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And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had

taught him from Us a [certain] knowledge.

Moses said to him, "May I follow you on [the condition] that you teach me from what you have been taught of sound judgement?"

He said, "Indeed, with me you will never be able to have patience.

And how can you have patience for what you do not encompass in knowledge?"

[Moses] said, "You will find me, if Allah wills, patient, and I will not disobey you in [any] order." [al Kahf 18:65-69]

- From the Hadith narrated by Ubaiy ibn Kab reported by Imam Bukhari and Muslim, we learn that the name of this man is Khidr. As far as whether this man was a Prophet or not, then according to the ijma of the scholars - he was indeed a Prophet. - Now, we all heard and have seen the news on the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Some of you may be wondering as to what the qissa (story) of Musa and Khidr alaihimusalaam have to do with the CT tragedy. We find in the story of Musa that he repeatedly questioned the motives of Khidr . When we hear about the death of innocent children, many people ask: WHY?! Muslims are no exception. - First and foremost, we as Muslims must believe whole heartedly that: al qadr- khairi wa sharrihi minAllahi taala [fate- good or bad is from Allah the Most High]. If we have doubts or misconceptions in this area, than our Imaan is in need of serious checking because denying alqadr [fate] will take you out of the folds of Islam. - With that being said, it was decreed by Allah that the people who died were to die in that manner. Their time, place, and manner of death had already been written. As we mentioned previously, some people die because of old age, others sickness, some in car accidents, some in their sleep, some in hurricane and others with a bullet.

- When I think of the CT shooting, Im reminded of this verse:

So they set out, until when they met a boy, al-Khidhr killed him. [Moses] said, "Have you killed a pure soul for other than [having killed] a soul? You have certainly done a deplorable thing." [al Kahf 18:74]

- I am by no means trying to compare Adam Lanza with Khidr. The situation of the children itself is somewhat similar. The point is: there's khair in everything even if we don't see it.We know from what has reached us from the Prophet that the children who died in the CT shooting, will be amongst the people of Jannah inshaAllah. This, we know for sure. The children were masoom [innocent, sinless]. - One thing I noticed which saddened me was that on social media, many young people put up posts saying something to the effect that: "But people [children] die in Country X all the time and nobody cares!", "If the shooter was Muslim he'd be called a terrorist!" ----- this mentality my brothers and sisters is not from Islam!!! - The Prophet of Allah said, and this is my main message for today. Take this home with you, understand it, reflect over it, and more importantly, act upon it: kullukum banu aadam wa aadamu min turaab - "You are all children of Adam, and Adam was created of dust."[Ahmad] A death is a death, regardless of who, what and where that person is. As Allah says in the Quran:

whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.[al Maida 5:32]

- THE TRAGEDY OF CT IS NOT ONE THAT ONLY AFFECTS THE PEOPLE OF CT, OR AMERICANS BUT ONE THAT AFFECTS THE ENTIRETY OF MANKIND. - We make dua that may Allah give Sabrun Jameel to the families that were affected