBalticSea fromVyborg in Russia to Greifswald in Germany. It will be completed in 2012. Russia suppliesabout150bcmofgastoEurope,meetingaquarterofitsneeds. Gazprom:Russiasmonopolyoilcompany. DmitryMedvedev:RussianPresident VladimirPutin:RussianPM


WorldThriftDayOctober30 ThriftmeansSaving.





The efirstEurope eancountrytobanburq qaisBelgium m. As per governm ment annou uncement th power generation c he capacity to be added in the n th Planending2 2012wouldbeabout74 4,000MW. 11 FiveyearP

As perrevised estimatesfo or200910r releasedby CSO,theGD DPgrowtha atfactorcos st(at nstantprices s)standsat7 7.4%. con

Polishpresiden ntkilledinplanecrash Polis sh preside entLech Ka aczynskiand a high lever d delega ation were killed when a place c n carrying 97 people crashe in thick fog in R ed k Russia. No survivors in the catast trophe. War rsawcapitalofPoland

landVolcano ocreatedm mayheminEurope.Eyjaf fjallajokull,a avolcanoin nIcelanderu upted Icel on April 15, 20 010. The lav and the smoke surge forth from the volcano spread in the va ed m n atm mospherecancellingtheoperationsofalargenu umberofflig ghtsinEurop pe. Reykjavik:Capit talofIceland d. At t beginnin of 11thplan, annual target grow rate was put at 9% but after t the ng wth s %, three yea arsappraisal,ithasbeenchangedas8.1%.


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D.M M.JayaratnePrimeMinis sterofSrilan nka. D.M M.Jayaratna, a founder member of Sri La ankan Free edom Party (SLFP) wa appointe as the P y as ed Prime MinisterofSrila ankaonApril21,2010. Mah hinda Rajap pakshehas also been relected as the s Pres sidentofSriLanka. Gen.Sarath Fon nseka who c contested election was later deta ainedandse entencedtoimprisonme entforhisalleged antimilitaryrole e.

IndiaandChina aestablishh hotline. India aandChinasignedapartonApril7 7,2010tose etupahotlin netoopend direct comm municationsb betweenthe eirPrimeMinisters. Chin nesePremierisWenJiab bao.

Por rtBlairporthasbeencla assifiedasth he13thmajo orportofInd dia.

eprojectedG GDPgrowth hratefor201011byCSOstandsat8.5%. The CSO O:CentralSta atisticalOrga anization.

Viet tnam and Myanmar are the new n M e nations of A ASEAN included in the g group of na ations hav vingFTAwith hIndiawitheffectfromJune1,2010 0. FTA:FreeTrade eAgreement t.

egovernmen nthasmade eitmandato oryforalllistedcompaniestohave eaminimum25 The per rcentsharet tothepublic c.


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Pun njabandSin ndhBankist theonlypub blicsectorba ank,whichisstillnotiss sueditsshar resto theg generalpubli ic.

Pro ojectSankalp pisassociate edwiththeeliminationofAIDS/HIV V.

eshareofro oadtransportintotaltransportationofthecoun ntryis80per rcent. The

e17 Csummit20 011willbeheldinMaldives. The thSAARC

Som mdevDevvarmanbecam methefirstI Indianin13 yearstoqu ualifyforFre enchOpenM Mens single esevent.

Ham midKarzai:R Reelecteda asAfghanista anPresident t. Dr. Manmohan Singh and Afghan P n d President H Hamid Karz had a bil zai lateralmeet ting in New Delhi on Ap 2, pril 2010. They d decided to work with internat tional com mmunitycom mbatterroris sm. Nort Atlantic Treaty Organization (N th NATO) is lo ooking afte erthesecurit tyofAfghanistanatpres sent. Kabul:Capitalo ofAfghanista an.

IN NSShivalikinductedinto oIndianNav vy

he ously developed stealth frigate (ship)INS Shiva alikjoined N Navy on Apr 29, ril Th indigeno 2010. It was build atMa azagon Dock Limited, M k Mumbai. On the US, F nly France, Germ many andRussiaha asthecapab bilityofbuild dingstealths shiptechnology.
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NICReconsti N ituted:Theg govt.ofIndiahasrecons stitutedtheNationalInt tegrationCo ouncil (N NIC) with PM as Chair rman. The N has 147 members including U NIC 7 Union Minis sters, Le eaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, CM of all state and UTs with O n a M es Le egislature,le eadersofma ajorparties,popularleaders(April2 2010). Lead derofoppos sitioninLokSabha:Sush hmaSwaraj AimofNIC:Com mbatmenace eofcommunalcasterism mandregion nalism.

JuliaGillardist thefirstwom menPrimeM MinisterofA Australia.

The eFrenchOpe enTennism mensTitle20 010hasbeenbaggedby yRafael Nad dal(Spain).

The French open Tennis Champion e s nship Wome ens title h has been clin nchedbyFra ancescaShiavone(Italy). .


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aotoKanisthenewJapa anesePrimeminister. Na

In ndiasbigges stgridconn nectedsolar powerplan ntwithacap pacitytogenerate3MW Whas beensetupa atYelesandravillageinB BangarpetTa alukofKolar rdistrict,Kar rnataka.

Antitankmis ssileNagwas ssuccessfull lytestfiredo onJune13,2010.

CutmotionagainstUPAf fails. UnitedProg gressiveAllia ance(UPA)G Government tonApril27 7,2010surviv veda The trial lofstrength hintheLokS Sabhaasthe ecutmotion nmovedby opposition were defe eated(201/2 289) owing mainly to t support provided b BSP (Bah the by hujan Sam majParty).

abourBillPassed. PlantationLa The Plantation Labour (Am mendment) B 2008 pa Bill assed by Parliament in April vernments t make rules for prohi to ibiting restri icting 2010 empowered state gov emp ployment of women a and adolesc cents in ha andling or using hazar rdous chem micals.
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Th governm he ment has app proved the establishme of a Nat ent tional Mission on Enha anced EnergyEfficie ency.Thisin nitiativewill helpsaven nearly23mil lliontonnes ofoilequiv valent (M MTOE)andr reducegreen nhousegase esemissions sof98.55milliontonnes s.

ightmissionsareinclude edinNation nalActionPl lanonclimatechange. Ei

In ndia on Jun 18, 2010 successfully testfired its indig ne 0 genously developed nu uclear ca apable, ballistic missile Prithvi II fr rom the Integrated Tes Range (ITR) at Chand st dipur, Orissacoast. O

President Pra athibha Pat has confe til erred the h honorary rank of the In ndianAirFor rce(IAF)Gro oupCaptainonSachinTendulkar.

ndianbadmintonaceSainaNehwal wonthetitlesofSingap poreOpen,IndonesianO Open, In andIndianOp penGrandP Prixin2010.

BritainsLewi isHamilton wontheCa anadianGran ndPrixonJu une13, 2010inMont treal.


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Se ebastianVettelisthew winnerofEur ropeanGrandPrix2010. .

In ndiasfirstin ntegratedwa astemanage ementplanttobesetup pinKanpuri inUttarPrad desh.

Ir ranhasthew worldssecondlargestgasreservesafterRussia.

ranandPaki istansignsg gasdealforp pipeline.The epipelinew willconnectIransgiantS South Ir Fa arsGasfield dwithPakistanssouthernBaluchista anandSindh hprovinces.

Th annual summit of the Shangh Coopera he hai ation Organ nization (SC CO) was he in eld Tashkent,Uzb bekistanonJune11,201 10.

Th hefourthsu ummitofGro oupof20(G 20)metinT Toronto,Can nada,June2 27,2010.

Th heG8summ mitwasheld dinthelastw weekofJune e2010atCa anada.


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Th heUS,The UK,France, Germany,It taly,Japan, Canadaand dRussiaare memberso ofthe G8. G

KaveriEngine e:KaveriEng gineisthein ndigenouslydesignedan nddeveloped dthatwillpower fighteraircraf ft,especially yLightComb batAircraftTejasinIndi ia.

IP is Initial Public Offer It is the in PO r. nitial offer o a compan share to the public and of nys c outsidersoft thecompany y.

SE EBIenhance edthelimit ofretailinve estorsinIni itialPublicO Offer(IPO)t toRs2lakh from Rs1lakh.

So outhAfricas sPresidentJ JacobZuma visitedIndia ainJune201 10.

Mr.VijayKelkaristhech M hairmanof13thFinanceC Commission n.


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Sa anskritExpr ressisanew wtrainallowe edonTagores150thbirthanniversa ary.

Government hasgranted dMaharatnastatusto fourstaterunpublicse ectorenterprises. ThesefourPS SUsareONG GC,SAIL,NT TPCandIOC.

D DavidHeadle ey,thePakis staniAmeric can,present tlyinUScust todyisthe

mastermindo m of26/11terrorattackon nMumbai.

G20summitinSeoul,So G outhKorea:N November1 1112,2010 It tisbeinghos stedbyano onG8count tryforthefir rsttime.Tha attoo,inAsia. Themainage enda:toforc ceChinatorevaluetheY Yuansothatitsexportb becomecost tlier. Butappreciat tingthevalu ueofYuanisharmfultoIndiaasitisamajorimp portfromCh hina.

havan is the new Chie Minister of Maharas e ef shtra. He Prithviraj Ch ucceeded Ashok Chavan who resig gned due to his involvement in o su AdershHousi A ingscam. Ajth Pawar of NCP is the new Chie Minister replacing h e ef ChhaganBhujba al.

Th heUnionGo ovt.hasgran ntedNavar ratnastatus stoonemor republicsec ctorenterprisein April2010wh A hichpushed dthemembe erofNavartnaPSUstob become20. OilIndiaLim mited th t (O OIL)hasbeco omethe20 member.
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Gopalkrishna Gandhi, th formal go G a he overnor of W West Benga is the al ch hancellor of Mahatma Gandhi In o a nternational Hindi University, Wardha. W

Myanmarsm M militarybackedpartyUn nionSolidari ityandDeve elopmentParty(USDP) )won th hecountrys sfirstelectio onin20year rs.

Te elecom Reg gulatory Aut thority of India (TRAI) released it latest dat showing that, ts ta Teledensity(i i.e.numberoftelephonesper100p people)inIndiais55.38% %.

CA AGReporto on2GSpectrum:theCo omptrollerandAuditor General(CA AG)submitte edits final report on 2G spect o trum allocat tion and po ointed out a loss of nea Rs.1.76 lakh a arly cr roretothen nationalexch hangerforig gnoringnorm msandarbit trarymannerofallocatio onby th heministryo ofCommunications&In nformationtechnologyu underA.Raja aofDMK.

decidedtom mergewithI ICICIBank,t thecountryslargestpr rivate BankofRajasthanhasd se ectorBank.

AccordingtoForbes2010 0ranking,Ca arlosSlimHe elu&family y,Mexicois th heworldsri ichestperson.


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Narasimhamcommittee:bankingSe N ectorReform ms.

OnJuly22,2010,TheInt O ternationalC CourtofJus sticedeclare edlegalthe independen nceof Kosovo.

St trategicArm msReductionTreaty(ST TART):TheU USpresident tBarackOba amaandRu ussian co ounterpart Dmitry Med dvedev signed a strategic Arms Re eduction Tr reaty (START on T) April 8, 2010 in Prague, Czech Repu A 0 ublic. As per the part, the two nat tions will re educe th heirnuclearweaponsto ockpilebya third.Itwilllastfor10y years.TheU USandRussi iaold over 90% of the worlds nuclear w s weapons. The agreemen succeeds the 1991 START e nt whichexpired w dinDecemb ber2009. Thetreatylim mitsthenum mberofstra ategicnuclea arwarhead dsto1550aboutathird dless th hanthe2200 0currentlya allowed.Italsomandate esacombine edlimitof8 800deployed dand non deployed Interconti inental Balli istic Missile (ICBM) lau unches Subm marine Laun nched BallisticMissi ile(SLBM).L Launchersan ndheavybo ombersequippedfornucleararmam ments andasepara atelimitof7 700deploye edICBMsan nddeployed SLBMsanddeployedh heavy uippedfornu ucleararmam ments. bombersequ

Th henewInternationalCricketCounci il(ICC)PresidentisShar radPawar.

Th hewinnero ofWomens singlestitle inWimbledonTennisC Championship2010isSe erena Williams. W

set2con ntinues ..


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