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Project Name Project Manager Owner(s)

Project Number Prioritization Start Date:

Scheduled Completion Date:


The Purpose. This section is the short answer to the question: What is your project going to accomplish? Clearly define the deliverables. In this section what is in and what is out must be clearly defined. In cases where a product will be built, product specs may be attached for clarity.



Define success criteria. If they are completed, the project mission will be accomplished. Format: To + Action Verb + Measurable Output + Quantity + Time Frame Many projects will have more than one objective.


Clarify any uncertainties. Here, document things that must be true for the project to complete successfully. For instance, all lighting fixtures must be available to the electricians by 3/31. Knowing this date, the homeowner and project manager will have to work together to insure that the fixtures are ordered and received in a timely manner. Also, non-stock items may need to be replaced with more easily obtainable ones.


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Define limits placed on the project or project team - Here, document any circumstance or event that limits the project.

Time/Decision Points

Define key events which usually represent a significant deliverable. They may be process indicators, decision gates, funding decision points or other significant phases. In this section, document key events, decision gates. Start and end dates are helpful. This section is also a good place to document important information pertaining to dates. For instance, if an end date is required by an FCC regulation, that fact should be documented here along with the end date.

Cost/Financial Assumptions

Usually information from the feasibility analysis. Answers funding questions. Information for this section usually comes from the feasibility analysis. In this section outline life cycle costs and revenues. The purpose of this section is to help determine if pursuing this project makes corporate sense. It is NOT the Project Budget. The project budget will be created in the Project Plan.

User Acceptance Criteria/Quality

Basis for quantifying quality. Use this section to communicate how the project team can insure that they will provide a product that not only meets the specifications, but also successfully addresses all quality criteria.

Major Risks

Define risk events which can affect the projects success. In this section, define any event, which can affect the projects success. These events can affect the project negatively OR positively. Defining positive risks can help teams focus on ways to optimize opportunities


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KEY STAKEHOLDERS Name Project Core Team:

Subject Matter Experts (SME) (Include company & channel designations if applicable) APPROVALS Signature

Type Name Project Manager Approval:


Owner/Sponsor Approval:


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