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Jennifer Ashley booklist

Series and Series Order A handy guide to the series of Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner. Books by Jennifer Ashley Highland Pleasure (Historical/Victorian Scotland/England) 1. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Leisure, May 2009--re-release, Berkley, August 2011) Ian and Beth 2. Lady Isabellas Scandalous Marriage (Berkley, July 2010) Mac and Isabella 3. The Many Sins of Lord Cameron (Berkley, August 2011) Cameron and Ainsley 4. The Duke's Perfect Wife (Berkley, April 2012) Hart and Eleanor 4.5. A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (Dec 2012) All Mackenzies 5. The Seduction of Elliot McBride (Berkley, Jan 2013) Elliot and Juliana 5.5 The Untamed Mackenzie (Berkley, August 2013) Lloyd Fellows and Louisa 6. The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (Berkley, Oct 2013) Daniel and Violet And more to come Shifters "Shifter Made" (a prequel) in The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance (Running Press, Feb. 2010) re-release in e-book form, April 2011. Niall and Alana 1. Pride Mates (Leisure, Feb. 2010--re-release, Berkley, July 2011) Liam and Kim 2. Primal Bonds (Berkley, March 2011) Sean and Andrea 2.5 Bodygaurd (novella; Novermber 2011 3. Wild Cat (Berkley, Jan. 2012) Cassidy and Diego 3.5 Hard Mated, August 2012 (Spike and Myka) 4. Mate Claimed (Berkley, Oct. 2012) Eric and Iona 4.25 "Perfect Mate" in Unbound (anthology), Berkley March 2012 (Nell and Cormac) 4.5 Lone Wolf (Berkley April 2013) Ellison and Maria 5. Tiger Magic (Berkley, June 2013) Tiger and Carly And more to come Immortals Series (multi-author series) 1. Immortals: The Calling by Jennifer Ashley (Love Spell, May 2007) Adrian and Amber 2. Immortals: The Darkening by Robin Popp (Love Spell, June 2007) Darius and Lexi 3. Immortals: The Awakening by Joy Nash (Love Spell, August 2007) Kalen and Christine 4. Immortals: The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley (Love Spell, Sept. 2007) Hunter and Leda 5. Immortals: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley (Love Spell, Sept. 2008) Tain and Samantha 6. Immortals: The Crossing by Joy Nash (Love Spell, Oct. 2008) Mac and Artemis 7. Immortals: The Haunting by Robin Popp (Love Spell, June 2007) Nick and Mai 8. Immortals: The Reckoning (Love Spell, March. 2009) anthology Note: The Immortals series is out of print, but will be re-released as ebooks sometime in 2012 Nvengaria Fairy Tale series (historical paranormal) 1. Penelope & Prince Charming (Leisure, April 2006) Damien and Penelope 2. The Mad, Bad Duke (Leisure, Dec. 2006) Alexander and Meagan 3. Highlander Ever After (Leisure, April 2008) Egan and Zarabeth 4. "The Longest Night," in A Christmas Ball (Leisure, October 2009) Mary and Valentin Note: The Nvengaria series is out of print, but will be re-released as ebooks sometime in 2012-2013

Regency Pirates series: 1. The Pirate Next Door (Leisure, Oct. 2003) Grayson and Alexandra; ebook re-release April 2012 2. The Pirate Hunter (Leisure, May 2004) Diana and James; ebook re-relasse May 2012 3. The Care & Feeding of Pirates (Leisure, Feb. 2005) Christopher and Honoria; e-book release July 2012 Note: The Regency Pirates series is out of print, but were re-released as ebooks in 2012 Standalone Historical Romance Perils of the Heart (Leisure, Nov. 2002) "Chick Lit" Confessions of a Lingerie Addict (Love Spell, June 2005) A Single Girls Guide to Christmas in Christmas Cards from the Edge (Love Spell, Oct. 2005) Vampires Viva Las Vampires in Just One Sip (Love Spell, Oct. 2006) Stefan and Meredith "The Scotsman and the Vamp," in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance II {Love Bites)(Running Press, Sept. 2009) Claire and Ross Books by Allyson James Stormwalker Series "A Little Night Magic," in Hot for the Holidays (Berkley, Oct. 2009) (stand-alone prequel) 1. Stormwalker (Berkley, May 2010) 2. Firewalker (Berkley, November 2010) 2.5. "Double Hexed" in Hexed (Berkley, June 2011) 3. Shadow Walker (Berkley, June 2011) 4. Nightwalker (September, 2012) 5. Stormwalker Book 5 (title and pub date TBA) Demigod series (paranormal erotic romance) 1. Mortal Temptations (Berkley HEAT, January 2009) Nico and Patricia/ Andreas and Rebecca 2. Mortal Seductions (Berkley HEAT, September 2009) Demitri and Valerie (and Leon) 3. "Mortal Sensations" in Wedding Favors (Berkley HEAT, June 2010). Madison and Thomas Dragon series (Berkley Sensation) 1. Dragon Heat (July 2007) Caleb (golden dragon) and Lisa 2. The Black Dragon (Nov. 2007) Malcolm (black dragon) and Saba 3. The Dragon Master (Nov. 2008) Seth (fire dragon) and Carol Erotic Historical Romance The Decidedly Devilish Duke in Private Places (Berkley Sensation, trade pbk, August 2008) Michael and Amelia Tales of the Shareem (Elloras Cave) 1. Rees (March 2005) Rees and Talan (ebook and print) 2. Maia and Rylan (short story, Sept. 2005) (ebook and print) 3. Rio (March 2006) Rio and Nella (ebook and print) 4. Aiden & Ky (Jan. 2007) Aiden & Ky and Brianne 5. Calder (Sept. 2009) Calder and Katarina (and Braden) 6. Braden (March 2011) Braden and Elisa 7. Justin (Feb 2012) Justin and Deanna Standalone story set on Bor Narga (the Shareem planet) "The Dream Catcher," in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance (Running Press, April 2009) Natalia and Ochen

Planetary Passions (Elloras Cave) Double Trouble (Gemini, June 2006) Cas & Pol and Fiona (ebook and print) Pamaar (Elloras Cave) Catch a Falling Star (in the Torrid Tarot series, July 2008) Thane & Deon and Lea Coyote Jackson (Elloras Cave) Howlin (Dec. 2007) Alain and Patrice (& Coyote) Standalone short stories (Elloras Cave) 1. "Christmas Cowboy" (Dec. 2005) ebook and print (in White Hot Holidays Vol 1.) 2. "Dragonmagic" in Dreams of the Oasis Vol. 1 (March 2006) ebook and print 3. "Club Vamp" in Seasons of Seduction Vol. 1 (March 2007) ebook and print 4. "Practically Perfect" in Jewels of the Nile Vol. 4 (Dec. 2008) ebook and print Books by Ashley Gardner Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries (Berkley Prime Crime) 1. The Hanover Square Affair (Dec. 2003) ebook re-release, Feb. 2011. (Print re-release September 2011) 2. A Regimental Murder (May 2004) ebook re-release, March 2011 3. The Glass House (Dec. 2004) ebook re-release, April 2011 4. The Sudbury School Murders (June 2005) ebook re-release, May 2011 4.5 "The Necklace Affair," a 100-page novella . E-release, June 2011 Print release (gathered with stories in The Gentleman's Walking Stick October 2011 5. A Body in Berkeley Square (Dec. 2006) ebook re-release, July 2011 5.5 The Gentleman's Walking Stick (short story collection) ebook re-release, September 2011 Print release (gathered with The Necklace Affair October 2011 6. A Covent Garden Mystery (July 2006) ebook re-release, August 2011 7. A Death in Norfolk ebook release October 2011 (Print release November 2011) 8. A Disappearance in Drury Lane (coming in 2012) Note: The paperbacks of the original six of the mystery series are out of print, but have been re-released as ebooks. The Hanover Square Affair has been republished as a trade paperback, and new books in the series will be published as trade paperbacks as they come out. (The original mass market paperbacks can still be found used here and there.) New ebooks (with trade editions) started releasing in 2011 and will continue in 2012 and beyond. See www.gardnermysteries.com for more information. Standalone historicals from Berkley Jove 1. A Lady Raised High (written as Laurien Gardner; March 2006; trade paperback release April 2008) Anne Boleyn (RITA winner) 2. The Queens Handmaiden by Jennifer Ashley (Berkley Trade, Oct. 2008) Elizabeth I

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