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EPS Heat insulating composite system

Economical external wall insulation

With faade insulation sheets made of styropor

Heat insulation and faade creation Proven and cost-effective No heat bridges

Baumit WrmedmmverbundSystem EPS Insulation and faade in one Der Star in der Wrmedmmung.
The Baumit EPS Heat Insulating Composite System EPS is a modern, perfected external wall insulation system. Faade plates made from hard polystyrol foam act as a heat insulating layer, and are provided with a vapour permeable base plaster (reinforcement layer), consisting of a filler and fibreglass mesh. To this is added a weather-resistant, vapour-permeable top plaster made from a skim based on artificial resin. The Baumit EPS Heat Insulating Composite System can be added to all base surfaces. It is ideal of old and new buildings, as well as for individual houses or blocks of flats and even non-residential buildings.
GranoporPlaster UniversalBase Base plaster * With AdhesiveFiller and FibreglassMesh Faade insulation panel EPS-F

Baumit EPS heat insulating composite system

A summary of the advantages:

Base profile with drip stud Wall

Heat insulation and faade in one The heat insulation is on the outside, increasing the living space inside No heat bridges Individual, diverse range of faades System with European technical licence (ETAG 004) Tuned heat insulation (Thickness as required) Economical, durable system

Plugs as required *

reinforcement layer

Example applications:

The right way to insulate:

An overview of the EPS heat insulating composite system
Baumit AdhesiveFiller
Factory mixed, mineral powdered adhesive for gluing and filling, as well as embedding the Baumit FibreglassMesh Coverage: Curing time: approx. 4,0 5,0 kg/m2 (gluing) approx. 3,5 4,5 kg/m2 (filling) at least 7 days

Baumit EPS-F FaadeInsulationPanels

EPS-F according to NORM B 6000, NORM EN 13163 Size of panel: Thickness: Coverage: 100 x 50 cm 2 to 20 cm 2 panels/m2

Additional plugging of the Baumit EPS-F FaadeInsulationPanels is not required for system surface weights of up to 30 kg/m 2 on new foundations made from wall and honeycomb bricks, cement bonded hollow and solid breeze blocks, lining stones without integrated additional insulation or WS and WSD cement bonded wood shaving insulation panels. On concrete and plastered base surfaces, at least 6 plugs/m 2 are required across the surface, and at least 8 plugs/m 2 around the edges (ref. NORM B 6410.) (For example, plugs can be Baumit UniversalInsulationPlug ST 8U or Baumit PunchPlug 8N).

Baumit FibreglassMesh
Alkaline-resistant fibreglass mesh. Embedded as reinforcement into Baumit AdhesiveFiller. Coverage: approx. 1,1 lfm/m2

Baumit UniversalBase
Ready-to-use, universal pre-coating used as absorption balance and adhesive for top plasters. Coverage: Curing time: approx. 0,15 kg/m2 at least 24 hours


Baumit GranoporPlaster
Ready-to-use, organically bonded skim plaster (top plaster) in paste form with different structures and 200 colours Baumit colours of more emotion.

Max particle size Scratch structure Groove structure Fine plaster *) Filler plaster **)
*) **)

0,5 mm

1 mm

Coverage 1,5 mm 2 mm 3 mm app. 2,5 kg/m2 app. 3,1 kg/m2 app. 4,1 kg/m2 app. 2,7 kg/m2 app. 3,9 kg/m2

app. 2 kg/m2 app. 1,4 kg/m2

GranoporPlaster Fine is only suitable for small areas (e.g. window surrounds or reveals) (only available in the colour PRINCESS 3009 (white) GranoporFillerPlaster 0.5 is used to achieve the smoothest possible plaster surface. The plaster is applied to ScratchStructure 1.5 after 1 day of curing. When selecting the skim plaster (top plaster) the light reference value must be at least 25.

Important: Around the base (at least 30 cm above ground level) we recommend the use of the Baumit XPS-R BaseInsulationPanel. The adhesion to bitumen seals is done using Baumit BitumenAdhesive 2K. In addition, the insulation panels are secured with at least 4 plugs per panel.

Base surface: The base surface must be free of loose and/or crumbing parts. The base surface must be dry, clean and free of salt blooms and expansion joints. Cracks in the base surface should not affect the function of the WDVS. The testing of the base surface should take place according to NORM B 6410. The evenness of the wall should comply with NORM DIN 18202. Subsequent moisture penetration of the base surface must not be allowed to occur. There must be no identifiable rising damp.

The Baumit BaseProfile is secured approx. 30 cm above ground level using Baumit BaseProfile plugs. Where the wall is uneven, the profile is padded out with spacers. The joints are connected using Baumit BaseProfileConnectors. In addition, the profile can also be fixed to the wall using Baumit EdgeFix.

The adhesive is applied using the edge-dab method. The application should be done in such a way (approx. 1-2 cm thick adhesive layer), that the contact surface with the wall is at least 40%. A 5 cm wide strip of adhesive is applied around the edge of the panel, and three dabs, about the size of a side plate, a placed in the middle.

Before the plugs are inserted and after the adhesive has hardened (after 1 day), the panel joints are sanded down until they are level and smooth. T-plugging: Example with 6 plugs/m2 of surface.

Application of Baumit Adhesive-Filler using a rust-free toothed spatula (10 mm). The Baumit FibreglassMesh is embedded wet on wet. At least 10 cm overlap of each drop. Curing time before application of primer: at least 7 days.

Baumit UniversalPrimer is applied evenly across the surface with a roller. Curing time: at least 24 hours.

Baumit GranoporPlaster is applied using a rust-free steel trowel and rubbed in using a plastic float.

Construction details

Run the sheets of FibreglassMesh at least 20 cm around the edge on one side. The following sheets overlap by at least 10 cm. Alternatively, we recommend forming the edges with Baumit EdgeProtector with fabric.

In the corners of windows and doors, diagonal reinforcement (at least 20 x 30 cm) is embedded before the surface reinforcement.

Additional reinforcement strips are embedded in the internal corners of windows and doors.

Window connectors that protect against driving rain, e.g. with Baumit reveal connector profile.

How to budget:
Calculation aid for Baumit EPS Heat Insulating Composite System
BAUMIT PRODUCTS THICKNESS mm AdhesiveFiller EPS Faade Insulation Panel Sur face Plugs
(as required)

COVERAGE per m2 approx. 4 kg


HOURS approx. hours 0,4




20 - 200

2 Stk. min. 6 Stk.

8 min. 8 Stk. 2-3 2 approx. 4,0 kg 1,1 lfm approx. 0,15 kg approx. 3,1 kg

0,1 *)

Edge Plugs
(as required)

AdhesiveFiller FibreglassMesh UniversalBase GranoporPlaster

e.g. 2 mm scratch structure

0,35 0,05 0,25

7 24 hours

*) depending on plug type and base surface

Please note: The coverage data are indicative only and depend on each base sur face. For material costs, please refer to the Baumit pricelist or ask your builder's merchant. Enter these in the column headed material costs, conver ted into /m2. Time values are indicative and based on experience. These are to be conver ted into /m2 along with the current labour costs. Material costs in /m2 and labour costs in /m2 produce the total costs in /m2.

Note: For the Baumit EPS heat insulating composite system, fur ther skim plasters (thin layer top plaster) as well as additional base plasters (fillers) can also be used: additional skim plasters: Baumit SilicatePlaster Baumit SiliconPlaster additional base plasters: Baumit ThickAdhesiveFiller Baumit Cement-free Filler*
* The use of Baumit SilicatePlaster on top of Cement-free Filler is NOT recommended.

Accessories: Baumit SpiralPlugs Baumit BaseProfileSpacers Baumit BaseProfilePlugs Baumit BaseCornerPropfile Baumit EdgeProfile Baumit RollingCorner Baumit DripStudProfile Baumit RevealConnectorProfile Baumit EPS Washer

Baumit Baumit Baumit Baumit Baumit Baumit Baumit Baumit Baumit

AssemblySet for BaseProfile BaseProfileConnector BaseProfile RoofVentilationProfile EdgeProtector with Fabric ExpansionJointProfile Window and DoorConnectorProfile CloseJointedTape FaadeProfiles

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The new collection of colours

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