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Cie cnmeo eu a ese eS Qa es The Building Research Establishment, BRE, is the principal organisation in the United Kingdom carrying out research into building and construction and the prevention and control of fire. Its main role is to advise and carry out research for the Department of the Environment and other Government Departments on technical aspects of building and other forms of construction, all aspects of fire, and environmental issues related to buildings. The Steel Construction Institute, SCI, aims to promote the proper and effective use of steel in construction. Membership is open to organisations and individuals concerned with the use of steel in construction. The SCI is financed by subscriptions from members, by revenue from research contracts, consultancy services and sales of publications. Further information is given in the SC! prospectus, free on request from the Membership and Council Secretary, The SCI, Silwood Park, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7QN. (Ove Arup & Partners is an international firm offering a wide range of design and specialist services for the construction industry. Although care has been taken to ensure that all data and information contained in this ook are accurate to the extent that they relate to either matters of fact or accepted practice or matters of opinion at the time of publication, The Steel Construction Institute and the authors assume no responsibility for any errors in or misinterpretation of such data andor information, or any loss or damage arising from or related to their use. Building Research Establishment The Steel Construction Institute and Ove Arup & Partners Worked examples for the design of steel structures Based on BSI publication DD ENV 1993-1-1: 1992. Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures Part 1.1 General rules and rules for buildings (together with United Kingdom National Application Document) Building Research Establishment Garston Wattord WD2 7JR The Stee! Construction Institute Silwood Park Ascot, Berkshire SL570N Ove Arup & Partners 13 Fitzroy Street London wip 68Q