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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS MY longtime colleague Joseph Iano, who prepared many of the drawings for this book, also reviewed the entire manuscript and most of the illustrations. His comments and ideas have strengthened the book in many important ways, At John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Everett Smethurst, senior ‘editor, guided all phases of the preparation and publication ofthis book with wisdom, patience, and good humor; Karin Kincheloe applied her limitless talent and resourcefulness to its design and production. The production of the book ‘was managed with style by the unflappable Diana Cisck. Lu Wendel Lyndon, Maynard Hale Lyndon, and Mary M. Allen were my informal advisors throughout the writing and illustrating of the book. To all these friends and co- workers, lextend my sincere thanks. I would like to express ‘my gratitude also tomy many studentsin detailing classes at the Massachusets Institute of Technology and Yale Univer- ity, who helped sharpen the focus of this book. ‘Anumber of he drawings in this book are based on illus- trations in my previous book, Fundamentals of Building Con- struction: Materials and Methods (2nd ed), 1990. They have been adapted for this volume with the permission of the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc E. Allen South Natick, MA Apri 1992 DISCLAIMER ‘THE drawings, tables, and descriptions in this book are presented in good faith, but the author, illustrator, and publisher, while they have made every reasonable effort to make this book accurate and authoritative, do not warrant, and assume no liability for, its accuracy or completeness or its fess for any particular purpose. Its the responsi of users to apply ther professional knowledge othe use of information contained in this book, to consult original sources for additional information when appropriate, and to seck expert advice when appropriate