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Education could be learning but learning has to be help others learn, then this loop would be called The

Knowledge The very economics of the learning is to exchange more to (l)earn more. Prosperity generally measured with the equity in terms of wealth but rather it has to be the awareness. Awareness of an idea and exchange of the same creates the many and enable all to understand the prosperity of wealth. Prosperity could be understood if the equity of knowledge is learnt and to achieve the equity of knowledge, only mere mean is to exchange and encourage this symbiotic sharing. To pace with the high growth rate economy of the world and to sustain the same, there are rare chances for error to cope with the astounding requirement of this ever increasing and already huge population. Infrastructure is the very basic requirement to enable this huge economy with this high rate of growth to run properly. Infrastructure does not only mean concrete building / steel structure/ roads but have the real importance as it also supports other basic infrastructure requirement say facilitating the place for the think tank to congress and generate ideas for the cause of running the economy. Industrial revolution generated the extraordinary wealth and still industries have major stakes in the economy. However these are highly dependent on the infrastructure mainly concrete building and steel structures which have to be built with high precision and good safety measures as these are designed for very long periods and also here human safety is paramount. This has drawn my interest to pursue course on Computational Structural Engineering which would help in marginalizing all the errors efficiently and concretes the safety. This particular aspect made me realize the very importance of above courses and the benefits that can be produced and reproduced by imparting the same knowledge to others as I always had a desire to be in teaching line and possibly excel in imparting these of prospects of engineering that could benefit many. I have already been the part of two universities in India (name the universities with your period of service) where as a responsibility of assistant lecturer I tried to explain and impart the concepts of structural engineering. This is where I found the challenge to know and understand the concepts that could be materialized in practical and I decided to pursue higher studies in computational structural study in Dresden university so that I can get equipped with these aspects and have a better clarity on the concepts so that I could do justice to my aim to be in teaching line, what I wish to be in future. I would really like to volunteer for this goal of mine to share the knowledge and learn as much as possible. This sponsorship would really assist me pursue this course and my aim altogether.