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Gavino DATE CONDUCTED: November 16, 2012 SUMMARY OF KNOWLEDGE LEARNED: Dr. Gavino discussed to us that Field Study is a pre-requisite for practice teaching. He mentioned also that Field Study 1 to Field Study 6 must be taken already of the student before he/she undergoes Practice Teaching, because it is a good source to have a prior idea on how to handle the class and how to manage the classroom. Aside from that, he also discussed the roles of cooperating teacher and one of these is Observe mentor-mentee relationship. It is very important to have a good relationship between cooperating teacher and student teacher. Thus, cooperating teacher stands as a mentor, to assist the student teacher in honing the skills in terms of lesson planning, classroom management, and preparation of instructional materials. However, Dr. Gavino introduced to us the image of an effective teacher. He said that the most successful teacher is those who so impress their students during the first meeting and the teachers primary task are to impart knowledge and the first ability must be to communicate. The last topic that introduced to us by Dr. Gavino was the key elements to a professional image. As a professional, there are various elements to be considered such as attitude. In order to make the students attentive the teacher must have an eye-to-eye contact with his/her students. Another element is being fair. It is very important for the teacher to be fair and always think that the students must be treated equally. Above all the teacher must be effective and efficient enough in order to be a competitive one. REACTION 1: The seminar on Orientation for Practicum Students was very interesting for me because the topics were presented well by the resource speaker. I have learned that as a teacher you have to impress your students at the very first meeting. Ive learned also that, a teacher must act professionally in order to gain respect from his/her students. Moreover, one thing that reminds me most about him is the word character and knowledge which closely related in the famous quotation The most essential thing is not knowledge but character. Meaning, no matter how intelligent you are in presenting the subject matter if without character it remains useless. -Alona C. NoynayREACTION 2: As a practicum student of this institution, this seminar/orientation is very important for me, because this will serve for me as a guide during my practice teaching. As Dr. Gavino delivered his talk about the image of an effective teacher, I made a feeling of hesitation that what if I wouldnt impress my students. But then, as our resource speaker had said that as you want to become an effective teacher, be yourself and try your best to be one (an effective teacher). Also, I have learned a lot of knowledge in this seminar, like of what will be the roles

of my cooperating teacher to me and my roles as a student teacher. And finally, the seminar was interesting, because I have known what are the dos and donts, my limitations and on how to handle different situations as a student teacher. -Claire Ann T. DajeroREACTION 3: The seminar on Orientation for Practicum Students with our respectful guest speaker Dr. Renato L. Gavino brings a meaningful message to me on how should I start my day as a practicum students. Dr. Gavino said that you should impress your students at the very first meeting actually, I have no idea on how or in what way I impress my students because maybe I quite nervous and didnt know how can I deliver in front of my students, but when Dr. Gavino proceed his thoughts and knowledge about the topic and what are the qualifications and tips to create an interactive environment inside the classroom with your students, it changed my feelings and I feel much confident now, like what Dr. Gavino said we are the pride of our school dont be a record breaker!. -Eric G. Salvador-