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Laboratory Equipments for Civil. iv. Specific gravity and absorption capacity of fine and coarse aggregate.

c) Spring/ Hanging Balance d) Wash bottole 0 e) Tharmomiter 100- c f) Graduate jar 1000ml v. Unit weight and voids in aggregate. a) Mould (6x6 cylindrical) b) Mould (dia10height 8 cylindrical) 1pc 3pcs 4pcs 2pcs

2pcs 2pcs

2. Transportation Lab i. Determination of Aggregate impact Value (AIV) b) Sieve: 14mm, 10mm, 2.36mm 1set

ii. Determination of Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) b) ACV Mould + Plunger + Base plate 1set

iv. Determination of Flakiness Index & Determination of Elongation Index a) Flakiness Gauge 1pc b) Elongation Gauge 1pc c) Sieve set 1set vi. Specific Gravity of Bitumen a) Pycnometer 50ml


vii. Softening point bituminous materials. a) Beaker 500ml 2pcs b) Electric heater 1pc c) Ring+Ball+stant 1set viii. Cleveland flash and fire point. a) Cleveland flash and fire Apparatus with Hiter. 0 b) Tharmomiter 500- c ix. Penetration of Bituminous materials. a) Penetration Apparatus 1pc b) Cup + Niddle 2set x. CBR test. a) CBR machine b) CBR mould xi. Marshal methode a) Marshal Machine b) Padistal Hammar c) Water Bath d) Mould

1set 2pcs

Dial gauge 1pc 2pcs 1pc dial gauge 1pc 1pc 2pcs

xi. Loss and heating apparatus a) Oven with cup 3. Geotechnical Engineering Lab i. Determination of specific Gravity a) Pycnoeter 1000 ml ii. Hydrometer Analysis



d) Sodium Hexametaposphate solution- 1lb iii. Atterberg Limit Test b) Moisture content e) Spatula-wide end 12 pcs can 1pc

v. Standard Proctor compaction test. a) (1/30) cft mould with box and collar 2pcs b) 5.5 lb Hammer 1pcs c) Moisture spray 1pcs d) Modified proctor test mold with collar vi. Direct Shear Test. a) Motorized Direct Shear apparatus vii. Unconfined Compression Test. a) Motorized Unconfined machine b) unconfined mould viii. Consolidation Test. a) Consolidation Apparatus 4. Structural Mechanics Lab ii. Compression Test of Timber specimen. a) Compressometer 1set b) wooden specimen (2"x2"x8") 10pcs


(Dial Gauge+weight) 1set Load gauge 1pcs 2pcs

mould + porous stone + weight

1 set

iv. Torsion Shear Test using Helical Spring (compression a) Helical Spring 1 pcs b) Deflectometer 1 pcs vi. Slender Column Test for Different conditions c) Weight (all) vii. Rockwell hardness Test a) Hardness Testing Machine b) Specimen (m.s. ci. Hci. Brass) 1set

1 set 1 set

viii. Static Bending Test of Timber Specimen a) Beam test apparatus with deflectometer b) Wooden Beam (3"x4"x5')

1set 1pcs