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This instrument will help you to know more about how you interact with others. This is an important part of your effectiveness. There are no right or wrong answers. You will learn about yourself if you respond to each of the following items as candidly as possible. Read each statement and write your response in the space given to its left side, according to the key given below: Write 1 if you rarely or never behave this way Write 2 if you occasionally behave this way Write 3 if you sometimes behave this way Write 4 if you often behave this way Write 5 if you almost always behave this way S.NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 ITEMS I am available and accessible to those who want to interact with me. I delay doing things that I do not like. I am concerned about ethical issues in personal and social life. I feel hurt and angry if a person refuses to oblige me when I ask him for a favour. I am uneasy until I finish the task for which I volunteer. I am excited about new things and try them out even without consolidating the previous ones. I respect the traditions and practices of the various group I interact with. I advise people on their problems and issues. I do not hesitate in raising questions in discussions when I do not understand a point. I am upset if people do not act according to my instructions . I enjoy trying out new ways and see a problem as a challenge. I am workaholic and tend to neglect some other matters. I help people whenever such help is required. I avoid meeting people if I am not able to do what I promised to do. I raise questions of values while discussing a course of action. I express my strong feelings to people without caring if it would spoil my relations with them. I collect relevant information about the problem I am working on. As soon I know about a new product, I procure it, and give up what I have been currently using. I find strengths in the various cultures and try to adopt some of them. Responses

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I give detailed instructions to make sure things are done the way I want. I can say no without any embarrassment or guilt. I show my resentment if things are not done the way I think they should be done. I try out different ways of dealing with a problem. I am so involved in my immediate work commitments that I tend to overlook long-term goals. My friends and others feel free to discuss matters with me. I do not express negative feelings during unpleasant meetings, but continue to be bothered by them. I myself practise what I want others to follow. I ask a person during discussion to shut up if he/she is saying irrelevant things. I give high priority to planning in detail what needs to be done. I am amongst the earliest to adopt a new idea/product, even without critically examining the evidence in favour of or against it. I adjust to most situations without any discomfort. I enjoy helping people to solve their problems. I take negative feedback without feeling upset or defensive. In a group I take the lead in preparing what should be done. I look for alternatives rather than adopting the known one. I work primarily on tasks I commit to myself, sometimes at the cost of sensitivity and attention to others feelings. I tend to empathise with and respond to the people interacting with me. I find it difficult to adjust to new situations/strange places. I do not hesitate in raising questions of ethics and values in public life. I dominate the discussions I participate in. I collect data and information about the progress of the work being done. I regret later when out of enthusiasm I adopt/use a new product, and it creates problems. I enjoy working with new people and in new environments. I enjoy people coming to me for advice and help and encourage them to do so. I am able to confront people, and express my feelings to them. I prepare detailed plans for my children and others for whom I am responsible.

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I enjoy experimenting and learning from such experiments. For me the highest priority is to complete the work I am committed to.