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Who We Are

Union Galvasteel Corporation is one of the pioneers in the manufactured of galvanized she Formerly named Bacnotan Steel Corporation, it has since its inception in 1963, continuousl nations pillars in the industry. Its leading brand Union Galvasteel pre-painted coils and she products for commercial and industrial applications are the preferred choice of developers, homeowners. It has the largest nationwide supply chain network in the industry thus allowin shortest possible periods.

Union Galvasteel Corporation, traces its humble beginnings in 1963 as a division then of Ba Since then it has continuously enhanced its competitiveness to emerge as one of the count galvanized and prepainted steel coils and sheets for commercial and industrial applications modernization of its galvanizing, color coating, and roll forming line facilities, constant impro unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction were significant strides towards the stead

Vision Statement Mission Statement

To be the preferred supplier of high quality building materials and services to the constructi

We shall supply products and services that are of distinct quality to create value and satisfa

We shall continuously improve on the quality of our products and services through innovatio

We shall run our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards of integrity, trus

We shall provide for a working environment that will promote the safety and welfare of our e and create an atmosphere for the continuous development of skills, enhance productivity a growth.

We shall manifest our role as a good corporate citizen by initiating and participating in proje sustainable development in the communities where we operate.

Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values reflect the culture and character of our organization and manif business. Sense of Ownership

Cultivate a sense of ownership and belongingness among employees to foster work ethics teamwork. Excellence

Provide the best and most efficient way of performing our tasks indvidually and as one team of our stakeholders. Trustworthiness Put a high regard to the values of honesty and integrity in the conduct of our affairs. Innovativeness

Encourage the exchange of new ideas and contribute to the process of continuous improve

Integrated Quality and Evironmental Management System Po (IQEMS)

We are in the business of producing galvanized and pre-painted coils and sheets for comm purposes.

Our commitment is to produce and market these products and provide services that consis ensure total customer satisfaction. In support of this commitment, we believe that:

Quality is everybodys responsibility All our actions are anchored on teamwork and continuous improvement We shall do our jobs right the first time and all the time

Architects push for green architecture

By Grace Melanie I. Lacamiento (The Freeman) | Updated October 22, 2012 - 12:00am
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CEBU, Philippines - The 70-strong Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) Cebu is pushing for green architecture, ecological design and social responsibility. The group is celebrating its 80th national convention in Cebu next year with the theme, Touching Earth, Touching Lives inspired by well-renowned architects in the global industry and was driven to address the environmental issues facing the country.

Architect Dioscoro Alesna Jr., event co-chairman for plans and programs, said that the organization is aggressively pushing for green architecture and ecological and social awareness because of worsening climate change. Sooner or later, we have to design houses to be built on stilts, he said. Alesna shared that environmental materials and methods processes are already being applied in their designs such as whitecolored roofs for lesser heat, passive cooling for lesser electricity consumption, cross-ventilation or the strategic placing of windows. Alesna added that the construction industry and paint manufacturers are also supportive of the green concept. The 80th PIA National Convention is slated on February 21 to 24, 2013 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino where 500 architects from all over the country are expected to attend, Alesna said. Alesna bared that the principles of Australian architect and 2002 Pritzker Prize winner Glenn Murcutt influenced the organization to focus the convention on how architects can make a difference. Alesna cited Murcutts design motto, touch the earth lightly, an Aboriginal proverb that pays close attention to the changes in seasons, landscape, temperature, wind and the movement of the natural sources of light such as the sun and the moon. Running a one-man office in Australia, Murcutt creates simple designs for mainly houses using inexpensive and economicallydesigned materials. The sensitivity to nature and creativity in dealing with such, he added, brought Murcutts design in the global arena. With the recent natural and man-made disasters that hit the country, PIA also envisions the convention to be an avenue where architects can discuss and map out plans on how best they could serve the public when calamities strike. Alesna said that the organization was also inspired with the humanitarian efforts of international architect Shigeru Ban who designed emergency housing and refugee camp using beer-crate foundations and paper-tube walls and prototype tents using paper poles after disasters struck in Japan and Africa. For people to really embrace the green movement, Alesna believes that there should be a strong push on education, a change in attitude and culture must be promoted. He also encourages architects and representatives of non-architect companies who are committed to integral development to participate in the upcoming convention. For the interest of would-be attendants, the convention will feature the ethereal designs of architectural duo Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, seminars on design, architecture and planning such as Sustainable Housing in the Time of Climate Change by Kundoldibya Panitchpakdi and Balancing Conservation and Development in Historic Town Centers by DosadeeThaitakoo. The theme mainly covers on how architecture literally affects the earth, the way in which a building sits in its environment and its visual impact in the cityscape and how we, as architects, touch peoples lives with our designs, Alesna stated. (FREEMAN)