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The prevention, through education, of the most devastating systemic threats to children and youth around the world
Monthly Newsletter Current Programs Wave 1 of FMP begins, Project AIM facilitators trained, 9 iMatter Master Trainers trained. Page 1 Finances Grant Year 5 Notice of Award received for $1.42 million. Page 2 New Opportunities Plans drafted for iMatter Kenya and Hygiene Matters Togo, India and Philadelphia still possibilities. Page 2 Highlights Insurance money received to replace vehicles, online giving enabled. Page 2 Issue 3 January 2013 Immediate needs SARS registration, nalization of warehouse rental, additional iMatter trainers, research consultant for multiple programs. Page 1

The new year has brought a refreshing wave of activity on all three programs. Although we are still ironing out some obstacles, we have managed to get all three South Africa programs started while redirecting Hygiene Matters to Togo.

will be ready by March and will help to ensure that iMatter holds it own in the somewhat rigid national curriculum.

Project AIM
Facilitator training took place at the end of January, and we now have 4 operating facilitators. They will begin the rst wave of the program on February 18. Promotional materials such as yers, pens and t-shirts have all been prepared and are ready for the start of the program.

Families Matter! Program

Wave 1 began at all sites with attendance at 84% of projected goals. This was due to wave kickoff falling so close to the Christmas holidays and a rocky start at the Youth for Christ sites. Our National FMP Manager, Stanley Nyanyirai, is working intensively with YFC to empower effective managers. We have been impressed with the progress made by such a new team and look forward to more efcient performance during Wave 2. February will bring CDC facilitator trainings and the completion of Wave 1. Wave 2 is set to start on March 11.

Hygiene Matters
Efforts have been redirected away from the Central African Republic. We are now working in partnership with OneHope to explore the possibilities of Hygiene Matters in Togo. Books are scheduled to arrive by April and trainings are tentatively scheduled for May, funding pending.

We are very excited to report that 9 Department of Education staff members were trained as Master Trainers in North West Province, and will begin training teachers in February. Training of Master Trainers has unfortunately been delayed in the other 5 provinces due to hesitation on the part of the DoE and confusion related to the transition between Reaching a Generation and Hope Education. These 5 trainings of Master Trainers are projected to be completed by midMarch. Supplemental Material Specialists have been very helpful in assisting in the writing of grade-specic lesson plans to be used this year. We anticipate that the lesson plan booklets

Immediate Needs
iMatter is understaffed due to the loss of a Training Specialist and the upcoming maternity leave of another Training Specialist. Julius Kamera is currently stepping in to ll this gap, but we hope to have necessary replacements within the next month. Warehouse rental and nalization of our registration with South African Revenue Services (SARS) are still pending. The Hygiene Matters program planning has revealed a pressing need for a research consultant to oversee the outcomes testing of the biological and educational components of the program. This research consultant would also be useful in carrying out another learner survey among iMatter learners in South Africa.

January 2013

President George Hoskins Director of Finance Karen Powell Operations Manager Magali Colombo Program Director Emma Gebert

We have nally received the Notice of Award for Grant Year 5, and are now only waiting for ofcial notication of rollover funds.

Highlights & Opportunities

Donations can now be received online, and we will soon be able to replace 2 missing vehicles. Plans are in progress for program expansion to Kenya and Togo. Highlights
The website has recently undergone some changes, one of them being that you can now give online! Online giving is hosted by Razoo, and all online donors will still receive acknowledgment of their donation for tax purposes. The insurance money for our two stolen and wrecked vehicles has now come through. Julius Kamera is currently working to nd replacement vehicles.

Grant Year 5 Notice of Award

Budget approval has been received from CDC in the expected amount of $1.42 million. We are now currently only waiting for written notication of the Project AIM funds and the carryover funds from Year 4.

H E Foundation
Main Ofce Principal Investigator Julius Kamera Administrative Assistant Khanysile Masinga Monitoring & Evaluation Manager Sheila Chipangura Families Matter! National Program Manager Stanley Nyanyirai Project AIM National Program Manager Raymond Chauke Program Staff iMatter Hope Ramaphosa, Thando Tshitshi Families Matter! Program Xolile Mbatha, Sizwe Mkwananzi, Zipporah Khumalo, Sibongile Ngwenya There are also 9 facilitators awaiting training before ofcially becoming staff members at our FMP site in Nqutu. This list includes only program staff employed directly by H E Foundation, and does not include Youth for Christ staff members who will be implementing HEF programs. Bios and photos of managerial staff members can be found on our website at www.hopeeducation.org.

Grant Year 5 Budget & Program Goals

iMatter expansion could become a possibility within the next year. The US team is currently working with Scripture Union of Kenya to tailor the iMatter program for implementation in 15 Kenyan counties, or about 1/3 of the country. The program would reach 45,000 learners in the rst year. We are diligently preparing proposal packets and seeking to raise the $670,000 that will be needed for the program. As mentioned, Hygiene Matters is quickly taking shape for implementation in Togo. Funding needs amount to $150,000, and we are also working on proposal packets for this program. In addition to these two major initiatives, we are still working on the concept of a slum development program in India called Beyond the Present, and a state-side iteration of Project AIM. Donations are being accepted toward all of these opportunities.

January Budget vs. Actuals

January 2013