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Airports and Airlines worldwide

Your global partner for complete terminal interiors and facade solutions

Building new solutions.

Lindner undertakes major worldwide projects in all areas of interior finishes, insulation technology, industrial services and building facades. From pre-planning through to project completion Lindner is your partner of choice. The Companys extensive manufacturing capability enables quality to be strictly maintained whilst allowing maximum flexibility to meet individual project requirements. Environmental considerations are fundamental to all Lindners business principles. Through partnerships with clients Lindner turns concepts into reality.

Choosing Lindner you have:

Lindner Concepts:
Tailored solutions specifically geared to satisfy individual project requirements

Lindner Products:
Quality materials and systems to the very highest industry standards

Lindner Service:
Comprehensive project management services

Ready for take off!

Lindner - Single source solutions for your airport project.

Setting a benchmark by choosing Lindner: - Facades and complete interior t-out work for passenger terminals, lounges and shops - Unique system solutions or bespoke designs - Outstanding performance of high quality products - Extensive in-house production capabilities - A wealth of industry experience - Specialized Airports and Airlines team

Lindner stands for global presence

Lindner has built a worldwide reputation of quality and excellence as a manufacturer and installer of high quality interior products and high class facades for airports. To achieve our motto Think globally act locally, and to consider the ecological, economical, and cultural differences of our local surroundings we carry out projects throughout the world by setting up worldwide independent subsidiaries. Since 1965, Lindner has been involved in the design, fabrication, supply and/or installation and project management of interior fit-outs. With our financial strength and international references together with worldwide production facilities we offer reliability to our partners. Together with our own R&D department our designers create solutions for the clients individual needs. These solutions are developed and produced according to all common international standards. Lindner is not only one of the market leaders in the field of complete interior fit-out but also for the supply of our interior products worldwide.

Headquarters in Arnstorf, Germany

Lindner What counts for us:

- High quality products from 6 production facilities in 5 countries - 22 independent subsidiaries worldwide meet international quality standards - Financial strength, with an equity ratio of more than 50 % - Turnover in 2008 of more than 740 million EUR - Over 5,000 employees - Specialized team for challenging international projects - Tremendous product range using latest technologies - Flexibility to meet specific needs

Environmental protection
Creating sustainable interior products that meet the demands of the environment
Airports and airlines recognise that proactive measures fostering environmental stewardship are needed to minimise harm to the environment while responding to growing international demands for air travel. Although much of the environmental impact of air travel occurs during the flight and is outside their control, airports play an important role in the minimisation of the environmental impacts of others within the aviation industry. The Lindner Group, is a member of the US Green Building Council and founding member of the German Society for Sustainable Products (DGNB).

We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Increasing demand for sustainability

As the discussion on climate change goes on, Lindner has already seen a growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. A particularly exemplary development is the internal recycling process used in the production of high density calcium - sulphate raised floor panels. The panels include 90 % used plasterboard combined with recycled paper; approximately 5,000 tons of waste paper per year are used for the production.Therefore, several recycling containers have been placed throughout the whole Lindner premises and every employee has been asked to collect his waste paper in these containers.

Responsibility towards the environment: We set great store by recycling.

Deutsche Gesellschaft fr nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.

We are a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Achieving LEED Certication with Lindner

It is not only the final product itself which has to be considerd when talking about sustainability, it is the whole process starting with the raw-material, the manufacturing, transport and life cycle that has to be looked at. The main components for Lindners ceiling systems are zinc-galvanized steel sheet and aluminium with proportions of recycled material up to 70 %. Lindners in-house powder coating facilities have been built-up and modernized with regard to utmost environmental friendliness. The painting process is solvent free. Considering these issues Lindner is the ideal partner if your project is aiming for a LEED Certification.

A cleaner environment
Acting in an environmentally aware manner is essential if an organisation such as Lindner is to achieve lasting success and for this reason the company uses ecologically tested and acceptable materials wherever possible. It also operates in accordance with an accredited environmental management programme that aims to reduce both environmental emissions and energy consumption.

Complete airport t-out solutions

For millions of people an airport is the gateway to a nation - the first and sometimes only impression many passengers gain of a country. For this reason, airports have become important symbolic buildings. Interior design is a key feature of airports and the massive scale of the buildings requires an emphatic design statement. Lindner provides many innovative solutions to meet the challenging demands for the interior of passenger terminals, lounges and shops. Our experience in this sector together with our tremendous product range makes us an obvious choice when considering the design, performance and functional requirements of an airport interior. Our worldwide teams are able to offer packages from supply only of individual products to supply and installation of complete custom fit-outs. Lindners Airports and Airlines Team Our specialized Airports and Airlines Team has gained an exceptional knowledge in the interior fit-out and facades of the airports and airline business. Due to our vast experience we take account of all the specific requirements for sound, fire and durability in airports. Specialised project management teams are able to handle the demanding site conditions. The Airports and Airlines Team, member of ACI, takes part in numerous exhibitions and conferences around the world always to be a step ahead and to set the latest trends. Altogether the Airports and Airlines Team is the ideal partner on the way from the planning stage to the completion of your airport project: Reference projects around the world underline our competence.

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From development to nal installation

As one of the few global airport fit-out specialists, we are in the position to offer all the necessary individual services to ensure the smooth running of a project. Our highly qualified designers can provide you a concept design or can work very close together with developers, consultants and architects in order to achieve the best solution at the most economical price. Over 300 architects, engineers and technical draftsmen ensure that your vision is converted into a state of the art project. We are pleased to develop design solutions at the earliest stage utilising CAD drawings or professional artist impressions. All our solutions can be tested in our R&D facilities to ensure the right function and appearance before work starts on site. We can offer you advice at all stages of your project: from design through to the final installation.
Architects concept

Lindners design proposal

3D visualisation

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Completed project by Lindner

Complete solutions from one single source:

- Design - Planning & Development - Production - Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Lindner Airports and Airlines w



We are your expert for:

1 Ceiling Systems 2 Heating and Cooling Technologies 3 Lights and Lighting Systems 4 Floor Systems 8 5 Partition Systems 6 Wall Linings and Claddings 7 Doors 8 Facades

orldwide - products and services



11 5 7 9


Visualisation by Lindner

9 Specialist Metalwork 10 Lounges

11 Insulation engineering 12 Information towers and Check-in islands 9

13 Shops

Munich Franz Josef Strau Airp

Munich Airport, located in the heart of Bavaria, is in the top ten of Europes largest airports and ranked second in Germany. It is one of the fastest growing hubs in the European air traffic system since its opening in 1992.

Terminal I
Terminal 1 was one of the largest orders for the airport division at that time. Over 50,000 m of custom made metal ceilings with special crossing box were delivered and installed by Lindner. The ceiling achieves high acoustical values and in addition, all services such as sprinklers, lights and loudspeakers are integrated into the flexible system.

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Architect: von Busse und Partner, Assmann-Cronauer-Walter, Munich


ort, Germany
Terminal II
The highly regarded Terminal II at Munich Airport has been built for the exclusive use of Lufthansa AG and its Star Alliance Members. At the new terminal building Lindner was responsible for the metal ceilings and the special check-in islands with a curved distinctive ceiling construction. In addition, we also supplied a special aluminum grid ceiling: the extraordinary design feature called Take off. Works in excess of 35 million EUR for Terminal I & II have been carried out by Lindner.

Further works by Lindner:

- Special window grilles - Special light fittings - Raised floor - Wall linings and claddings achieving high fire protection - Insulation engineering - Lounges

Individual solutions
For this project there was a high demand for access to the installation behind the ceilings and the solution needed a system which could hingedown without the requirement of any special tool. In order to meet the clients need Lindner developed a special hinge-down mechanism.

Architect: Koch und Partner, Munich


Madrid Barajas International Ai

The design for Terminal 4 at Barajas International Airport in Madrid has been praised for its architectural clarity and transparency. The interior roof of the terminal is lined with bamboo, which is a very fast growing natural product and therefore has outstanding environmental credentials.

Fire protection
Due to the special protection material and an impregnation process developed by Lindner, the bamboo ceiling fulfilled the high local fire protection requirements.

Works carried out and concept:

- Over 280,000 m of special strip ceiling made from 100 % bamboo for interior and exterior application - Distinctive ambience created by the flowing appearance - Design and construction of the ceiling according to the wave building shape - The special developed bamboo ceiling can take up the curved construction without the danger of cracking or splitting of the strips

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) awarded the Madrid Barajas International Airport with the Stirling Prize, the most prestigious British architectural award, in 2006.

Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (formally Richard Rogers Partnership), London Estudio Lamela, Madrid


rport, Spain


Barcelona International Airport, Spain

Barcelona International Airport is a major hub for the Catalonia region and with the new south terminal will be able to handle in excess of 55 million passengers a year. The design of this very impressive 500 metres wide and 700 metres long landmark building has a multicultural character combined with the mediterranean architecture of the famous architecture office Ricardo Bofill. More than 230,000 m of Lindner metal ceilings were manufactured and installed by Lindner at Barcelonas new south terminal. The terminals main ceiling is a custom made perforated hook-on ceiling type, which reaches high sound insulation values. A special configuration of the ceiling panels and substructure offers the possibility to follow the curved threedimensional shape of the terminal building even with a rectangular ceiling system.

Apart from the custom made main ceiling the terminal includes three different types of Lindners high quality standard module ceiling systems.

Architect: Ricardo Boll, Barcelona


Hamburg Airport, Germany

With the expansion of Hamburg Airport, Lindner was able to demonstrate its impressive ability to deliver complete interior fit-outs beginning with the expansion of Terminal 1 / Airport Plaza, up to the Heinemann shops and finally with The Emirates Lounge.

Architect: von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg

Works carried out at Terminal 1:

- Floor systems - Ceiling systems - Partition systems - Insulation technology - Check in counter

Works carried out at the Airport Plaza:

- Expanded metal ceilings - Canopy ceilings - Perforated post cap ceilings - Cassette ceilings Fit-out of shops: - Dry construction work with doors - Ventilation, sanitary, cooling and electrical works - Painting - Floor covering works - Screed works

Architect: BK Architekten; Hadi Teherani, Hamburg


Lufthansa First Class Lounge, Frankfurt Design: Hollin + Radoske Architects

Single or complete packages from Lindner

- Turnkey solutions including architectural and MEP planning - Own ceiling, partition, floor and door systems - Own factory for high class furniture and joinery work - Expert in the interior fit-out sector - Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions - Sanitary/washroom fittings - Kitchen unit fit-out

Complete solutions to satisfy your passengers

Furniture/joinery works

Business centres




Emirates First Class Lounge and Business Class Lounge

Visions become reality Inhouse expertise

- Own planning department (architects and engineers) - Own draftsmen - International project managers - Specialized lounge competence center

Lufthansa First Class Lounge, Frankfurt Design: Hollin + Radoske Architects


Sibiu International Airport, Romania

Sibius International Airport is a key to a stronger junction between Romania and Southern Europe. Sibius claim to become a gateway for international business travelling in this developing region will become reality with its modern and functional airport. Lindner was selected as general contractor together with two partners for the technical part of this demanding project, which has been executed within just one year.

Works carried out:

- Raised floors - Baggage handling - Elevators - Check-in counters - Safety features and equipment

Architect: Obermeyer Planen + Beraten, Munich; Iptana Sa., Bucarest


Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore

With 80 airlines serving more than 180 cities in over 50 countries, Singapore Changi International Airport has established itself as a major aviation hub in the Asia Pacific region. Changi Airport now has an annual handling capacity of more than 70 million passengers.

Copyright: Civil Aviation Authority Singapore, Architect: Woodhead Architects, Australia

Lindner ceiling systems for upgrade at Singapore Changi International Airport

The Lindner Group has been commissioned to supply 80,000 m of different ceiling systems. The majority of the ceiling systems consist of inspection-friendly Lindner Hook-on ceilings, which allow due to variable modules flexible designing possibilities. All ceiling panels will be perforated to achieve the best acoustical absorption.


Frankfurt Rhein Main Airport, G

Frankfurt Rhein Main Airport is not only Germanys largest airport but also the hub of Lufthansa AG. Due to the ongoing refurbishment & maintenance works at Europes third largest airport, Lindner set up a permanent project team on site. The challenge is to coordinate the installation work during the operation of the airport. The main target is a quick realisation of the projects and a minimum disturbance of the passengers; therefore various works can be executed only in night shifts.

Works carried out:

- Various kinds of suspended metal ceilings - Chilled ceilings - Raised and hollow floors - Stainless and painted steel wall cladding - Cladding of baggage handling system - Dry construction - Joinery work - Insulation engineering - Shops - Lounges - Paint works - Screed works - Glazings - Metal constructions - Doors - Demolition and removal works

Architects: J.S.K., Frankfurt Prof. Mckler Architekten, Frankfurt FAAG, Frankfurt Braun und Volleth, Frankfurt




London Heathrow International Terminal 5, UK

130 million EUR: one of the largest projects in airport construction awarded to Lindner
With the completion of Terminal 5 A+B in 2008 Lindner proved its capability of being the perfect partner for the largest airport terminals in the world. The Lindner Group was involved via the subsidiaries Lindner Schmidlin for the bespoke, blast resistant double glazed facades and via Lindner plc for the interior fit-out package. In 2009 Lindner received the follow-up orders for ceiling systems, dry walls and modular walls with glazed and metal wall linings in T5 C. The new terminals will define the passenger experience at Heathrow Airport and set new standards in terminal design and customer satisfaction.





Bespoke solutions according to our customers demands have always been the core competence of Lindner. The Disc ceiling at T5 exemplifies our expertise in this area. The additional ceiling works carried out at T5 underline also our ability to fulfill every customer preference. In total Lindner supplied and installed more than 130,000 m of metal ceilings systems.

The following products have been designed, manufactured and installed by Lindner:
- Facades - Drop & Slide ceilings - Disc ceilings - Raft ceilings - Mesh ceilings - Tubular ceilings - Partitions glazed and metal wall linings - Beacons and FID Trees - Floor systems - Doors Tubular Ceilings

Disc Ceilings

Raft Ceilings

Drop & Slide Ceilings


London Heathrow International Airport Terminal 2 B, UK

Architect: Grimshaw Architects Ltd.

The T2B concourse satellite building is linked to Terminal 2 at Heathrow and will provide 6 new serviced aircraft stands ready for the Airbus A 380. The departures concourse is designed to provide flexibility for both open and closed gate configurations and is treated via a displacement ventilation system using 8,000 m of Lindner raised floor systems as the distribution plenum. Lindner was also awarded to supply and install 7,000 m glazed facade and solid cladding areas.

Special raised oor system for airports

FLOOR and more STONEline is the ideal solution for all building projects requiring fast stone floor laying. The stone tiles are prebonded to the floor panels in the factory to achieve high tolerances and quality. Due to the simple design principle, work on site progresses quickly there is no time-consuming drying period and the floor is accessible within 24 hrs. The result is a very strong level surface, which is difficult to achieve with traditionally installed screed flooring.
Surface Stone or other brittle nishes applied to highest standards in a factory environment Substrate Calcium sulphate panel with tongue and groove edges, calibrated to tolerances of less than 0.2 mm Pedestals Height adjustable galvanised steel pedestals. Standard void range from 25 mm up to 2000 mm Above: FLOOR and more STONEline Assembly

Carbon dioxide (kg) FLOOR and more STONEline Conventional Floor


16.5 28.9

CO2 saving / m (Conventional 12.4 Technik) CO2 saving / m2 (%) (relative to -43 % Conventional)


Dubai International Airport, UAE

At the new Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, one of the fastest growing airports in the world, Lindner supplied the envelope for the airport hotel. Located at the heart of the airport and right above The Emirates Lounges, this curved, real wood laminated construction is one of the highlights of the terminal and has been designed to provide a tranquil getaway from the rigours of the journey.

Works carried out:

- Custom made real wood laminated suspended ceiling and wall cladding - Curved aluminium ribs with real wood (American wallnut tree) laminated aluminium panel enclosure - Custom made linear wood grill assembly

PUREline is a real wood veneer surface on metal panels of aluminium or galvanised steel. This highly engineered product satisfies the highest demands in regards of visual appearance and technical properties such as fire and earthquake resistance. The PUREline ceiling panels have all the advantages of metal ceilings, such as light weight.

Architect: ADP Paris; dar al-handasah, shair and partners, Dubai .i,


Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport, PR China

Ceilings add substantially impact to the buildings interior image and highlight the openness of airport terminals. The best example is the Lindner ceiling at Chek Lap Kok International Airport. The ceiling follows the rising and falling roof structure. The panels are installed in groups of 8 each forming a parallelogram of 4 visible triangles.

160,000 m metal ceilings

Over 160,000 m of metal ceilings in triangular shape were manufactured and installed by Lindner. More than 3,500 different types for the 80,000 plain and perforated panels required a high logistic coordination. The aluminium panels received a special coating to meet the high quality demands. The total order value was more than 63 million EUR.

At Chek Lap Kok the binnacles fulfil a multi-service role incorporating many of the functional features required of a modern airport such as convenience telephones, fire hydrants, hose reels, clocks, advertisements, fire alarms, magazine/leaflet rackets, speakers, power sockets, cameras and even air handling. Over 200 binnacles in 34 different sizes are distributed throughout the building.

Architect: Foster and Partners, London

Dennis Gilbert / View


Bangalore International Airport, India

Bangalore Airport is the solution to solve the growing demand for air-traffic infrastructure in the south Indian region of Karnataka. The architects intent was to give the terminal a modular character to underline the possibility to easily realize future expansion plans.

Lindner metal cassette ceiling system

Lindner supplied more than 15,000 m of a metal cassette ceiling system for the main area of the terminal. This ceiling type fits perfectly the modular character and the architectural concept.

Architect: Kaufmann van der Meer und Partner AG, Zurich


Durban King Shaka International Airport, South Africa

The South African government has decided to build a new international airport in the eastern port city of Durban before the country hosts the 2010 football World Cup. Lindner was recently awarded the supply of the interior and exterior ceiling systems.

Works carried out:

- 16,000 m interior perforated hook on ceiling - 400 m exterior non perforated hook on ceiling

Architect: Osmond Lange Architects & Planners, Durban


San Jose International Airport, USA

Architect: Gensler, San Jose

After several years of double-digit growth, San Jose International Airport engaged Gensler to plan its future to meet on exceptional passenger experience. The architect conducted numerous studies to understand traveller dynamics and then developed a flexible terminal concept that anticipates growth and streamlines traveller movement. The terminal will accommodate 40 aircrafts, 10,000 rental cars and short-term parking. Lindner supplied curved hook-on ceilings with seismic requirements.

Houston William P. Hobby Airport, USA

Hobby Airport is Houstons oldest commercial airport and was the citys primary air terminal until the opening of George Bush International Airport.

Lindner metal ceilings

To assure the maximum level of security and the high quality of our ceiling systems, tests concerning yield strength and tension load of the suspension were executed by our quality management. Lindner also offers this system with vernier hanger suspension system without a change of substructure profiles or panels to meet the customers wishes. Lindner has engineered and supplied the curved ceiling on the basis of the Lindner Torsion Spring system with cover panels at both sides of the ceiling channel.
Architect: Lockwood, Andrew and Newnam, Houston


Worldwide references
- Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates - Addis Abeba International Airport, Ethiopia - Ahmedabad Airport, India - Alicante Airport, Spain - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands - Anadir Airport, Russia - Ankara New Domestic International Airport, Turkey - Athens International Airport, Greece - Baita Hohhot Airport, China - Bangalore International Airport, India - Banja Luka Airport, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Barcelona International Airport, Spain - Beijing Capital International Airport, China - Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla, Serbia - Berlin International Airport Tegel, Germany - Berlin Schnefeld Airport, Germany - Bremen Airport, Germany - Brussels International Airport, Belgium - Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Belgium - Cairo International Airport, Egypt - Ciudad Real Don Quijote Airport, Spain - Cologne/Bonn Airport, Germany - Cordoba Pajas Blancas Airport, Spain - Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport, China - Dortmund Airport, Germany - Dresden Airport, Germany - Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates - Dubai World Central Airport, United Arab Emirates - Dublin International Airport, Ireland - Durban King Shaka International Airport, South Africa - Dusseldorf International Airport, Germany - Edinburgh Airport, United Kingdom - Enfidha International Airport, Tunisia - Frankfurt Rhein Main Airport, Germany - Friedrichshafen Airport, Germany - Graz Airport, Austria - Hamburg Airport, Germany - Hato International Airport, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles - Hong Kong International Airport, China - Houston William P. Hobby Airport, United States - Istanbul Atatrk International Airport, Turkey
Istanbul Atatrk International Airport, Turkey Dusseldorf International Airport, Germany Dublin International Airport, Ireland Athens International Airport, Greece


- Kaufbeuren Airport, Germany - Las Vegas McCarran Airport, United States - Lechfeld Airport, Germany - Leh Airport, India - Leipzig-Halle Airport, Germany - Lisbon Airport, Portugal - London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom - London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom
Oslo Gardemoen International Airport, Norway

- London Luton Airport, United Kingdom - London Stansted Airport, United Kingdom - Luxembourg International Airport, Luxembourg - Madrid-Barajas International Airport, Spain - Malaga Airport, Spain - Mangalore Airport, India - Miami International Airport, United States - Milan Airport, Italy - Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Russia - Munich Franz Josef Strau Airport, Germany

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

- Mnster-Osnabrck Airport, Germany - Ningbo Airport, China - Nuremberg Airport, Germany - Oslo Gardemoen International Airport, Norway - Paphos Airport, Cyprus - Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France - Prague Letiste Airport, Czech Republic - Ramstein Airport, Germany - Rostock-Laage Airport, Germany - San Jose International Airport, United States - Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China - Sharjah Airport, United Arab Emirates - Shenzhen Airport, China - Sibiu International Airport, Romania - Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore - Sofia Airport, Bulgaria - Stuttgart Airport, Germany - Tbilisi International Airport, Georgia - Vienna International Airport, Austria - Washington Dulles International Airport, United States - Xian Xianyang Airport, China

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China

Zurich International Airport, Switzerland

- Zurich International Airport, Switzerland


We can do it all for you.

Lindner Concepts: - insulation engineering and industrial service - clearance of harmful substances - clean rooms - airports and airlines - railways and tunnels - studios and cinemas - interior t-out and furnishings - cruise liner and ship t-out - specialist dry lining - general contracting - Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Lindner Products: facades ceiling systems lights and lighting systems partition systems doors oor systems heating and cooling technologies Lindner Service: general planning development and design delivery installation maintenance

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