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the experiment, students would be able: 1) Introduction to Assembly Language Instructions a. Data Transfer Instructions i. Immediate data transfer ii. Direct data transfer iii. Indirect data transfer Familiar with basic data transfer instructions. Familiar with 8085 Simulator


2) 3) THEORY :

Assembly Language Instructions The 8085 microprocessor has 4 parts of Assembly Language Instructions are as follows :1. Instruction Types a. Data Transfer Instructions b. Data Operation Instructions c. Program Control Instructions 2. Data Types 3. Addressing Modes 4. Instruction formats Registers The 8085 microprocessor has within it temporary storage devices called registers. Registers work similarly to RAM in that they store binary values. The 8 bit general purpose registers provided by the 8085 are named A,B,C,D,H, and . The A register is often referred to as the accumulator. . Some instructions view the A register and flag registe as a 16 bit register called the processor status word (PSW). The A register is the most significant 8 bit and the flag register is the least significant 8 bits of register.

A. Data Transfer Instructions The data transfer instructions copy data from a source into a destination without modifying the contents of the source. The previous contents of the destination are replaced by the contents of the source. Move data from one place to another by the following process :1. Move data within the microprocessor 2. Load data from memory into the microprocessor. 3. Store data from the microprocessor into memory. 4. Input data to the microprocessor 5. Output data from the microprocessor.

Experiment 1.1 By using 8085 simulator illustrates the immediate data transfer instructions. Execute the instructions and fill in result into the result table below. Instructions 1.1a MVI A, 80H ; MVI B, A6H ; MVI C, 5AH; MVI D, 09H ; MVI E, 06H ; MVI H, 1FH; MVI L, 3DH ; HLT Instructions 1.1b LXI H,10CDH ; LXI D,0A623H ; LXI B, 2211H ; LXI SP, 6A22H hlt

Results 1.1a Preset Value Register A B D H F C E L A B D H

Preset Value Register F C E L SP PC

Experiment 1.2 Results 1.1b

By using 8085 simulator illustrates the direct data transfer instructions. Execute the instructions and fill in result into the result table below. Experiment 1.3 Instructions 1.2a LDA 1000H ; STA 2000H ; LDA 1002H; STA 2002H hlt Results 1.2a Instructions 1.3a Register (Load Memory) 1000 1002 H L (Store Memory) 2000 2001 2002 2003 New Memory Value LXI B, 1002h LXI D, 1006h LDAX LDAX STAX STAX hlt Results 1.3a Register (Load Memory) 1002 1006 A (Store Memory) 1002 1006 New Memory Value B D B D By using 8085 simulator illustrates the indirect data transfer instructions With register indirect addressing, a register pair holds the address of the memory location accessed by the instruction. The contents of the register pair indirectly addresses a memory location.

Instructions 1.2b LHLD 1000H ; load HL from 1000H and 1001H SHLD 2000H; store HL from 2000H and 2001H LHLD 1002H; load HL from 1002H and 1003H SHLD 2002H; store HL from 2002H and 2003H LHLD 1005H; load HL from 1005H and 1006H SHLD 2005H; store HL from 2005H and 2006H hlt Results 1.2b Register (Load Memory) 1000 1002 H L (Store Memory) 2000 2001 2002 2003 New Memory Value

Questions for Lab 1 1. Write a sequence of immediate instructions that store a 16H into memory location 1200H and a 17H in memory location 1202H.

2. Write a sequence of instructions that

use register indirect addressing to transfer the contents of A into location 2002H, B into 2004H, and C into 2006H. Given the value A = 26, B = AD , C = 9B 3. Do discussion on the instruction set done in this experiment. 4. Conclusion for the experiment