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I. Activities On our second month of exposure at the Labor Room and Delivery Room, we were able to perform certain nursing tasks and responsibilities. Following the nursing process, we performed our daily assessments with our patients and from what we have gathered, we were able to formulate a problem list which were sorted out in order to see which problem must be dealt with utmost priority. Immediate referral was of most value in order to protect the patients from serious complications and further collaborative management from the medical and nursing field be observed. Interventions were then carried out and were evaluated for efficacy. Documentation was also practiced in all nursing interventions given to the patients. II. Learnings and Insights Pre eclampsia is one of the most common complications of pregnancy which may impose serious hazards to the mothers and the unborn children. Every day the Labor Room and Delivery room are occupied with patients having this condition. Unfortunately, not all mothers know the high possibility of death that they may encounter if this condition is not treated immediately. To some, it is just but a simple increase in the blood pressure which can be treated by a single pill. Some lack the information they really needed, however, others despite the explanations given by the health care team, disregard the constant reminders and luring into submission to treatment because of the lack of resources financially and the support from their immediate families. Sad but true, some may opt to go home because they think poorly the effects it may pose them. A number of patients died because it had been too late before they and their families noted the dangers it imposed, not until death unfolds itself right into their faces. With this, realization has dawned upon me, poverty really has an effect on the way people perceive. Most of the people below the average income think they deserve less because they cannot afford a good health care service. Undoubtedly, with what I have seen, most of them if not all, had let the bad situation rip off their hope of becoming better. Pre-eclampsia is just one of the major complications of pregnancy, which treatment can readily minimize if not totally

eradicate the mortality of pregnant mothers and their babies. Government support is really a must in order to reduce maternal and fetal mortality accompanied by the willingness of the people to engage in a healthy lifestyle as well as early prenatal check-ups and compliance to treatments being recommended. Also, the people need to change the way they think of themselves, optimism rather than pessimism is the key of a better future in times like these. III.ISSUES and CONCERNS I have observed that some doctors do not immediately see a priority patient and just let them wait in the IE room, some let the patients wait for a long period of time before they examine them. We lack materials for cleaning blood stained beds. Sometimes there is a lack of clean gloves, plaster and not even a single tourniquet is seen on the IV basket which may affect the means of care. Supplies are really scarce. IV. Recommendations

In line with the issue stated above, I would like to recommend that the hospital will allocate budget for the supplies and materials needed in the labor and delivery room. Materials for cleaning a blood stained bed and air freshener be provided. New wheelchairs are really a must.