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Interactive Multimedia Survival Guide Rubric

Indicator Content Indicator Not Met

(0-23 points) The survival guide does not have a clear purpose or central theme Information is incomplete, incorrect, or flawed Subject knowledge is not evident

Indicator Partially Met

(25-35 points) The theme or main idea of the survival guide is more or less clear and related to the purpose or theme of the project Most information is clear and correct Some subject knowledge is evident (16-17 points) Four (4) fully developed pages including most of the required elements (6-8 points) Uses headings; sections labeled; some formatting distracting

Indicator Met
(36-40 points) The theme or main idea of the survival guide is clear, and pages link to related information The content has clear, appropriate, accurate, and very useful information Subject knowledge is evident throughout. (18-20 points) At least Five (5) fully developed pages, including: Introduction, Content, Webinar, Assessment Questions, and Additional Resources (9-10 points) Appearance is professional organized and consistent; good formatting Logical, intuitive sequence of information Menus and paths to all information are clear and direct Clear order, labeling, and navigation

Technical Requirement

(0-15points) Less than four (4) fully pages with several required elements missing

Layout/ Screen Design

(0-5points) No structure or organization Formatting distracts from readability Buttons or navigation tools are absent or confusing

Graphic Design and Enhancements

(0-5points) Exaggerated emphasis upon graphics and special effects weakens the message and interferes with the communication of content and ideas No graphics or graphics are unrelated to page Most graphics are too big/small, poorly cropped, or have color problems No video, audio, or 3D enhancements are present

(6-8 points) Graphical and multimedia elements accompany content but there is little sign of mutual reinforcement Most graphics are related to page/text, but there is occasional tendency toward random use of graphics Most graphics have proper size, resolution, colors, and cropping. A few are too big/small, poorly cropped, or have color problems Webinar produced by students referenced but not embedded in guide (6-8 points) Minor errors (less than four) in spelling and/or grammar, but reader can understand the main idea (0-30 points) See Separate Rubric (0-30 points) See Separate Rubric

(9-10 points) Design elements and content combine effectively to deliver a high impact message with the graphics and the words reinforcing each other Graphics have strong relation to page/text Graphics have proper size, resolution, colors, and cropping Appropriate amounts of video, audio, or 3D enhancements are used effectively to entice users to learn and to enrich the experience Webinar produced by students embedded (9-10 points) Clear, concise, and well written Edited with no serious errors


(0-5 points) Difficult to understand the main idea Many errors in spelling and/or grammar

Webinar Presentation Collaboration

/150 NOTE: Adapted from Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators