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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

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L3-IT207 Networking Essentials Proposal

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Private Gymnastic Club XYZ

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

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1. Introduction 2. Current System 3. Problem with Current System 4. Advantages of Current System 5. Bus Topology for Private Gymnastic Club 6. Bus Topology System 7. Bus Topology Network Parts

8. Networking Management 9. Hardware and software requirement for the new system(s) 10. Cost of Network 11. Targeted Audience 12. Conclusion

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

1. Introduction
Private Gymnastics Club is a well established in Singapore as well as in Thailand. All our coaches and staffs are well trained can offer qualified coaching in our well equipped gym. For more than 5 years, Private Gymnastics has been dedicated to the development of gymnastics in Singapore. Our motto 'charm, Courage, power' reflects our tradition of giving every gymnast the right skill to progress to the highest level they are capable of achieving. Because of our dedication and the quality of our coaching, Private Gymnastics has become the biggest private gymnastics club, both in terms of available training area and numbers of athletes, in Singapore. we have developed a team of coaches and our staff that is dynamic, attentive and consistent and that is committed to developing the gym through hard work and fun. They are supported by an enthusiastic management committee and the voluntary efforts of the gymnast's parents that help to develop a family atmosphere in the club. As part of our commitment to excellence we have recruited coaches from around the world. The international nature of the coaching team means that we can bring different perspective and attitudes to the development of our gymnasts.

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207) 2. Current system

I/D: 018800009035

Private Gymnastic Club is more popular in Thailand and Singapore in very few years time. Private Gymnastic Club is providing good facility to many of customers and visitor in a day. Currently, private gymnastic Club has Gym, swimming; Biking, Running, and so many other facilities are there. Due to lot of facilities, Private Gymnastics Club maintains every day record of the member and the visitor profile detail manually. They need a computerized system to maintain their daily new user profile record more efficiently and accurately. Summary the information can be found from currently system: 1. Manual way to register (Log book) 2. Some time Excel file to use to register private Gymnastic Club plan to setup a Small networks system to make a link with Singapore and Thailand Club. Also they want a system to directly upgrade the data which can be shown to staff, employers and members of Club.

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

3. Problem with Current System

There are a lot of disadvantages in the current system network infrastructure in the Private Gymnastic Club

Private Gymnastics club has to handle the user profile and update user information and new registration manually. Private Gymnastic Club is the handling the customer record profile manually, which makes some wrong filling of user name as well as the inaccurate data, which might takes a lot time.

When there is so much rush at Private Gymnastic club on weekend time, then it is hard to find the customer profile whether customer registered with club or not. So many Customers complained about this problem.

Private Gymnastic Club is also facing the incomplete record of their customer. Private Gymnastics club doesn't have any proper network system. So they don't use the database of all users and their current location. Staff cant check local member of club and also check overseas Club. This makes trouble to club staff and administrator to manage the system.

Another problem with Private Gymnastics club is that, they mostly do telephone call to communicate between with the members and also call to Thailand club to check the database. Actually it is not effective way to accomplish. So sometimes it makes so much difficult to access and store proper data. We don't have any proper network to share the data or information to other club and members. By using Bus topology networks, we can reduce time consuming and also easy for club staff to run the proper Private Gymnastic Club.

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

Private Gymnastic Club needs a system of bus topology network, which would give a proper channel to keep record of the employee, members and visitors information. The bus topology networks will be using in private gymnastic club, which will give private Gymnastic updated information, share information and reducing time consuming. Bus topology requires a less cable and it give staff easy to add another workstation. In addition, It will share and send the important email. Thats why, we decided to install LANs network inside Club, by which each of staff of Private Gymnastic club will connect with each others. It will reduce important workforces, and others added expenses. When Club will update the data and information go through the essential computer. Club can share the files or member data on the network instead of keeping the record in files. This bus topology could work well in small network. The proposed system allows Club staff to register new member or visitor, inactive and delete record, when needed and there after active member can use Club. This data will be updating on the system, which can be show every one on the network. To provide profile record form service where anytime and customers can update information. The customer profile record form will be simple to use. Staff can log on to the user profile form service easily and after filling the form. It will show the profile. Staff can save the details of the member to do order form and auto backup not easy lost data. And save time and save cost when we through internet. Activities Private Gymnastic Club will run proper by using the networks system, which is more necessary for communicate through with Thailand Club and updated data would be the major goal. Private Gymnastic Club can be centralizing the computers in a specific place. Due to this club has decided to implement the proper network system in the club for additional benefit and to be well updated in the staff, members and visitor data. 5. Bus Topology for Private Gymnastic Club 4.

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

Private Gymnastic Club will arrange to develop a network in two ways. therefore, the number of workstation will be increase from 5 to 10 for staff and employer of private gymnastic club. Club just needs one server and it would facilitate the Private Gymnastic Club staffs totake the print out of papers or share data between the networks by connecting with the server. This bus topology will send the data at the same time. The server will have to give backup the key file; document and data for example club staff information, members, visitors and activities in club. By using the Bus topology, all workstation, fax or printers, will be connect with the network. Through which all can use these faculties in the club. The main purpose of using the bus topology because if there is a failure in one workstation which does not affects any other workstation. In Bus topology we can easily locate node and cable failure one of them. Only we need one main cable from the main PC to connect with the each of PC network interface card (NIC), which also connect to workstation to the LAN. For Private Gymnastic Club, bus topology is best for WAN application, by which remote offices can be exchange data with a main office. The main benefit of the bus topology is easy to use on a small level and extend allow relatively high rate of data transmission.

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

Figure shows the Bus topology Network

File server Singapore Branch




Thailand Club Workstation Workstation Workstation Workstation

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

As you see in the diagram, this is our new networking system in the company. They use the simply network design. 6.1 Bus Topology Network Installtion and Advantages: It is save the time For small network it will work well. Data and informtaion will be shares between the network easily. Due to less paperwork, so work will be more faster. Good suite for network that must be set up in a hurry Due to linear system, computer and peripheral will be connect with each other easily. Also easy to add other workstation. Page 9 of 16

Networking Essential (L3-IT207) Good for small network and not required high speed

I/D: 018800009035

6.2 Disadvatages of Bus Topoclogy System

The Management cost always be too high Limited user and cable length Two nodes are required to transmitting data at same time when network to detect. Some time it is difficult to troubleshoot. Subject to congestion from network traffic.

7. Bus Topology Network Parts

7.1 WAN and LAN link with Network All the WAN links will be using SingTel lines which can give up to 10mbps in transfer speed. WAN lines we using the:
Internet Service Provider(ISP) VPN based extranets IP address

Two SingTel links will be using the company to provide redundancy and each SingTel link at the centre office. For the LAN links, our centre office will be using Fast Ethernet links. LAN lines we using the:

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

Fast Ethernet lines Access layer Internet Connection Sharing(ICS)

I/D: 018800009035

7.2 Network Media Types We will using the following media types:

Tee connectors plug into the network adapter card

RG-85 thin net

10 Base 2 Thin Net

BNC Coaxial cable Firewall to protection entire network Anti-virus software VPN(Virtual Protocol Network) Network interface

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

This cable not affect the rest of the LAN when the center of the BNC T is disconnect from the card.

8. Networking Management We need to manage our network to optimize the performance while protecting sensitive, share data and important data. First thing, we use the 10Base2 thinnet coaxial cable to connect the network with each other. Second thing, we will using software based and hardware based firewall to protect the entire network. For our company network, we will using strong anti-virus to protect our file and important data when we download something. VPN will help the authentication of the user, to encrypt data, integrity and confidentity data.

8.1 Networking and Internetworking Devices 8.2.1 Network Interface Card (NIC) A NIC is a card that fits into the expansion slot on the computer to provide an access point to the network. A cable plug into the back of the NIC to connect to the LAN. NIC provides the connection between a computers internal bus and the network media. NIC control the exchange of data between computers in a network. NIC is a Physical layer device that use in networking. NIC collect data from the processor and send the data to the required location by using cable, NIC is ability to received data from others Network computers

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

NIC can reduce the data flow between the networking devices.

8.2.2 Workstation Workstation as know as a Microcomputer, it looks like a desktop PC size, but is more powerful. Workstation has it own processor; software and hard disc so that can be process their own data. Workstation could be a user terminal in a Network. Workstation can download program or files from the Server. Workstation cans also sending file printing to a network printer. In LAN, workstation can be works as either a Client or Server

8.2.3 HUB Provide a central unit from which to connect multiple nodes into one network Permit large numbers of computers to be connected on single or multiple LANs Reduce network congestion through centralizing network design Provide multi protocol services, such as Ethernet-to-FDDI connectivity. Consolidate the network backbone Enable high-speed communications Provide connections for several different media types(e.g., coax, twisted-pair, fiber) 8.3.4 Servers Using the servers as a network operating system: A wide rage of network protocols and communications services (Window NT server) Network browsing services to identify who is connected to the network Replication services to copy files from a folder on one computer to a folder on Page 13 of 16

Networking Essential (L3-IT207) another computer. Network file and printing services

I/D: 018800009035

Backup services to save information on servers and workstation Gateway services to Novell NetWare file servers. E-mail services Network and server management services Database connectivity services Fax services Software licensing services

9. Hardware and software requirement for the new system(s) Hardware Requirements: Microsoft internet Explorer 7 or higher Windows 95/Windows 98/Window XP or above Minimum requirements Pentium 233MHz and above 512 MB RAM or above Local or Network printer Software Requirements: Windows Operation System, (OS) It is compatible and is able to support the following windows operating system mention below; Microsoft Windows XP (PRO) Microsoft Windows XP (HOME) Microsoft Windows 2000 (PRO) SP1 & SP2

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Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

SingTel link for WAN link(600dollar per link) SingTel links for LAN links(300dollar per links) Other network media types(1000 dollar)

I/D: 018800009035

10.1 Approximate Budget

All the maintenance cost and the network devices price from two company will show in Bellows. Network Devices Server Workstation HUB Coaxial cable (Per Meter) Printer Total Singapore branch $3,844.00 x2 $1,289.00 X7 $1,345.00 X1 $9.02 per meter $1,220.00 X1 $19,456.40 Malaysia Branch $2,934.00 x2 $1.200.40 X10 $1,450.00 x2 $14.10 per meter $1,670.00 X1 $22,724.00

11. Targeted Audience The targets audience of new system is to enhancement of database system for daily user who come to private gymnastic club , with new system allow user wise maintenance and view the information to update, edit, and delete easily to improve time and user profile in the system. 12. Conclusion Page 15 of 16

Networking Essential (L3-IT207)

I/D: 018800009035

The proposed new system will improve the Private Gymnastic Club system. The time and work load will be reduced because of low usage of document and manpower will be able to distribute to more task.

Bus topology in spite its limited is consider to the easiest and the faster network

Bus topology network is a collision handling system, ensure the data transfer without error.

In our further, if our company will increase the staff we will using star topology network because no limited and strong protection.

The objective of this project is to be able to design network, through which data will be updates and the information will be provide to other Club.

http://www.vbtutor.net/ http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/net/vbnet.html http://www.a1vbcode.com/

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