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i Series multifuel

The sleek, contemporary design of the i Series makes these Inset Cassette Stoves perfect for the modern, energy conscious household. The easy-to-use controls, together with our highly acclaimed Tertiary burn system, help you to get the most from your fuel with convected heat output (ISC-5F & ISC-7F models only) providing additional room heating from the fireplace. The internal pre-heated airwash system keeps the glass crystal clear so that you can enjoy the warming view of the fire. The i Series is the first stove to incorporate Aradas brand new Flexifuel System (patent pending), allowing the user more choice and flexibility over the type of fuel used.

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NEW Flexifuel System (patent pending) Burns wood and solid fuel Heat convection system (ISC-5F & ISC-7F models only) Externally controlled riddling grate One simple air control Internal flue fitting for easy installation 30mm or 60mm trim (optional extra for ISC-5F & ISC-7F models only) Lifetime guarantee on stove body

i Series ISC-5F i Series ISC-7F i Series IS-5FCB Fits 16 x 18 opening Fits 16 x 22 opening Fits 15 x 21 opening 5kW output 7kW output 5kW output

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Flexifuel system
The innovative Flexifuel System from Arada
Arada have produced a brand new system that allows you to use the fuel of your choice with a unique new burning feature. Developed from our much admired Arada multi fuel riddling grate, our new Flexifuel System takes away the need to choose between a wood burning stove, solid fuel stove or a multi fuel stove. Aradas innovative Flexifuel System is centred on our exclusively designed Flexigrate bars, which burn both wood and solid fuel in a unique way, giving you choice without compromising on heat or efficiency. If you are energy conscious but also seeking high performance and value for money then our Flexifuel System is the perfect choice.

What makes our Flexifuel System so different?

Unlike traditional grates the Flexigrates design reduces the gaps between grate bars. Standard gaps cause heat loss by allowing hot embers to escape, un-burnt into the ash pan. The Flexigrates unique crucible shape helps to build a natural layer of ash. This builds a better base for the fire to burn on and optimises combustion efficiency. When burning wood the Flexigrates bars are shaped to match the contours of a deep wood burning tray, which allows you to load more wood.

The crucible shape of the Flexigrate ensures that un-burnt fuel is constantly fed towards the centre of the fire therefore there is no un-burnt fuel.

When burning solid fuel the Flexigrate design allows enough air to pass through the grate bars to produce the maximum heat and combustion efficiency. At the same time, when the grate is riddled, ash is allowed to fall into the ash pan below to maintain operating performance. The Flexigrates unique dimpled and grooved finish on the grate bars fill with a layer of ash, thus protecting them from hot embers and extending their life. Flexigrate bars are specially designed so that they can be replaced individually if damaged, rather than having to replace the whole grate.

The Flexifuel System is highly efficient, easy to use and offers you the choice of burning either wood or solid fuel in a range of our stylish British built stoves.

Whether you are considering a traditional or contemporary model, an Arada stove, with the Flexifuel system, is a welcome addition to any home providing a stunning focal point and unsurpassed performance.