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100Golden Rulesof Predictive Astrology - ByJ.N. Bhasin

Re-editedand presented Englishby in - Dr. G.S. Kapoor

16,AnsariRoad,DaryaGanj,NewDelhi-110002 (lNDtA) ,

A Tribute
The late Shri J.N. Bhasin was a great exponent of Hindu Astrology. His deep study, keen lntellect, unquenchablethirst for knowledge, original thinking and practical experienceturned him into an astrologer and writer of great eminence.He worte both in Hfidi and English.All his books are simple in'language,easy to follow, and extremelyrich and instructivein contents. They.are of a high standard and authoritative.They contain many rules and principles which have been brought to light for the first time. There will hardly be any studentof Hindu AstrologynothavingShri Bhaiin,s books in his Library. His monumental translation in English of ,,prasna Marga" a greatly referred Sanskrit work on Horarv As t rolo g y a n d o t h e r b o o ks w i l l a l w a ys r em ain a powerful sourceof inspiration and guidanceto all those interested in the study of Astrology. His last book published is 'Dispositors in Astroi ogy'.His daring principles propounded in this work HORA SHATAK have opened new vistas for study and researchin the field of predictive Astrology. It is my great privilege to present this meritorious Hindi book HORA SHATAK first time in English,

many contairringrules for the judgementof horoscopes, of which will not be foulrd in any otl'rer book on the subject.He put them in print only after he was fully convincedby practical applicationof their efficacyand' I correctness. am fully confident that this book, though small in size yet worthy in its contents,will definitely enhancethe knowledge and predictive capability of our readers. Though the great savant is no more, yet the rich treasureof knowledge left by him will continue to guide the aspiring students, like a luminated lighthouse in the vast oceanof AstrologY. -Gouri Shanker KaPoor

Sloka Content No. A Tiibute Introduction 1. Prayer PageNo. 3 9 12 13

Part I
Elementary knowledge of Astrology

Part II
100Basicconceptsof Predictive Astrology Chapter dealing with special rules Importance of house, its lord and significator in judging a horoscope Y o g a s f o r a sce ti ci sm a n d separativeness The effectsof significatorin his own house Added strength of a planet in c o n j u n c t io n w i th R a h u o r Ketu SpecialRules on Retrograde planets 27

\ 28 28


3. ' 4 -7. 8. ' g -L5

30 31 33 34

Rule about a planet aspecting one of his own sign and its effecton his other sign 19-22 Effects of a planet in the 8th place from his own sign 23-28 Parshwagamini aspect 29-31, Conjunction of a planet with two enemy planets C h a p t e r a b o u t sp e ci a l concepts about planets 32 Strength of the Moon 33-34 Mercury giving quick results 35 Yoga for interest in religious matters 36 Specialeffectsof Venusin the 12th house 3740 Yoga for Abundant wealth through Venusin the 12thhouse 41. Resultsof Venusin 12th from any house 42 Yoga for Abundant wealth through Venusin 12thhouse. 43 Advancement of the significations of 5th by the position of Venus in the 4th house S a t u r n a s si g n i fi ca to r o f diseases Chapter dealing with special effects of houses 45 AboutLagna-the principle of symbology and its significance 46 Planets in Kendrasalways infuence Lagna



4'1. 45 47 47 48 50

58 58


70 70 72

Importance of Surya and Chandra Lagna (the Sun and Moon signs) Yoga for the birth of twins 48 49 Diseases of the Dhatu of the afflicted Lord of Lagna Diseaseof the sign occupied 50 by lord of the Lagna Yoga for being an adopted 51 child Significations of Jupiter for 52 w e a l t h v i s -a -vi s K u mb h a Lagna 53 Result of Saturn's aspect on the 4th house as 54-55 Diseases a result of affliction of any part of Kalapurusha 56 Diseasesdue to affliction of Karakas houses of 57 What causesdiseases 58-59 Example of mother's illness 60-62 Relevance of the Lagna in ascertainingthe causeof death 63-64 fupiter as RajyalQipa Karaka 65-66 Professionthrough Lagna and tenth house Chapter onvarious Yogasfor diseases Yoga for insanity Yoga for Leprosy Yoga for Epilepsy DiJeases the nerves oi Yogafor dumbness



79 82 85 86 89

93 98 1 104 707 108 108 113 115 121, 121, 126 732 134 135

67-69 70 71 72 73-74

Yogafor chronic illnessto wife or husband Chapter on Raja Yogas 77 Yogafor Rulership 78 VipareetaRajayoga 79 Other Yoga as concerning Administration 80-83 Yogasfor violent disposition 84 Yoga for imprisonment 85-86 Fondness for sensual pleasures C h a p t e r o n re su l ts o f directional influences (Dashasand Antardashas) 87 Results of the sub-period of Venus posited in the 12th house 88-93 The time when the significations of planets will fructify Determining the approximate age for marriageand dawn of fortune. 94 Dawn of fourtune 95-96 Resultsof the sub-periodof a malefic planet in his own period 97 Results of sub-period of M e r c u r y a sso ci a te d w i th malefics in his own major period. 98-99 Resultsof benefic and malefic associations 100-101Associationwith Mlecheas


Ig7 138 138 L48 153 157 1^1g 1,62 1.64



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169 IT2

In spite of the fact that numerous authoritative classics Hindu Astrology areavailable,we have taken on the liberty to present this small volume on the subject. We have felt it very necessarydue to our experienceof several years that we discovered that certain basic concepts Astrology that had lost sight of and had not of found place in the books of Astrology at present available. As will be seenby the readersafter a perusal of this book, there is a good number of special aspects and principles brought to light in this book, which will prove to be of immense practical utility not only for personswith an elementary knowledge of Astrology but also for those engaged in research and are in dn advanced stage of their studies. The basic concepts of Astrology dealt with in this book are such which ascribe great significance and importance to the connectionsbetween a house,its lord and its significator (Karnka).We have found in our prolonged study and researchthat basicrules for proper analysis of Yogas in Astrology, which cause certain events in the lives of the natives have not been dealt with in the available astrologicalclassics. have tried We to fill this gap to the best of our ability by analysing and demonstrating such principles logically because is our it firm belief that logic is the soul of the science of Astrology. We have often observed that the students of Astrology while dealing with certain aspects in a nativity keep only a limited or partial vision on the

of principles of assessment a horoscope.We have, therefore,made an attempt to deviserules to examinea certain human aspectfrom a number of housesand we ardently hope that the methodsdemonstratedherewill and recognition. receiveuniversal acceptance A seriousconsiderationof factswill inevitably lead to the conclusionthat symbology plays a very important part in predictive Astrology. It will be very difficult for one to successfullystudy and correctly understand the subjectof AstroloW,if he is ignorant of significanceof symbology.How important is the useof symbology will be app a r e n t f r o m a p e ru sa l o f sl o k a 47 which demonstratesthat all matters related to the Ascendant (Lagna)can be easily analysedand determined through the principles of symbology. Similarly another example of the practical utility of symbology will be found in the case of Mercury who has been described as 'Kumara' (a boy of tender age).We have found that as Mercury representsvery young age therefore he gives his results in the early part of life (seesloka 30). With due respectsto the learnedand very proficients in Astrolo1y, we humbly submit that the generally accepted theory that a planet when retrograde gains more strength, is not wholly acceptable to us. We, however, agree that the theory is true partially. While dealing with this subject, we have fully discussed the principles laid down in Uttara Kalamrita fbr retrograde planets in exaltation and in debilitation alongwith other situations in which a planet is retrograde. We are confident that all those engagedin the serious study of Astrology, after practical applicaton of our views, will support us. We are perhaps the first in the field of Astrology to discover,me-+ion and put to practical use the special


effectsof the aspectsof planets,on either side of a house or the planet situated in it (qrlffi Eful. We are of the view that specialeffectsof such aspects only prove not the validity of Yogaslike Adhiyoga (for example, see Sloka28) also enable us to correctly interpret the effects of the concernedplanets. The method of determining the times of events like marriage, dawn of fortune (Bhagyodaya)by calculating the average period of planets like Mercury etc., describedby us here has been devised after prolonged researchand will not be found in any other work on Astrology. This method could also be usefully applied for determination of the length of academiccareer,etc. We have only indicated the results of our research and their applicability on other mattersconcerninga nativity, will depend on further research our readers. by The authors of various astrological works \ave generally laid stresson the examinati6n of the 8th hduse for determining the causeof death but we feel that it is also important to take into accountthe disposition and strength of the Ascendantand its lord for this purpose. (Seesloka 64 and the illustration given by us). Although we do claim that many of the conceptsof predictive Astrology discussedin this book, have been brought to light for the first time, but we are quite sure that none of them is againstthe establishedprinciples of Hindu Astrology. All the principles mentioned here can be authenticatedby referenceto classicaltexts but we have not found it possibleto do so for want of space. While we are confident that meticulous application of principles contained in this book will enable our readers to make amazingly accurate prediction. We would feel more than satisfied if even appreciable success achievedin this direction. is


of astrology Basic concepts predictive

1 Prayer

snfiefTfirkf rFrn6[fi'nfudr: Er{:fflr:, rTHrgRITTFK{| fiqr{rqsq W F-ds,,d sqlqFgd qTrk Req rfq Vtrq{qfuE tqlrttTfdtfuqtfrfua{ttt tl 6,rqifT{6r6,,t:

May the SupremeLord, the Createrof Universe,who is a great poet and who in his divine compositions describesthe fruits of good and evil deeds of all the writing them on the board made up of living creatures, wide spreadheavenswith the stars and planetsas his writing instruments,protectus all !




Hora Shatak


Part I

Elementary Knowledg" of Astrology

Before we take up the subject proper, we propose to impart in this sectionsomeelementaryknowledge of the basicsof Hindu Astrology. This will help those who have very little knowledge but are keen to study this subject.It is a matter of common knowledge that there are many persons who have no elementary grounding in this subject but are keen to study books on Astrology. The birth chart is the map of the heavensat the time of birth and containsplanetsin the positionsasthey are in the zodiac at that time. Zodiac The first thing we should know is"Zodiac". It is an imaginary broad belt in the heavensextendingabout 9 degreeson eachside of the ecliptic. Ecliptic is the path of the Sunwhich (path) passes exactlytfuough the centre of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is an imaginary circle of 360 degreesand our learned ancientsdivided this circle into twelve equal parts of 30 degreeseach.Eachequal part of 30 degreesis known as a sign (Rasi).


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

Signs or Rasis and Planets There are twelve signsand nine planets.Out of the nine planetsthere are only sevenwho are lords of the twelve signs.The Sun and the Moon own only one sign each, the remaining five viz., Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Venusand Saturn own two signs each.The remaining two planets Rahu and Ketu do not own any signs as they are termed as shadowy planets representingthe lord of sign in which they areplaced.The following table shows the 12 signs and their lords.
Name of. Sign Aries (Mesha) Taurus (Vrishabha) Gemini (Mithuna) Cancer(Karkata) Leo (Simha) Virgo (Kanya) Libra (Thula) Scorpio(Vrischika) Sagittarius(Dhanu) Capricorn (Makara) Aquarius (Kumbha) Pisces(Meena) The number denoting the sign Lord of the sign Mars (Mangal or Kuja) Venus (Sukra) Mercury (Budha) Moon (Chandra) Sun (Surya) Mercury (Budha) Venus (Sukra) Mars (Mangal) Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati) Saturn (Sani) Saturn Jupiter

1 2 3 4

6 7 8 9 10 11 .12

Constellations(Nakshatras) While thereare twelve signsasexplainedabove,the Zodiac is further sub dividedin27 constellations. Each constellation measures degrees 13 and 20minutesof arc. Like the signs, the constellationsare also owned by variousplanets. Here evenRahuand Ketu havelordship ov er c e r t a i n c o n ste l l a ti o n s. T h e tw e nty seven

Hora Shatak


constellations and their lords are given below :Constellation Constellation Lord L. Aswini Ketu 15. Swati Rahu 2. Bharani .Venus 1,6.Visakha Jupiter 3. Krittika Sun 1.7.Anuradha Saturn 4. Rohini Moon 18. Jyestha Mercury 5. Mrigasira Mars L9. Moola Ketu 6. Aridra Rahu 20. Poorva Venus 7. Punarvasu Ashada Jupiter 8. Pushya Saturn 21. Uttara-Ashada Sun 9. Aslesha Mercury 22. Sravana Moon 10. Magha Ketu 23. Dhanishta Mars 11. PoorvaVenus 24. Satabhisha Rahu Phalguni 25. PoorvaJupiter L2. Uttara-PhalguniSun Bhadra 1.3. Hasta Moon 26. Uttara-BhadraSaturn 1,4. Chitra Mars Revati Mercu Ascendant The sign rising in the eastat the time of birth is called the Ascendant(Lagna). The Birth Chart We give below the forms of birth charts followed in South India and Nortl{ India. I-Form of Birth Chart used in South India.
Pisces Aquarius Capricorn Sagittariur Scorpio Libra Aries Taurus

Cancer Leo Virgo


astrology of concepts predictive Basic

II-Form of Birth Chart followed in North India.




The differencein the two forms is that while in form I will always be at the locations(houses)as signs (Rasis) slio*n in the form. If the rising sign or the Ascendantis Aries, the housecontaining the sign Aries will become the Ascendantand also the firsthouse' Thenin clockwise elevenhouses'If direction, we will have the subsequent the Ascendantfalls, say,in the sign of Sagittarius,the house containing this sign Sagittariuswill becomethe houses Ascendantand the first house and subsequent will be counted in the clockwisemanner further. In form II that is the one followed in North India, the housemarked I (first)will always be the Ascendant whateverbe the rising sign.For example,the rising sign is Libra (No. 7) or in other words the Ascendantfalls in the sign Libra, we will put the Ascendant in the first house marking it as 7. Thereafter we move in anticlockwisedireclion and the secondhousewill be in the on' sign Scorpio(No. 8), the third in Sagittariusand._s-o in Leo, (No' 5) tf-the rising sign is Leo, the Ascendant housewill be in Virgo will be the first house.The second (No. 6) the third in Libra (No. 7) and so on.

Hora Shatak


Another differenceis that in the form used in South India, the number of the sign is not written in the chart, and one has to rememberthe placesreservedfor Aries and other signs which would always remain the same. In the form used in North India we show the Ascendant by putting the number of the rising sign in thefirst house and the eleven signs subsequentto the rising sign in other elevenhouses.This will be better understood by the following birth chart. Form I
Jupiter Ketu
Ascdt Safurn

Mars Sun Mercury

Rahu Venus

Form II

Mars /4 t

3 Ketu
saturn upiter

8\ Sun Venus Rahu

The Ascendant is Cancer.In Form I we put the Ascendant in the house reserved for Cancer which


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

becomesthe first house. In Form II we put the sign Cancer(No. a) in the first houseand put the other signs in anti-clockwise order. Exaltationand Debilitation signs of planets Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Exaltation Sign 1, Debilitation Sign 7 8 4

2 10 6 4 12 7

t2 10
6 1

Benefic and Malefic Planets The Sun,Mars, Saturn,Rahu and Ketu are natural malefics.Jupiter and Venusare natural benefics. The Moon is a benefic when strong and a malefic when weak. On'the Amavasya day the Moon losesall her lust re o n a c c o u n t o f n e a rn e ssto th e S un and is renderedabsolutelyweak.Thenbeginsthe bright half of the lunar month and Moon starts moving away from the Sun. When she is 72 degreesaway, she is supposedto be in some strength.When the Moon is L80 d e g r e e sa w a y fro m th e S u n sh e a ttains full strength.Thus the Moon is a beneficwhen more than 72 degreesaway frorn the Sun and a malefic when within 72 degreesof the Sun. Mercury is a benefic when aloneor is associated with benefics. becomes He a malefic, when conjoinedwith malefics. Aspectsof the Planets A planet exertshis influenceon the housein which he is posited.In addition he exertshis influence(benefic

Hora Shatak


or malefic) on the house or planet he aspects. The Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Venushave full aspects the on houseseventhfrom them. Mars,in addition to his aspect on the 7th house, also'aspects 4th and 8th houses the from himself. Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu in addition to the their 7th houseaspect,alsoaspectthe 5th and 9th houses from themselves. Saturn in addition to his 7th houseaspect, alsoaspects 3rd and 10th housesfrom himself. the In the examplehoroscope givenby us itwill be seen that Mercury as lord of the 3rd houseposite*in the 5th house aspectsthe 11th house.The Sun who is lord of the 2nd houseis positedin the 5th aspects 11thhouse. the Mars who is in the 2nd aslord of the 5th and 10thhouses aspectsthe 5th, 8th and 9th houses.The Moon as lord of the Ascendantaspectsthe Ascendant.Jupiter in the 11th as lord of the 6th and 9th aspects 3rd,5th and the 7th. Venusin the 6th as lord of the 11th and 4th houses aspects12th house.Saturn in the 1st as lord of the 7th and 8th houses aspectsthe 1Oth,3rd and 7th houses. Rahuaspects 10th,12thand 2nd houses. the Ketu aspects the 4th, 6th and 8th houses.The Moon aspects Saturn and Saturn aspects Moon. the Male and Female Plan-ets The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are male planets. The Moon, Venusand Rahu arefemales and Mercury,Saturn and Ketu are consideredeunuchs. Vimshottari Dasa System TtiereareseveralDasasystems timing the events for but Vimshottari Dasasystemhasbeenacclaimed one as giving more accurateresultsthan other systems. The total of different major periods (Mahadasas) of the planetsunder the VimshottariDasasystemhasbeen


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

put as L20years which our ancientsconsideredas the probablenatural life span of a human being. The major periods have been allocated in the following order1.. Sun , 2. Moon 3. Mars 4. Rahu 5. Jupiter 6. Saturn 7. Mercury 8. Ketu 9. Venus 6 Years L0 Years 7 Years L8 Years 16 Years L9 Years L7 Years 7 Years 20 Years

The position of the Moon at birth is taken into account in the calculation of major periods. Every constellationor Nakshatracovers L3 degreesand 20 Eachconstellation minutes (13",20')of zodiacalspace. (as already mentioned by us earlier) has a planet assignedas its lord and Dasaat birth is determined Moon at by lord of the constellationoccupied by tl-re that time. Every constellationhas four quarters (Padas)of The constellations. 3"-20' each.Each sign contains2r/+ longitudinal span of a sign being 30 degreesand of a constellation L3 degreesand 20 minutes, thus 27 uncler the L2 signs as are constellations accommodated shown in table on page No. 2L and 22.

Hora Shatak


Span in degree and minutes

L. Aries

Aswini('1.,2,3, 4) Bharani 4) (7,2,3,

2. Taurus

3. Gemini

4. Cancer

5. Leo

10'-00'to 13"-20' to 113"-20' 26"-40', 30"-00' Krittika (1) 10"-00' Krittika (2,3,4) to Rohini (1., 3, 4) 2, 110'-00' 23"-20' 23"-20'to30"-00' Mrigsira (L,2) -00' to 6"-40'. Mrigsira(3,4) to Aridra('1..,2,3,4)16"-4q' 20"-00', (1, to Punarvasu 2, 3) 120"-00' 30"-00' 0"-00' to 3"-20', Punarvasu(4) (1., Pushyami 2, 3, 4)13"-20'to 1.6"-40' (1 to A s l e sh a ,2 ,3 ,4 ) 1 1 6 '-4 0 ' 30"-00' Magha(7,2,3,4) 10"-00'to 13"-20' to P.Phalguni ('l..,2,3,4) 113"-20' 26"-40', (1) 26"-40',to 30'-00' U. Phalguni

, 6. Virgo

(2,3,4) Phalguni (1,,2,3, 4) Hasta Chitra(1,2)

7. Libra Chitra (3,4)

8. Scorpio

Swati(1,,2,3,4) Visakha (1,,2,3) (4) Visakha

Anuradha (1., 3, 4)13"-20' to 1.6"-40' 2, '

to 10"-00' to 1L0'-00' to 123"-20' -00' to 16"-40'to to 120"-00' to 10'-00'

10"-00' 23"-20' 30"-00' 06"-40' 20'-00' 30'-00' 3"-20'

to (1., Jyestha 2, 3, 4) 11,6"-40' 30"-00' to 9. Sagittaruis Moola(1.,2,3,4) 10"-00' 13"-20' -20' to 26'-40' Poorvashad 2,3, a (1., 4)113" (1) U. ashada 126'-40'to30"-00' '1,0.
Capricorn Uttaraashada(2,3, 4) vana (1,,2,3, 4) (1,2) Dhanista

-00' to L0'-00' 10"-00'to 23"-20' 23"-20'to 30"-00'


Basicconceptsof predictive astrology

11. Aquarius Dhanista(3,4) (1,2,3,4 Satabhisha P.bhadra(1,2,3\ 1,2. Pisces Poorvabhadra(4) Uttarabhadra(1,2,3,4) Revati(1,2,3,4)

0'-00' to 6"-40' 6"-40' to 20'-00' 20"-00'to30"-00' 0'-00' to 3"-20' 3"-20' to L6"-40' 1.6"-40'to 30"-00'

The figures1.,2,3,4within bracketsadjacent the to namesof the constellations their quartersor padas. are The following method is adopted for calculatingthe balanceof major period at birth. Supposethe longitude of tlre Moon at birth is 3-13'-12'(that is Cancer13"-12'). Canc e r i s c o m p o se d o f o n e q u a rte r o r 3"- 20' of Punarvasu, four quarters(13'-20')of Pushyamiand four quarters of Aslesha.As the longitude of the Moon is Cancer 1.3o-1,2', has passed the 4th quarter of it Punarvasuin this sign and is in Pushyami.To find out how much the Moon has moved in Pushyami,we will deduct 3"-20' of Punarvasufrom the Moon's 13". 12'. Thus the balance remains 9".32'. The extent of the '1 .3 " -2 0 '. whole o f P u s h y a mi i s T h e l or d of this constellationis Saturn, whose total major period is L9 years.Therefore 1.3'-20'being equal to 19 years, 9"-32'will be equalto L4 years,6months and 22days this indicatesthat 1.4years,6months and22 days of Saturn's major period are already over at birth and balancethat would remainin credit at birth will be L9 years minus 14 years,6 months and 22 days, that is, 4 years,5 months and 8 days. According to order given by us earlier about the major periods followed major periods, the subsequent will be of Mercury, Ketu, Venus,The Sun, The Moory Mars etc.

Hora Shatak


After finding out the major period at birth we have to find out the sub-periodsor Antardasas the major in period of eachplanet. The sub-periodsof all the nine planets are in proportion to the years of their major periods. The first sub-period always belongsto lord of t h e m a j o r p e r io d a n d th e su b -p e ri ods of the remaining eight planets will be in the order given in the table for major periods subsequently.

Significations of Planets
Sun - F a t h e r , Go ve rn me n t, d i g n i ty, success, honours, eyes (particularly right eye), bones, soul, kingdom, high position, heart etc. Moon-Mother, blood, mind, ambitions, quick movement,lungsetc. Mars-Younger brothers and sisters,courage, valour, defencedepartment, theft, brutality, sins, cuts and wounds, aggression, accidents, etc. -Skin, breathingcanal,intelligence,brain Mercury capacity (analytical), intestines,education, writing, reading etc. fupiter-Knowledge, graceof God, graceof the Ki.g or Government, wealth, religion, childreru elder brother, husband etc. Venus - Marriage,sexualmatters,union, wife, face, sexualorgan,semen, comfortsand luxuries,beauty,love of music, poetry, conve)'ances etc. Saturn-Nerves, diseases, (particularly chronic) longevity, service, disappointments,obstacles,death, hardwork, defeat etc. Rahus is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars.

Basic concepts predictive of astrology

Signification of Houses
Firs t h o u s e - ( A sce n d a n t) P h ysi cal statur e, complexion, constitution, heaith, vitality, natural dispositions and tendencies, personality,honour, dignity, prosperity, head, upper part of the face, longevity, start of life etc. Secondhouse-Money matters,assetsprofit or loss, worldly attainments,administration,jewellery, right eye, nails, tongue, nose,teeth, family members. This is also the house of death inflicting planet or a Marakasthana. Third house- Mental inclination, ability, courage, va lour, p r o v e s s , yo u n g e r b ro th e rs a nd sister s neighbours,hands, throat etc. Fourth house-Mother, one's home, residence, conveyances,domestic environment, vehicles, lands, fields,buildings,ancestral property,academic education etc. Fif t h h o u s e - P ro g e n y (ch i l d re n ), pleasur es, affections,recreation,sports, competitive activities, intelligence,high learning, stomachetc. Six t h h o u s e - S i ckn e ss, d i se a se ,fo o d, ser vice conditions,servants,cattle,tenants,enemiesetc. Seventh house-House of union or earthly ties, partner in life (wife or husband), partner in buiiness, conjugal life etc.This is also a Marakasthana. Eighth house-Longevity or span of life, death, inheritances,legacies,pension, accidents,misery, misfortunes, sorrows, worries, delay, dejectiory loss, defeatetc. Ninth house-Faith, wisdom, divine worship, f ortune (Bhagya), philosophf , charity,religious beliefs, father,preceptor,foreign travel, higher educatioryknees etc.

Hora Shatak


name Tenth house -Honour, dignity, public esteem, and fame, professionrprestige,respectand reputation, am b it io n , a u t h o r ity, w o rd l y a cti vi ti e s ( Kar ma) , promotion, advancement, honour from Government, thighs etc. Eleventh house-Friends, society,elder brother, ambitions, gains of wealth, successin undertaking, ankles etc. incoming wealth, prosperity,conveyances, Twe l f t h h o u se - E xp e n d i tu re , l o sses and from drudgery,separation impediments,extravagance, charities, poverty, imprisonment, family, donations, secret enemies, disgrace, occult aff.airs,sensual comforts of bed, left eye,feet, debts,etc. pleasures, In a horoscopehouses1, 4,7 and 10 are called 5 quadrants(Kendras), and 9 trines (Trikonas),2,5,8 and and 11 cadet (Phanaparas) 3,6,8,12as succedant As the Sth and 9th are trines they should i(Apoklimas). and Apoklima respectively. not be treatedasPanaphara The houses3, 6,10 and l-1 are also calledUpachayas which rneanshousesof growth. The Lagna(Ascendant) or the 1st house is as a Kendra as well as a Tiikona. Houses 6, 8, 12 are termed as inauspicioushouses : (dusthanas).The 3rd house is also not consideredan house. auspicious F r i e n d s h i p a n d e n e m i t y a m o n g s t p l a n e t sAmongst the planets there is also friendship and enemity as shown in the table on page No. 26. We regretit is not possibleto give heremore detailed of information about the characteristics planetsfor want of space.Those who are interestedin getting a firmer grounding on this subject of Astrology,may read the book'Learn Astrology the EasyWay' publishedby and available with AflS Ranjan Publications, 16 Ansari Road,Daryaganj,New Delhi-110002.


Basicconceptsof predictive astrology

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Part II

' Hora Shatak

(L00BasicConceptsof PredictiveAstrology)


Basicconceptsof predictive astrology


,2 Chapterdealingwith SpecialRules

qrqrar+rfoqorcoqrrrsq sm qt-dq, 6q qgfu{rsnreT vEf{frmr$ft1 ftqq: R+dH HqrsrdskfrFc: l[q s,,-@qi, ilsr{ qqfril+ts frqq:yrfu trSe,rr z tl
Th e l e a r n e d a uth o r o f S a rva rth a C hintam ani mentions an original rule which lays that in judging a nativity it is very essential considerthreethings,viz., to the house,its lord and the significator or Karaka of that house. The following are the significations (Karkatwas) of variousplanets. The Sun : Father,govt, religion, body The Moon : Mind, mother,body Mars Youngerbrother,violence Mercury Education Money matters, children, elder fupiter brother, husbands for women, religion. Venus : Pleasures, wives for the males Saturn : Longevity,diseases,lands.

Hora Shatak


There is no doubt about the importance and efficacy of the above rule laid down in SarvarthaChintamani for consideration of all astrologicalproblems; but we find it necessary add that when we give consideration to to a particula4problem of subjec! it is not sufficient to confine our analysis only to the house concernedbut extend it to the examina\ionof other concernedhouses also. For example,if we have to considerany problem about speech,we should not restrict our examination to the secondhouseonly; but should pay due attention to the disposition of the fifth house also.Similarly all problems about gain and loss of money shouli be examined with reference to both the second and ele v e n t h h o u s e s . Fo r p ro b l e ms re g a rd i ng issues (ch ild re n ) t h e f i f t h a n d n i n th h o u se s should be simultaneously examined. The following birth chart No. 1,may be studied for this purposeLagna Saturn Rahu Mars Horoscope No. I Sun




)Q"o 8
7 \K"t)


Moon Jupiter Ketu

Ven 6

,,/ rvtoon



This is the horoscopeof a former Maharani.The Zth house (representinghusband) is aspectedby malefics Saturn and Rahu. The lord of 7th Mars is alsoaspected by Saturn.The significator of husband,namely,jupiter who is posited in the 7th has aiso been mauled by the aspectof Saturn and Rahu and associationof Ketu. Thus


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the malefic influences on the house, its lord and its significator,made the Maharania widowwhenshe was just 18 yearsold. Yogas for Asceticism and Separativeness

\ | Ir6$refl-{ qtrE g$Tf+


qeTrtrIstr $qnrfrrgqg I I 3 | | If any two amongstRahu,Saturn and the Sun or all of the threeexert their influenceby aspector conjunction on any house,the native will definitely get separated from the things or person representedby that house. Thus if Saturn, Rahu and the Sun or Saturn and Rahu or the Sun and Saturn or the Sun and Rahu, cast their inlluence on the 10th house,its lord and signifiqatorby aspect or conjunction, the native is deprived of his kingdom (if he is a king), his position, title, profession, honour and the name and fame. How much time such eventstake to manifest,dependson the strengthof these The sameshould aPPlyto other houses. malefic planets. If the 7th house, its lord and its significator (Venus or Jupiter) becomethe victim of such malefic influences, the husband and wife get separated.If the 2nd house the native is deprived falls under such evil influences, If of his wealth and assets. the 3rd house is so affected, the native getsseparatedfrom his brothers and sisters' Suchinfluenceon the 4th houseforcesthe native to leave his native place. Similar influence on the Sth house causesseparationfrom children, such influenceon the 6th house causesseparationfrom the maternal uncle. Influenceon the 8th housedeprivesthe native'swife of

Hora Shatak


her wealttu jewellery etc.such inlluence on the 9th house makes the native break his traditional ties and give up his religious beliefs.If the ll th house falls undEr such evil in-fluence, the native is separatedfrom his elder brother and facesfailures in his undertakings.If the 12th houseis so afflicted, the native hasto give uf the worldiy comforts and pleasuresapd becomea., ur"etic (Sanyasi) Saturn, the Sun and Rahu are symbolicallv old planets.They, therefore,do not causeearly death; but they separatethe native from the things representedby the house which falls prey to their mitefiCipfluence. The effects of Significator in his own house

qErgAAffi, qr+se*qqorafuftrr e<rfrTf RqFtrfi4, qfttrqqqqqr rgeq11 a ll
If a planet be posited in his own house and be also the significator of that house,the results will be either very destructiveor extremelygood,because any good if or bad influence falls _on that house,all the ttuee,viz., the house, its lord and'its significator are affectedat the sametime. Thus result will be either extremelygood or extremely evil as the casemay be.

gf{r Frqrr: Rfrft, qrl g@sq {qffi qFrsqTeT qrift, r6'a irF{rEqF[: v<fr: RrE| | 5 | | ug
If Jupiter be in the 5th housein his own sign and be aspectedby or conjoinedwith a natural maleiic, all the three factors, namely : the house of children, its lord


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and SantanKaraka (significator of children) jupiter will be adversely affectedand such a disposition (Yoga)if presentin a nativity will causechildlessness.

go.ftTqEFFt:Rfrfr, gAegfuHqF{frqrt



Similarly if ]upiter be in the 5th house,in his own with a benefic, sign and be aspectedby or associated the Yoga caused by such a disposition will bless the native with many children.It may also be noted that in the thesecircumstances theory'Karako BhavaNashaya' the in the houseof which he is Karakadestroyes (a planet significationsof that house) cannot significantly be accepted. When the Karaka of a house is in that house in his own sign and hasbeneficinfluence on him, he can never harm the signification of that house (his own house).It should alsobe borne in mind that while examining for children the 9th house must additionally be given due the because 9th housebeing the 5th from consideratiory 5th housealso becomessignificator of children. Effects of planets aspecting their own houses

+<hvrqfi: qmqrerirftfr
Frsfqns t'ru-Ee},
q$-( sei qr*qd R atlt gn}&q=Fpflq'rsq fiifd qrvrFredsrrqtrrqtt ? ll If any natural malefic (Mars, Saturn, the Sun, the with a malefic) waning Moot and Mercury associated is posiied in the 7th from his own house (thus aspects hii own house),the life of petsolnrepresentedby that

Hora Shatak


house will be destroyed. For exampie if the Sun be posited in 5th housein the signAquarius (Kumbha),he then by aspecting the 11th house (his own house) will destroythe elder brothers.Thereis a widely recognised principle of Hindu Astrology viz., "fi * t+rq, wftgd Ed il ilFt ilFnk gfu:'(This meansthat any house which has its lord posited in it or is aspected its lord, prospers) by and we have no intention of ignoring it; but we have found in practical experiencethat this rule does not apply to the life prospectsof the personrepresented by the concernedhouse.While the aspectof the Sun on the 11th house in the circumstances describedabove, will result in financial gains to the native, will give him in success his undertaking, will enablehim to acquire but conveyances, the life of the elder brother represented by that housewill be harmed.In other words the native will lose his elder brother. Added Strength of a Planet in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu

rrd: *drR ffiqrkfi eTF4ilqr6qfux e*i ftrfuqrgil: r M

TFTTTFTer Itrcrfl Ttrdi q fr*EE: I I B II If a naturat benefit be in his own sign in association with Ketu or Rahu, the house concerned should be consideredextremely skong. For example.Kefu with )upiter in the sign Sagittarius in the sixth house will be indicative of a very strong enemy. In this connection the following birth chart No. 2 of Pt. ]awaharlal Nehru may'be seen.Nehru ji had to fight with a very strong enemy, viz., the United Kingdom for achieving independencefor his country. The logic behind this theory is that Ketu being a shadowy planet (a magnetic point) does not possess


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any physical body of his own and gives exclusively the results of the sign and the house in which it is posited.
Lagna Moon lforoscope No.2

M"X,..Z t;o"x
/ U ,/\ *:,

sat /




uPiter Sun Ketu

Mer Mars Venus

t/1"\ ./x"tu g


For Virgo Ascendant,Ketu in the 2nd will also act like Venusin his own sign and will give a boost to the good effectsof the secondhouse (money matters).The samerule canbe applied to Rahu ashe is alsoa shadowy planet (a magnetic point) like Ketu' The resultsfor Rahu lnd Ketu situated in other housesshould be assessed in the same manner. Special Rules on retrogtade planets

TfrqRrPqqt ffisqrgrffiffiznt

qqfrtrqr qft: t

g II Tt' .rRrq$ffi Erqfr trmqrfrtr t t Acc o r d i n g t o a cce p te d p ri n ci p l e s of Hindu Astrology, the Sun and the Moon are always in direct motion (that is, they never move backwards)and Rahu and Ketu are aiways retrograde (that is, they always move backwards).However, the five planets,namely, Mars, Mercury, jupiter, Venus and Saturn have both direct and seeminglyretrogrademotion. But the actual



fact is that thesefive planetsare always in direct motion; but because their relative movement with respectto of earth they sometimeslook like moving backward.This can be explained by the exampleof two trains moving in the same direction on parallel rails. If the speed of one is less than the other, then to the passengers the of fastertrain the slower train would appearto be moving in the reversedirection. IsiTFsr(ETftfts{qd, TERIcq r6,-ctr IIEI{ | kgr;T6xrqEsfftrftq",

fu sd deiqkggw{nl0 | |

In this relation it must always be kept in mind that in Astrology what we see is more important and acceptable than the factual position and the effects of the planetsshould be judged accordinglyby using logic and symbology.For example,accordingto scientists the Sun is a star like other stars in the sky and does not rotate like the Earth and other planets.Yet we on the earth see the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West. Therefore in Astrology we acceptthe Sun as a planet rotating like other planets. Tfi.r& wqh dffi, gqRqd: Rgftqlh-rn'Ift, Tqfiqtretq.ffirdlttd||nII '



If a planet in any nativity be in his sign of debilitation and'be retrograde,he will give the resultsas if he is in exaltation.On the contrary if the planet be in his sign of exaltationand be retrograde,he will give the results as if he is in debilitation.


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Comments-This rule given by Shri Bhasinseemsto be basedon the following slokain'Uttara Kalamrita'qftt*qffi tr*ffiFfr: q*{qtf ii,fi qm1 frtrqf,: sfi-$rfi ffi1 Td gwq t

w*{g-frdft{frfrffingg+ni ft*qrrst gtnWtfffiwdcqtt

This means that when a planet is in retrograde motion, his strength is similar as if in his exaltation,If a planet is conjoinedwith a retrogradeplanet, hisstrength tsr/z a ltupa. If a planet be retrograde while being in exaltation house, he gets only Neechabala (ft++o),that is, nothing. If a planet be retrograde while in his debilitation house (of fall), his strength is similar as if in his exaltation. A planet in conjunction with another planet who is in exaltation gets % Rupa' When he-is lssociated with another who is in his debilitation, he gets nothing. A planet if he be in conjunction with malefics who are his friends, or with benefics who a happen to be his enemies,gets only 1/z Rupa' -See'Uttara Kalamrita' published by the Ranjan Publications. Notes & Translation by Prof. P.S.Sasati. Illustration

sriqr6tqlrF{qRrfqE-ftra$c*lffi9P t t IK{rfree{ 5il1ffi qH nsrq: I 12 | I

If Scorpio be the Ascendant and jupiter being retrogradeinmotion, be positedin the third house,(This will be h i s s i g n of d e b i l i ta ti o n ) th e native will undoubtedly be blessedwith many sons(children).The logic behind such a result is that asJupiter is lord of the 5th house for the Scorpio Ascendant and also a

Hora Shatak


significator (Karaka) for children, his strength becomes similar to that when in exaltation.He thus becomes fully capable to give many children to the native. He also furthers the family lineage being the lord of the 2nd house.

ilRrtridnqegdcfrgasft' r

qRdrufr Ed *6 g:tsrfrn t3n

If Scorpio be the Ascendant and Jupiter being in retrograde motion, be posited in the 9th house in his sign of exaltation and therd be no malefic influence on Jupiter by aspector conjunction,the native wilt hardly get a son (issue). This meansthat it should not be taken for granted that a planet in exaltation will invariably bestow very benefic results.

qkrerq{rt qrfrgasrft: srFdiffig r dqftq{rfuqg{rTt ifrfrtrSq| 14 | | |

If Scorpio be the Ascendant and Jupiter being in retrogrademotiory be positedin the 10th house(in sign Leo), such Jupiter will not be treated as completely in debilitation; but becauseof nearnessto his sign of exaltation the results that will ensue,will be the same as if he is in debilitafion. Consequentlythe native will be deprived of children. qMgqtqqi*ffitgasrF* r

ftmt: ronTrtr Tger{repd | | ls | |

If Scorpio be the Ascendant and Jupiter being in retrograde motiory be posited in the second house in the sign Sagittarius, he will be treated as in debilitation in accordance with the rule given in the previous sloka as he will be very near to Capricorn, his sign of debilitation.Butsince, Jupiteris retrogradehis strength will almost be similar to that when in exaltation.


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In short the sensewhich slokas L3 and 14 mean to of convey is that the nearness retrogradeJupiter to his sign of exaltation (Cancer)will mean lack of children and here his nearnessto his sign of debilitation (Capricorn)will mean abundanceof children. Comments-The author has confined his attention on Jupiter only becauseas mentioned by him earlier, Jupiter is not only the lord of the Sth (the house of children); but also significator of children (Santana Karaka)for the ScorpioAscendant. Rule about a planet aspectingone of his own sign and its effect on his other sign.

n6r"fif4elqEFflT6tagwRdct: ftnrRtqr: q$gtq,{ RrfEnqrq{ r 6ftq frqr5qrQfu:

t qrq{Ett to ll Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are all lords of two signs. If any of these planet aspectsany of his two signs and that sign be aspectedalso by a benefic, not only the house containing that sign flourishes;but the housecontaining his other sign also prosPers. frErq ry Illustration

s{r6{ur{ sffi

tt gftt qrffi itq: qsrn+rr: tz ll' qRardtg q|(s <rrfr gffi: gt: q6rc*"r Egr-q{$rd; et1trtrr| 18 | I |

gst g qrtrsuRvrE'r* t



If Cancer be the Ascendant with Mars in the 3rd, Mercury and Venus in the 4th and Jupiter in the 6th, the 10th house which is in the sign of Mars will be aspectedby Jupiter, The 10th house will also be aspectedby beneficsMercury and Venus (this Yoga is presentin the horoscopeof Pt. JawaharLal Nehru)' Under these influences Nehruji continued as the Prime Minister of India fot 17long yearsand enjoyed name, fame, honours and vast administrative and political power. As Mars TPects his own sign Aries in the 10th house,the 5th lioise with the sign Scorpio by (the other sign of Mars) is alsostrengthened reflex action. This made Nehru a great intellectual and diplomat. The point made out is that although the 5th house has no benefic inJluenceon it, but has become strong becauseit is the other sign of Mars, the first sign Aries as already explained being strengthened Uy tne aspect of its own lord Mars and the three benefics. T h e h o r o s c o P eN o . 3 o f P t . N e h r u i s g i v e n below a

Rahu Mars Lagna Moon


Sat ,/

nahu r,


Mer 7

lloroscope No.3



fupiter Sun Ketu Mer Venus Mars




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Effects of a planet in the 8th place form his own sign. FTI|;TTIFTftq I5('HT6_ unt silTR fr 2, *q.r: gqr{rflI: I gttsil Rtqq qtfr serrqrqd qtE t t tg t t er Tgds3rrdfi qr 1 il*ft {tS

r| w+rqqtffi+s vrqrlrft Y.btffiiT: 20| |

If a planet be positedin his own or exaltationsign in a Kendra or any other auspicioushouse;but be in the 8th from his own sign and be afflicted by a malefic, the relative denoted by that housethe lord of which be in the 8th from it, first getslife and losesit soon afterwards. Illustrations ZFTT_ ffi Udrd.t g !ilrds EeTTsfr gt, r q rRr Sq: vgtrqk{tr6: | | 2l l I Trqilt If Libra be the Ascendant,Jupiter be in the 10th in his sign of exaltation and Mars be in the 7th aspecting Jupitea the younger brother will be shortlived. Here younger brother. Jupiter being lord of the 3rd represents He is in the 10th (in his sign in exaltation),that is, in the by 8th to the 3rd and is aspected malefic Mars. Jupiter being (1)a benefic,(2) in a Kendra house,(3) in his sign of exaltation,causedthe birth of the younger brother. But being (1) in the 8th to his own sign (house) and (2) being aspectedby a malefic,the younger brother gets only short life.

srciKrfloTql-Fgnrei g weu qqrqdr Ew t r{r gr(g-qfurT$r.F,: saqfrarRtq-q: | | 22 tl

Hora Shatak


If Aquarius be the Ascendant,Mars be in the 10th (in his own sign Scorpio) and Saturn be in the 8th, aspectingMars, the younger brother of the native will have short life. Mars fully representsyounger brother as he is not only lord of the 3rd; but also Karaka for younger brother.Being in the 10th in his own sign Mars becomesstrong enough to give a younger brother but on account of being 8th to the 3rd (his own sign) and malefic aspect of Saturn on him, younger brother gets only a short life span. This rule requirescarefulapplication and should be app lie d t o t h e r e l ati ve S i n th e i r i n fa n cy alone, particularly when they do not have a good horoscope of their own from the longevity point of view. Supposethe Ascendantis Aries and Jupiter as lord of the 9th is posited in the 4th (8th to 9th) in his sign of exaltation and is aspectedby Saturn from the 2nd; all the requirementsof Shri Bhasin'srule have been met, so the result should be short life of the father.But if the father's horoscopeshows long life for him, I am sure, cannot the dispositionof planetsin his son'shoroscope, his life. shorten This rule may be applicable in the charts of the parents if they are under some bad periods or have So accidentalprone h6roscopes. this rule is to be applied carefully keeping the chart of the concernedrelative also in mind. Parshwagamini aspect

vt$nkftgFeFqqt Rirrqdrnnwsffi:
T$d SqftTd

qu 2s rl


astrology e*-i..on""pts of predictive

According to principles of Astrology, the character of planets located on either side of a house has to be its taken into account to assess results. If a house is hemmed in betweennatural maleficsits advancement. is destroyed. (In this connection the view of the author of 'fatakadesa Marga' is as follows : If all the malefics surround a Bhava on both sides,occupy the 4th and 8th housesreckonedfrom the same,the annihilation of the Bhavawill be the result.But if, the beneficstake the place of the malefics, the prosperity of the Bhava is assured.)

qRrfrtq<rqfr v*Sdrua<it ftpffi: g*{e gqqqTd: rr z+ tl Sr:

Adhiyoga has been acclaimedas a very beneficial Yogaby almost all authoritative astrologicalworks, for affluence, good health and longevity. The Chandraadhiyoga is formed when benefics(Mercury,Jupiter and Venus) are posited in the 6th,7th and the 8th houses with referenceto the Moon. (There is an Adhiyoga known as Lagna-adhiyogafor the formation of which haveto be insimilar positionswithreference the benefics to the Lagna).The result of Adhiyoga hasbeendescribed as under"The personwill be polite and trustworthy, will have an enjoyable and huppy life, full of luxuries and affluence,will inflict defeats on his enemies,will be healthy and will live long." In this Yoga the Lagna or the Moon is not actually surrounded by the benefics on both sides but they (Moon and Lagna) receivebenefic influence on both sides(i.e.on the 2nd and L2th housesto them),because of the aspectsof beneficsfrom their position in the 6th

Hora Shatak


and 8th houses.This principle can be advantageously applied for the judgement of any of the house in the horoscope.If there are beneficsin the 6th and the 8th housesfrom a Bhava (house)they will be aspectingthe to 12th and 2nd houseswith reference that housewhich will be tantamount to their being present there-and by such disposition the significationsof the house will get boosted.If, however, there are malefics in the 6th and 8th from the Moon, the Lagna or any other house, the resultswill be quite opposite. Comments-The presenceof Jupiter in the 6th or 8th with referenceto the Moon, Lagna or any other house will servethe purpose of this principle. Though suchdispositionwill not go under the term'Adhiyoga', the houses2nd and 12th to the Moon, Lagta or any other house with referenceto which Jupiter is in 6th or 8th, will receive his benign aspect (the 2nd and L2th will receivethe 9th and 7th housesaspector the 5th and 7th houseaspectof Jupiter,when he is in the 6th or 8th house respectively. Here I cannot help raising one very important point. It has been mentioned in almost all classicalworks of Hindu Astrology that if there are no planets in the 2nd known and 12th from the Moon, a very inauspiciousYoga as'Kemadruma (fuql is formed. The result of this Yoga has been given by'JatakadesaMarga' as under"The man born in Kemadruna Yogawill always be intent on other people'swives, desirousof other's food, engaged in doing wicked and unrighteous deeds, plunged in debts and indulging in sensualpleasures." There will be no Kemadruma Yoga if there is any planet in Kendra from the Moon or if the Moon is in Kendra from Lagna.My view is that thereshould be no


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Kemadruma Yoga also when there is ChandraAdhiyoga. Otherwise how qan the extraordinary good resultsascribedto this Yogabe realised? We would like to mention one more point to the principle given under sloka 24. The beneficresults of the aspectsof beneficsin the 6th and 8th with reference to the Lagna, Moon or any other house will materialise only when the L2th and 2nd houses from them are vacant or occupiedby somebeneficplanet only. Even the Lagna-Adhiyoga and Chandra-Adhiyoga are" said to be vitiated if any of the planets in the 6th, 7th or 8th are aspectedby or associatedwith any malefic.

q+ qrqrRfrrdTqi wffift | srqnr gRffiqT sr{ rrcTurt v,dftdA | 25 | | |

The author, therefore, strongly advises that while the assessing strength or weaknessand auspiciousness of or inauspiciousness a house or planet, the aspects falling on the 2nd and L2th house to them should be have the sameimpact on kept in view as such aspects the concernedhouse or the planet as if the aspecting planetsare presentin thosehouses(2nd and 12th).We have chosenthe name of theseaspectsss 'qlQffi EF' (ParshwagaminiAspect). Comments-The author hasclaimed that the theory 'qnffi of Ek' is his discovery and has never before been describedin any of the authoritative ancient or modern work on Hindu Astrology (or even Western Astrology). We alsodo not rememberto have read about this anywhere.As this is a very important conceptand effectsin the assessment discovery having far reachirrg of a horoscope,the author deservesfull credit and appreciationfor it.

Hora Shatak



rTsn-Er6(gnH' gq-dfrgqilsw{rFfrTqrgF {dqrmrfq qqftTsrRlfr: | | 26 rI EhfitgtricrlqFrtaffir qrrgkq ffirR arcrqrqrffift I I 2?| | qrrgFanrrA"r uprffi gt: r mfr rr-t g4q: AerlrgH ywFrr{rrr{: u 28tl

If Aquarius be the Ascendant with Jupiter in the 1Lth, Saturn in the 8th and Mars in the 6th and we may be examining the 11th house for the longevity of the elder brother, we will find that although there is no evil aspect on the Xlth house directly, there is aspectof Saturn on the 10th (12th to 11th)and of Mars on the 12th (2rrd to 11th). Thus the 11th house would be hemmed in between malevolent influences of of Saturn and Mars as a consequence which the L1th house,its lord and Karaka ]upiter all the threefactors will be rendered weak; thus adversely affecting the longevity of the elder brother and also other significations of the L1th house. The indirect influences as in the above example are of great importance for the proper analysisof any house in a a horoscope. Conjunctiorlof a planet with two enemy planets

ergr65ffqwrTr6116 ffi Rgrrfltrvferc: o,qqfr rqrfudztg-d: I atEn ftxrqr sg Hgircg,

6qr qtt{ftgmd: tt: | | 2e'tI


astrology Basicconceptsof predictive

A planet is renderedweak when he is placed in an enemy sign. Predictions about the results of a planet are alwaysbasedon his strength.Thus to determinethe strengthof a planet we should always take into account by whether he is in conjunctionwith or aspected a planet inimical to him or not. As many enemy planets he is conjoinedwith, as much weak he is rendered. Illustration erdlE|6tu[{-

' "

q-fr qfrhgfitntqt qrgTrf qR I lil.t I TigdRT fu qr+r+r I 30l I T1on

qfKqTRRTEFT{c: t sflH*Hrrd: { EI;FFRI I I 31| l fc*Vro: It: $rna{I91TrE|q If Gemini be the Ascendant with the Sun and Venus in the 3rd and Saturn in the 9th, though the Sun would have been quite strong in the 3rd house (an Upachaya house) in his own sign, he has been a c t u a l l y r e n d e r e d ve ry w e a k o n a ccount of his conjunctionwith Venusand the aspectof Saturnboth The result of this will be that as the Sun his enemies. is Karaka for father, the longevity of the father will be adversely affected and also the significations of the 3rd house will suffer.

Hora Shatak


ta tqrlqrarrl,
Specialconcepts about planets Strength of the Moon


qffiq; 6ftfr gft*', Tqq qdpr cfr srE | | 32| | rft

The Moon is consideredweak if she is very near to the Sun. From the 6th Tithi before Amavasya (in Krishna Paksha)up to the 6th Tithi in Shukla Paksha after Amavasya, the Moon is treated as weak and lacks PakshaBala.Therefore,even if the Moon be in a Kendra to Lagna in his sign of exaltationbut be weak in PakshaBaIa,she will be devoid of strength.Thus inspite of occupying an auspicioushouseor being in his own sign or sign of exaltationthe Moon would be weak if she is not strong in Paksha Bala. In other words Paksha Bala is of supreme importance than Rasi Bala or Bhava Bala for the Moon. For example, if in any nativity the Sun be in the 10th in his sign of exaltation (Aries) and the Moon also be in her sign of exaltation (Vrishabha)in the 1Lth, the Moon inspite o f b e i n g i n a n a u s p i c i o u sh o u s e i n h e r s i g n o f exaltation wouid be weak (in Paksha Bala) because of her nearnessto the Sun. Therefore,such a Moon will.not be good for the mother of whom the Moon is ,Karaka and Lagna which is also owned by the Moon. , Th e s t re n g t h o f t he Mo o n i s ve ry i mp or tant in most of the Bala-Arishta Yogasare , Astrology because results of the weak Moon or afflictions of the .the


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Moon. In this connection we seek attention of our readersto the following sloka in Brihat JatakagilERqr-qTd dr-|-{;*s 1l

oiuqgfr qrqrq qffiq: ll

If the Moon conioined with malefics (and being devoid of any benefic aspect)be in the 5th, 7th,gth, 12th, Ascendant or 8th, the child dies in infancy. Mercury giving quick results

geruqfus-d{r{Sf Fdkqqr Tgq: sqRrT|E:

dilqfr sqft ryffut

dqr r6'mlrTrqfr affi qtR lq: flftt-qqr Rq | | 33| | The life of a human being is constituted of infancy, childhood, youth, middle ageand old age'The stageof being'Kumara' is very near the first stage of human life. Thus if Mercury in his Dasaas a lord of any house, produces his results, they would manifest in the first part of the Dasa.Contrary to this, Saturn manifestshis results in the last part of his Dasa. Illustration

uTeltgE:RqrAqqi@'t wr: EqKtq EqRqqTq{: sEKs i6''tfr erqq I I 34| | If Mercury with Venusbe posited in the 7th house in his friendly sign Libra in a male nativity and be also conjoined with or aspected by the Sun and Saturn, the native will get separatedfrom his wife within a year of his marriage. This is due to the

Hora Shatak


presence of Mercury in the 7th who produces his results in the early part of any aspectof life - here it is married life. The reason for separation is the separative influence caused by the Sun and Saturn on the 7th, its lord and Karaka Venus. We will now t ak e a f e m a l e n a ti vi ty (ch a rt N o . 4) with SagittariusasAscendantwhere Jupiter in the 3rd and Mercury in the Tthare under separativeinfluencesof Rahu, Saturn and the Sun by conjunction.The result of such malefic influences on the 7th, its lord ancl Karaka will causeearly separationfor the lady from her husband.
Sun Mer Sat Moon lupiter Rahu
Venus lloroscope No.4


VIooi Iup 1 Rahrv 72

Mars Ketu


("t";* c /

4\ Venus

More e l a b o r a t e l y th e 7 th h o u se a n d i ts lor d Mercury are under the malefic influence of the Sun and Sgturn by conjunction and of Rahu by aspect.The Karaka of the 7th Venus is hemmed in between the Sun, Saturn,and Mars, Ketu. Thus there are separative influences on all the three factors concerning the Zth house.Jupiter aspects 7th and its lord; but not the the Karaka Venus.ThereforeJupiter could not stop the separation between husband and wife (first) but he helped the native to have amicablerelationswith his wife (second)after his secondmarriage.


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Yoga for interest in religious matters

r{ FFrqr6stilq-drqr qkrI qdvf,I5E: qil: | | 35 | I ' Th e Ac h a r y a s o f A stro l o g y h a ve addr essed In Mercury as'Vishnu' and'Yajna' (q-*). other words Mercury has been considered Karaka for charity, 'beneiol,ence, socialand public serviceand a religious 'planet. Mercury in particular becomes a iepresentativeof benevolentdeeds when he is lord of 9th house. The important significations of the 9th and spiritual house are religious mitters, benevolence upliftment. if such a Mercury be posited in the Aicendant (which is possiblefor Libra and Capricorn Ascendants),the connectionof religious sentiments with Lagna (self-mind),will createspecialinterest in religioui activities. In this connectionthe following horoscopeNo. 5 of Mahatma Gandhi may be seen'
fupiter Sat ,/ \ Mer . 9,/

gd rr*: $*: ffi

fraiq'r qflfuq:t

Rahu Ketu lloroscope No.5

Lagna Venus Mars Mer




\t* z
\ Venus

retr \,/

ro r/\

Mercury lord of the house of Dharma (9th) in the form of yai.a (q*) establishedreleationship with the Lagna by being there and with lord of the Lagna by . o iln t . i i o n . M e tcu ry i s stro n g b e causehe gets

Hora Shatak


directional strength in the first house.Both Mercurv and Venus are aspectedby Jupiter lending impetus in the native towards the religious inclina-tioni and sentiments.Thus Mercury becamean important factor in inspiring Gandhiji to involve himJeU in social, public welfare and benevolent activities and sublimating Venus made him a symbol of nonviolence and universal love. Similar dispositions are present on the next chart No. 6 of Swami Vivekananda.
Mars Ketu 11

L:gna DUn

lloroscope No.6 Ketu 2

Mars 1.

Mer Rahu jupiter Moon Sat


Sat )on .6

Here also Mercury as lord of the 9th is posited in the Lagna. He is associatedwith Venus Lord of the 5th, who is also lord of the 9th to 9th that is 5th, significator of Dharma according to ,Bhavath Bhavam'_th99ry. Lord of the Lagna Siturn by being in Jhe 9th (house of Dharma) has given iurther strength to the Yoga.It should also be noted that the representativesof Dharma, namely Mercury and Venus are associatedwith the highly Satvit and significator of soul, the Sun. Horoscope of Swami Ramakrishna paramhansa (No. 7) is worth considerationin this connection. The Sun and Moon are in the Ascendant. This nreans that the Lagna, Chandra Lagna and Surya


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is Laqna all are in the same rasi. Therefore, Saturn Chandra noI onlv the lord of Lagna but also of the

Sun Ketu 2

Rahu 8

lloroscoPe No.7

in h?Y,t" ?h"-1Yf,il i"'nrttig".f J*altatio" t-he ?f ti9 of the Uo{Y and mind

a Saturn and Surya Lagnas.The disposition of such

ibout a significani ;il;" Dharma. Tie exalted lord of the Lagna is *iiri and by aspected Jupiter the Karaka of spirituality *1. ii lord of the 5th (9th to 9th) exertshis Mil;t aspected on ir",ftn"r-,." the threeLagnastirat are also there is no ilV i"pia"r. With such combinations ,rlrprir" that every part of.th" fo.ly of Ramakrishna *ui Paramahar,ru sbakedin spirituality' and Comments Mercuryis a ionvertibleplanet a faculties',In few horoscopes a planetwith analytical by or aspected the above,ire is eitherwith discussed the essence Satvikaplanetsand planetsrepresenting So brotherhood' Mercuryis oiretigiin and universal make the native to ;h;-;f"".t, if alone, should Jir.t'i-i"ate what is in the interestof humanity'and Sun Brihat |ataka saysthat'The Moon' the Satva (ur+-purity' Jupiter are planets typifying the u"a V;1us are essentially io'oa.r"rr). Mercury (a[q) Mu" andSaturnown Tamas filur,"tsof passion.

Hora Shatak


To or darkness as their distinguishing characteristics. us it appears that Jupiter and the Sun in all the three horoscopes moulded the qualities of the natives.It will be seenin the horoscopeof MahatrnaGandhi that ]upiter aspectsthe Lagna and Mercury the lord of the 9th. In the horoscope of Swami Vivekananda the important roles are played by the Sun in the Lagna, Jupiter in the 10th and the Moon and Saturn in the 9th. But for Jupiter in the LOth,he would not have been able to reach the dizzy heights of fame and spirituality which he achieved in his short span of life. The Moon and Saturn in the 9th becamethe cause of his renunciation of the worldly comforts. In the horoscopeof Sri RamakrishnaParamahansa it is Jupiter, the Satvik planet and real significator of universal Dharma and spirituality, who played the most significant role. It is evident in the chart that Jupiter aspectsthe 9th (houseof Dharma) and Lagna, lord of the 9th Mercury and the Atmakaraka Sun. Ketu in the 4th also lent its full support to religious and ascetic inclinations of this great saint as the significator of deep meditation. In the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, the Sun is in the L2th house powerfully aspected by ]upiter who, though a natural benefic,is lord of the 3rd and 6th. Jupiter is in the 10th from the Moon aspectedby Saturn. This gives considerablespirituality. fupiter here may be taken in the 8th house in the bhava chart. The soul of Gandhiji, with all its egoism,self-love and deep seateddesiresis vested in the Sun. As he is in the 1.2th,he gives him spirituality. Mercury in the Ascendant produces keennessof mind. The 10th is Karmasthana.Rahu's location there is indicative of g o o d w o r k a m o n g s t m a s s e s .G a n d h i j i a l w a y s advocatednon violence or ahimsa.

, 54

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chart Lagna Again in RamakrishnaParamahansa's Kumbha or Aquarius and lord of the Lagna Saturn is is,exalted in the 9th being powerfully aspectedby ] up it er. T h e c o n j u n cti o n o f th e S u n , Moon and by Mercury in the Lagna aspected |upiter indicatesa which made him undergo peculiar great changein life Y o g i c e x p e r i e n c e s .T h e S u n , M o o n a n d L a g n a representingthe soul, mind and body respectivelyare all in the fixed sign Kumbha. The Atmakaraka Sun being aspectedby Jupiter is suggestiveof the grand refinement of the soul. The Moon in a similar position is indicative of the direction in which the mind has been working from his very young age and the way he controlled his mind. that Mercury did play a dominant It will be seen role in the saintly life of these people due to his discriminating faculty. Special effects of Venus in the 12th house

ErffTrA11frsRelqsilrttirTtgEiF Trt Fq ERt *rr sqt I ilfiKdR{rrr: um}q}nqwq lr{rfd I | 36| | Venus is the planet who is fond of luxuries, comforts and sensual pleasures.The 12th house in a horoscopeshould also be judged for bed comforts an d s en s u a l p l e a s u re s a cco rd i n g to l e ar neds in Astrology. The question of renunciation, sensual pleasuresand conjugal relationship (errtffig....) should be examinedfrom the 12th house.'Vyaya' (<a) Therefore'when is also anothername for'Bhoga' (trlT)' Venus,in any nativity, is in the 12th house, the native enjoys luxuries, comforts and sensual pleasures. Th is is q u i t e a l o gi ca l co n cl u si o n a s when two

Hora Shatak


measures with similar significations join together, t hey b e s t o w o n t h e n a ti ve i n a b u n d a nce the objects they signify. For example, if the lord of the Llth house conjoins with the lord of the 2nd, it becomes a powerful Dhana Yoga (wealth giving combination) as both the lords of the 2nd and 11th are significators of gains of wealth ( lord of the 2nd is accordinglycalled Dhanadhipati and lord of the 1Lth is known as Labhadhipati). On the basis of this principle, we are of the view that when Venus and the lord of the 2nd conjoin in the 12th house, there will be abundance of luxuries, comforts and plea s u re s .A s t h e s e ca n n o t b e o b ta i n e d without money, the Yoga provides plentiful money for such enjoyments.This will be further discussedin the next sloka. Yoga for Abundant wealth through Venus in the 12th house

g'5,,q$Tr{ gg;1 ofutffitq qqrry1-affi qtt{ q rud frtiqs+qqo:| | s?tl

From the rules enunciatedby us in the previous sloka, it becomesquite clear that if Venus be in the L2th house and lord of the 12th be also there, Venus will become a wealth giving planet (errcr+-o). The reason for this is that Venus, the significator of luxuries in such circumstances, will not only have closerelationship with the houseof luxuries, comforts and pleasuresbut also with its lord. Our view that the placementof Venus in the 12th is very beneficial and gives rise to Dhana yoga is supported by the


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following sloka in'Bhavartha Ratnakara'g qire[ qq{fr wtfrsgq: I I 88I I This means that for one born in Mesha (Aries Ascedant),if lord of the 2nd is in the 12th, he !s auspicious.For those born in other Lagnas the 2nd lord does not becomegood if he is placed in the 1.2th. Our interpretation of this is that it is only Venus and no other planet that is capableof bestowing good in the 12th house. In this connection the following 'Bhavartha Ratnakara'is also relevantsloka of qqtri

tEqtrs snfrq{Ffoftqfr's!+|

qr1 g q{fr r;r{frsfr o,+? qcr

n setl Yoga if he is placed This meansthat Venuscauses either in the 12th or in the 2nd house,in other places he does not produce any Yoga. This sloka also strengthens our view that Venus Not only in the 1'2th, in the 12th is very ausPicious. but the presenceof Venus in the 6th house also is equally good, as from the 6th Venuswould aspectthe the 12th and will give in excess significationsluxuries, of pleasures the L2th house'The comfortsand sensual point of view is that such a Venuswould be in other the L2th house from the house of life partner that is 7th house. This view is supported by'Bhavartha Ratnakara'Sms N{qFi fu rqfr gq{t qqRqarq gm'T *rrg5qfrll 40ll cqr This meansthatVenus in the 6thwill certainly give rise of fame and affluence. He will give the same results in the L2th house also. , ' ffi qaT{ffiqFfrrn:

Hora Shatak


'Uttara Kalamrita'has alsoexpressed similar view about Venus in the 1,2thas will be seen from the following slokasqgqfg}nftrRRq {lfr: d'{R{ffiqf-(l U*t ar<${dsdisft S'!rd rrrilarirqfttfir r r This meansthat Saturn,when he is in exaltation, own house or in the sign owned by Jupitea will do only good, even if he is located in the Lagna.Venus, though placed in the 12th, will prove auspicious exceptwhen he is in a sign or Amsa owned by Saturn. See "Uttara Kalamrita" published by M/s Ranjan Publications. of About the auspiciousness Venusin the 6th, the 'Uttara Kalamrita', is as underview of qssr: {rfoft: sqggrtr+wRu-d t *il frqnE:t t rrgdrr+lqftcFrmt , This means that Venus will do good when in the 6th house,Rahu will be favourablewhen he occupies Ketu will prove the 7th, 4th,9th,l,Lthand 10th houses. in the 3rd house. auspiciouswhen he is Results of Venus in 12th from any house

Erqqr$qFit tqelqsdqrFq qsr{ EK{F[: qqqrtvnniq r u*t

T{ dqqdt KEt| | 4r | | Venusadvancesthe good effectsof the house,the lord of the house and Karaka of the house,if the house 12th to them is occupied by him. The author has enunciated this principle from his personal experience. qffi,n6,rqfrsqtfr


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Yoga for Abundant wealth through Venus in the 12th House

Si6,,-AT|_$r$-gfrrrq|qaE EpirRd'ilqlils gft1m,Tlrfr r gorq wqr+d dqlllqTrRrfr g31t | 42 | | If the Ascendantbe Aquarius or Scorpiooccupied by Venusand Jupiter be in the 2nd, the native becomes the owner of severallakhs (that is, very wealthy). The reasonis that Jupiter as lord and Karaka for the house of wealth will be in his own houseand Venuswill be in 12th to the 2nd house, its lord and Karaka. Thus all the three factors of the 2nd house will be boosted from Venus being in 12th to them, resulting into growth of wealth Advancement of significations of the 5th house by the position of Venus in the 4th house

sErWrqr6Sffiq rqqtryr+sq*ft Rffic-rq|dsqqTtqmrtgo: r gtrt v r{r Uft1 Tg{rfr q+E r +r rr r

If the Ascendentbe Leo or Scorpiowith Jupiter in the 5th and Venus in the 4th, such a Yoga will bless the native with many sons (children). The reason is obvious. For both the Ascendants, the 5th house,its lord and Karaka ]upiter will have Venus in the 12th house to them, and their good effects will get great impetus. In the above two slokasan attempt has been made to demonstrate how Venus in the 12th !o the lord and significator of wealth and lord and significator of children, occupying their own houses,brings about abundancein the quantum of effects of the houses

Hora Shatak


c o n c e r n e d .T h e p r i n c i p l e i s , h o w e v e r , e q u a l l y applicable to other houses also. If Venus be in 12th from the houses or planets indicating attainment of high government position or a high political status, he would further advancethe good effectsconcerning them. We will clarify this by an illustration but before doing so it will be important to note that the subject of government administration is not only connected with the 10th house but also with the Ascendant,the strength of the Sun and the 7th house which is 10th to LOth.Similarly the 2nd houseis also concernedwith matters of administration as stated in the following sloka in'Sarvartha Chintamnai'. <n' qnmfrr* r frrorffi il{rqivqt go-Srg* {ra{q qTrfrfr qff,gqq:ll This means that if the lord of the 2nd house be in Paravatamsaand be aspectedby Jupitea the native rules over hundreds of persons. We will illustrate the above principles by first analysing the horoscopeNo. 8 of the late President, Dr. RajendraPrasad,who was electedfirst President of independent India.

#Saq-itrfrm Gtunes{*)

Sat 17

Horoscope No.8

Lagna Mars Sun Mer
Venus Rahu

K:":, ";lX K



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To have full impact of Shri Bhasin's analysis I will give what he has actually written. The Sun, lord of the 9th who is also a Rajya giving planet seemsto say, "I am quite competent to give kindgom; but unfortunately I have been placedin 12th house as a result of which instead of giving kingdom I will, for a long time, create conditions for rebellion against the administrators of the kingdom. But do not get disheartened. I have still been left with some of specialities mine. The first specialityis that although I am in the 12th I am posited in the sign of my friend Mars. The second speciality is that my bosom friend Moon with her full strength on account of being full Moon and inher sign of exaltationis giving me support by his powerful benefic aspect on me. My third speciality is that I aan hemmed in between two benefics-Mercury (in the 2nd to me) and Venus(in the 12th to me). My fourth specialityis that my very dear and is friend ]upiter who is called Rajya-Kripa-karaka in my sign and also lord of Ascendant,by being posited being in the 10th Kendra position from me is giving me strength I need.Jupiter being lord of the sign occupied by Ketu has become more powerful as lord of the Ascendant.And my fifth specialityis that Venusin his own sign is sitting in the house twelfth to me. I have, therefore, acquired full confidence that I can give In kingdom to the native of the horoscope. addition, the 10th houseof my native hasgained strengthon account of it being occupied by Rahu in his own sign. Further the L0th house is hemmed in between two benefics ]upiter and Venus. The lord of the 10th Mercury has becomepowerful as he is lord of the sign occupied by Rahu . S a t u r n , lo rd o f th e 2 n d , i s aspected by directional the 10th lord Mercury who also possesses

Hora Shatak


strength. The aspect of Mars on Saturn is no doubt harmlul". Concluding this analysis Shri Bhasin says that although he has mentioned many in Rajayogas the horoscope,he would lay specialemPhasis ottV"t.tt who is occupying the houseL2th to the Sun' of of Comments-The reasons success Dr' Rajendra prasad in his political tife by becoming President can be elaborated more than those mentioned by the author. From the disposition of planets we can see a file full of struggleJ, agonies and miseries'.To me the was due to (1) Jupiter's position in ultimate success the 9th in a friendly sign from where he aspects Lagna of (of which he isthelord) and the presence Ir'Iercury iord of the 10th and Mars lord of the Sth in the Lagna' (2) Gajakesari Yoga caused by lugiter being in Keridra to the Moon. The result of this Yoga has been describedas followsMany relations, polite and generous,builder of villages and towns, magistrate over them; will have a lasling reputation even long after death'" (a) najayogacausedby being together.ofMars lord of a'frikoni u"a Mercury lord of Kendra, in the Lagna' (4) Exchange ofhousesbetween Saturn lord of the 2nd and Merclry lord of the 10th and 7th' (5) The pecuiiarity of the horoscope lies in the p o * " t f u l R a j a y o g a c a u s e d- i n L a g n a b y ! h " inrrolvement Mars (tord of the Sth), Jupiter (lord of the Lagna) and Mercury (lord of the 10th)' by Venus being lOl itre Shuba-vasi Yoga caused in tire L2th to the Sun. ThJresult has been described as under and "The native will be hupPy,ProsPerous,liberal favourite of ruling classes".


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(7) There is a powerful Chandra Adhiyoga present in the horoscopeon account of Venus and Mercury being in the 6th and 8th housesfrom the Moon. This is a partial and defectiveAdhiyoga as Mercury is with Mars. The definition of Adhiyoga says"lf beneficplanetsare situated in the 6th, 7th and 8th from the Moon, the combination is named as Adhi-Yoga". The results of the Adhi yoga have been describedas under "The person becomes polite and trustworthy, has an enjoyableand huppy life, surrounded by luxuries and affluence, defeats his enemies, is healthy and enjoys a long liie" . Someof the scholarsopine "If there is one planet in full strength in any one of these signs,that is, the 6th,7th or 8th from the.Moon,the personwill become a leader.If there are t*o he will be a minister and if there are three,he will occupya more eminentstation in life". This infi:rence is confirmed by the next examplehoroscope No. 9.

Horoscope No.9

10\ Ketu
L1 12\ Moon




Jupiter Venus

It will be seenthat only two- Jupiter and Venus,are in the 8th and 7th respectivelyfrom the Mooru Mercury being in the 5th. The Adhiyoga is fairly powerful, Venus and Jupiter occupying the 7th and 8th from the Moon.


Hora Shatak


Venus though debilitated in Rasi is exalted in Navamsa, so is Jupiter in own Sagittarius Navamsa. Though I have taken a lot of space for the matter which is not connected with the main subject, but t he c o n t e n t s g i v e n i n th e sp a ce u su rp ed by m e will definitely prove useful to the studentsof Astrology. Now we revert to the author's principles about Venus. The description from now on will be in the words of Shri Bhasin himself. The birth chart No. 10 given here under is of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.
Lagna Moon Horoscope No. 10



Sat [upiter Sun Ketu Mer Mars Venus


Here the Sun is lord of the 2nd house which, as we have already mentioned earlier, also signifies 'administration' (rrw rrml). Thus, as the Sun is strong in this chart, the native obtained a high position in Government administration. The Sun is already strong being in a friendly sign in a Trikona house. have increasedon His strength and auspiciousness account of being hemmed in between Venus and Mercury in the 12th and Jupiter in the 2nd to him. Thus the Sun becomes a powerful significator for giving to the native a very high position in the administration of Government.For this purpose the


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L0th house has also to be consideredThis house has of becomevery strong as it is receivingthe aspects its own lord Mars and benefics Mercury, Venus and ]upiter (the last planet has gained more strength on ac c o u n t o f h i s a s s o ci a ti o nw i th K e tu ). W e now considerthe disposition of Tthhousewhich is L0th to the 10th (Bhavat Bhavam)Saturn lord of 10th house his is aspecting own signAquariusfalling in8th house from Lagna. As a result the other sign of Saturn, Thus the 7th namely Capricorn,is also strengthened. house is also strong. All these dispositions caused Nehru the first Prime Minister of independent India '1.7 years. Though we have and he remained for discussedall the factors,the significanceof Venus in being L2th to the RajyaKlraka Sun should not be lost sight of. To confirm this principle further we will now take up the horoscopeNo. 1,1of the Late U.S. President Eis e n h o w e r :
Lagna Rahu

2\ Rahu

Horoscope No. ll

Jupitet Mars Venus



Sun Moon


5 Sat

The high position which President Eisenhower attained in his life was due to his successand Mars the significator in achievements his military career. is lord of the 2nd house which of martial eminence



signifiesGovernmentadministration. Mars occupies the sign of his friend Jupiter in the 10th. He also possesses directional strength and is moving towards his sign of exaltation. Notonly Venusis in 12thto Marsbutthe latter is hemmed in betweenVenusand ]upiter (two benefics) the lord of 10thJupiter though in his sign of debilitation possesses SthanaBala (em q-o). lord of the 7th (10th The to 10th) Mercury is also in his own sign (which is also the sign of his exaltation)and is aspected Jupiter. by Though the Sun is in the 8th in his sign of debilitation but his debilitation standscancelled Mars lord of the as sign (Aries)in which he getsexaltedis in Kendra to the Lagna. The Sun is also hemmed in betweenbenefics Mercury and Venus. Therefore,the Sun cannot be con s ider e dw e a k . T h u s a l l th e a b o ve mentioned dispositionshelped Eisenhowerto occupy the highest position in the administration of the United Statesof America.However,the factthatVenus the 12thto Mars in who has strengthened latter,should not be ignored. the The horoscope No. 12of the Mughal EmperorAkbar is also worth mentioning in this connection.

Rahu Horoscope No. 12


Ketu Jupiter
Venus Sat




Ketu \5

Venus Sat



Moon r3

Here the Sun aslord of the 11thin 2nd is quite strong. He gains more strength ashe is lord of the sign occupied


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by Ketu.Venus being 12th to the 2nd housegives more strength to the Sun, accordingto principle enunciated by us. Further the Sun is strengthened being in between benefics Mercury in 2nd and Jupiter and Venus in the L2th to him. The lord of the 2nd and 7th Mars is exalted in the 4th houseand is, therefore,very strong. Another factor of Mars's strength is his position in Kendra to Jupiter,Venus and Yogakaraka Saturn. Lord of the 10th Moon not only possesses but Pakshabala (qercrm); is also aspected by Mercury a n d J u p i t e r . T h e Mo o n g i ve s ri se to a power ful Rajayogabeing in the 9th as lord of the 10th. Mutual betweenMercury lord of the 9thand the Moon aspects lord of the 10th also givesriseto a powerful Rajayoga' The Lagna is very strong as it is occupiedby its own lord Venus and Yogakaraka Saturn in his sign of e x a lt ia t i o n . J u p i te r's p re se n ceth e re i s not ver y auspiciousas he is lord of the 3rd and 6th but being a benefic he is welcomed also. The auspiciousfactors are so overwhelming that the native could not but be an Emperor. In addition to Raja Yoga mentioned above tl-rereare tl'rreePanchamahapurushaYogas present in the chart viz., Malavya Yoga caused by Venus,SasaYoga causedby Saturn and RuchakaYoga caused by Mars. The results of these Yogas are as underRu c h a k a - T h e p e rso n b o rn i n R u c haka Yoga will have a strong physique, will be famous, well versed in ancient lore, will be a king or his equal conforming to traditions and customs.He will have a ru d d y c o m p l exi o n , a ttra cti ve b o d y, char itable disposition, will be wealthy,long lived and leader of an army.



Sasa-"One born in this Yogawill commandloyal subordinates.His characterwill be questionable. He will be head of a village or a town or even be a king, wil l c ov e t o t h e r ' s ri ch e s a n d w i l l b e w icked in disposition." Malavya-"The person will have a well formed physique, will be firm minded, wealthy, huppy with children and spouse will command vehicles,will be having sensitivesenseorgans,famous and learned." Although the birth chart of Akbar is very strong in every respect,the role of Venuswho is 12th to the 2nd house signifying government administration and his powerful aspecton the 7th (10th to 10th) should not be lost sight of. Saturn as significator of diseases

ffiffifrqretltqqrr qRqqqfr rr;fu{AdM

qtq r r++ r r

If Leo or Virgo be the Ascendantand Saturnaspects the Ascendantas well aslord of the Ascendant,namely the Sun or Mercury, the subject suffers from a long lasting disease. The reasonfor suchan effectis obvious. Saturn, in Astrology has been named as Rogakaraka (one who causesdiseases). Therefore,Saturn's aspect on both the Ascendant and its lord will cause some disease. When Saturnbe the lord of the houseof disease, namely the 6th (which is the case in Leo and Virgo nativities), there can be no doubt at all about Saturn's role in causingdiseases. One more thing to be noted in this connectionis that if Rahu or Ketu be posited in the 6th, Saturn will representtheseshadowy planets also. In such circumstancesit should not be surprising if Saturn as Rogakaraka,lord of the Roga (frr)house and


astrology cf concepts predictive Basic

lord of the sign occuPiedby Rahu or Ketu may inflict some serious kind of diseaseto the body part of the bY native represented Lagna. I t i s a l s o n e c e s s a r yt o p o i n t o u t o n e m o r e important aspectof sucha disposition.Saturn as lord of lhe 6th where Rahu or Ketu may also be posited, will also do harm to the househe occupies' Actually whatever be the Ascendant,lord of the 6th, when 6th house is occupied by Rahu or Ketu, will always transmit along with his effect the evil influence of these planets also. So when Saturn himself is lord of the 6th, he will become threefold
Sat Ketu
\ C./

Sun Mer lupiter Venus

Iloroscope No. 13


A I r"r?,,

Mars Moon



2 Sat

The inflictor of diseases. chartsNo. 13 and 14 illustrate the points made out above. Saturn in this chart possesses all the disqualifications (or qualifications) described above. He harms the significationsof the 9th house which he occupies,particularly when lord of the natural 9th sign (sagittarius)is in debilitation in the 5th house. As a result the native suffered from a in disease one of his thighs when he was 20 years old which affected the bone hip. The diseasecould not be cured.

Hora Shatak


In the chart No. L4, Saturn as lord of the 6th from t he 4 t h ( M a t r u s t ha n a ) a n d th e l o rd o f the sign occupiedby Ketu, aspects 4th houseand also the the Sun lord of the 4th. The Karaka of the 4th house, the Moon is associated with Rahu. The result is that the mother of the native suffers from several chronic diseases.
Venus Sun Sat Mer Ketu

Mars fupiter Moon Rahu


Sun 1

72 Mer 11 Sat \ ,/

lloroscope No. 14



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Chaper dealing with special effects of houses.

Cfrt-N eil-6-Ab out Lagna

qrAgwi sqrt R qre{qffirq{s vqq F F{q t qqR wqsrdrFr qrR wf: Rn: qrqwfr'rq I | 45| | As the Lagna is the first house in a horoscope, accordingto principles of symbology,considerations about all those things that come first in the life of a person, should be made from the Lagna or the Ascendant.In the parts of the body of a person the first place goes to the head (that is, head is the first part of the body). Therefore,all about the head should be ascertainedfrom the Lagna. Similarly a person's known as soon as he is born and complexionbecomes whether he is Brahmin or Kshatriya etc., that is his caste is assumed soon after his birth. These things should, therefore,also be consideredfrom the Lgana. Th ere a r e m a n y o th e r si mi l a r th i n g s like the environment and circumstancesduring childhood, body, height, birth place etc.,are also related to the Lagna (in other words the disposition of Lagna gives indications about such matters).



The horoscopeNo. L5 is of a personwho was born in the house of his maternal grandfather.
Moon Rahu [/enus
l -r---t4tul t

Lagna Ketu

Horoscope No.15


Sun Mercur1 Jupiter

J"" x'o;" ir"X,/ ,4\ "#" /

/ ,/Saturn \ , / 7 2 Venus

The lord of Lagna is the Sun who is also a kind of Lagna (SuryaLagna),indicatesself. The Sun is in the 4th housewhich is a significatorof mother.The Moon who is also significator of the mother aspectsthe 4th house.Thus the closeconnectionof lord of the Lagna the Sun and of the Moon the significator of mother, '^':th the 4th house,establishes fact that the native the was born in his maternal grandfather's housecalled 'Mayaka' (qq+r)of the mother. As the Lagna is concernedwith all matters relative to the time of birth, the financial position of the family of the native at the time of his birth can also be ascertainedfrom the disposition of the Lagna. This view is supported by'Sarvartha Chintamani' which qTeTqcI' that is, if the Lagna says- 'f,'+ {q 9frq-aEfug{fr childhood with or aspected benefics, by is associated is full of happinessand comforts. It may be pointed out here that considerationsabout the circumstances of the native during childhood and of his education during that period are done from the 2nd house and its lord, about conditions during his youth from the 3rd house and its lord and about his old agefrom the


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4th houseand its lord. For example,if the 2nd house and its lord fall under the influencesof the Sun,Saturn and Rahu,the native will receiveeducationat a place away from his parent's home. Planets in Kendras always influence Lagna

*qtq: v{r FrrilFqmn {sr6r{ *q.rm, der: n+rqft qtst{ |

I t46 | | e<ful*qr6r:dffiffiqwfdr: When the planets are inmutual Kendras they exert influenceson each other.It is for this reasonthat the Lagna acquiresmore strengthwhen there are benefics in Kendras from it. In the astrological works wheneverthe subjectof longevity has beendiscussed the credit of long life bas been given to the enough strength of the Lagna and its lord. It is quite logical to attribute good longevity to the strength of Lagna. It has been said in this context :

grr+fa+ cra+tRnqri Tfle, q ffig onorqqtg q t w$g

This means that it is good for the Lgana to be Vargottamaand to have benfic planets in the Kendras from it. Similarly it is good to have'KarakakhyaYoga' when the planets This yogais caused in one'shoroscope. in their own signs or in their signs of exaltationare in for Kendrasto eachother.It is not necessary the planets to be in Kendra from the Lagna. Brihat Parasharasays-

RqT q furtfr ftw:$-qrmqI', # tS t Tr{ irrr.h'r: o.{'Tq lq*q* t t

If the planets in their own signs, exaltation signs or in their friendly signs,are in Kendrasto eachother

Hora Shatak


they become Karakas, particularly to one who is in the L0th to the other. The Kendra position of planets is recognisedas square aspect in Western system of Astrology also, but this aspect is always considered adverse there; gradually the Western astrologersare acceptingthe view that the squareaspectis not always detrimental. The good or bad bffectsof such Kendra position are benefics or malefics according to planets involved. I n t h is c o n n e c t i o n th e fo l l o w i n g d i ctu m is ver y relevantI Tflq{rf tg: ttgdwi qttfr qTqgil: This means,if the Moon be in the 10th housefrom with malefics, the the Sun and be also associated native's mother will be short lived. The reason is obvious. When the Moon is in Kendra to the Sun, she will suffer from the malefic effect of the Sun and the result will be adverseparticularly when the Moon is with malefics. associated The Karakakhya Yogais presentin the horoscope No. 16 of V.Krishna Menon Sun Venus Mars Rahu Moon

I{oroscope No. 16


liNZ *y\





Here the Sun,jupiter and Saturn by being in their signs of exaltation and in Kendra positions to each



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other are presenting 'Karakakhya Yoga' and thus influencing each other. As will appear from this horoscope, planetsparticipating in the Yoganeed the not be in Kendra from the Lagna. The sum and substanceof this Yoga is that the planets exert their influence on the houses and planets situated in Kendras to them. The rule is that if there are benefics in K e n d r a s f r o m th e L a g n a , th e l a tter will be strengthened.The opposite will be the results if malefics occupy the Kendras.If the Lagna is strong, longevity will be good. If the Lagna is weak longevity will be poor. In this connectionsomeslokasof.'Sarvartha Chintamani' may be seen where the occupation of Kendrasfrom the Lagna by maleficshasbeenthe cause of Balarishta(Deathin infancy or childhood) and short life.

(1) "{rfi 64 cn5dfift qr fM crqi qft fr+r{e qFT: qrtr'fli +d Bfr*d, seqffqqt!r: t" (2) *+ q;rrq clrg-ffi+ R.f qft ffi (3) dq efiq qTRrF{ Ftr4-*g crq r" fte5q

qftrtq l"

(+)*dS qTtg fr$r+t"r qM frer,'rqETq+ qREreni* fuft ffipaq1" qr sffiAg

(5) "qql wqqrTrriTqT:fiuqp: *q qR Rqfrl t"

sTm dn ggg-i eqrftfi 1ft:ftrr',



Importance of Surya and Chandra Lagnas (The Sun and Moon signs)

qf-q.dqfrd ffi)


qtqRqld:qqderEiqT I

qqratglafu{r+ft+ tt qdfrsEfr,5FrFffi,
sq qrdrR frrq1471 ffi All matters and happenings at the time of birth are consideredfrom the Lagna. On the basis of our prac t ic al e x p e r i e n ce ,w e fe e l th a t co n si der ation should also be given to thesematters from the Surya and Chandra Lagna, that is, the signs or houses occupied by the Sun and Moon. Similarly the lords of these signs or houses should be subjectedto the as sameassessment is done for lord of the Lagna.Thus person and other matters like birth of the casteof the twins etc. should be considered from the Sun and of Moon sign also. In short, for the assessment the matters referred above, disposition of all the three Lagnas,namely,the Lagna, Chandra Lagna and Surya Lagna and their lords, should be judged carefully.In this connection,we give below a sloka from "Brihat |ataka" published by "M/s Ranjan Publications" Brihat fataka :q d.{Fr u guHtRti q qT {HIr6' rlqun wrre{ t ftqqqrE | | rr r{Fr 6Mrr Udsr{r $Hft qt'r qrd rdft " This means, if ]upiter does not aspectthe rising sign or the Moon in conjunction with the Sun, or if the Moon is conjoined with a malefic and the Sun, the offspring should positively be declaredto have been begotten by another person (q"f er+l).


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Our purpose in drawing attention of the readers to this sloka is that sincethe fact of being a bastard is concerned with the birth, such matters should be examined from the Lagna. It is for this reasonthat the learnedsin Astrology h a v e a d v i s e d t h a t t h e s o u r c e so f l i v e l i h o o d o r professionof a personshould be determinedfrom the 10th housewhich is most powerful as reckonedfrom the Lagna, Chandra Lagna or Surya Lagna. As an extention to this a particular house is to be adjudged from the Lagna, Chandra Lagna or Surya Lagna, the outcome,should be predictedfrom the strongestout of the three Lagnas or from the majority of the three Lagnas. Comments-Generally the ancient astrological as works, which are recognised authoritative and on which the whole systemof Hindu Astrolol;y is based, have recommendedexaminationof a horo;copefrom the Lagnaand Chandra Lagna.They have alsoadded if that the predictions would be more accut'ate they 'are made according to dispositon of a planet with referenceto the Lagna or the Moon wttichever is stronger of the two. As far as my knowledge goes it is Maharishi Parasharawho in his famous, most recognisedand authoritative work'Brihat Parashara H o r a ' , h a s r e c o m m e n d e dt h e e x a m i n a t i o n o f a to horoscopewith reference the Lagna,ChandraLagna and Surya Lagna, and that also when the Lagna, Sun and Moon occupy differentsigns.For this purposehe a chartwhich would show hasrecommended combined to the dispositionsof planetswith reference all the three Lagnas. This combined chart has been called 'sudarshana Chakra'. Thosewho are interestedmaY Hora". refer to "Brihat Parashara



Shri B h a s i n h a s sta te d th a t a h o u se i s to be evaluatedwith referenceto all the three Lagnas.The outcome should be predicted from the strongest of the three Lagnas or from the majority of the three Lagnas. This is becausethe dispositions of planets would be d i f f e r e n t fro m th e th re e L a g nas. For example,while analysing a horoscopefrom the Lagna we find that lord of the Lagna is in the Sth house, a very good position for him. But if the Moon is in the 6th house, lord of Lagna may be in the 12th to the Moon. Actually what we shouid do is that we should examine all matters concerning the horoscopewith referenceto all the three Lagnas, and then decide by analysing all the results.For example,if longevity is poor f rom t h e L a g na , i t i s D e e rg h a A yu ( good longevity) from Chandra Lagna and fairly good from Surya Lagna we should conclude that the native will have long life. If longevity is very good from the Lagna, hnd poor from both the Chandra and Surya Lagnas, we should declare that it would be about medium. The Lagna is of first importance becauseit is fixed for the exact time of birth. The Chandra L a g n a o c cu p i e s th e se co n d p o sition of importance as the Moon remains in a sign for about 21/z days.The Surya Lagna should be given the third place of importance as the Sun remains in a sign for about a month. As the duration of a Lagna is about two to two and a half hours and all persons born during this period will have the same Lagna. The number of persons born with the sarne Chandra Lagnh will be around 24 times more and the number of personswith the sameSurya Lagna will be around 700 times more. Thus we can understand that the birth Lagna is of prime importance amongst the three Lagnas.


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In the horoscopeNo L7 in which the question of children,that is, the 5th househasbeenexamined. From the Lagna the 5th house falls in Aquarius the lord of which is Saturn who occupiesthe 8th from the Lagna and 4th from the 5th house.Though Saturn is in the 8th, but powerfully aspects 5th his own house the and himself is aspectedby Ketu. The 5th house is between two malefic influences. The second to it is occupied by Mars and Rahu and 12th to it is aspected by Ketu. TheKaraka of theSthhouseand children,Jupiter is in his own sign and is retrogradewith no malefic influence on it. Jupiter is, therefore,quite strong.Thus taking all thefactsinto account itcan be saidthat thenative may haveone or two children.
Mars Rahu Sun Saturn Venus
Moon Horoscope No.17

9\ |upite (R),/ ,1\ Sun Venus 11, 'r2\vtercurv/

Ketu 6


Mooh 4

fupiter (R)




2\ ./ S^turn

From the Chandra Lagna the 5th house falls in Scorpiothe lord of which is Mars, who is associated with malefic Rahu.The 5th houseis aspectedby Saturn and Rahu.Thus the 5th houseand its lord areboth incapable of giving any child. As for ]upiter, though he is in his own sign and is regrograde, he is in the 6th from Chandra Lagna. Thus there is little possibility of the native having any child. If Jupiter helps for any child to be born, the malefic influenceswhich are many, would not let them survive.

Hora Shalak


From Surya Lagna the fifth housefalls in Leo its lord Sun is in the Ist house in his sign of exaltation with Mercury and Venus. Mercury is baleful lord of the 3rd and 6th from the Sun. Therefore,his association harms the Sun. Associationof Venus is helpful. The Sun is alsoaspected Jupiter the Karaka for chidren by and the 5th house.The 5th houseis hemmedbetween malefic influences.In the 12th is the weak Moon. The 12th is also aspectedby Saturn and Rahu and 2nd is occupied by Ketu and aspectedby Mars and Rahu. To sum up the 5th house has one good influence and overwhelming evil influences. The 5th lord is not very badly wounded because the aspectof Jupiter.Only of the Karaka Jupiter remains unscathed. Taking all thesethings into account,we can say that there may be one or two children but they may not survive. If they survive it will through grace of God provided by the aspectof Jupiter to the 5th house and the 5th lord. Actually the native had three sons of them two are alive. Our main purpose of examining the above horoscopewas to prove our point that outcome will not always be the samewhen any house is examined with referenceto the three Lagnas.The net outcome has to be worked out by a proper evaluation of the resultsobtainedfrom the examinationwith reference to all the three Lagnas. , Yoga for the birth of twins qTd?iFrITl_
\-\-\^^^ il.TrEt g$fuTqqltq fttfte: r

EflqA;R: lt 48tl ffi When lord of the 11th house and Jupiter exert their influenceby aspector conjunctionon the Lagna,lord .



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of the Lagna, the Moon, lord of the Chandra Lagna, the Sun and lord of the Surya Lagna, a person is one of the twins. As jupiter and the 11th house signify the elder brother,they causethe birth of the native as an elder brother alongwith a brother.Similarly if lord of the 3rd and Mars influence the three Lagnas and their lords, the native is born as the younger twin. This is so becausethe third house,its lord and Mars are s ig n i f i c a t o r s o f yo u n g e r b ro th e r. The Yoga becomes fully confirmed if Mercury also participates in it, as he is lord of the sign Gernini which is symbolic of twins and also lord of the 3rd sign Gemini of the natural zodiac. The following is the horoscopeof a lady who was born as an elder twin, the other child was also a girl.
Sun Lagna

Iloroscope No. 18

Mars Venus Rahu Moon


Ketu Saturn


In this horoscopeJupiter aspectsthe Lagna, the Sun, Mercury the lord of Surya Lagna, the Moon and the Lord of Chandra Lagna (the Sun).Saturn the lord of the 11th is also aspectingMars the lord of Lagna. Not all but many of the important ingredients of the Yoga, are present in the horoscope including the role of Mercury who occupiesthe 3rd alongwith the Sun.

ry K"'
/ *n^,)
10 1 7 Saturn


Hora Shatak


Comments-lt is very painful for me to write anything for the principle evolved above and proved with the help of a horoscopeof a living person. The author has given two Yogas-the first for the birth of elder of the twins and the secondfor the younger one. Now twins are generallyborn within a few minutes of the birth of eachother.Sothe horoscopeof both of them would be generatlyidentical.So both the Yogasshould be present in the two identical horoscoPes.In the horoscopegiven above we can find only the following ingredientsof the secondYoga(a) The lord of Lagna is Mars. So we may assume that the Lagna is influencedby Mars. (b) The lord of ChandraLagna the Sun is in the 3rd along with the lord of 3rd Mercury. So we can assume that the lord of Chandra Lagna has been influenced by the lord of 3rd. (c) The lord of Surya l.agna is Mercury and is in the that the SuryaLagna has we 3rd. Therefore, can assume been influenced by the lord of the 3rd. The following ingredients of the secondYogaare not there. (a) Mars is not influencing the Chandra Lagna and its lord. (b) The Surya Lagna and its lord are also not influenced by Mars. (c) The Lagna is not in-fluencedby the lord of 3rd. Another point that arisesis ashow to distinguish the Surely the author of the rule described two horoscopes. in sloka48,would have neverthought thatboth the Yogas wouid be presentin th samehoroscope For the interest of readershere are given Yogasfor the birth of twins as mentioned in Brihat fataka and Saravali.


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Brihatfataka-The Moon and Venusin even signs with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and the Lagna in odd signs causethe formation of a twin embryo. The rising sign and the Moon being in even signs aspectedby any male planet also cause twins. Mercury, Mars, ] u p it er a n d t h e La g n a b e i n g i n e ve n signs and possessed strength likewise lead to a twin foetus of being conceivedin the womb. There will be a trio of embryos conceived when Mercury in his own Navamsa aspectsall planets (this is not possible as Mercury can never aspectthe Sun) and the Lagna if the Lagna and all the planets occupy Navamsas belonging to dual signs. Saravali- If the Sun and Jupiter be in Gemini or Sagittarius in aspect to Mercury, birth of two male twins be predicted. TWofemale twins will be born if Venus, Mars and the Moon be in Piscesor Virgo in aspectof Mercury. Should the Lagna and Moon be in evensignsand be aspected a strong planet,then there are twins in the by womb one male and onefemale. Similar resultsfollow if the Moon and Venus in evensignswhile JupiteaMars, are Mercuryand the Lagnabe in odd signsor commonsigns and be strong. The above Yogasare to be reckoned from Adhana (conception) Lagna.The aboveYogas themselves require explainationsas to how Mercury can aspect Venusdue to their not much elongationfrom the Sun. - Diseases the Dhatu of the of afflicted lord of Lagna.

F|Til-bfr crqfr qrqr{El

ue'r *fr q dHTfr gffi:



er* r{+t} R stffi tf {fug tqgrq rd

n 4ell

When lord of the Lagna be weak, be aspectedby malefics and be not aspectedby or conjoined with benefics,the native suffers from some affliction of the Dhatu of that plarret (who is lord of the Lagna). For example,the Sun would in sucha positioncausesome kind of bone disease and the Moon in similar position would be the causeof someblood disease. The other planets if they are disposed likewise would give d i s e a s e sr e l a t e d t o t h e i r D h a t u s . M a r s w i l i b e responsiblefor diseaseof the muscles,Mercury of skin, Jupiter of bone marrow and liver, Venui of semenand urine and Saturnand Rahu of nerves.The following horoscopeis No. 19 illustrates.
Mars Venus Jupiter Rahu

lloroscope No. 19 Sun

Lagna \ Moon


L0 Sun


Saturn Ketu

The native of this horoscopewas a victim of bone fracture.The Sun is the significatorof bones.The Sun is not only lord of the Lagna but also lord of the Chandra Lagna. He is, therefore, a strong representative of bones. The Sun occupies the 6th house (houseof diseases) from the Lagna in the sign of Saturn and by his disposition indicates'fromharm to bones.If the other planetsbeing lords of the Lagna


astrology Basicconcepts predictive of

would have beensinilarly disposedthe resultswould have been as underof Diseases blood The Moon Atrophy of muscles Mars Diseases skin of Mercury Drying up of Marrow , ]upiter . Venus of Diseases semen and urine. of Somediseases nerves. Saturn principle behind this is that when a planet The who is lord of the Lagna occupies an inauspicious house, is devoid of any benefic influence, becomes very weak due to afflictions causes diseases as indicated above. Co m m e n t s - Acco rd i n g to th e i n f or m ations various planetswhen collectedfrom various sources, (more so afflicted in a horoscopecan causediseases if they are lords of the Lagna)as undereye troubles, blood The Sun-Heart diseases, pressure,haemorrhage,cardiac thrombosis, cerebral m e n ing i t i s , e r u p t i o n s o n th e h e a d , h i gh fever s, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sun stroke, diseasein the head etc. Th e M o o n - E ye d i se a se s,l u n a cy, par alysis, hysteria, dropsy, beri-beri, cold, cough, colic pains, worms, intestinal diseases,tumours, peritonitis, uraemia, throat troubles, eosinophilia, bronchitis, hydrocele, dyspepsia, scrofula, mental depression, typhoid, uterus problemsetc. Mars - Acute fevers, plague, smallpox, chicken pox, measles,mumps, inflammatory complaints, burns, ruptures of capillaries,fistula, wounds, cuts, brain fever, haemmorrhage, ulcers in intestines, hernia, malaria, abortions, bleeding, boils, etc. appendicitis,muscular rheumatism,septicaemis



Mercury-Vertigo, lethargy, giddiness, madness, of asthma,diseases the brain, T.8.,stammering,defects of memory, dry coughs, abundenceof spittle, gout in the hands and feet, leprosy, cancer,epilepsy etc. J u p ite r - L i v e r co mp l a i n ts, j a u n d i ce, dr opsy, flatulence, dyspepsia, abcess,obesity, hernia, skin troubles,cerebralcongestion,catarrah of stomachand carbuncles,etc. Venus - Affection of eyes, diseasesof ovaries, cysts,gout,anaemia, Bright'sdisease, mucousdiseases, due to over indulgence in and other complications eating drinking etc.including gonorrhea, amusements, syphilis and other urinary complaints. Saturn-Obstruction of lymphatic circulation, retention of wastes in the body, membranes getting ha rd e n e d , p y o r r h e a , sma l l p o x, fa l l s, iniur ies, operation, fracture, spinal curvature, chill, diphtheria, asthma, T.B., defective speech,paralysis, nervous break down, cardiac trouble, leprosy,etc. Rahu - Rheumatism, cholera, dysentry and nasty d i s e a s e so f m i n d a n d b o d y , n e r v o u s t r o u b l e s , paralysisetc. Ket u - S k i n d i s e a se s,p i mp l e s, su d den hear t paralysis, attack,jaundice, colic pains, dropsy, abcess, small pox, etc. Diseasesof the sign occupied by lord of the Lagna

fqtng-dftKit qfr zrryftorsdr{rfum

rnrofrge'ivr: qrr$effqFdd:t I tr(r i5q g qmeqlit e'qi6,.Etrrt I 50I I If lord of the Lagna occupies the Lagna and is aspectedby a malefic, the part or limb of the body represented by the sign (rasi) at the Lagna gets '


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diseased.Mesha rdpresentshead, Taurus face and mouth, Gemini respiratory canal, Cancer upper stomach and lungs, Leo heart and stomach, Virgo intestinesand waist, Libra generativeorgans,Scorpio scrot um a n d a n u s , S a g i tta ri u s h i p s a n d thighs, Capricorn knees, Aquarius calves and Piscesfeet. Therefore,if Mars occupiesLagna in his sign Aries and is aspectedby malefics, the native is likely to suff er f r o m s o m e d i se a se i n th e h e a d . See the following sloka as an example-

gq|.ft?e Eq: I dw flrft fum,ioftf,ur: ffi q EeE-qrm gqqqRek: rr srR:

This meansthat if the Moon be in the Lagna in his own sign Canceraspectedby the Sun and Mars, the native will be a hunchback (gqd . Similarly if Saturn be in the Lagna in the sign Pisces and be aspectedby the Sun and Mars, the native will be lame. The rule given in the above sloka is operative in both the cases. When the malefics aspectthe Moon in his own sign, the fourth sign's part of the body gets affected adversely and the curvature of the chest (causedby Mars) is quite understandable. man with curvature A of the chestis called a hunchback.The reasonis that the sign occupiedby the Lagnarepresentsthe relevant part of the Kalapurusha and when that sign and its lord fall under malevolent influence,it gets diseased or deformed. The same rule will apply if lord of the Lagna may not be occupying the Ligna; but both the Lagna and its lord be under malefic influences. Yoga for being an adopted child ffifiitrrqrq6arffi q(r waq Eeq irs rrqo{ I

EqrRrqfr:q'* rdffi qtq ga{ | tbr| |




the If the lord of 6th house aspects 2nd house and its lord and lord of the 2nd is in the 6th, the native gets belonged to a family other than his own/ that is, he is adopted as a son by some body who is not member of his family. The reason for this is that the 'foreign to his own'. Therefore, the sixth house is aspectof the 6th lord on the 2nd and its lord makes the native to become member of another family. See the horoscopeNo. 20-

Ketu Mars Rahu Venus Horoscope No.20 Moon

Lagna Sun Iupitel Saturn Mercurl

belongsto Emperor Nero of Rome. The horoscope He was an adopted son of the previous Emperor of Rome.Here Venusis not only lord of the 6th but also of the LLth house which is 6th to 6th. Saturn the lord of the 2nd is in Ll.th house (6th to 6th) and is in Kendra to Venus. Rahu also influences the 2nd house and Saturn (by Kendra position). Comments- The rule is quite clear that lord of the 6th should aspectthe secondhouse and its lord. Kendra position of lord of the 6th to lord of 2nd does not seem to be sufficient for this Purpose'However, horoscopesgiven further by the author meet the requirement of the rule adequately.



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In the horoscopeNo. 21 Saturn the lord of 6th is aspecting both the 2nd house and Venus lord of the 2nd. In the horoscopeNo. 22 Mars lord of 2nd is in the 6th. Jupiter lord of the 6th aspects both the 2nd house and Mars.


Moon Venus Mercurt


VA;N 'tr\'"'ry/
Jupiter )(Ven.ts

Horoscope No.21

Saturn Mars Ketu

Mars 9 Ketu



Mars Vlercury Venus iaturn Horoscope Sun Moon Ketu


Rahu jupiter


These two horoscopesare of those who were separatedfrom their family to becomeadopted sons of sonlesspersons. For Emperor Nero whose horoscope was discussed earlier.let us seewhat an eminent scholar

K % K



Hora Shatak


says-The adoption is clearly indicated by lord of the 9th (the Sun) being aspectedby Saturn and lord of the 12th (Mars),being strongly disposed".Sothe Yoga for becoming an adopted child is formed when lord of the 9th is afflicted by maleficsand lord of the 12th is strongly disposed. in We leaveit to the readersto do further research Yogas this direction and also try to find if there are any in this regard in the recognisedastrologicalworks. About the Significations of |upiter for wealth etc. Vis-a-vis Kumbha Lagna

gnrd'i gt: erqsRMqro|| | r+ EREmer{qffirR{qrRtr 52 |

If Aquarius (Kumbha) be the Ascendantor Lagna with Jupiter in the 12th conjoined with or aspected by Rahu, the native will be devoid of wealth and moral character.The reasonfor this is that Jupiter is a natural significator of wealth (Dhanakaraka) lord more so for AquariusAscendantbeing and becomes of the 2nd and 1Lth house.When such a Jupiteris in the 1.2thin his sign of debilitation, there is no doubt that the native will be deprived of wealth. A debilitated Jupiter with the depraved planet Rahu in the house of will make the native loss, expenditure and excesses, depraved and perverted.Sucha personwill commit the most'sinful and immoral deeds. In this connection it is important to note that the 12th is the house of loss and expenditure (<<). Any planet occupying this house (except the lord of this house)will only indicate the loss or deterioration of

E"qfr.l g qlils ER{Rqwd<r t


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

his significations. io, the weak Sun in the "*u-ple, L2th associatedwith Saturn, Rahu etc. will indicate deterioration of bones, weakness of eye sight etc. The Moon in the 12th house associated with Saturn, Rahu etc. will indicate weakness of eyes, loss of blood, instability of mind etc.Mars in such a position will causeweaknessof muscles.Mercury will indicate skin troubles.Jupiter will indicate malfunctioning of ma rro w , V e n u s l oss o f se me n a n d S atur n will indicate mental tension and break down of nervous system. Comments-The author has dealt with only one aspect of the effects of planets that occupy the 12th house. In fact, by being in the 12th not only all the significationsof planets but also of the housesthey own are affected adversely.According to "Phala Deepika" published by "Mfs Ranjan Publications" the results of various planets when posited in 12th are as underPlanets The Sun -


The native will be inimical towards his father. He will suffer from eye troubles. He will be without wealth and children. The Moon- The native will be lazy, humiliated, unhappy and will not be liked by others. Mars The native will be a back biter,cruel and liable to get imprisoment. - The native will be poor, lazy, cruel and Mercury without any education. He will also suffer humiliation. The native will be disliked by other fupiter He people. He will be vulgar in speech.

Hora Shatak

will be childless, will indulge in sinful deeds,will be lazy and will serve others. Venus The native will be rich and will have sexual enjoyment with many women. (This proves the point made out by Shri Bhasinabout the position of Venusin the 12th discussedat length earlier). Saturn The native will be shameless,poor, childlessand stupid and with somepart of his body deformed. Rahu The native will incur lot of wasteful expenditure and indulge in sinful deeds. Ketu The native will commit sins secretlyand incur expenditurefor evil purposes.He will have eye troubles. The results of the lord of various houses in the 12th as given in "Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra"are as under: House lord Result in the L2th - Cruel, deceitful, goesaway from his native First place,sickly, poor start in life. Second - Poor, indebted, goes to foreign lands for livelihood, earnsby undesirablemeans. - Doesnot like relativesand friends,jealous, Third goesto foreign lands, strangehabits. - Muy have to live in foreign lands, domestic Fourth unhappiness,loss of ancestralproperty. If benefic, end of life will be peaceful and if a malefic, it may be otherwise.


astrology of concepts predictive Basic


Loss of children or adopts a child' About this we giv6an illustrative horoscopeNo. 23bun Mercury Lagna Mars Ketu Venus



3 Ketu

Horoscope No.23



/8\ jupiter

Rahu 9

In this horoscopethe lord of sth is in his own sign in with the Sun,Mercury and Mars and the 12thassociated native's "is aspectedby Jupiter who is in the 6th. The Now he has three children died immediately after birth' adopteda son. morals,violent, jealous. Extravagant,loose Sixth (Our view is that this position of the lord of the 6th witl causeVipareetaRajaYoga and the native will be rich). PooL miser,wife sickly and exhavagant. Seventh Wasteful expenditure, short lived if Eighth with a malefic. (The lord of 8th associated VipareetaRagaYoga.) in the 12th alsocauses spends on pious causesand - Unfortunate, Ninth in entertaining guests. Expenditure as a result of Government's Tenth finesetc.),fear from enemies, action (taxes, always worried. Eleventh - Spends on pious causes,very Passionate, has relatiors with women, keepscompany with mean peoPle. Much expenditure, sickly, hot temper, Twelfth inimical to others. (Our view is that the


tora of 12th in 12th will causeVipareeta RajaYogaand the native will be well to do. Results of Saturn's aspecton the Fourth house

rrRT Efuq-dqraqg{ 6qq: st etqftc+s+rco:t Rr{ iletqiil gtrf qrEre TfrtrfiT t | 53I I
etc. The4thhousealsosignifieslands,property,houses (KshetraKarakaSaturn is also the significator of lands Therefore, if Saturn aspects or conjoins the 4th *d-+.rro). house,this disposition should not be taken as adverseas regardsacquisitionof landed property.Actually this Yoga enablesthe native to become owner of lands. This is due to the relationship of the Karaka for lands with the house signifying the same matter. For example, Mercury is the significator for education.His occupationof the 5th will improve this signification of the 5th house.Similarly Saturn who is the significator of longevity gives long life to the native, if he is in the 8th or aspectsthe 8th which is the house of longevity. The horoscope of No. 24 Geotge BernardShaw may be seenin this connection. the Here Saturn aspects 4th and 8th. He was about &1 yearsold when he died.
Jupiter Rahu

Iforoscope No.24

rcury Lagna Mercur5 4\ Moon Saturn Venu Sun Sun Venus



Ketu Mars


7' Mars


Basicconceptsof predictiveastrology

Comments-The author has illustrated in this horoscopethe lgngevity on account of the aspect of theSaturnon the 8th house. Thereareotherdispositions also responsible his long life. Thesecombinationsfor for longevity are unique-the 2nd lord is in the 2nd, the lord of 3rd (who is also Karaka for longevity being 8th to 8th) is in the Lagnaand the luminaries(theSun and Moon) are free from afflictions. We may add that one more reason is the aspectof Jupiter on Venusthe lord of Lagna. Ordinarily, the aspect Saturnis considered of harmful, but when Saturn by becominglord of very auspicious housegetsequippedwith beneficqualities, aspecton his house and planetwith similarqualities, the doesnotharm but advances their goodeffects. example, happens For this when Saturn becomes Yogakaraka being lord of a a by quadrant(Kendra)aswell asa trine (Trikona)asis the case with Taurusand Libra Ascendants; and he becomes so good that his aspect the Sunwho is Rajyakaraka, on does not createobstacles and difficulties; but improves the qualitiesof the Sunand helpsthe Sun obtainingkingdom or a high positionin Government administration. Herewe give the horoscopes persons of who remained headsof Kingdoms and Governments foralongtime. The horoscope 25 is that of Queen VictoriaNo.
Mars \ t Lagna Saturn Sun Rahu Venus Moon .

\'2""\ry#.'" -,4..'T",^qil
11 /10 upiter

,/ \

Mercury r,/

Horoscope No.25


5\ Ketu Ketu

Hora Shatak


Here Safurn is'raspecting Lagna,Chandra Lagna the and Surya Lagna and the RajyaKaraka Sun. Saturn is a Yogakarakafor this Lagna being lord of _ the 9th (Bhagya) and 10th (Rajya), a Trikona and Kendra respectively. The horoscopeNo. 26 is of Adolf Hitler.
5un Mercur"l Mars" Venus




Jupiter Ketu,/

Horoscope No.26


Moon [upiter Ketu tl

4 Saturn .3 Rahu


Mercury Mars .Venus,z

Here the Sun, the Rajyakarakaand lord of a very auspicious house11th is aspected Saturnwho is a by Yogakarakabeing lord of the 4th and 5th, and the associationof the Sun with Mars who is lord of the 2nd anothersignificatorfor Kingdom or Government Administration. Comme n t s- A s Sa tu rn a n d Ma rs a re natur al malefics, so Saturn and Mars were the cause of Hitler's downfall. Saturnin the 10th or houseof action and Mars in the 7th or the house of war, in mutual aspect without any relieving features,were mainly responsible Hitler's collapse. for Hitler,s horoscope is fully illustrative of the dictum that final fall is inevitable where saturn occupies the 10th afflicted by Mars or Rahu. The moral-Never passjudgementon a horoscope on th e b a s i s o f s o me su p e rfi ci a l fe a tu r., or ,iy.


astrology of Basicconcepts predictive

Th e a s s e s s m e n tw i l l b e co rre ct o n l y when the whole s t r u c t u r e o f th e h o ro sco p e i s car efully scrutinised. The horoscope No. 27 is that of the Nizam of Hyderabad.
Sun Venus Ketu
Moon Mercur)


\8/ eX

? XilXffi


Horoscope No.27

Mars Rahu



Here also the Sun is being aspectedby Mars and Saturn that caused the Nizam to become head of a Kingdom. According to Shri Bhasin if Mars and were to be treaied as malefics,the native could Satu"rn never have becomethe head of Kingdom ' Therefore,it has to be acceptedthat the Nizamship was due to the in{luences of Mars (who in addtion to being lord of the 2nd houseof administration-$rsq, is lord of the 7th which is 10th to 10th and, therefore, signifies Rajya) and YogakarakaSaturn' Raiya-kripa the Karaka Jupiter also aspects Sun' features of this horoscope The other instructing are-The disposition of lord of the thviz. saturn in the 9th and Mercury lord of the 9th in a Kendra' constitutes a powerful Rajayoga' The lord of 5th Saturnisstrongandlordsofthegthandl0thviz. Mercury and the Moon are in a Kendra' This is an equally strong Rajayogajustifying his being the ruler

,6i R
tt"t"\ t,z



of a princely state. The Nizam was noted for his fabulous wealth and this is shown by a number of Dhana Yogas. The lord of 2nd is in the 1,1th,while Saturn the Yogakaraka is in the 9th. Again there is a combination of lords of the 9th and 10th in the 7th. The very presenceof Venus in the 5th accounts for his owning immense wealth". One more horoscopeNo. 28 given by the author to prove the point is that of JosefStalin of Russia.
Moon Saturn



t't Iu


Horoscope No.28

oon Sat

7 Venus

Sun Rahu


Lagna Venus


Accordingto the author highadministrativeposition and political statuswere due to the aspectof Yogakaraka Saturn from the sign of Jupiter on the Sun. Comments-The author does not seem to have taken into account the fact that the Sun is afflicted by Rahu, and the Moon lord of the 10th is in the 6th with Saturn. There are also two powerful Pancharnahapurusha Yogaspresentviz., Malavya causedby Venus and Ruchakacausedby Mars in the 7th. The results of theseYogasare as underMalavya-The personwill have a well developed physique, will be strong-minded,wealthy, happy with children and wife, will command vehicles, will be renowned and learned.


of astrology Basic concepts predictive

Ruchaka-The person will have a strong physique, will be lamous, king or an equal to king. He will be wealthy, longlived and leader of an army. It can alsobe said that Mars aslord of the 7th (10th to 10th) is powerfully disposedwithout any afflication and is aspectingthe 10th house. About diseaseon accountof the affliction of any part of Kalapurusha

orcs'qrflimqrF6rflfofiqr: gqiToTfr, Tqlfr tqrcq: trsrqw I

r<grr+rrrivrffiqd fr,

qrqFq E6Tqt'rtfir$ri6.,rfr| 54 | r | The zodiacal signs represent various limbs of Kalapursha.The Ascendantand other housesindicate various limbs of the body of the native beginning from the head. If there is malefic influence on a house and its lord, the part of the body indicated by Kalapurusha will becomediseased.

q Tgd,na eEefrrqt qieffiqqqffir qrqfiErun Ekfr'r' qR *,frR1t EffRrtr: ttsstt

Whatever be the Ascendant,if the fourth house and its lord, and the sign No. 4, that is, Cancer and its lord the Moon, all the four are conjoined with or by aspected malefics,the native wi'll5q11"tfrom some diseaseof the chest like PneumoniaT.B.,Bronchitis etc. Similarly the first house indicates head, second



face and moutb third respiratory canal and upper chest and shoulders,fourth chest and upper stomach,fifth heart and stomach, sixth waist and intestines, seventh generative organs,eighth scrofum and anus,ninth hips and thighs, tenth knees,eleventhcalvesand twelfth feet. Thus if the 5th house,its lord, 5th sign that is, Leo and its lord the Suryall the four fall under malefic influences, the native will suffer from disorders of stomach.The same rule will apply about other parts of the body. Supposethe Ascendant is Libra with the Moon in the LOth,Saturn in 8th, and Mars in the 3rd, the wife of the native is likely to suffer from somedisease the chest. of This will be so becausethe 4th sign (Cancer)is in the 4th to Tthand the lord of that sign is alsothereaspected by Saturnand Mars. We proposeto fully clarify this rule through a number of horoscopes. The horoscopeNo. 29 is that of a young man who suffers from asthma. For this diseasethe 3rd part of the body, viz. the respiratory canal,has to be afflicted.

Jupiter Mars
Horoscope No.29

Lagna Saturn Sun Venus Moon Ketu Mercur5

12\ Rahu

x rc K
Yenvs ,/


Similarly the Moonhas to be under the evil influences of planets like Saturn and Rahu who cause long lasting (chronic) diseases.Now let us examine the horoscope.The third sign Gemini is aspectedby


astrology of concepts predictive Basic

malefic Saturn and there is Kendra influence of Rahu and Ketu. Jupiterjn Gemini is unable to help as ftq; according to the principle "1q146ft56ft Tut'r{R6t eTft: house he occupies, (meaning that Jupiter harms the Saturn gives advancementto the house occupiedby him). He would, on the other hand, harm the sign Gemini. Mercury is hemmed in between malefic influences.In the 2nd to Mercury, there is Saturn and the house L2th to him is aspectedby Mars. The 3rd house is aspectedby Mars. Saturn, the 3rd lord, is hemmed in between malefic influences' The house 2nd to him is aspectedby Mars and there is Sun in the house 12th to him. Saturn is under Kendra influence of Rahu and Ketu. The Moon is also afflicted (a) by the aspectof Saturn and (b) by the influence of Rahu and Ketu. All these afflictions made the native a victim of asthma which is a chronic diseaseand is consideredincurable. The horoscopeNo. 30 is that of a person who was death. stabbedin the stomach,but somehow escaped
Lagna Mars Ketu

Sun Moon

Iforoscope No.30

Mars 3 Ketu

Venus\ Rahu \


Venus Saturn f upiter Rahu

The concernedsign is fifth that is Leo, the sign as well as its lord are aspectedby Saturn. Mars also aspects the Sun. The lord of the 5th being weak in Pakshabala is aspected both by Saturn and Mars. Thus the

Hora Shatak


afflictions of the 5th part of Kalapurusha, namely the 5th sign and 5th house and their lords were responsiblefor injury to the stomach.Saturn'smetal is iron and the Sun and the Moon are posited in the 11th (6th to 6th). Therefore, weapon made of iron was used to do the harm. Mars the planet of violence is associated with aggressive Ketu an activeparticipant in the affliction process,was responsiblefor the injury to the stomachthrough violence. The horoscopeNo. 31 is of a person who suffered from the diseaseof the urinary bladder for a long
Sun Mercur Lagna Rahu

Venus Moon Mars Jupiter

Horoscope No.3l

3 Rahu /72 \ \ Sun Ketu 9

Ketu Saturn

/8\ Saturn

t im e . T h i s d i s e a s e w o u l d h a ve b e e n d ue to the affliction of the Tthpart of Kalapurusha.It can be seen that seventhsign namely Libra, is under the Kendra influence of Mars. It is also hemmed in between evil influence.The house12th to it is aspected the Sun, by ancl Saturn is in the house 2nd to it. fhe lord of this houseVenusis hemmed in betweenMars and the Sun. The 7th house is hemmed in between Saturn and Mars and its lord Jupiter being in deblitation is with Mars and apectedby Saturn. There associated is also evil influence of Rahu and Ketu on the 7th house.Thesewere the causes the disease native for the suffered.


of astrology Basic concepts predictive

The horoscopeNo. 32 is that of a personwho had to undergo surgell in the uppermost part of thigh .
Ketu Lagna Sun Venus

Iloroscope No.32

fupiter Saturn Rahu

Moon Mars

For such an event the 9th sign representing the 9th part of Kalapurusha and the 9th house, have to be afflicted. fupiter is the lord of both the 9th sign (Sagittarius)and the 9th house.Jupiter is in the 6th with Saturn and Rahu. The 9th house and is associated is under the Kendra influenceof Saturn and Rahu and, is also hemmed in between evil influences of Rahu (by aspect)on the house of 2nd to it and of Mars on the houses12th to it. The horoscopeNo. 33 is that of a personwhosewife sufferedfrom appendicitis.Here we have to look into
Saturn ,/ \



Moon lloroscope No.33

4 Mon 11,



L3gna 5rrn Mars Venus Mercun

,/12\ jupiter

.2\ Rahu



the evil effectson the 5th house from the 7th. The sun is lord of the Sth house from the 7th who is his sign with Mars' The Sun of debilitation and is associated is also hemmed in between malefic influences. The influence of Rahu (by aspect) is on the 12th to the Sun and on the 12th of Saturn and Ketu' The horoscope No. 34 belongs to a lady who is suffering from T.B. Here we have to take into
fupiter Ketu
Horoscope No.34


Venus Sun 'Saturn' 12 Mercury

tft" aisposition of the fourth sign (Cancer) "**r"tthe fourth house. The fourth sign (Cancer) is and aspected by Mars and Rahu and is occupied by fetu. The Moon lord of this sign is aspected by saturn and is hemmed inbetween evil influences.The house 2nd to the Moon has malefic influence of the Sun (by aspcet)and the 12th to it is occupied by Ketu' The fourth ho.tt" is also hemmed in between evil influences.The 12th to it is aspectedby Saturn and Ketu and in the 2nd to it are Mars and Rahu' The lo rd o f t h e 4 t h i s i n a si tu a ti o n si mi lar to the Moon, the lord of the 4th sign. In view of thesesevere 'afflictions of the 4th part of the body, the native's lungs got adversely affectedand shebecamea victim of T.B.


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

The horoscopeNo. 35 is that of a personwhose elder sister is suffering from cancerof liver. The 11th house in

Moon Mars

Horoscope No.35

Lagna Rahu

Ketu Saturn Jupiter Sun Venus Mercury

x ,rzx

4 Rahu

10 Ketu


a horoscope signifieselder brother or sister.Venu+ ttre lord of 11th making the situation worse. The lord of the 6th from 1Lthis in the 3rd (5th from 11th)is in his sign of debilitation. Venusis also aspected powerfully by Mars. The lord of the Sth to 11th,namely Mercury, is in the 6th (houseof disease) from 11th (the house oi elder sister). There is exchangeof housesbetween the lords of 5th and 6th from the 11th. Mercury is associatedwith two malefics the Sun and Saturn. The natural Sth sign viz. Leo is also afflicted by the aspectof Mars on it. Itls aho betweenmalefic influences.In the 12th to it is Rahu and the 2nd to it is aspectedby Mars and Ketu. The Sun, lord of the 5th sign, is also afflicted on account of his associationwith Saturn. Diseasesdue to afflictions of the Karakas of houses q,K* t{H-

fr qrm:vggh gm'
qqrTdt {rgTqF{frrq I il{flqffqFffiftqqrfu Eqk smr: f,or* qt: I t56tl



If the Karaka of a house is in the 6th house associatedwith Saturn and Rahu, the native suffers from a chronic disease indicated by the house in question. Whatever be in the Lagna, if Jupiter associated with Saturn and Rahu, occupies the 6th house, the son (or daughter) of the native will suffer If from a longlasting chronic disease. Jupiter be lord of the 5th (Leo and Scorpio Ascendants),the above evil effects to the progeny will be definitely felt. If could there be such aYoga, the nature of the disease the 5th house as Lagna and be ascertainedby treating by analysing the parts of Kalapurusha from the 5th house. We will attempt to clarify this point by the No. 36. horoscope
Mars Saturn Lagna Sun Rahu

4 V( Venus 77

Horoscope No.36

Jupiter Ketu Moon



Here the Karaka for son is in the 6th from the Lagna. He is associatedwith Ketu and aspectedby Mars, Saturn and Rahu. Consequently his son has been suffering from ill health since childhood. The diseaseis related to the lungs. This is due to the fact that the house 4th to the 5th is owned by Iupiter, who as already stated,is badly afflicted. The sign Cancer is also afflicted on account of malefic influences on both of its sides. The 12th to it is aspectedby Mars and Ketu and 2nd to it bv Rahu.


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

L e t u s f u r t h e r co n fi rm th i s ru l e by judging the horoscopeNo. 37.





Mer Sun Venus

Horoscope No.37


Jupiter Saturn Rahu

,6 pi

The son of the native of this horoscopehas been suffering from an incurable diseasein one of his thighs. This fact is clearly indicated by the position of Putrakaraka Jupiter in the 6th from the Lagna alongwith Saturn and Rahu the significators of chronic illnesses.The 11thhouse indicatesthighs. The 3rd from the Lagna is the 11th from the 5th (the house of the son).The house is aspectedby Mars and Saturn, and, is hemmed in betweenevil influences.The 12th to it is aspectedby Mars and the 2nd to it is aspected by the Sun and Ketu. Mercury,lord of the 3rd house, is aspectedby Mars and is between the Sun and Ketu. The 1Lth sign an indicator of thighs is aspectedby Mars and is hemmed in between the Sun and Ketu. Saturn the lord of this house is under influence of Rahu and Ketu. Thus a chronic diseaseof the thighs of son is cearly indiated.




What causesdiseases st=tt56qq55-

gftrw1agrqffif q<nqRfir
?rqrtri s5T: il{ td jr{r6ir: | | 5?| I Saturn and Rahu are slow moving planets and are said to be huge in form (symbolically). Therefore according to principles of symbology, the diseases caused by them are long lasting and chronic. In this connectionthe horoscopeNo. 38 may be seen.
Ketu Saturn Mars
.J t


Horoscope No.38 Ketu Lagna

Moon 9

3 Mars L2




whoever Here Rahuoccupiesthe 6th house.Therefore be lord of the 6th he will transmit the evil effect of Rahu. islord of the6th.Thus Here the Rogakarakasatumhimself Saturn becomesindicator of diseasein three ways-as Rogakaraka,as lord of the 6th and as lord of the sign occupied by Rahu. The housewhich is the victim of the in evil influence of such a Satum, will causedisease the Saturn is aspecting limb ascribedto it. In this horoscope the 6th sign from the Lug u occupiedby Rahu . As a result the native hasbeen suffering from a chronic diseasein the the3rd house waist forthelast25 years.Saturnalsoaspects Thenative and Marsis inGeminithe3rdsignof the zodiac. had to undergo operationfor his lefteartwice' Satumalso the aspects l.l.thhousebut could not do harm to it because


Basicconcepts predictive of astrology

that houseis aspected Mercury,Venusand ]upiter. It is by alsobenoted thatthel-agna Oirgo) representingthewaist _ of Kalapurushais aspectedby Mars and the 3rd sign (Gemini-ear) is conjoinedwitfi Mars. Example of mother's illness \: 1lqq55-

T*-d.i g wrni Tg{ qR frTtr I

q66rErfr,TA-N-'ilqgqk qtdqr | | 58| |

erqmfrqgdrfrq: trronm: w[nn: r

{ d *t q q etrq ffi a n tb etl If Capricorn be the Ascendant(lagna) with Mercury in the 4th in Aries, Mercury would be the lord of 6th from the Lagna as well as from the 4th house (then the sixth house will be in Virgo), and will, therefore,be the causeof disease illnessfor the mother.This yoga becomes or more malignant if the 6th house from the 4th in the sign Virgo getsconjoinedwith Mars and Rahu.As Mars is lord of the 4th (signifying mother) for the natives of Capricorn Ascendant his occupationof the 6th from the 4th in any enemy sign alongwith Rogakaraka Rahu, will be particularly harmful for the mother's health. Relevanceof the Lagna in ascertainingthe causeof death Tr6rarrTr6Tqfu RqIrqTdGfi

qrtqrgq: ffi fffiq TqFf frr ilHTE6Rqr{(q, d-{r{fuffiEt | 60 | |

The housewhich signifieslongevity, should also be treated as the house of death because the end of longevity is death. Therefore,when we are to ascertain a s t o h o w a p e rso n w o u l d me e t h i s death, the dispositions of both the eighth house and the Lagna should be taken into consideration.



In this connectionthe horoscopeNo. 39 of Netaji SubhashChandra Bosemay be judged.



2 Mars

Venus Sun
Horoscope No.39

4 Ketu

/g: Saturn


fupiter fu
Moon 6\ Moon

Mercury \ Sun ,/

Saturn who is in the 8th aspectsMars who is lord of the Sth as well as of the Lagna. Thus Saturn has influence on the 8th, lord of the 8th and lord of the Lagna. No other palnet has so much influenceon the factors which could be responsiblefor the death of the native. Thus it is Saturn who indicatesthe mode of death.Such a Saturn whose metal is iron and steel being lord of the 10th (Zenith) indicates that the death would be caused due to fall from a great height. SecondlySaturn also being the lord of 11th (which is significatior of a costly conveyance)also indicates a conveyanceas another cause of death. As the L0th house (Zenith) is under the evil influence of Saturn, Rahu and the Sun, therefore, there is indication of fall from the great height. Thus Saturn demonstratesthat the death was caused by the fall of an aircraft which was flying at a great height. That it is important to take the Lagna into account to determine the caUseof death, is also confirmed by 'Sarvartha Chintamani' -


qfr{ Fft wrg stqrr

g-d gA $rtTrq cqfu il{flr:......I


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

This meansthat if weak lords of the L^agna eighth and house be associatedwith lord of the 6th and Mars, the -native dies during a battle.Another sloka mys{n {qftit rqqRqt g crfr 1Fdffis frgrq qrnlTl That is, when the Sun and Moon occupy the 9th, the father dies of drowning. Here the 9th would be the Lagna for father and thus father's Lagna has been involved to indicate the causeof his death.

qfr qr wtqqt frrqfr gc* fiffi gdai nqrtwdutunRgn qiq Ai wfirRrqq:

This meansthat if lord of the Lagna, being weak, be in the 4th in his sign of debilitation and be associated with the Sun or other malefics,and lord of the 4th be associatedwith weak watery planets, the native dies by drowning. 'lt will be seen that in the above sloka there is no mention of the 8th house, only lord of the Lagna has been involved to indicate the causeof death. The horoscopeNo. 40 is that of a person who died of appendicitis. Here we have to examinedisposition of the Lagna and the 8th house. The Lagna is aspected by Mars. Mars also aspectsSaturn the lord of the 8th house.
Mars Rahu 6 \ Moon jupiter
Sun Mercurl Horoscope No.40 Lagna

Mercury )4/



Venus Saturn Ketu

/9\ ttt t\ Venur ,. ,/ Kqtu \ ,/ Jupiter




There is no other planet who influencesboth the Lagna and 8th. Therefore Mars has to be treated as mainly responsiblefor death.Mars being lord of the 5th signifies stomach.Saturn who is lord of the 8th being in 5th also indicatesthat the death was likely to be caused some by affliction to the stomach.Jupiter who is lord of the 6th house,occupiesthe 8th housealso confirms the above deduction. Chart No.41 is of a personwho died by drowning.
Venus Mars Ketu Sun upiter

, 11

/7 Rahu

Moon Jupiter Saturn Lagna Horoscope No.4l

,/r\ y"lD(M";",yX



Author's deduction of the causeof death is typical. According to him if we have a look at the dispositionof the Lagna,its lord, the 8th houseand its lord, we will find that Saturn who is lord of the third house,that is, Sth to 8th, is influenced both by Jupiter lord of the Lagna and the Moon lord of the 8th and will indicate the cause of death. fupiter is also the lord of 4th which is a watery sign. The Moon also has watery influence (being in a watery sign) on the 8th house.Thereforethe death was through drowning. Comments-The lord of Lagna and ChandraLagna are afflictedby Saturn,the personwould be short lived. Lords of the 8th and Lagna indicatethe mode of death. Both arein watery signs.Thereforethe death should have beenby drowning.


astrology of Basic concepts predictive


g-drd.i (5t\rtT: g* w<rt ffi r TFrglsr vg* eil qqqPtrUl16l ll If the Ascendant or Lagna be Libra occupied by Venusalongwith Mars, the deathshould be declaredto be causedthrough fire, fire-armsetc.The reasonfor this is that Mars being a Maraka (on account of being lord of 2nd and 7th) will not only inlluence the Lagna and its lord but also the 8th house (by aspect)and its lord (who is alsolord of the Lagna).As both the houseswhich signify the cause of death will be under the adverse i*luence of Mars. It is this significationthat we should This Yogais presentin considerin such circumstances. Gandhi which has been the horoscope of Mahatma given under Sloka 35. Similarly if the horoscopeof Hitler (given under sloka 53) is ctoselyexaminedit will be found that the Lagna, its lord, the 8th and its lord (the Lagll P:i"g Libra Venusis the lord of both of the Lagna and 8th) are under the malefic influenceof Mars. Other planets do not have similar influenceon the factorsrelating to his lord of the LagnaVenus death.Further inthis horoscope with the Sun lord of the 11th signifying is associated by arms and aspected Jupiteralsosignifying arms.These dispositionJ indicate that Hitler used his arlns to kill himseif by using a fire arm or some such thing. Comments-The author deservesfull appreciation for his keen senseof analysisproving how Hitler could have killed himself. It is a well known fact that Hitler committed suicide along with his mistress and had arrangedthe building to be set on fire so that after his dead bodv did not fall into the hands of his deattr-his enemies.

Hora Shatak



c-{rfufiTqri} Ad ffi*: r quqrqrfu+ qHsqqrwrco: tl ftt u62

If the lord of Lagna be in the 2nd alongwith the lords of 3rd and the 11th,and the lord of gth be in the 8th, the native will die by committing suicide. The reasonis that in thesedispositions,the 8th houseand its lord and the lord of Lagna fall under the influence of planets who make the native himself responsible for taking his own life. In other words his o*n arms represented by the lords of the 3rd and the 11th be c o m e t h e i n s t r ume n ts ca u si n g h i s d eath. The exampleof Hitler's horoscope hasalreadybeengiven above to prove the truth of this yoga. |upiter as Rajya-kripa Karaka ,

rtruqnTSifiiqqrftgTf* g .,TRrFr 3td$qrRrq: r q{-qrflrq {qr{ ilgrfr C|-{6t W: il6s tl qiil Rgrqr-dtq{cg.{fr w Uo', trqfsrfizrer Rffiiq{H frqtET.f,: | | n64 ' For the native of Gemini Ascendant, Jupiter is not only lord of the 10th (which signifies Rajya-ruling powers) but also of the 7th which is 10th to the 10th. Jupiter is a Rajyakripa Karaka accordingto his natural significations.Thus when he becomesthe lord of two housessignifying rulership, he becomesa very strong holder of such significations.Thereforefor the natives of Gemini Ascendant if ]upiter be very strong, the native will definitely have financial gains,honour and high positions in Government. , Comments-We worrld like to point out in this connection,that for SagittariusAscendant,Mercury . i


astrology ol concepts predictive Basic

will be lord of the 10th as well as the 7th and if an unafflicted and uncombustMercury be in the 10th or 7th or otherwise well placed, he should give great upliftment in the careerof the native in Government oi potitical life and if sucha Mercury be blessedwith association or aspect of Jupiter, the good effects should be more pronounced. I n t h i s c o n n ecti o n th e h o ro sco p e No. 42 of Chaudhary Charan Singh may be studied. He held a high position in the political life of the country and had Home Minister atthe Centre, beenChief Minister of U.P., Deputy Prime Minister and alsoPrime Minister of India.

Horoscope No.42

12 Ketu

Y""dHZ\ 8

Venus Saturn Mercurl Jupitei

Llgna bun


)a M::r

Moon Mars Rahu

In this horoscopeMercury as lord of the 10th and 7th is in the Lagna alongwith Jupiter lord of the Lagna a n d t h e S u n l o r d o f th e 9 th . T h i s com bination bestowed him high positions from time to time but the afflictions of the 10th house by Mars, the Moon (lord of 8th) and Rahu, and also aspectof Mars (lord of the 12th) on Mercury, ]upiter and the Sun did not let him to continue in high political positionsfor long periods. The horoscope of Dr. Rajendra Prasad the first Presidentof India given under sloka 43 may alsobe seen

H o r aS h a t a k


in this connection.In his horoscope Mercury asthe lord of Tthand 10th is in the Ascendantalongwith Mars lord of the 5th (and 12th). This is a Rajayogaresulting from the association lord of a Tiikona and a Kendra. This of combination is aspectedby |upiter lord of the Lagna and also by Saturn. Though the cor4bination in the Ascendant made him reach the highest position in country, yet as a result of Saturn's and the Sun's disposition in the horoscope,his political life was not always a bed of roses. Profession Lagna and tenth house qr{r{ a|TIIKFflf{6,rIT|mi q+sqmqq qrcrqiE$rq r ilqr

r r G qnqftforfrRorqrqFroftmsr

A person's profession should be determined with referenceto dispositions of the Lagna, 2nd, 10th and the 11thhousesand their lords. Professionmeanssource of earningmohey for livelihood. It is for this reasonthat considerationis required to be given to the houses mentioned. Illustrations

[f,R$n+g ilfrrq\, gF$t: q$fl+qErr"nq r rtd HErq qfr TTAs{, qrdsqffi rr{fifd ftrqq: I t66 | |
If the 2nd,I-,agna, 11th and the 1.0thhousesand their lords areunderthe influencesof Rahu,SaturnandtheSun by conjunction, the person becomesan Ayurvedic or allopathic physician.The reasonis that Rahu,the Sun and Saturnall representa medicalpersonin someor the other


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form. The horoscope No. 43 of a doctor may be seen in the In this connection. this horoscope 2nd houseis occupied
Rahu Mars fupiter
Lagna Moon

Iloroscope No.43



Mercurl Ketu Venus

by its own lord the Sun. The 11th is under the Kendra influenceof the 2nd lordSun. The lord of the 1l'thVenusis aspectedby Satum and is hemmed in between the Sun and aspectof Rahu. All thesefactors Prove that the native will earn his livelihood through medical profession. The horoscopeNo. 44 is that of a doctor'
Saturn Mars Rahu

x x

JuPrter . Mars



72 , / 1 1 \

naBs* Iloroscope

Sun Mercury . Moon

No.44 Venus

2 Mars

Jupiter Ketu


Here the 2nd house is hemmed in between the Sun, Saturn and Rahu. The L0th house is aspectedby Mars who is lord of the sign occupiedby Rahu and is the transmitter of Rahu's influence on the L0th' The same Mars aspects jupiter the lord of the l'Lth and



2nd and Karaka'for the three houses. The Lagna is occupied by the Sun and lord of the Lagna is Saturn hims el f a s s o c i a te d w i th R a h u . In vi e w of such influencesthe native adopted medical professionas the sourceof his livelihood. The horoscopeNo. 45 is that of another doctor. It also proves the principles enunciatedby us.



Iloroscope No.45 fupiter

Mercurl Venus Lagna Sun



/ lupiter

/12\ Moon

The Lagna is occupied by its lord the Sun. The 2nd house is hemmed in between the Sun and Saturn. The lord of 2nd Mercury is aspectedby Saturn and is hemmed in between Rahu and the Sun. Venusthe lord of 10th is similarly disposed.The lord of 11th is also Mercury who is disposed as mentioned above. The 11th is occupied by Rahu. Thus all the requirements have been fulfilled for the native to be a doctor.


astrology of Basic concepts predictive

Th e h o r o s c o p e N o . 46 is that of a successful Ayurvedic physicianMars Rahu

--/\ ' ,/

Saturn Moon Sun Ketu
Horoscope No.46


10 Moon


*. l"on

Sa M


'12 Mars

6 Ketu 5' 4 Moon

Here the Lagna is under the Kendra influence of the Sun. Venuslord of the Lagna,is conjoinedwith Saturn' by Mars lord of the 2nd is aspected Jupiter and is under Kendra influence of Rahu. The lord of 11th is the Sun himself who is hemmed in between Saturn 2nd to him and Rahu (by aspectthe 12thto him). The 1'0thhouseis aspectedby the Sun and lord of the 10th is conjoined with the Sun. No. 47 is that of a very well qualified, The horoscope allopathic physician of international and successful fame.
Sun Mars Mercury Saturn Rahu Venus
Moon Horoscope No.47








The Lagna is aspectedby the Sun who is associateC with lord of the Lagna. The lord of Lagna Venus is hemmed in betweenSaturn and Rahu. The house12th to the Lagna is aspectedby Rahu and the 2nd to it is aspectedby Saturn. Thus the Lagna is also influenced by Saturn and Rahu. The 2nd house is aspectedby Rahu also. The lord of 2nd Mars is conjoined with Rahu. The 10th and its lord the Moon are aspected by Rahu. The lord of 11th is the Sun himself Saturn and and is hemmed in between Saturn and Rahu. So all the requirements are entirely fulfilled the native to be a great physician The horoscope No. 48 is that of General Eisenhover.
Lagna Rahu

2\ Rahu


Horoscope No.48

Jupiter Venus Sun Ketu Moon






4 X ru",l..'y Xa:tn

GeneralEisenhoverearlier adopted military career for his livelihood and became the Commander-inchief of U.S. Armv and later the Presidentof U.S.A. fuuru who is the significator of army is himself lord of the 2nd and occupiesthe 10th house in a friendly sign and is moving towards his sign of exaltation. Mars is hemmed in between benefics, Jupiter and Venus . B e s i d e s t h i s, V e n u s i s L 2 th to Mar s and Mercury is in Kendra to him. Mars is under no rrralefic directional strength in influence. He also possesses


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the 10th house. Thus Mars is very strong and is exerting his full influence on the 10th house,the house of profession. This dispositionmade him so successful in his army career that he became the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forcesduring the world War II. The horoscopeNo. 49 is that of notorious dacoit Man Singh and is alsolikely to prove very instructive for the readers.



lforoscope No.49


: s*-x s
1.' Rahu

Lagna fupiter



Mercury Venus


Here Mars aspectsthe 2nd,11th and lord of the 11th. Venus who is lord of the 7th (10th to 10th) is also aspectedby Mars. There is no other planet who exerts his influence on the factors related with the earning for livelihood. Thus Mars would indicate the profession of the native. Mars is a cruel planet and he becomes more cruel by being lord of the 6th house. Further being lord of the sign occupied by Rahu he becomesa perfect significatorof factors related with earning for livelihood. The methods of earning money would undoubtedly be violent. And so concludes Shri Bhasin, that Man Singh became a dacoit-and not an ordinary one but one of the most notorious of his time.

Hora Shatak



Yoga for insanity vdTrE?iffir

I irffl{rq: TgqT dr{qn-fiirq{krqr fr fttg: q-a5fuqqq: trffiRqr | | 6?| I qkrRT cqr d,T Tg{ qppfu q I F , ds dlqtrqttq{ffi: vqikrFrt: | | 68| | The Lagna, the Moon and the 4th house are significators of mind. In other words they signify the emotionsof a person.The 5th houseand Mercury signify the intellectual capacity of mind. This is why a person becomesinsane when in his horoscopethe Lagna, the 4th and the 5th house,the Moon and Mercury aredevoid of strength and get afflicted. Illustration ?Tsttftg*qTqrdsq$Ffrg*

qtMqEqr: qtqrcqrfuqrq+r: 69tl n

If the Ascendant or Lagna be Gemini, the Moon, Mercury and Venus be in the 6th house and Saturn aspectsthem, the native will become insane. The reasonis obvious aswith the abovedispositionslords of the Lagna, 4th, 5th and the Moon will not only be weak by being placed in the 6th house, but also receivethe malefic influence of Saturn. Some of the horoscopesof the natives who have b e e n r? i c t i m s o f i n sa n i ty o r so me o ther mental



Basic concepts predictive of astrology

disorder are discussedhereunderSun Venus Moon Saturn

)upiter \6,/

Mars 5

r.zlVloon \Saturn


Horoscope No.50

Lagna Mars


The horoscope No. 50is that of a personwho suffered from insanity. Here the Lagrn is occupied by Mars, and the Sun lord of the l,agna is aspectedby Satum. The 5th house is also aspectedby Saturn and jupiter lord of the 5th is aspectedby the Sun. Mercury in his sign of debilitation is associated with the Sun and aspected by Saturn. The Moon is also afflicted by association of Saturn. Thus all factors concerning the soundnessof mind are under malefic influencescausing the native to suffer from mental disorder.
Sun Moon VIercur5 Venus jupiter Saturn Mars
Horoscope No.55



No. 51is that of a personwho suffered The horoscope from mental disorders.The lord of Lagna is in the 9th in

Hora Shatak


his sign of debilitation and is in Kendra to the Sun, Saturn and malefic Mercury. The 4th house is aspected by Mars. The lord of 4th is in the 6th in his sign of ,debilitation alongwith the Sun and is in Kendra to Mars' :The 5th house is occupied by the malefic Moon. The lord of 5th Jupiter is in the 8th aspectedby Saturn.The to Moon is very weak on accountof closeness the Sun. all the factors When such are the dispositionsaffecting relating to the mind, it is not surprising that the native becameinsane. In the horoscopeNo. 56 the Sun and Saturnare in the 12th and Saturn aspectsthe 2nd house' Thus the Lagna and its lord are hemmed in between malefic influences. The 4th house is aspectedby Mars. The lord of 4th is the by Moon, the significator of mind. She is aspected Mars and is between malefic influences of the Sun and Saturn (by aspect on the 6th) and Rahu posited in the 6th, and
5un Mercury Lagna Venus' Saturn Mars

Horoscope No.52


Sun Mer Venus !





Mars (by aspecton the 8th). Similarly the 5th house falls between the malefic influence of Mars (by aspecton the 4t$ and of Rahu in the 6th, also of Sun and Saturn (by aspect on the 6th). Sun lord of the 5th is in the 12th with Saturn.Thus all the factorssignifying the associated mind have got afflicted by malefic influences.


Basic concepts of predictiveastrology

In the horoscopeNo. 53 there are two malefics the Sun and Mars in Kendra from the Lagna.The 4th house
Jupiter Rahu Lagna 5\ Venus 6 Mars Sun Venus Sun Saturn Mercury Mars Ketu

Horoscope No.53

;aturn Ketu

7 Mars

is occupied by the samemalefics.Mercury lord of the 4th is hemmed in between the Sun and Mars on one side and Saturn and Ketu on the other side. The 5th house is similarly disposed.The lord of 5th Venus is aspected by Saturn. The Moon is under Kendra influence of Safurn and Ketu. Thus all the factorsrelated with the mind and intellectareunder maleficinfluences causingthe native to suffer from mental disorders. In the following chart the tagna is occupiedby Mars and is aspectedby Saturn. The Lord of trg^u is in the third associated with the Sun. The 4th houseis aspected

9\8 tun \
Moon Horoscope No.54 Saturn

il:tax '(,,

Mercurl jupitei Venus


Lagna Mars

Hora Shatak


by Mars. Saturn the lord of 4th and 5th is not afflicted. However the Moon is aspectedby Safum. Therefore the native did not suffer from insaniWbut had someinstability of mind" In the horoscope No. 55 the Lagna is occupied by malefic Saturn. The lord of Lagna is in Kendra to Saturn. The 4th houseis occupiedby the cruel Sun.The lord of 4h

Moon Iloroscope No.55

Lagna Saturn


Mars Venus Sun

f, ,^---.



by Mars is aspected Satum. The 5th house is hemmed in between malefic influe-ncesof Mars and the Sun. Jupiter the lord of Sth is hemmed in between Saturn and Mars. Mercury is afflicted by Mars. The Moon is in the 12th and under is inKendra to Mars:Thus allthe relevantfactorsare malefic influences causing insaniry to the native.


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gsrgdrFrfturqn66:Rnq, ntq rmeq q rkfl+ | f{ffr{ird rrFq-rg-Ed, gd ,Ttdr 6g Ew+,r+| t?o | | If Mercurybe the lord of the Ascendant Lagna or
(Gemini or Virgo Ascendant),he becomesan absolute representativeof the skin. The reasonis that the Lagna as a whole represents body of the native. Therefore the Mercury as lord of the Lagna will representthe whole body and the skin. He will not so absolute representative skin if he is lord of any other house. of Similarly if the Moon be lord of the Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) the Moon will be an absolute re prese n t a t i v e o r si g n i fi ca to r o f b l o o d. If such Mercury (as lord of the Ascendant)and the Moon or the Moon (lord of the Ascendant)and Mercury fall under the malefic influencesof Saturn and Rahu by aspect or conjunction, the significations skin and blood will be very adversely affected by the long lasting (chronic) and filthy influence of Saturn and Rahu and the affectionsof skin and contaminationof blood will causethe native to suffer from leprosy. This view is supportedby 'SarvarthaChintamani:$r$ns.ilq5riffirfirqT tRl-EEt: *ggmw.t t ero$tg EEi U{d Tft gqkflffi r qttrffftq | | This means that if the Moon, Mercury and lord of the Lagna be associated with Rahu or Ketu, the sages say that such a Yogacauses leprosy. According to SarvarthaChintamani it is essentialfor lord of the Lagna to be associated this Yogabecause in

Hora Shatak


lord of the Lagnaestablishes in the Yogafor any disease, with the whole body. contactof the disease for Let us study as an illustration a few horoscopes leprosy in the light of principles enunciatedabove. with In the horoscopeNo.56 Mercury is associated by the malefic Sun und it aspected baturn. Mercury as
\Venus Lagna Venus Sun 3 \ Ra Saturn Rahu MercurS Mars
lloroscope No.56



/ ,i^,"'


Moon |upiter

lord of the Surya and Chandra Lagnas is an absolute significator of skin. Thereforethe affliction of Mercury is of great significancein this horoscope.It will also be observedthat Mars lord of the Lagna being in his sign of debilitation and also being devoid of directional strength in the 4th house, is extremely weak and indicatesweaknessof muscles.Although the Moon is and is also in the 6th but she is not weak in Pakshabala associatedwith Jupiter. Consequently the native did suffer from leprosy but the diseasedid'not prove incurable.


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

In the horoscopeNo. 57 Mercurv is himself lord of the Lagna. He is under the malefi. i.rfl.r"rr.e of Saturn
Ketu Lagna s \ 4 Jupiter

fUoo\ Sat ,/

lloroscope No.57

Moon Saturn

Mars Rahu

Sun Mercury Venus



who is in the 12th to him and aspects 2nd from him. the As a resultthe skin of the native got diseased. blood The also gets contaminated if the Moon is conjoined with Saturn. Thereforeall the factors required for leprosy are presentin the horoscope. In the horoscopeNo. 58 Mercury is in his own sign but in the 6th house (the houseof diseases). Further he
Ketu Lagna

Moon Horoscope No.58


Venus Safurn



is associated with Saturn and Rahu.Jupiter is not helpful he because is lord of the sign occupiedby Ketu and is in the 6th house.The Moon is in the housewhich is 6th to the 6th and is aspectedby the Sun. It is pity that the

) Hora Shatak 129

native with sucha good horoscope becomes victim of a this loathful diseaselaprosy. In the horoscopeNo. 59 also Mercury is lord of the Chandra Lug.u and therefore an absolute significator
Sun Venus Ketu Saturn Moon

Horoscope No.59

./12\ ,/ Mercury \ Saturn '2\

3 Moon Ketu

Lagna Mars fupiter Rahu


of skin. Such a Mercury being in associationwith the Sun and Saturn becomesthe causeof skin disease. The Moon is also under Kendra injluence of the Sun and Saturn and is aspectedby Mars who also transmits with his aspectthe malefic influence of Rahu, he is associated with. All the above dispositionshave made the native suffer from leprosy but as Jupiter powerfully aspects the Moon the disease seemscurable. C o m m e n t s- I t w i l l b e o b s e r v e d f r o m t h e comments under sloka 76 and from the horoscopes given t h a t t h e a u th o r h a s a ttri b u te d l epr osy to affliction of the Lagna, lord of the Lagna, the Moon and Mercury (mainly to the Moon and Mercury). Out of curiousity we went through someof the recognised astrologicalworks but no where we found the Yogas given by the author. But the reasonsgiven by him appear to be quite logical. For the interest of curious readerswe give hereurrderthe Yogaswe have found in the various astrologicalclassics.


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Brihat fataka (1) if the Moon be rising in the Lagna, the Sun be in the 7th and Mars and Saturn be in the L2th and 2nd respectively,the native will be a leper (white leprosy). (2) If at a person's birth the Moon be in the 5th Navamsa of Sagittariusin conjunctionwith Mars and Saturn or aspectedby the native becomesa leper. (3) The same effect wilt happen if the Moon under the above conjunction or aspectoccupiesa Navamsa Capricorn or Aries' Cancer, belonging to Pisces, (4) If Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn happen to be in the Sth or 9th house from the Lagna by and be occupiedor aspected all the malefics(some aspectingand some occupying), the man is sure to be a leper. |ataka Parijata If exceptlord of the Lagna,other maleficsbe in the Lagna,the native suffersfrom leprosy.If Saturn be thele the diseasewill be Neela Kushta (ftc W). If the Sun be there it will be Rakta Kushta (rm W). Mars there will with Mars causewhite leprosy.If the Moon associated or or Saturrybe in Cancer,Pisces Capricorry Navamsa and there be no aspect of benefics on the Moon, the native will suffer from leProsY. ]ataka Tatwa (1)If Mercury be in Aries,the Moon in the L0th house and saturn be conjoinedwith Mars the native will suffer from leprosy. (2) If Saturn, Mars,lthe Moon and Venus/ occuPy watery signs and be afflicted (either by conjunction or aspect)by malefics, the native will suffer leprosy' (The other malefics can be the Sun, Rahu and ketu)'

Hora Shatak


(3) If the Moon conjoined with malefics be in watery signs, the native will suffer from leucoderma (white patches on the skin). (4) If the Moon occupiesthe 5th house reckoned from the Navamsa Rasi occupied by the Atmakaraka and be aspected by Mars, the native will suffer of tuberculousform leprosy. (5) If lord of the Lagna, or the Moon and Mars be conjoined with either Rahu or Ketu, the person will have marks of leucodermicpatches. (6) If Saturn, the Sun and Mars be conjoined, the native suffers from tuberculous leprosy with brown and black patches. (7) When the Moon is posited in a Navamsaowned and is conjoinedwith or by Gemini, Cancer or Pisces aspectedby Saturn and Mars, the person concerned will suffer from leprosy. (8) When one of the Trikona houses is conjoined with or aspected by malefics posited in Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn, the native will suffer ,from leprosy. tql If Mercury, the Moon and lord of the Lagna be I 'conjoined with Rahu or Ketu, the native will be a leper. (tO) If Saturn and lord of the 6th housebe posited i the Lagna, the native will suffer from leprosy. in ' (11)If the Sun conjoinedwith lord of the 6th house be in the Lagna, the person concernedwill suffer from leprosy. (12) If Mars be in the Lagna and Saturn occupies the 8th, Lst or 4th house, the person concernedwill be a leper.


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Yoga for Epilepsy qqsKdrrIT|qR trfr sqtp p16;qqqq6615q| zl | | | Amongst the various planets Rahu is the most dreaded one for the Moon. He is even called Chandra rVimardana ({q ffi). On the other hand the Moon is the significator of emotions and consciousness. the If Moon as lord of the 4th be in the 6th, gth or 12th antl falls under the evil influence of Rahu by conjunctiory aspect etc. and there be no benefic influence on the Moon, the emotions and consciousnessare adversely affected, giving rise to dreaded affliction known as Epilespy. As lord of the 4th, the Moon will be absolute representative of the emotional side of mind and /therefore Moon's affliction in the manner described above will definitely causea seriousdiseaseof the mind and consciousness. The horoscopeNo. 60 is that of a sufferer of Epilepsy may be studied in this connection.


Sun Mercurl Venus Jupiter Saturn




riter Rahu 11

Horoscope No.60 Rahu



6 8

The 4th house is occupied by Ketu, is aspectedby Rahu, and is hemmed in betweenMars and Safurn. The Moon lord of the 4th house is aspected by Mars and

Hora Shatak


Saturn. Theseafflictions are not the main causes the for disease.The important reasonis the affliction of the 4th house by Rahu and Ketu and the aspect of Saturn on the Moon. Saturn is lord of the sign occupied by Rahu and is thus the transmitter of Rahu's evil inlluence by his aspect on the Moon. As already stated the Moon being lord of the 4th is absoluterepresentativeof mental emotions and consciousness. Another horoscope No. 61 is that of a victim of epilepsy. This horoscope will be of interest to the readers as it has different disposition from the previous horoscope. Here let us take the 4th house first. This house is hemmed in between Rahu (2nd to it) and Saturn and 5-"t" by their aspect on the 3rd (which is 12th to it). The lord of the 4th Jupiter is aspectedby Mars who

Saturn Rahu

Iforoscope No.61

Mars Ketu Sun Venus


fupiter Moon


ff z5.',X


on account of being aspectedby Rahu, carries with him the latter's evil influence. The significator for mental emotions and consciousness,the Moon is aspected by Rahu. Thus the 4th house, the 4th lord and the Moon someway or the other fall under the evil influence of Rahu and make the native suffer from epilepsy.


astrology of Basicconcepts predictive

Diseaseof the nerves

FilgfrrlT| qs|qqlrfr {rg: Tsrt6,r(s flfu I

|| 656qprt*a Rq qeTrEnff{r{6': ?2ll If Rahu occupies8th and Saturn Llth from a house, the person signified by that house, suffers from paraiysis. For example if Virgg be the Ascendant or Lugnu and the 6th be occupied by Rahu and 9th by Sailrn, the elder sister (signified by female sign) of the native will suffer from paralysis'The reasonis that the planets causing the disease(Rahu and Saturn) are in ihe 8th and lLtlifrom the Llth housein the native's chart. The horoscopeNo. 62 rrraybe seen in this respect'
Saturn Venus Rahu
Mars L^agna bun Mercurl

Horoscope No.62

jupiter Moon






Saturn occupiesthe LLthfrom the 1Lth (repregenting The 6th house which is 8th elclerbrothers ind sisters). the from the llthhouse receives malefic aspectof Rahu' died of paralysis.The reasonis The native'selder sister that Saturn and Rahu both areKaraka for nerves'Saturn aspectsthe 1Lth house (the Lagna of elder sister) and the 8th house to it. Rahu is as$ociatedwith Venus the lord of Lagna of elder sister alsoaspectsthe samehouse (gth to 11tf,).Thesemalefic dispositionscausedthe death of the elder sisterfrom paralysis.



" {6{Fm-

iogafor dumbness


T(g' qFt T+qK Tft I


q ftrqnuft*,

{*-oa}f oqqFil ftff: tl?3ll The 2nd as well as the 5th house, signify speech' speech'If the 2nd Jupiter and Mercury are Karakas.of jupiter and Mercury be and 5th houses,their lords, weak and be aspectedby malefics the native becomes dumb. The hoioscoPeNo. 63 may be studiesin this context:This horoscope is that of a dumb person'fl" second house is cbnjoined with Rahu. The lord of the
jupiter yMoon \ Rd

Moon Rahu Lagna

Horoscope No.63

Ketu Mars Venus Saturn



2nd house saturn is afflicted by Mars. The fifth house is occupiedby Jupiter lord of the 3rd and 12th and is aspected Uy itre'Sn.,. The lord of the 5th Venus is asirectedUy nanu and hemmed in between Mars and SaturnononesideandtheSunontheotherside. of jupiter is weak and'inauspic-iousbecause being the iora of the 3rd and 12th, his Kendra influence of Rahu and Ketu and is aspectedby the Sun' Mercury is in the 12th and is aspectedby Ketu and Mars' Thus all

z K '> :,}k
V enus


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

the requirements of the Yogaare there to make the native dumb. Further illustrations ?Fnlvrrcri c qkrFT xF-dl w{srrcrft| rMqFqr v{d T+-dr(|T+1 TqTqtt?4 tl If Taurusbe the Ascendantor Lagna and Jupiter and Mercury (lords of the 2nd and 5th) be together in the 2nd houseaspectedby Mars and Saturn, the native will be dumb. The reasonis obvious.The housesof speech, their lords and the Karakas of speech are all under malefic influences. The horoscopeNo. 54 may be seenin this context.
Lagna Mars Saturn Rahu Sun Ketu
\,/f ornru J YrEt\

y:#y/ \

4 ,/\

",2 r )(rr
Sun ^/

Iforoscope No.64 fupiter Iu Venus Moon

Moon 7

/8\ Venus

Here two malefic Saturn and Mars occupy the 2nd house.They also aspectVenuslord of the 2nd placed in the 8th house.The 5th houseand ]upiter occupying that houseare aspectedby Mars. The lord of 5th, the Sun is under the rialefic influence of Rahu and Ketu. Mercury another Karaka of speech is also aspected by Mars. Thus all the factors concerning speech are afflicted caused the native lose his ability to speak.

Hora Shatak


Yoga for chronic illness to wife or husband

, If Virgo be the Ascendant or Lagna with Saturn in the 7th and Jupiter in the 6th, the wiie of the native will suffer from a long lasting or chronic disease.The husband will suffer similarly if this yoga be present in a female horoscope. |ustification for the yoga q:r i5,RoIrIr6-

Eqdir'ffimq1ifi.qril'i qPi{s ffiT{fr rRI Vtfr: r qqqTi rrhtfttr wf er{fr{'ifi1ft | | ?5| |

yF: {rh R{ frqsq: qRRqffiffi

itslf q qS Tfirfrs Rq kqr: q+tTqgrRq{h: | | 76I I Saturn is a natural Rogakaraka and when he becomes lord of the 6th, he is certainlv a formidable significator of diseases. is thereforeobvious that if such It a Saturn occupiesthe 7th house (the house of marriage partner), he or shewill suffer from somechronic diseaie particularly when lord of the Zth Jupiter is posited in the 6th house.



astrology of concepts predictive Basic


Yoga for rulership or high administrative position {nffigrFiliir{rq|sffi Ylilqtr il{ gh{r wfffi, qr+rq ilE srp{$rftilfEffi g 6qiffi qrrkrqqieq ttarrFflireilEr fuiry546:, qffrmQqTt${rr* {qffiryn{l l ?8l l . 'sarvartha Chintamani' has rightly The author of said that the matter of attainment of rulership, frinistership, high administrative position etc.should also be considered from the 2nd house. Thus an of assessment this kind should be done by a careful examination of dispoitions of the Lagna, its lord, the Sun, the 10th house and its lord, the 7th house (which is 10th to 10th) and its lord and 2nd house and its lord. If the planets concerned are strong the native will become a ruler, minister, Prime Ivlinister, President or holds other equivalent high administrative position'

Hora Shatak


The horoscopsNo. 65 may be seenin this connection.

Ketu Moon Saturn

Horoscope No.65

fupitet Lagna Sun Mars Mercurl Venus Rahu

/2 \ Moon

Dr. RajendraPrasad,former Presidentof India. The Lagna is under the influence of four planets, namely Mars, Mercury, fupiter and Saturn. Therefore by the Lagna is strong particularly when it is aspected is in the 7th its own lord )upiter. The lord of 2nd Saturn in a friendly sign endowed with directional strengthand ls aspectedby Mercury lord of the LOthand 7th in the Lagna endowed with directional strength.Although the Sun is in the L2th but is hemmed in between Mercury and Venus and is in Kendra to Jupiter. The above dispositions which contain some malefic effectsalso, gave Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the Presidentshipof India and strains. after a life of struggles,stresses the Yogapoint of view there are Comments-From a number of auspiciousYogaslike Anapha, Ubhayachari and Parijataetc. Presentin the horoscopebut the most powerful is Adhiyoga causedby Venus(in his own sign) and Mercury being in the 6th and the 8th from the exalted Moon. Mercury one of member of the Adhiyoga, is in the Lagna, in the sign of benefic Jupiter who being Vargottama aspectsMercury, while Venus the other planet causing the Adhiyoga is in his own sign. Thus the three beneficsare involved in this Yoga.According


Basicconcepts predictive of astrology

to classical works one born inAdhiyoga will be resolute, wealthy, blessedwithfamily and happiness,and he will be famous and learned. This horoscope illustrates powerful Rajayogas causedin the Lagna by involving Mars (lord of the 5th), fupiter (lord of Lagna) and Mercury (lord of the 10th). Let us consider one more horoscopeNo. 66 of the late PresidentNasserof Egypt.
Iupiter Rahu
Moon Venus

Saturn Horoscope No.66

Sun Vlercury Lagna Ketu


The lord of 2nd jupiter in Kendra hasbecomestrong, by being in Kendra to the Moon and Venus.Actually the Kendra position of Jupiter to the Moon has given rise to Gaja Kesari Yoga the result of which has been given as under : - "Many relations, polite and generous, builder of villages and towns or magistrate over them; will have a lasting reputation even long after death." The lord of Lagna Mars is in the LLth aspectedby Jupiter. He is also aspectedby Saturn but as Saturn is aspectedby the Suru he has been rendered weak and is unable to do much harm to the man (this is what the author thinks but is not very impressing and logical). The Sun is lord of the Rajyasthana,namely 10th and is in the 3rd an Upachaya house where the Sun is

x x U-

.6 Mars



considered strong. The Sun is aspectedby Saturn. But the aspectof saturn is almost nullified bythe aspectof Jupiter.The lord of 7th(10th to 10th)Venusis in ihe 4th wherehe getsdirectional skength. Furthervenus being lord of a Kendra is associateawith the Moon lord of a trine, giving rise of a Rajayoga(though it is not very powerful as the Moon is weak being very close to the Sun). Venus is in a friendly sign and is in Kendra to Jupitea and has no malefic influence on him. Mars bv aspecting his sign Aries, renders the Lagna strong. both the Lagna and its lord. Sothe Lagnla Jupiter aspects is very strong. All thesedispositionswere the causJof Nassar'sbecoming the Presidentof Egypt. Let us discussfew more horoscopes. The horoscope No. 67 is of late President of India OL Radha Krishnan.

Horoscope No.67

Venus Rahu Sun Moon 1 0 \ Ketu Lagna





lupitef Darurn


]he Lagna is Virgo. The Lord of Lagna Mercury is exalted in the Lagna along with Jupiier lord of ihe 4th and Tth, and Saturn lord of the 5ih (and 6th). The Lagna has no malefic influence on it except that of K:!" (by aspect)and is thereforevery strong^. lord The of Lagna is equally strong. There is no malefic or benefic in the 2nd house. Although Mars is in the 2nd to it and Saturn in the L2th but Jupiter and Mercury


astrology of concepts predictive Basic

are also in the 12th. So we cannot say that the 2nd house is altogether hemmed in between malefics' Actually lord of the 2nd is in Kendra to it but he is unfortunately under the malefic influence of Rahu and Ketu. Thus we have to rule out the efficacy of lord of the 2nd to do any good to the native' The 10th by house is aspected Mars who is in his own sign and therefore not very harmful. Jupiter is in Kendra to the 10th house and the lord of the 1Othis exalted in Lagna.Thus the 10th houseand its lord are quite well We diJposed. would not sayvery strong becauseafter all Mars is a malefic and so is Saturn who is associated with lord of the Lagna. The 7th house (10th to 1-0th) belongs to Jupiter and is aspectedby him a9 well as by Mercury tlie lord of the Lagna and the 10th' Saturn uiro utp.cis the 7th but the good influences are in majority. The Rajya Karaka Sun is in the 12th but he is in his own sign and therefore cannot said to be weak. Thus the dispositionsmake the horoscopequite strong but not stiong enough for the native to be presilent of India. There are other factors which gave him that high status and they are described below : (1) Both Jupiter and Mercury lords of the 10th (the and Lagna are endowed with directional Bajyasthana) strength. well as a Trikona' 1Z)fne Lagna is a Kendra as As s oc i a t i o n o f M e rcu ry w i th l o rd o f the Lagna (Trikona) and Jupiter give rise to Rajayoga'Similar italayogas are formed by Jupiter and Saturn and Mercury and Saturn. and Lagna give (3) The lord of 10th (Rajyasthana) rise'to BhadraYoga (one of the Panchamahapurusha Yogas).



(4) There are p)anets on both sides of the Sun and Moon (mostly beneficscausing Durudhur3 Yoga and ,Ubhayachari Yoga, the results of which have been ldescribedas under : Durudhura Yoga-The native is bountiful. He will be blessedwith much wealth and conveyances. UbhayachariYoga-The personwill be an eloquent speaker. will have well proportional limbs,will take He delight in everything, will be liked by all, will be wealthy and famous. (5)As Mars inhis ownsignis inKendra to the Moory Ruchaka Yoga (another of the Panchamaha-purusha Yoga) is formed. The result of this Yoga has been described underas "The person born in Ruchaka Yoga will have a strong physique, be famous, well versed in ancient lore, a king or an equal to king, conforming to traditions and customs. He will be of charitable disposition, wealthy, long lived and the leader of an atrrry." (6) When lord of the Lagna is powerful and lord of the 9th occupiesown or exaltationsign identicalwith a Kendra orTrikona, LakshamiYogaisformed. The result ,of this has beendescibedas under"The person will be wealthy, noble,learned,a man of h igh i n t e g r i t y a n d re p u ta ti o n , h a n dsome in a appearance, good rulet and enjoying all the pleasures and comforts of life." This Yogais presentin this horoscope with reference to the Chandra Lagna. Mars lord of the 9th from ,ChandraLagna is in Kendra to it. It will be seenhow the good Yogashave provided enormous strength to the horoscope.


astrology Basic concepts predictive of

The horoscopeNo. 68 is that of Sardar Patel who was the Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in

Rahu Lagna Moon



Mars 9aturn

Horoscope No.68

5un Mercury jupitei Venus


the first CentralCabinetof India formed after achieving were the His most noted achievements independence. m a int e n a n c e o f la w o rd e r d u ri n g the bloody disturbancesafter the partition of India and the merger of the princely states and Portugeese and French territories with the Union of India without any bloodshed. The Lagna is Aries and lord of the Lagna is in the with lord 10th in his sign of exaltationand is associated of the 10th in his own sign. The Lagna is aspectedby four planetsfrom the 7th house including Jupiter lord 0f the 9th and Venuslord of the 7th in his own sign. The Lagna lord Mars aspectsthe Lagna. The Lagna is thereforevery strong.The secondhouseis occupiedby the exalted Moon and lord of the 2nd Venus is in his own s i g n i n t h e 7 th a sso ci a te dw i th the RajyakripakarakaJupiter and the RajyaKarakaSun.The 1Oth house is occupied by Saturn lord of the 10th himself with the exalted and this lord of the 10th is associated lord of 10th is in Kendra to the Sun lord of Lagna.The and Jupiter and Venus lord of 7th (10th to 10th). The



Hora Shatak


10th house is therefore extremely strong. The 7th house with is also strong as lord of the 7th is there associated the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. The Sun the Rajyakaraka is in his sign of debilitation in the 7th but his debilitation has been cancelledas his sign lord Venus is associated with him. The Sun is a Trikona lord, hencea beneficfor Aries Lagna.Thus all the combinationsfor becominga Sardar ruler of high dignity are presentin the horoscope. the Prime Minister if he wanted Patelcould havebecome but he respectedthe choice of Mahatma Gandhi for Nehru to be the Prime Minister. The other powerful Yogasadd glory and strength to his horoscope(1) Lagna Adhiyoga on account of the three benefics-jupitea Venusand Mercury being in the 7th to the Lagna.fupiter is lord of the 9th and the Venusis in his own sign. Chandra Adhiyoga as a result of three beneficsin the 6th from the exalted Moon. The results of theseYogashave been describedas under"The person will be polite and trust-worthy, will have an enjoyableand huppy life, will inflict defeat on his enemies,will be healthy and live long. He will be reputed, honoured and learned". (2) There are three PanchamahapurushaYogas presentnamely,Ruchakacausedby exaltedMars being Yogacausedby Saturn in in Kendra to the Lagna,Sasa in Kendra to the Lagna and Malavya Yoga his own sign causedby Venusbeing in his own sign in Kendra to the Lagna. The results of the RuchakaYoga have already beendescribedearlier.The resultsof the other two Yogas are given below. SasaYoga-One born in this Yoga will command good servants.He will be head of a village or a town or even a king.


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M a la v y a Y o g a -T h e p e rso n w i l l h ave a well developed physique, will be strong minded, wealthy, happy with children and wife, will command vehicles, and will be renowned and learned. (3)Rajayogas formed by Mars and Saturnin the 10th and a Rajayogaformed by Saturn alone by being lord of the 10th in 10th.The association Jupiter and Venus of also causes Rajayoga. (4) ParijataYoga the result of which is describedas under : "Happy in the middle and last parts of life, receiving the homage of kings and rulers, fond of defeatingenemies,generousand famous". SeehoroscopeNo. 69 that of Mrs. Indira Gandhi
Jupiter Ketu Lagna Saturn Mars Sun

Horoscope No.69 Moon Rahu Venus

, In this horoscopethe Lagna is very strong as it is aspected by its own lord the Moon and there is interchangeof housesbetweenlords of the Lagna and 7th. The lord of Lagna Moon is aspectdby Jupiter.The 2nd house is occupied by YogakarakaMars who is in Kendra to Jupiter. The lord of 2nd Sun is in the Sth, a very auspicious house aspectedby Jupiter. The 10th house is aspectedby Saturn lord of the 7th (and 8th) but its lord is well placedin the 2nd in Kendra to Jupiter. The 7th house is owned by Saturn and is aspectedby him. It is also aspectedby Jupiter.The Sun, Karaka for



Hora Shatak


Rajya is very wbll placed and is aspected!y najya kripakaraka Jupiter who is lord of the 9th. Thus the hoioscopeis veiy strong. However, the main speciality of this horoscopeis the formation of MahabhagyaYogas by interchange between the Moon, lord of the Lagna Mars the lord of und Sutntn,l6rd of the Tth,Yogakaraka 5th and 10th and the Sun lord of 2nd, and Jupiter,the lord of 9th (and 6th) and Venus,lord of the 4th and 11th' has been causedby the birth at Another lvtahabhagya night and the Lagna, the Sun and the Moon being in ev-ensigns. The results of theseYogasare well known' In the horoscopeNo. 70 of Shri Khruschev the Lagna is Libra. It is occupied by the Yogakarakaand exalted Saturn (lord of the 4th and 5th) and aspectedby the RajyakarakaSun, lord of the 11th in the 7th in his sign
Mercury Sun



Horoscope No.70

Lagna Saturn



of exaltation. The lord of Lagna Venus is in the Sth interchanging position with saturn who is the lord of 5th. The Llgnaand lord of the Lagna are quite ry"l1".ff' by is The second-house aspected Jupiter and lord of the 2nd Mars is in the 4th in his sign of exaltation.Thus the 2nd house is quite well disposed'The 10th house is aspectedby exilted Mars, but lord of the 10th is in the by f Zih in the iign of Mercury aspected Mercury' Jupiter also aspectsiord of the lbth (the Moon)' Thus though

K ^K

;il K
Saturn 7


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

the 10th house cannot be called very strong, but is neither too weak. The 7th housebelongsto Mais who is exaltedin the 4th and aspects Zth.The Zth is occupied the by the exalted Sun and aspectedby yogakaraka and exalted Safurn. It is also betweentr,vobeneficsMercury and Jupiter.The 7th house(10thto 10th) is thereforevery well disposed.The dispositions mentioned above ar"e sufficientto makeKhruschev, prime Ministerof U.S.S.R. the and a world classstatesman particularly when thereare a number of powerful auspiciousyogas present in the horoscope described as below(1) Sasaand Ruchaka Yogasformed by Saturn and Mars. The results of these Yogas have already been describedearlier. (2) Mahabhagya Yoga causedby the interchange of housesbetween the YogakarakaSaturn and the loid of Legna. .(3)UbhayachariYogacausedby Mercury and Jupiter being in the 12th and 2nd to the Sun. . (4) LagnaAdhiyoga causedby Mercury and |upiter being in the 6th and 8th from the Lagna. (5)ChandraAdhiyoga causedby Venusand Mercury being 6th and 7th from the Moon. The Adhiyogas ar'e there but they are not perfect. Vipareeta Rajayoga

P4rftilrrffirrqrgdd dsfr g geqrqgffi: Erqfuq {ERqd qrR qrq&{fltrd: q qeqftI ffi Edsrqr il$rds$f,ffiSf fri{$qqo:, qt{gq-fr qqr.rqr*qq,| | ?8ll ffi reEr
It is a basicprinciple of Hindu Astrology that when a planet is in the 6th,8th or L2th house,in enemy sign, combust on account of nearnessto the Sun, in his sign

Hora Shatak


of debilitation, is associatedwith or aspectedby malefics,the houseowned by suchplanetsuffersbadly. When that planet owns an auspicious house, the auspiciousnessof the house is destroyed. But if the planet is lord of an inauspicioushouse and is weak on account of dispositions mentioned above, he causes VipareetaRajayogawhich givesname,fame,wealth and success the native. The reasonbehindit is that in these to circumstances inauspiciousness a planet sodisposed the of is almostcompletely weakenedand he becomes auspicious to do good to the native. The 8th house is the house of poverty. If the lord of 8th be posited in the 6th or 12th, be associatedwith or aspectedby malefics and be extremely weak, the signification of poverty of this planet will be completely destroyedand he will instead becomea donor of immensewealth to the native. In this context the horoscopeNo. 71,of a lady who owns croresof Rupeesmay be seen. Here the lord of 3rd (an inauspicious house) is in
bun Moon Mars Mercun Kefl



Horoscope No.7l

Lagna Rahu



a=\, sT%)

the 8th and the lord of 8th is in the 3rd. The lord of 12th the Moon is combust and associatedwith Mars and Ketu. The weaknessof the lords of 3rd, 8th and the 12th in the manner described above caused Vipareeta Rajayogamaking the native immensely rich.


astrology of Basic concepts predictive

has Comments- VipareetaRajayoga beenacclaimed as a very auspiciousand effectiveYoga in a number of classicalworks. For want of spacewe give below only the Yoga as described in Uttarakalamrita and Phaladeepika. See'Uttarakalamrita', by Dr P.S.Sastri, published by'M/s Ranjan Publications. Uttarakalamrita-If in any one of the following Yogas,namely (i) the lord of 8th occupying the 12th, or the 6th, (ii) the lord of 6th being placed in the 8th or 12th,(iii) the lord of 12thbeingposited in the 8th or 6th, (iv) the said three lords being related in any way by mu t u a l e x c h a n g e o f p l a ce s, mu tu a l aspect or conjunction, and are at the same time free from such relations with other planets,the person will becomea great king lording over other kings and blessedwith fame and wealth. See in this context the following No. 72. horoscope
5un Moon Mercun Saturn Lagna Rahu

Horoscope No.72






x %
10 \,/ Ketu ,4N


- The horoscope above is of a Crorepati (otEqic) o'r multi-millioniire. The horoscopedoei not indicate so much wealth as the lords of 2nd and 11th are in the 8th and 6th respectively.The lord of Lagna is also in the 8th. The lord of 9th is in the 12th. But there is VipareetaRajayogain full strength as the lord of 12th is

Hora Shatak


in the 8th alongwith the lord of 8th. The lord of 6th is in the 12th. For the students of Astrology we provide other interestingfactsabout this Crorepati to explainwhy he became so rich and influential. If they study the horoscopefrom the Chandra Lagna they will find that with the horoscope two PanchamahapurushaYogas has referenceto the Chandra Lagna, namely RuchakaYoga formed by Mars in the 10th from the Chandra Lagna. by The Chandra Lagna is aspected Dhana-adhipati (lord of 11th) Jupiter from the 5th house. There is mutual aspectbetween DhanakarakaJupiter and Yogakaraka Venus, the latter being lord of the 4th and 9th from the Chandra Lagna. The Lagna is also aspectedby Mars lord of the L0th,the planet which forms RuchakaYoga. There is also mutual aspectbetween Saturn and Mars the creators of Sasa and Ruchaka Yogas. There is VipareetaRajayogaalsoasa result of conjunctionof the lord of L2th Saturn and the lord of 8th Mercury (reckoned from the Chandra Lagna), in the Lagna. Saturn in his own sign in Lagnagivesrise to a powerful Rajayoga(accordingto Brihat |ataka). Phaladeepika-The author of this work has called VipareetaRajayogaby three different namesbased on the lordship of the 6th, 8th and 12th house. (1)If the 6th housebe aspectedby maleficsand lord of the 6th be in the 6th, 8th or I2t!i., the Yoga caused is called Harsha Yoga.A person with this Yoga is fortunate, has a well built body, is happy, afraid of committing sinful deeds and conqueror of enemies. He is also famous and popular. (2) If lord of the 8th, be in the 6th, 8th or 12th the Yoga causedis called SaralaYoga.The person born in


Basic concepts predictive of astrology

this Yoga is longlived, strong willed, fearless, wealthy, successful his undertakingsand famous. in (3) If lord of the 12th be in the 1.2th,8thor 6th, the Yogacausedis called Vimala Yoga.The personborn in thisYoga,accumulates wealth.He is huppy independent and becomesfamous for his good qualities and good deeds. "Some of the scholarsdo not agreeto theseand opine that even though the author of the above Yogas has as c ribe d v e r y p l ea sa n t re su l ts to th ese thr ee combinations, in actualpractice, yet quite contraryhave beenthe results.Parashara doesnot seemto favour the conceptionthat evils of lordship can entirely disappear asa result of this evil lord occupying anotherDusthana." As w e d o n o t co n si d e r P h a l a d e epika and Uttarakalamrita as ordinary authorities, we would advise the readersto testthe dictums of thoseauthorities and the views of these schoolsin actual practice.We have, however,found that personswith very ordinary lo o k ing h o r o s c o pe sh a ve b e co me ve ry r ich and influential becauseof the presenceof theseYogas.

Hora Shatak


Other Yogas Concerning Administration




,+t5,qR wq*rfr t_

If there be benefics in the 6th,7t!rrand 8th (all the three houses) from the Moon, the Yoga so formed is called Adhiyoga or Chandra-adhiyoga'This is one of the most beneficiyal Yoga and makes the native wealthy, famous and longlived. The rationalefor this Yoga is that by the occupationof the 6th,Tthand the 8th-housesfrom the Moon by benefics,the Chandra Lagna becomesvery strong u.,q auspicious'By such diJposition of three benefics,Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, not only the Chandra Lagna is aspected.by beneficsbut the houses2nd and 12th to it alsoreceive b e n e fi c i n f l u e n c e a d d i n g m o r e a u s p i c i o u s neighbourhood to it. In this connectionour remarks under sloka 22 maY also be seen. Comments-Like the Chandra Adhiyoga there is also the LagnaAdhiyoga. In the latter casethe benefic planets haie to be in the 6th, 7th and the 8th from the Lugttu. The results of both the Yogas are the same' Aciording to some schools of thought the benefics may be diitributed in all the three housesor they may be in anyone or two of them to form this Yoga' As the principie behind this Yoga i: to bestow benefic influence on the Lagna or the Chandra Lagna as well as on its teft and rigth side, the Yoga will be perfect present.Another condition for when such an effect-is the Yoga to be fully fruitful is that there should be no malefiis in the 6th,7th or 8th. Here is the horoscope


Basicconceptsof predictive astrology

No. 73 to illustrate the above point. Here there is the Lagna Adhiyoga as Mercury is in the 7th to Lagna and Jupiter and Venusare in the 6th. Although there is no beneficin the 8th from the Lagna
Lagna Moon Rahu

Horoscope No.73

Mars Saturn


Sun jupiter Mercury Venus

but Jupiter from the 6th aspects 2nd and 12th houses. the So the Yogais perfect.The native reapedvery beneficial resultsdue to this Yoga.He became man of lakhs before a he reachedthe age of thirty years,although he was from an ordinary family and had begun his careeras a clerk in a private Life InsuranceCompany.Now he even owns a house of his own which is worth about Rs. 10 lakhs. Ju p it er ' s m a j o r p e ri o d b ro u g h t th e pr osper ity. Shri Bhasinvery rightly claimsthat Adhiyoga is based on the'Parshavagamini Drishti' (wvffift gfu), that is aspects either side of the Lagnaor Chandral^agna. on If there aremaleficsin the 6th,Tthand 8th from the l,agna or Chandra trg a the resultswill be quite opposite. Adhiyoga is not formed when there are benefic planetsin the Lagna or ChandraLagna or around them although every houseprospersbecause the strenght of of the Lagna (that is, on their either side). Similarly a planet gets more beneficence it has benefic planets if with it or on his either side, or in 6th, 7th and 8th to him.

x x ok



Hora shatak


On this very principle are based the well known Yogaslike Anapha, SunaphaDurudhura, Shubhavesi, Shubhavasiand Shubhakartari. These Yogas are in of respectof the Moon and Sun and the presence these Yogasimprove the structure of the horoscopeand the native getslong life and prosperity. Sunapha Yoga is formed when there are planets (exceptingthe Sun) in the 2nd house from the Moon. The results are self earned property, kingly status, or his equal,intelligence,wealth and good reputation. Anapha Yoga is formed when there are planets in the L2th to the Moon. The resultsof this Yogaare-well good reputation, formed organs,majesticappearance, politeness,generosity,respect,fondness of dress and In sensualpleasures. later life renunciation and austerity. Durudhura Yoga- If thereareplanetson either side of the Moon, this Yoga is caused.The result are-the native is handsome. He will be blessedwith much wealth and conveyances. According to "Brihat lataka" edited by P.S.Sastri, published by I\a/sRanjan Publications if'the planet in the 2nd or L2th be Mars, the person will be energetic, powerful, wealthy and bold. If it be Mercury,he will be skilful, eloquentand proficientin the arts.If it befupiter, he witl be wealthy, virtuous, happy and honoured by the sovereign.If it be Venushe will be very rich and a sensualist.If Saturn be the planet in the 2nd or 12th house from the Moon, the person will enjoy other people's wealth, clothes etc., will engagehimself in various occupationsand will be the leader of men. I According the occupy 2nd to'Phaladeepika'ifbenefics or L2th or both sidesof the Sun,the Yogasso formed are and Shubha-Vasi ShubhaUbhayachari. calledShubha-Vesi, {f therearemaleficsinvolved in this Yoga,then it is called Papa-Vasi and PapaUbhayachari. Papa-Vesi,


Basicconceptsof predictive astrology

Similarly we should consider such position with referenceto the Lagna. If there be malefic planets in the 2nd and 12th from the Lagna, the yoga so formed will be Papa Kartari Yoga. If there be benefics in these positions the Yoga so formed will be Shubha Kartari Yoga. If there be a benefic in the 2nd from the Lagna, the Yogawill be known a Sushubha.If there be a benlfic in the 12th to the Lagna,there is no yoga as the 12th is treatedas an inauspicioushouse. The results of various Yogas according to phala Deepika by Dr. G.S.Kapoor, published by I\{s Ranjan Publicationsare as underShubha Vesi - Handsome,huppy, learned,religious minded and ruler. Shubha Ubhayachari-Good speaker,renowned, honoured, wealthy and well formed limbs. PapaVesi - Defamesothers,without any lustre, bad company and objectionable morals. Papa Vasi - Back-biter, treacherous,friend of notorious personsand of bad character. PapaUbhayachari -No education,unfortunate and poor/ unhappy and ill famed. Shubha Kartari-Longlived, huppy, wealthy and famous and free from enemiesand diieases. Papa Kartari-Poor, unhappy, deformed limbs, shortJived and deprived of wife and children. As already stated above, the evaluation of other housesand planets should be done in similar manner. We know we have deviatedfrom the main subject,but it will be very useful for the readersto know the effects of planets and their influencesby aspect on either side of a house or planet. A house or a planet with benefic influenceson its both sidesgainsstrengthfor the good. The results will be opposite if the house or planet is surrounded by malefic influences.

Hora Shatak


Yoga for Violent Disposition

tc(T|frrIT|,Edq: qda $rdgtr: Gtmo: q6' I qE trtrrcqrnq*r6ei qs.d | | 80| | rsrFgrwenirrmdritS r4an ++ At-d* ffi eflgRrmffi: n 8l tl Mars is violent by nature. Similarly the 6th house signifiescruelty and brutality. The 11th housewhich is 6th to 6th also possesses iame signification.Thus if the a person born with Gemini as the Asiendant, he is very likely to have a violent nature as Mars is the lord of both the 6th and 11th house. Comments-All natives of the Gemini Ascendant cannot have a violent disposition.It may be so if Mars be in the Ascendant, the 6th or 10th influencing the Ascendant.similar disposition of Mars with refeience tl: Yo9" may make the native violent in disposition. lo But if.the Lagll orlord of the Lagna receives aspect the or inf.luence Jupiter or Venus,the violent disposiiion of would get suppressed. 6qr ?ftqffird:Rrw.t g.{ q Hqt | | 82| | The violent disposition becomesmore pronounced if Mars occupiesthe Lagna because from thereMars wilr exert his violent effect on the Lagna, the 4th and Zth (4th from 4th) representing self an? mentar emotions. qFq il{f,{gqrwgfrcEqTqq: I If for the Gemini AscendantMars is in the Ascendant and the Moon in the 4th along with the lord of Zth, the violent disposition of the native will know no bounds and he would become intent on even committing a murder.
;RTuIrgFrqkFF.:il 83 il

vr gfus{dr+r Re*dr{qrbd: I


astrology of concepts predictive Basic

In this context the following horoscoPeNo. 74 of Nathu Ram Godse the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi may be seen.
Sun Lagna Venus Saturn Mercury Rahu Mars 5 jupiter Moon Rahu

t;" ft**
Venus 12 11 8\ Ketu

Horoscope No.74


Jupiter Moon


Comments -We feel that Mars unlessafflicted will not be as violent as the author has thought for him' It will be seen from Godse'shoroscopethat Mars is aspectedby Satrun. This made him restlessand gave him a nature contemptuous of danger and quick in anger.It is also to be noted that lord of the Lagna is in th;12th along with the Sun and Rahu. The most destructiveinfluenceshave beencentred on the Lagna and lord of the Lagna, the planets causing such an affliction being Rahu, Mars and Saturn. Further the Atmakaraka (Sun) is afflicted by Rahu' Mercury and the Moon both signifying -mind are The Moon and afflictedby Rahu and Mars respectiveiy. Jupiter combination is also aspectedby. Rahy, !hu-s deitroying morals and the good qualities of mind which would otfierwise have occurred to the native by the Moon's associationwith Jupiter.jupiter's lordship of the 7th had nothing to do with the mind of the native' Th e d isp o s i t i o n J me n ti o n e d a b o ve w er e solely responsiblefor Godse to become "impulsive, erratic, recklessand ill visioned".

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Moon-Jupitercombinationin mentally critic sign Virgo aspecled by violent Mars from anotirer menial sign alsomade Godseof voilent and restless disposition unaided by the debilitated balancingfactor,Sairun. Yoga for imprisonment i6iliriiliitF-Tw-


aryimfrrt sg trg-tfu:
gfilRm-derg{Tq I _ Tr6rK 6'rtr{q-rrs.c{T ilF{rtr o-nrgo-*rn+r:84| | ||

A Yoga for imprisonment is formed when Rahu aspects occupies 12th houseor if he aspects or the lord of the 12th or be associated with him, and lbrd of the 12th be weak. The 12th house inter alia signifies imprisonment and Rahu is Karakafor imprisoiment. As the L_agna representsthe body, the yoga would be strong if Lagna is also involved in it. In this connection the horoscopeof Dr. Rajendra Prasadmay be seenunder Sloka43.In this horoscope 53h" being 10th from Mars, the lord of 1,2thisexerting his malefic influence on the Lagna. The occupation of the 12thby the Sun also harmi the house.The lord of 1.2this aspectedby Saturn also. Thus the yoga for imprisonment is quite strong but since Jupiter-is in the 10th from the 12th, the imprisonment was for a good cause,that is, for the serviceof the Motherland. Similarly in the horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi under Sloka35, Rahu is in the 10th from Mercurv the lord of 12th. Further the 12th is occupied bf the malefic Sun, lord of the 12th is associated with Mars and is hemmed in between the Sun and Saturn.Here also lord of the 12th is aspectedby Jupiter, so the imprisonment was for a good cause.



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In the horoscopeof Pt. Nehru under sloka 8, Rahu is in the 12th and Mercury the lord of L2th is hemmed in between Mars and the Sun and is aspected by Saturn. The association of Mercury with Venus the lord of 4th house indicated that the imprisonment was for fulfilment of lofty ideals and for the serviceof the Motherland. The following horoscopeNo. 75 of VeerSavarkar our rule. also processes
Mars Venus Sun jupiter Ketu Saturn

Moon Horoscope No.75

ry s."

/7 Rahu

VenuY Mercury retulz\JuPiter




Here Mars lord of the 12th is aspectedby Rahu by and the 12th houseis aspected the Sun and Saturn' Thus the Yoga for imprisonment is confirmed. Comments-The author has undoubtedly by explained the working of this Yoga very log_ically inducting Rahu as Karaka imprisonment. Here are some more Yogasfor imPrisonment. Brihat |atika -If., at a Person's birth, all the malefics are in the 12th, Sth, 2nd and 9th, the man is imprisoned. In Pt. Nehru's horoscopethough the Yogadescribed above is not absolute,the housesconcernedare under malefic influences.The 12th is occupied by Rahu, the 2nd,bySaturn,the 5th by the Sun and the 9th is aspected bv Mars.

Hora Shatak


fataka Tatwa (1) If maleficsoccupy the 12th,5th, 9th and 2nd, the person will be imprisoned (This is the sameYoga as given by Brihat Jataka). (2) If in the following pair of houses(i) 2nd and 12th, (ii) 5th and 9th (iii) 6th and 12th, (iv) 3rd and tlth and (v) ath and 10th, there are equal number of planets,the person concernedwill suffer imprisonment. (3) If the lords of the 1stand 6th housesbe conjoined with Saturn in a Kona (trine) or Kendra, the person concernedwill suffer imprisonment. It is interesting to note the Yogagiven by Shri Bhasin applies to all the horoscopes referredby him. The Yoga given by Brihat fataka and fataka Tatwa do not apply in all the cases. The following horoscopeNo. 76 is that of late Seth RamkrishnaDalmia a well known industrialistwhowas imprisoned for embezzlement.
jupiter Mars Venus Rahu
5un Lagna

Horoscope No.76



2 Mars



,t-i itt

In this horoscope L2th houseand lord of the 12th the are badly afflicted.Mars is in the 1.2th, Venuslord of the 12th is with the Sun and is aspected Saturn.There is by no influenceof Rahu on the L2thhouseor its lord except that (i) Mars in the L2th is lord of the sign occupied by


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Rahu: (ii) the 12th house is hemmed in between Rahu (beingin 12th to it) and Ketu and Saturnby (their aspect on the 2nd to the 12th, that is, Lagna), and (iii) Venus the lord of the 12th is hemmedin betweenRahu (2nd to it) and Ketu (by his aspecton the 12th to it, that is, on the 9th).As the lord of the l0thJupiter is associated with Rahu (g i v i n g r i s e to Gu ru C h a n d a l a Yoga) , so inappropriatedeedson the part of the native areclearly indicated.Saturn in the 4th indicatesmisery in old age. Dalmia died very disappointed.Dr. B.V.Raman in his book 'Notable horoscopes'has given the reasonfor imprisonmentasfollows-without any rich inheritance, t o bec o m e a b u s i n e ssma n w i th su ch colossal commitments, is not an easy joke. This remarkable achievement was rendered possible by the unique disposition of Saturn, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, causing a formidable set of Dhana and Raja Yogasof a dynamic nature. In the Navamsa Jupiter's exaltationin the 10th houseis of immensesignificance Though in further enhancingthe worth of the horoscope. he (Jupiter)is exalted in Navamsa,he could not save the native from incarcerationbecauseperhaps of his quardrangular ownership (Kendra-adhipatiDosha), with Rahu and being subjectto KartriYoga association by the lords of 6th and 12th." Dr. Raman has not given any importanceto the 12th houseand the L2th lord for being involved in getting him imprisonment. This should have been done. We are inclined to agreemore with the theory of Shri Bhasinthan that of Dr. Raman. for Jupitercould be surely responsible his inappropriate deeds but involvement of the 12th house,Saturn and for Rahuis very necessary thenativebeingsentto prison asthe 12thhouseis undoubtedlya very vital significator of confinementand imprisonment.

Hora Shatak


The following horoscopeNo. 77 of Z.A. Bhutto is worth studying in the light of rules.
Moon Rahu



Horoscope No.77

: ' Xpfl'"'


Mars Venus Saturn Ketu

The 12th house is occupiedby Rahu the Karaka for imprisonment and is aspectedby Saturn anotherKaraka (lord of 8th) alongwith Mars and Ketu. Lord of the 12th Venusis aspectedby Rahu and is associated with Mars Saturn and Ketu. Even a strongJupiterin Kendra to the -o n Lag n a co u l d n o t h e l p h i m. a cco unt of an overwhelmingly strong Karagar yoga (yoga for imprisonment). He remained in jail for Jerverafyears before he was put to gallows.


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Chapter on resuls of directional Influences Results of the Sub-Period of Venus posited in the 12th form a Planet


qaTrk{Ter: qfr srq ulr* ' dffiqqdrflfrqfusrEr gd tr{tIIR n\d S5Fs q

f{ 1{.{"r Sq s.Fi

| | 87ll

If the major period (intheVimshottari Dasasystet").9f in operation,anq he be endowed with a beneficptut "iU" to strength,and if in the i.,oror.op" venus be in the 12th lord of the major of tnut ftu"ut, all the good significations sub'period of Venus' period will fructify in tne The time when the significations of Planets will fructifY q-6rtri11t1Fftrlr{Fn6-

t*rqurdvrfrr*rrqt @: | 88 Ai{o,rd{l I I xtqorcsnurmqref $ilssdrfsrR: $rftt q{reqrqr6TfltrfiI: qrrf{<r: af-qiar'ft}a5,: t sqi-dr: qmtfl: nqrft q | | 89l I ffifiq

I N cd'r' zndq, woqrFdtdFrqR| 90| | of The age of fructification of the signific-ations. various ilanets has been allotted in the following and order-Mercury, Mars, the Moon, Jupiter,the Sun Saturn.Mercury giveshis resultsat a very early ageand Saturn giveshis resultsat a very late age' Th e "y e a r s a l l o tte d a re a s fo l l o w s- Mer cur y Z2years' Venus20y.ears,Moon 18 L6 years,'Mars years, 28 years'This Saturn ;upiter 24yeats,Sun26yearsand


Hora Shatak


information can be utilised to determine the time of marriageetc. Illustration


fdmq: {dff{T, qR ER-{qq qtq t t gt t t Personsborn with Sagittariusas the Ascendantor Lagna generally get married early as Mercury (who is ca lle d 'K u m a r a ' ) i s l o rd o f th e 7 th (th e house of marriage).The marriage often takesplace at the age of 16.Butharriage is delayedwhen the 7th house,lord of for the 7th and the Karaka for 7th (Venus men and Jupiter for women) falles under the evil influencesof malefics.If marriagewouldtakeplace thereis nomaleficinfluence,the by at the ageof 16.If Mercury aslord of the 7th is aspected placebeforeL6years beneficsonly,the marriagemay take of age. The time or age of marriage in the case of the may bedeterminedaccording natives of other ascendants to the planet who happens to be lord of the 7th. The horoscopeNo. 78 may be studied as an example.
Saturn Mars

Efd.i g unmi frqra:tffiq F t


5un Mercurl Venus Iupiter Horoscope No.78




The lord of 7th is Jupiter. If Jupiter be of average strength, the marriage would normally take placeat the

M ry<

9 Moon


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age of 24.Inthis horoscope he ]upiter is strong because is in the 5th, but weak becausehe is in his sign of debilitation. As the effect of the house is considered strongerthan that of the sign,we would saythatJupiter is strong to someextent.Therefore2years will have to be deductedfrom the allotted24years.AgainJupiter is associated with the malefic,but weak Sun as well with beneficsMercury and Venus.Therefore the marriage should take place4 yearsearlier,that is, at the age of 18 years (22-4). But Mars is alsoaspectingJupiter.So the marriageis likely to be delayedby 4 yearswhich brings the age of marriage as22. Mars being in Kendra to the 7th house would delay the marriage by 2years which meansthat in accordance with the calculationsmade so far, the marriage should take placeatthe ageof 24.Now let us seethe effectsof the KarakaVenus.Therewould be addition of 2 yearson accountof the association Venus of with theSun.Therewould bededuction of 6 yearsasVenus is associated with Mercury and Jupiter. Thus the age of marriagewould be 24+2- 6=20.Themarriage of the native actuaily took placewhen he wasat the end of 1.9th year.In the method we have employed in these calculations, generallyaddition or deduction of 2years is allowed for each malefic or benefic associationand addition or deduction of 4 yearsto maleficor beneficaspect. The marriagemay never take place if the 7th house, its lord and Karaka all are under malefic influencesand are devoid of any beneficaspector association.

\q +.rfrt{4rat{vrqfrq{qwtr'r ilqrTrA$r4vrr+{ morcoqvnqfre2| | ||

The time (ug") of marriageis determined according to the despositionsof the 7th house, its lord and its Karaka, in the manner describedabove. .M q cqr ffif

r* fEnH frw qeroreF+fi r

orcs ffq: I tes 1

Hora Shatak


The time of marriage determined by the method given above will only be the approximate time. The according actual and precisetime has to be ascertained to the principles of Vimshottari Dasa system and the transit of planets. The time of Dawn of Fortune


trfurqiq rftg uw,

eFffiqf,ffi$s{r qfr q< gM

r r sg Tft+rFrfr e4r l The time of the dawn of fortune should be ascertained from the lord of 2nd, 1Lthor 9th, which ever (amongstthe planets mentioned in sloka 91) yields his resultsearliest. the Weshould treattheyearsallottedto that Planetas basis for calculation and then after taking into account the and aspects, effectsof beneficand malefic associations determine the age for the dawn of fortune. Deduction should be made for the influence of beneficsand addition should be made for malefic influences. This method is illustrated in the horoscopeNo. 79. Here lord of the 2nd is the Sun, that of the 9th is Jupiter and that of the 11this Venus.From theseplanets
Saturn Venus Rahu
Lagna Sun Mars Mercuri

Horoscope No.79

ilN1 ,o\d'l
'9 Ketu 11





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Venus gives his results earliest.We should therefore examine the 11th house and its lord Venus.While the aspectof Saturn on the 11th,delaysthe time of dawn of fortune, the aspectof the Moon expeditesit. Thus these two effects canceleachother.Venusis strongin the 12th house and should expedite the time for the dawn of fortune but as he is hemmed in between the Sun and Saturn (by his aspecton the 11thhouse),there are both benefic and malefic effects which again cancel each other. Venus is associatedwith Rahu. This malefic influence remains uncancelled.Therefore the age for dawn of fortune should be put at 20+2=22 years. Actually the native had the dawn of fortune (qrdcq)at the age of 21.. Results of the sub period of a malefic planet in his own major period

qFRTrqT qttl-s gksdqr6t{fltilft{srr+r ileTilfu gk: il{orfr qtfumr gW m $:gs g qFu6t6mfl-r I wqqd;nyffiTwr I I e5| | ffi qr srffinm{l <re gl rer<tt lt 96ll

According to Vimshottari Dasa system the native will sufferfrom mental worries,ill health,lossof wealth etc., during the major period of natural malefic and in his sub-period.What will be the actual form of malefic results,has to be ascertained from the significationsof the house,the lord of which is aspectedby the planet whose sub-period is in operation. Comments-If no planet is aspectedby the lord the of sub-period then in such circumstances nature from the significations of loss should be ascertained of the house aspectedby the lord of sub-period.

Hora Shatak


Results of the sub'period of Mercury associated with malefics in his own major period

ffiq$Tnqf rffit1qarqa$ft tr erd srftEfgffi: sffisgqer3dr

qqft 1t s-fitq N sqrtcldflqq rfrd't t tgzt t If Mercury be posited in the Lagna along with the Sun and Saturn, the sub-period of Mercury in his own ma jor p e r i o d b e i n o p e ra ti o n , Me rcu ry in such will not give his own results but will circumstances, produce the resultsof the Sun and Saturn.Sincethe Sun and as the and Saturn bring about separativeness, of aspects the Sun and Saturnfall on the 7th house,there will be separation from husband or wife in the subperiod of Mercury. Results of benefic and malefic associations

$qTRrrgfu-ifqr6wqh srq Fm{qrqre: oqFqtos t1'rs Ert,

t arqTsqFqrg6rf4qqH:

When a natural malefic be associatedwith two natural beneficsand major period of any one of the two be benefics, in operation, and the sub-periodbe also of any of those two benefics,the benefit of beneficmajor period and beneficsub-period goesto the malefic planet. gffitraf4qqn: dqrRTfrefrM:l -

gqfuu-ge: $:s;arfr

*,tR hd grnflqsrfr | | eeI I


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The malefic planet, so benefited,will always yield beneficresults,even if he be positedin an inimical sign or in the 6th,8th or 12thhouse. But this will happenonly if the natural maleficsbe the lord of auspicioushouses. In this context seethe horoscopeNo. 80. In this horoscopeonly thoseplanets have beengiven which are neededto prove our point.
n Jupiter Yenus /

\ s,/
lforoscope No.80

11 12

Sun Jupiter Lagna Venus

Supposethe sub-period of Venusis in operation in the major period of Jupiteathen bothlupiter and Venus will pass on their benefic influences to the Sun, consequentlyduring this sub-period,the good results of the significtionsof L0th houseof which the Sun is the lord, will be felt by the native, that is, favour and honours from Government, advancementin career, performanceof good deedsetc. Not e - R e a d e r s mu st h a ve n o te d th at in the preceding chapters the author has very often made mention of the 'BhaaathBhaaam' theory. According to him the 11th house being 6th to 6th is the house of diseases and the 9th housebeing 5th to 5th is also the houseof children. I give below ip this connectionthe theory explained by Shri H.R. Seshadari Iyer, in his very knowledgeable

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book, 'New Techniques of Prediction'. "Lord of the Bhava removed from the Bhava at a distanceequal to the number of Rasisthe said Bhavais from Lagna Rasi, causes this specialsituation and gives a specialeffect.It is nothing but a changefrom the previous position and circumstances a further analogousevent. From the or following illustration you will be able to understand what it really means. (1) Dhanath Dhanam (Lord of 2nd in 3rd)'With an initial increasingone's financial condition. (2) Bhrathruvath-Bhrathru (Lord of 3rd in 5th)Younger coborns from step mother or like her or adopted brother or like him. (3) Vidyath-Vidya, Mathruvath-Mathru, Sukhath Sukham etc- (Lord of 4th in 7th) - Advancing from one type of education to another or from one Degreeto a higher Degree.Having step mother or like. Happinessabounding, in plenty and in succession. (4) Putrath Putram - (Lord of 5th in 9th)- Adopted children or step children (Legal or illegal) (5) Rogath-Rogam, Rinath-Rinam, ShatruvathShahum- (Lord of 6th in 11th)-One diseae developing after another. First debt getting incresaedto further debts.One enemy raising other enemies. (6) Kalathrath-kalathram (Lord of 7th in 1,st) Multiple wives or concubines. (7) Marnath-Maranam (Lord of 8 in 3)-One death being the causeof subsequentdeath. (8) Bhagyath Bhagyam, Pithruvath-Pithrum - (Lord of 9th in 5th) - Starting with original affluence,acquiring further infflux of wealth. In caseof other reading it may be common in Westerncountries where bigamy for men Among Hindus it is an and women is socially accepted.


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obnoxious idea i.e. to have a Bhinna pitru (secondary father). Yet there are instancesof widow marriage or illicit intimacy of the mother with a paramour who will then assumethe role of step father. (9) Karmath-Karma (Lord of LOthin 7th)- From one professionto another. (10) Vyayath-Vyayam (Lord of 12th in 11th)Spending and over spending. It will thus be seen that the theory of "Bhavat Bhavam"shouldbe appliedvery judiciously.Theremay be some points of controversylike whether the house 6th to 6th that is 11th should be considereda house of diseasealso or not. There are some like the 9th (sth to sth) has also shown some results regarding progeny. in Thereforethe readeris requiredto usehis experience by this connection,because and large it is alsoa matter of one's own experiences. 1 Association with Mlechchhas (menials)

rwwnflirrrqrgR${rdqturq: {g: fr+seq+ t | | dHIqqqqd 1g:frwc'rftarCo: | 100|

Rahu The 6th housesignifiesMlechchhas(menials). If is the Karaka of Mlechchhas. Rahu be in the 6th, he gainsstrength.As a result the native likes the association of Mlechhhas. Illustration

I ?Frd't wnqe ue ffiqfr rtgsn

q{: Hlpqdsq rt ffig frqtqn lol tl

Hora Shatak


If the Ascendant Lagna be Taurus and the Moon occupies the 6th alongwith Rahu, the native lives in urro.iution with Mlechchhas.The reason is : the Moon signifies mind and being lord of the 3rd house also inclination towards friendship or liking. If such in*dicates Moon conjoinsRahu in the 6th house,it is quite logical that the native will be fond of the company of Mlechchhas.