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Evolution of Steve Jobs Leadership Influence on Apple

EMBA 2011 September 18, 2009

Robert Paul Ellentuck



Purpose The Vision The Timeline Profile of Steve Jobs leadership How Steve Jobs leadership has changed Apple Summary Final Thought

Illustrate Apples success from the viewpoint of Steve Jobs leadership and vision of being a different and innovative company

Steve Jobs 1.0

Leadership Vision: Keep Focus on Consumer needs, Innovator, Trend Setter
Early Years 1976-1985

to 2.0
Steve & Steve create Apple Computer, Inc Fast-Growing Start-up Defines Personal Computing & Consumer Ease of use

Jobs Return changes Apple, Inc Digital Revolution Music Distribution Redefines the Phone Consumer Electronics Leader Wins back core audiences
Ripening 1997Present Maturing 1986-1996

Rise and Fall Jobs Leaves Product Innovations Competitive Marketplace

Apple Timeline

Newton Flops 1993. Sculley ousted. Re-branding of Apple

Apple II
Desktop Publishing Takes Off iMac Digital Move NeXT 1996 Acquisition iPhone

Apple Computer, Inc

Into of Mac

PowerBook 1991 Standard


iPod iTunes


Jobs 1976-1985

Sculley 1983-1993

Spindler 1993-1996

Amelio 1996-7

Jobs 1997Present

1977 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Apple II founded Apple

Jobs brings in Scully To run Apple

Spindler technocrat

Jobs returns 1996

Apple, Inc 2007

Jobs Vision Establishes The Organization

Culture is different from corporate America

Flat vs. Tall Casual vs. formal attire Company fosters individuality and excellence Draws talented people to employ

Mistakes are vital to Apples creative process

Dont follow your customers; Lead them Temper engineering with art Focus on the few to sell to the many Be your own toughest critic

Dimensions of Steve Jobs

Jobs has Mix of Leadership Styles


Vision established 1976, continues as he leaves Apple, breathes life into Apple in 1996


His performances at MacWorld, hands on


Many stake-holders: Employees, The Market and End Users The Cool Factor, Media influencer (product placement to a new level)

Changes Media Consumption, Brand Guru

Sex in the City

Early Years (1976-1985)

Seed is planted

Wrote the blueprint of product launching/brand introduction Makes bold decision to recruit Sculley, leads to unintended consequences Learned to invest in R&D, take new concepts to market

GUI and mouse, the Mac

With help from Xerox PARC

1984 Super Bowl TV AD Macintosh Product Launch Macintosh Print Ad

Maturing Years (1986-1996)

Jobs legacy persists through his vision

Innovation continues Invests in R&D Marketing copied by PC makers

Three CEOs at Apple

Carries on Jobs vision dividends come later

Jobs builds two Companies - NeXT and Pixar

Focus on higher needs, takes risk Loyal employees follow to NeXT Pixar from Lucas Graphics Group Jobs largest share holder at Disney

Ripening Years (1997-Present)

Jobs is Back - iCEO Aggressive Brand Campaign, Think Different Changes Music and Video Distribution Sells Apple products direct - retail, web, and phone Gains back core-audiences - higher ed. and tweens Excites the masses - high profile products

Apple Today

Unique reputation - consumer electronics company

35,000 employees worldwide Global sales - US$32.48 billion FY2008 Comprehensive aesthetic design & distinctive advertising campaigns Variety products - iMac, iMovie, iPhone, iPod, iTunes Fortune Cover: most admired company in US 2008 Fortune Cover: most admired company in World 2009 Jobs reads own obituary from Bloomberg financial on September 4th, 2008 Tim Cook, COO, runs Apple during Jobs illness Jobs is back again - June 2009

Jobs Vision Establishes The Organization

Puts Customer First, creates common user experience Complete Solutions Trade Products Up or Down Consistent User Experience New innovations Attractiveness


Successful Business Plan Emerges from Jobs Leadership Vision Applies lessons from early Apple days, Pixar and NeXT experiences to todays Apple

Patience Failure Success Applications of other technology and business Leverage power effectively NeXT to Apple and Pixar/Disney to Media Consumer Trend Setting: Digital Convergence, Media formats, All-in-one Mobile devices Jobs has built a Leadership Team that he Trusts

Final Thought

Apple without Jobs Leadership The Street couldnt even separate the two. Will they always be linked?