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LEGAL ETHICS It is a branch of moral science which treats of the duties which an attorney owes to the court, to his

client, to his colleagues in the profession and to the public. ---------------------------------------------------------------------COUSEL/ATTORNEY OF RECORD An attorney of record whose name, together with his address, is entered in the record of the case as the designated counsel of the party litigant in the case and to whom judicial notices relative thereto are sent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------AMICUS CURIAE An amicus curiae is an experienced and impartial attorney invited by the court to appear and help in the disposition of issues submitted to it. Amicus curiae is also called a friend of the court. ---------------------------------------------------------------------OF COUNSEL A lawyer called of counsel is an experienced lawyer, who is usually a retired member of judiciary, employed by law firms as consultant. ---------------------------------------------------------------------COUNSEL DE PARTE A counsel de parte is an attorney retained by a party litigant usually for a fee to prosecute or defend his cause in court. ---------------------------------------------------------------------BARRATRY It is an act of frequently inciting and stirring up quarrels and suits. It is the lawyers act of fomenting suits among individuals and offering his services as counsel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------AMBULANCE CHASING It is lawyers act of chasing an ambulance carrying the victim of an accident for the purpose of talking to said victim or relatives and offering his legal services for filling a case against the person who caused the accident. ---------------------------------------------------------------------PRIVATE PROSECUTOR This is a lawyer who can be a counsel in the criminal action with notice or approval from public prosecutor. He can intervene in a criminal action if the offended party has or entitled to indemnity as long as the right has not been waived, reserved and instituted in the civil action for damages. ---------------------------------------------------------------------PROFESSIONAL TOUTING It is an act in which a lawyer permits to do any act which primarily designated to solicit any legal business. -------------------------------------------------------------------COUNSEL DE OFICIO Is an attorney appointed by the court to defend an indigent defendant in a criminal action or represent a destitute party in a case ------------------------------------------------------------------

PRACTICE OF LAW It embraces any activity, in, or outside the court, which requires the application of law, legal principle, practice or procedure and calls for legal knowledge, training and experience. ---------------------------------------------------------------DISBARMENT Is the act of the court in withdrawing from an attorney the right to practice law. It is administrative proceedings instituted to revoked the license of the lawyer to practice his profession by reason of misconduct. ---------------------------------------------------------------SUSPENSION Is the act of the court prohibiting an attorney from practicing law for a certain period. ---------------------------------------------------------------GROUNDS FOR DISBARMENT/SUSPENSION Deceit; malpractice or other gross misconduct in office; grossly immoral conduct; conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude; violation of oath of office; willful disobedience of any lawful order of any superior court; or corrupt or willful appearance as an attorney for a party to a case without authority to do so. ---------------------------------------------------------------------A lawyer shall not decline, except for serious and sufficient cause, an appointment as a counsel de oficio or as amicus curiae, or a request from the integrated bar of the Philippines or any of its chapters for rendition of free legal aid. A lawyer may refuse to accept representation of a client if: he is in no position to carry out the work effectively or competently; he labors under conflict of interest between him and the prospective client or between a present client and the prospective client. ---------------------------------------------------------------------The duty of a lawyer to assist in the speedy and efficient administration of justice includes the duty to refrain from talking to his witness during a break or recess in trial, while the witness is still under examination. The purpose of this rule is to avoid any suspicion that he is coaching the witness what to say during the resumption of the examination. ---------------------------------------------------------------------A lawyer shall encourage his client to avoid, end or settle a controversy if it will admit of a fair settlement. ---------------------------------------------------------------------A lawyer should be a mediator for concord and a predator of conflict, a true exponent of the primacy of truth and moral justice rather than a virtuoso of technicality in the conduct of litigation.