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Introduccion: nel What is strip mining?

marck According to Pardo (2009) Strip Mining is the mining exploitation developed on the surface of the ground, unlike the subterranean, which is developed underneath. For the exploitation of an open pit mine, digging is necessary, either mechanically or with explosives with the aim to find raw material such as gold, uranium, among other.

Diego According to (Saenz, May 2009) "Costa Rica has been a traditional mining country, as has also been Chile, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru. The first records of gold mining in the country are located from 1820, in Esparza district and Montes del Aguacate." Nelson According to data provided by the National Chamber of Mining at the National University in October 1985, it was noted that the first mine in Costa Rica was "The Sacred Family" in 1821. " Chanto "Abangares is known as the mining canton in Costa Rica. There is located the largest gold mining industry in the history of Costa Rica; where Minor Cooper Keith placed the gold processing plant of his company, Gold Fields Abangares of Costa Rica.

Advantages of open pit mining. Diego Open pit mining is more profitable than mining pit, because they can extract more minerals in more quickly way. Working conditions are safer for miners, as there is no risk of landslides or toxic gas. Marck COSTS: According to the Delta Mine Training Center, Investors of opencast mines are benefited in two ways. It is cheaper to operate an open pit mine, as it requires less manpower and equipment. Provides proceeds faster than a mine pit, since that can be extracted more minerals and faster. Diego Mechanical advantages: The space is not restricted in open pit mining. The trucks and machinery for mining are free to move as needed. More machines can move more minerals and transport waste rock more rapidly. Marck MINER SAFETY: open pit mining has some hazards to miners; there are some safety benefits that mining is not well. Workers at an opencast mine are not subject to death by accident in the mine collapses. The miners in open pit mining are not exposed to hazards of poisonous gas explosives, as are miners of deep wells.

Disadvantages of the strip mining. According to (Eduardo, August 2011) in his article Strip mining and its Disadvantages. Chanto Impact on the surface: It devastates the surface, resulting in destruction of cultivated areas, the land becomes infertile. Nelson Effect on environment in general: It is dramatically transformed the environment, it loses its possible scenic attraction, affected by the noise generated in the various operations, such as in the crushing and grinding, in power generation, transport and loading and unloading of minerals and waste rock left over from the mine and mill.

Chanto Air pollution: The air can become contaminated with solid impurities, such as dust and toxic fuels or inert, able to penetrate into the lungs, from various phases of the process. You can also contaminate the air with vapors or gases and decaying organic matter. Allocation of surface water storage or transport of materials required for the operation (such as fuels, lubricants, chemicals and liquid waste) can lead to contamination of surface waters.

nelson Impact on flora: Involves the removal of vegetation in the area of mining operations, the forests around them are affected by air pollution and ground water may cause the disappearance of many species of flora causing an alteration in the system.

Chanto Impact on wildlife: A cause of loss of much of the forest many animals die and move away from the area because of the noise pollution of air and water. Aquatic animals are also affected by the pollution of the waters of the rivers.