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New titles for your fall 2013 classes

You can instantly access your digital review copy through CourseSmart, which has free apps for your phones, tablets, and laptops. Visit coursesmart.com to get started. Going digital makes learning more affordable and more accessible. Students can get their Pearson titles on the devices they love through Pearsons MyLab products, CourseSmart, Amazon, and more.

Unless otherwise noted, the ISBN listed is a package that includes both the textbook and the corresponding MyLab product.

Anthropology of Business
Ferraro & Briody The Cultural Dimension of Global Business, 7/e
2013, 9780205897865

Forensic Anthropology
Burns Forensic Anthropology Training Manual, 3/e
2013, 9780205207305

Linguistic Anthropology
Bonvillain Language, Culture, and Communication, 7/e o
2014, 9780205953561

Anthropology of Gender
Brettell & Sargent Gender in CrossCultural Perspective, 6/e
2013, 9780205896202

Introduction to Biological / Physical Anthropology

Stanford, Allen & Antn Exploring Biological Anthropology: The Essentials, 3/e
2013, 9780205861965

World Prehistory
Chazan World Prehistory and Archaeology, 3/e o
2014, 9780205953721 2014, TBD

Ward & Edelstein A World Full of Women, 6/e o

2014, 9780205957620

Fagan People of the Earth, 14/e o

Anthropology of Religion
Bowen Religions in Practice, 6/e o
2014, 9780205961047

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Texts Bonvillain Cultural Anthropology, 3/e
2013, 9780205886067

Fagan In the Beginning, 13/e o
2014, TBD

Miller Cultural Anthropology, 7/e

2013, 9780205949502

Sutton Archaeology: The Science of the Human Past, 4/e

2013, 9780205895311

Robbins Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, 6/e o

2014, 9780205961054

Supplemental Products Mahler Culture as Comfort

2013, 9780205886357

o Indicates new title publishing between 1/1/13 and 8/1/13

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Give your students choices

Pearson titles are available in a variety of formatsdigital and printso students can access them however they like. Tell your students to check for their title on their favorite digital provider: CourseSmart, Amazon, MyAnthroLab, and more. Other options for students include a printed text with a Pearson MyLab product, a three-hole-punched, loose-leaf Books la Carte editionor even your own custom-built course material. Contact your Pearson representative for more information.

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