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Assessment Activities for VIII Grade Junior High School in the Second Semester Name : Endang Sartika Nim

: 113 10 017 Picture - Cued Items (L, W, S, G, V)

The goals in class VIII Junior high school are the students will be able to identify narrative and recount text in simple text. If I were a teacher for that class I would like to assess my students with picture-cued items in order to make the students able to understand the sequence of a story by seeing some picture of stories and tell the story on their own word and correct grammatical using simple past tense. Hopefully students will be able to write the summary of the story after they listen and saw the picture-cued item and then present the story in front of the class to help them improve their speaking skills. As a teacher, before I begin to assess my students I will prepare the materials for this assessment such as power point to saw them the picture, sound system to assess their listening skills, photocopies of the materials include random picture story of Cinderella. For the beginning of the lesson I will ask them have you ever heard the story of Cinderella? Can you imagine what and how that story? as a warm-up and I will see their responses by getting volunteers of the students. I will explain the activities they have to do, first I will saw them a sequence story of Cinderella using power point include picture and sound that tell that story without written story. So the students should listen carefully to understand the whole story and then able to write down the story of Cinderella on their own word. After they saw and listen the story I will give them a photocopy for each student include random pictures story of Cinderella that they have ordered to be correct and good story and make the summary of that story. I will give the students 20 minutes to write their summary of that story and then I will ask them to retell the story in front of the class(notes: they are not read their summary but retell the story). While they are writing their summary I will walk around and control the class and make sure they are not cheating with the others. Before they retell the story one by one I will collect their paper to see their summary of that story. After all students finish retell the story in front of the class, I will see them the power point includes pictures, written story and sound of that story. So the students can imagine whether they sequence correct or not. Then I will ask them what is your opinion about that story?; who are the characters of that story?;what moral value do you get from that story?. Get volunteers from the students and discuss it with the class. For their writing will score by most correct sequence picture of the story, if they are all correct will get 10 point. For their summary will score using a rubric for sequence story whether complete or not, the connectivity of each sequence story and also grammatical errors. If they write correct sequence and connect each other will get 10 point and if they use correct grammatical will get 10 point. For their speaking when they retell the story will be

scored using rubric for they fluency, grammatical errors, hesitation, pronunciation and content of the story, if they perform good overall will get 2 point each and total 10 point. Feedback for their speaking and writing rubric will be given at the next meeting. Their summary and picture-cued sequence story of Cinderella will be given at the same time; the students will know their score, their mistake and will do better at the future. Giving Instruction and Direction ( R, S, L, W)

Giving instruction and direction can be one way to assess the students ability in speaking, writing, reading and listening. The objectives of this activity are students will be able to read a map or instruction to do or to make something; students will be able to give instructions or directions by seeing a map or picture; students will be able to heard the instruction carefully and write down on their note. I will ask the students where should we go from Tingkir to Pancasila? as a warm up and get volunteers from the students to draw the map in board, may be it can be many students. Then I will divide class into 2 groups by ask the students to count 1 and 2, students who get number 1 will be in one group and the other is group 2. I will give them photocopies of a map and explain their assignment is to give directions to go somewhere, the photocopies is different between group 1 and 2. The member of group 1 should have a partner from group 2 and each of them give direction to go somewhere. While their own partner gives directions the other draws a route. I will give them 5 minute for them to prepare before giving directions to their partner and I walk around and listen while they are talking. To avoid cheating I will ask each couple to stand up in front of the class and gives directions to their partner and the other draw the route. After finish giving direction I will collect their map. For scoring, they will be scored using rubric while they are speaking, it will be scored based on fluency, hesitation, clear direction, and pronunciation. Their map will be scored whether they are correct or incorrect. Feedback will be given by that time by drawing the map in the board by asking the students and get volunteer from them. The rubric and the map will be given at the next meeting so that the students can know their mistakes.