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Pre-requisites 1.Get the time recording grouping for your personnel area,from the IMG path shown below.

Here PSG for time recording is 15 2.Get the ESG for PCR (Employee sub group grouping for Personnel calculation rule from the IMG path as shown below

Generally the values of ESG for PCR would be 1 : Hourly Wage earners 3 : Salaried

3.Check the TMON rule for the groupings.Here

Here Lets consider Node 1 as it is for Hourly employees. Here MODIF W=01 This sets the grouping of Wage type selection table T510S as 01 MODIF T=02 This sets the grouping of Time type selection table T555Y as 02

Assigning processing type to Attendance/Absence type:

4. Define a processing type for Jury Duty in the table V_T510V As shown below

Define a time type for jury duty in the table V_T555A,(This is optional)

5.Now click on Assign Time Types and Processing types as shown below.

6. Click on the node shown in the figure.

7.Select the absence type JURY for your Personnel are grouping and give a processing type/Time type class 40 as shown below.

8.Click on Assign Processing Type and Time Type

9. That opens up the following table T555Y.Create an entry as shown bleow. Here 1st column is PS Grouping for time recording: 01 2nd Column is : Time Type selection group 02 (This is the value set by MODIF T= 02 from the rule TMON ) 3rd column : Processing type/Time Type class :40 which is assigned to the absence type in the step 7.\

Assign the processing type J and time type 2031 in the pairType2 as shown below. Here they are assigned to pairtype 2 because JURY is an absence type.

10.Record an absence JURY for an employee

11.Go to PT60 and run the time evaluation.and click on TYPES as shown below

12.In the Output TIP time pair with processing type J and time type 2031 can be seen.

Generating Wage type for the Absence type: 13.Configure 510S: 1st column Time wage type selction group 10 (From MODIF W=10 from TMON rule) 2nd clolumn Day grouping 01 for regular days from the function DAYMO 3rd column ;sequence number can be any thing 5th Wage type to be paid for Jury duty

14.Configuration of 510S entry

15.Insert a line in schema

16.Run Time Eval Open up the ZL table

Wage type is generated for 8 hours absence recorded.