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Girls Publishing Club

Place: Service Center Time: every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 12pm-2pm for 10 weeks starting Feb. 16th Who will lead: Megan Hart and Emily Gable Who will attend: girls ages10-16 Cost: $5 Design: Girls who attend this club will make paper, create simple books, and write! Writing activities will focus on the interests of individual attendees but may also center around a broader theme we can have discussions and brainstorming sessions about before we being. Well also use awesome prompts and games to get our creative brains cooking up some ideas!

Share Your World

Place: Service Center Time: TBA Who will lead: Lashawnda Crowe Storm Who will attend: Open to all ages Cost: Free Design: Each week we will explore a new culture through hands on learning experiences. Products from each class will be part of a larger show in May. Come be a part of our multicultural community!

Movie Collage Mural Making for Georgetown Cinema

Time/Place: TBA - Spring 2013 Who will lead: Tom Streit Who will attend: Anyone 12+ Cost: Free Design: Help Big Cars Tom Streit create a mural for Georgetown Cinema (located across the street from the Service Center). The mural will be created by cutting up and reassembling large movie posters. Participants will gain valuable experience and have tons of fun learning how to create public art.

3 8 1 9 L A F Ay E T T E R D

Thursday Open Art

Place: Service Center Time: every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 12pm-2pm for 10 weeks starting Feb. 21st Who will lead: Megan Hart and Emily Gable Who will attend: kids of any age Cost: $5 Design: Open art will focus on one medium each week, such as pencil, paint, oil pastel, etc. Participants can work independently or have more specific instruction from the facilitator. This is meant to be a creative, open time to explore making art alone or in collaboration with others.

The Art of Science Meets the Science of Art

Place: Service Center Time: Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am-12pm for 10 weeks starting Feb. 16th Who will lead: Megan Hart Who will attend: Open to budding art scientists ages 6-12 Cost: $10 Design: Participants will use what they learn and discover from simple science experiments to create amazing pieces of art. A variety of art materials will be used including paint, pastels, markers, and clay. There are things yet to be discovered! Get ready to become an art scientist!

Ideas from the Intersection of Art and People Old Timey Letter Writing
Place: Service Center Time: One-time event on Thursday, February 21st, from 5pm to 7pm Who will lead: Anne Laker Who will attend: Open to all Cost: Suggested donation of $3 Design: Sneak away from your electronic obligations to write real, handwritten letters on stationary to send to loved ones. Paper, writing implements, and stamps are provided! Place: Service Center Time: 12pm to 1pm on Wednesdays starting Feb. 13th Who will lead: Jim Walker Who will attend: people curious about non-profit art practice Cost: Free
1. Quick History of Art that Includes People 2. Community and Social Experiences as Art 3. Core Artist Issues: Livability, Creativity, Community, Nonconformity 4. How to: Strategy and Ideas 5. How to: Methods for Choosing and Starting Projects 6. How to: Creating Engaging, Inclusive Projects and Events (Its All About Empathy) 7. How to: Keys to Collaboration (Collective Impact) 8. How to: The Art and Importance of Creative Placemaking in Communities 9. How to: Marketing and Branding (A Crucial Part of the Art) 10. How to: Great Documentation 11. How to: Grant/Proposal Writing 12. Class Presentations: Thought Maps, Opinions, Individual Projects, etc. (2 hours)

Design: 12 unique sessions: