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EKKLESIA >> O l d T e s t a m e n t Assembly of the Chosen People of God Ekklesia (Greek) & Qahal Jahweh (Hebrew) = the people

of God called together German (Chirche), English (Church) (kuriakon belonging to the Lord) Admission of gentiles = Church alone, against Judaism (Jews who rejected Jesus as Messiah) Refers to the Israel gathered by God called to worship Him Holy & Consecrated to God Christian Community alone >> N e w T e s t a m e n t Word for Church, ekklesia, was first mentioned I for my part declare to you, you are Rock, and on this rock I will build My church and the jaws of death shall not prevail against it (Mt 16:18) Local community when He admonished His disciples: If he ignores them, refer it to the church. If he ignores even the church, then treat him as you would a Gentile or a tax collector (Mt 18:17) Gatherings of Jesus disciples / Churches o f Jesus Christ Community of Jesus Christ established in Jerusalem the assembly or gathering of the followers of Jesus >> A c t s o f t h e A p o s t l e s Word church is used 23 times Referring to the local church & usually the church of Jerusalem (Mother of Churches, composed of 12 apostles) after Pentecost Refers to every Christian community outside Jerusalem Pertaining to the local church the church in a particular place like the church of the Thessalonians or sometimes to the churches of God or all the churches of Christ In Ephesians, refers to the whole worldwide assembly of Christians Christ is the head and the Church is the fullness of His body Universal Church church in the world; communion of local churches found in the world

Liturgical assembly o Present in the local church o Present in the universal church / world o Gathered in the Eucharistic Celebration Baptism = primary means of entering the Christian community and becoming a member of the new People of God O R I G I N OF THE C H U R C H

>> P R E P A R A T O R Y God the Father who prepared Created man/woman according to Gods image o To participate in His divine life o To love others / to love God Man committed disobedience -> 1 consequence = exile, separation from God There is a need of man to be reconciled w/ God Origin = saving will of God God made a promise of a Messiah He created a people o God called Abraham -> Isaac -> Jacob -> 12 sons -> 12 tribes of Israel -> tribes of Judah -> Jesus o Israel = to be the sign of the future gathering of all nations o Choosing of 12 tribes = beginning of the People of God >> F O UN D A T I O N A L Birth of the Messiah through Mary Baptism to empower Jesus to carry out his mission Proclaimed the kingdom He called a community of disciples o Jesus = EDUCATOR of the kingdom of God o He chose the 12 (leaders) //to bring back the whole of Israel, little flock = beginning of a permanent and stable religious society that would continue His mission of preaching the Kingdom of God o He chose Peter (to be the servant, chief shepherd & foundation of the Church in Jerusalem) o Last Supper = instituted the Eucharist (preserve unity w/ Christ), instituted the Sacrament of Priesthood o Love one another o Christ Died redeemed the Church >> M A N I F E S T A T I O N Event: Pentecost -> Descent of the Holy Spirit -> Tongues of Fire (empowered energy, gave strength) o Speak in tongues / proclaim the Gospel o Some believed converted & baptized st o 1 Church grew in number The Church in Jerusalem in community (share the word of God, break the bread, share their

*Paul = 1 to use churches of God *unity of the local church = universal assembly of Christ *universal Church is made present in every place through each local church united in communion w/ every other church >> CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church) Church = community called together by and belonging to the Lord Community gathered to worship God

goods, pray) *Gather in the private houses / house church = Genesis of the Church / Christian families o Gospel was preached outside Jerusalem st *Holy Spirit = 1 gift to the Apostles after Jesus Resurrection; st 1 fruit of the final Kingdom; Principal agent of evangelization; Principle of life in the Church & its mission; Soul of the Church; Causes the Word of salvation to be accepted & understood *Church = fruit of the love & communion of the Father, Son, and Spirit = communion of believers drawn together by Christ for the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit *Trinity = communion of love of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit = source and origin of the Church = model of the Churchs life & its mission 6 CHARACTERISTICS (that should be present in a local congregation to be considered as a Church) (1) Profession of Faith a. Period of Instruction (Catechumenate) (Lenten Season) b. Baptized (Easter Sunday) //Christ is dying and rising for you (2) Proclamation of the Word of God / Gospel a. Many will know abt Christ b. Mission c. Remembrance purposes (3) Breaking of Bread celebrating communion w/ God and w/ one another (4) Strong sense of fellowship (5) Plurality of Gifts (Ministries) everyone received a special gift; variety used for building the body of Christ (Church) (6) Continuing the saving mission of Christ (proclaiming the Kingdom) //Earliest Jewish Christians believed that faith was the fulfilment of Judaism COMMUNION Heart of the early communities Communion koinonia Service diakonia Latin = communion Bond of unity resulting from a shared life in God and w/ one another Community = expression of communion *Objective of the Church = ONENESS IN LOVE W/ GOD AND W/ ONE ANOTHER