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February 23, 2013

Volume 13, Number 8

Matthew 28:5"Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. Sometimes it is just hard to see the future with an optimistic eye. Could there be something better on the other side? When pressed with struggles, doubt, and disappointment, the other side may ignite fear of even worse things. Some disciples of Jesus, in the wake of His death and burial, responded to questions with the disappointed thought, We were hoping (Luke 24:21) No one wants to invest hope, only to have it crushed by contrary events. Still, there is nothing we need more than hope. We all want to see the future. Of course, the future is yet to be seen. People have looked to horoscopes, a turn of the card, the lines in a palm, the tea leaves in a cup, a crystal ball, and a number of other methods intended to see the future. The one thing all these methods have in common is that they cannot foretell the future. And I think you know why. None of them have the power to see or shape what has not yet happened. God can see and even shape the future. Of course we know that the future is greatly affected by the events that have transpired in the past combined with how we respond in the present. Jesus made it simple. He said, He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned (Mark 16:16). There is God given hope, but it is tied to present trust and action. Hope is the positive forward view. It is optimistic. It believes in beneficial outcomes. While it remains incomplete, hope trusts in what it envisions. If it were complete it wouldnt be hope. We need hope, not fear. We need to see ourselves, the future, and of course God with a positive forward view. It is time. Dare to hope. Russ

The Sentinel February 24, 2013

Keep These In Prayer

George Holmes is in Norman Regional with a severe infection. No visitors at this time, because of the contagious nature of the infection. Jo Hutton has started treatment for a serous cancer on her lips. Keena Lusk received good results on her medical tests, but still has several health issues that are keeping her fairly confined at home. Riley Baldwin continues having surgeries about every six weeks. Ginny Baldwin, Larrys sister-inlaw had surgery at St. Anthony Hospital to remove a mass on her brain. Ramona Hannah, Donal Ruminers sister has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She is a member at Southwest. Chandrapaul and Kumari Kumari has been having several very serious health problems.

Daily Bible Reading February2013 24.Exodus 19-20; 1 Thess. 5 25.Exodus 21-22; 2 Thess. 1 26.Exodus 23-24; 2 Thess. 2 27.Exodus 25-26; 2 Thess. 3 28.Exodus 27-28; Philemon 1 March 1. Exodus 29-30; James 1 2. Exodus 31-33; James 2 3. Exodus 34-35; James 3 Thank-You Words cannot express the thoughts in our hearts for the kindness and love you have shown us during this time of surgery. Thanks for the many kind deeds. Love, Jerry and Joretta Doyle. Our Deepest Sympathy We offer our deepest sympathy to the Hopkins family. Cathys father, A. W. McMurray passed away last week. Funeral services were held in Tulsa last Tuesday.

Homebound or Limited:
Lorella Wilson Aline McDaniel Don & Jo Hutton

Happy Anniversary
Rick & Syd Greenroyd Stephen & Cathy Hopkins Dan & Camron Jolliff - George & Karla Holmes 2/26 2/28 3/4 3/7 2/29 3/2 3/4 3/5

One Faith One Family, One Fellowship

Happy Birthday
Donal Ruminer Phan Tran - Sammy Waganer Paula Dyer - -

Winter 2013
Guest Speaker: Stephen A. Bailey, from Mesquite, Texas will be

our guest speaker this morning. Steve was a speaker for the Affirming the Faith Seminar, and comes to us as a part of that program.
Brothers Keeper GroupsGroup #3-(Jaworsky) will get together

for a pot-luck dinner this evening, February 24, following evening worship. A sign-up list is on the bulletin board. For more information, see McFaddens or Glidewells.

Visitation Update Group #2 will be in charge of making visits

this week. See Horace Phillips.

Wednesday Evening Singing this Week. Dont miss our monthly

singing. Singing with our young song-leaders (and the old ones too) is a great time of worship and fellowship.
Plans are being organized for EPIC (Ever Present in Christ). It is a

youth training and spiritual growth program. The youth from our congregation will be participating with those in other congregations as we conduct a gathering here on April 19-20. Volunteers from our membership will be needed to help conduct this program. Listen for more announcements in the coming weeks.
Tipton Home Host Family: If you have been wondering how to pro-

vide more than financial support to the children at the Tipton home, then please consider becoming a Host Family. A Host Family provides a temporary home for a child during school breaks, holidays, vacations, and other various times throughout the course of the year. This is a wonderful opportunity to build long term relationships and provide a Christian home environment for children in need. For information on being a Host Family, email Tanya Smith at Tipton Home: Tanya.smith@tiptonhome.com.
Change for Children cans for the Tipton Home are available to take

home and fill.. Last year we donated $981.99. Lets see what we can do this year. It is a good cause.

The Sentinel February 24, 2013

Scheduled to Serve Next Week (3/3/13)

Order of Service
Announcements & Scripture: John 13:3-9 Song 52 Blessed Be the Name Song 898 Unto Thee, O Lord Prayer Song 312 Ill Be a Friend to Jesus Song 730 What A Friend We Have in Jesus Comments Lord's Supper Collection Song 391 Let Me Live Close to Thee Sermon: Guest Speaker: Stephen Bailey The Greatest Need of the Church Song 732 Revive Us Again Song 387 Lead Me to Some Soul Today Prayer
Ministers Dwain Thacker Darrell MacDonald Randy Vance Keith McDougal Russell Dyer

Kevin Keenan

George & Pat King Dwain Thacker Bill & LeAnn Sherman

Lord's Table (am) Prayers: Larry Baldwin

Arless Murray Bill Sherman Dwain Thacker Donal Ruminer Blue Suarez Bill Fleming Bryan Ausmus J.C. Glidewell Howard Johnson Alex Suarez

Lord's Table (pm) Prayers (am)

Dewayne Ross

Dan Jolliff

Prayers (pm)
Blue Suarez Chris Scott

Schedule of Services

Bible Study Worship Worship


9:00 AM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM

Deacons Michael Berry Joe Downs Bill Fleming Walter McFadden

Bible Study
Elders Kevin Keenan Horace Phillips Roger Scott Bill Sherman