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Lesson 12-5 Measures of Position

Objectives:  Compute the percentile rank for a data value  Find a data value corresponding to a given percentile  Use percentile rank to compare values from different data sets  Compute quartiles for a data set

A. Percentiles
 A percentile, or percentile rank, of a data value indicates the percent of data values in a set that are below that particular value.

Procedure for Calculating a percentile rank Step 1 Arrange the scores in order. Step 2 Find the number of data values below your score Step 3 Divide the number below the score by the total number of data values and change the answer to a percent.

1. Suppose you score 77 on a test in a class of 10 people, with the 10 scores listed below. What was your percentile rank? 93 82 64 75 98 52 77 88 90 71

Video for 1, 2, and 3

2. The weights in pounds for the 12 members of a college gymnastics team are below. Find the percentile rank for the gymnast who weighs 97 pounds. 101 102 88 72 75 80 98 91 105 97 78 85


2. The number of words in each of the last 10 presidential inaugural addresses is listed below.283 2. The average monthly rainfall in inches for St. Petersburg.087 1.170 1.406 2.507 2. is shown in the chart below.Lesson 12-5 Measures of Position 3. Which month is at the 75th percentile? Video 2 .571 2.463 1. Find the length that corresponds to the 30th percentile.546 2.073 1. Florida.668 4.

while Dustin ranked 27th in a class of 540. Two students are competing for one remaining spot in a law school class.Lesson 12-5 Measures of Position 5. Find her class rank. Which student’s position was higher in his class? Video 3 . Miguel ranked 51st in a graduating class of 1.700. Video 6. Fran’s percentile rank on an exam in a class of 380 is 85.

Quartiles  A quartile divides a data set into quarters. 7. Q2. Q2. The first quartile is the median of the lower half. and divides a data set into an upper half and a lower half. and Q3 for the number of aircraft stolen during a recent 8-year period. and third quartiles respectively. Find Q1. and the third quartile is the median of the upper half.Lesson 12-5 Measures of Position B. 14 11 20 21 42 24 36 35 Source: USA Today Video 4 . second. and Q3 for the first. The second quartile is the same as the median. We use the symbols Q1.

Lesson 12-5 Measures of Position The ordered stem and leaf plot below represents the growth rate (in centimeters) of 20 plants placed in a greenhouse for 20 days. Q3 e) The 15th percentile f) The range 5 . Q1 d) The third quartile. Find the following: a) The median Video b) The mode(s) c) The first quartile.