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______ Has an end in mind. ______ Clearly and passionately articulates a vision to others.

______ Demonstrates foresight and imagination to see possibilities, opportunities and trends. ______ Builds a shared vision with others and inspires others to translate her/his vision into action. ______ Is knowledgeable about how world trends impact higher education. ______ Uses data and metrics to provide accurate, thoughtful analyses. ______ Demonstrates an understanding of the scale /scope of the organization. ______ Is able to successfully navigate with people and systems within the university to get things done. ______ Anticipates obstacles; takes calculated risks. ______ Communicates in a way that people a clear understanding of the desired result. ______ Communicates important information and decisions in a timely manner. ______ Actively listens to others, seeks to understand and then be understood. ______ Adapts her/his style/message delivery method to the audience to best be understood. ______ Communicates in a manner that inspires others to follow. ______ Asks insightful and probing questions. ______ Looks for ways to improve things before they become a problem. ______ Recognizes when there are problems that need to be solved. ______ Demonstrates a logical and systematic approach to solving problems. ______ Negotiates well, orchestrates win-win solutions. ______ Demonstrates empathy and compassion for others. ______ Puts others at ease, even in difficult situations. ______ Demonstrates consistent, positive behavior when interacting with others. ______ Involves others as appropriate, when outcomes will impact their work. ______ Works with others to solve problems rather than finding blame. ______ Creates an environment of honesty and openness, where people can be themselves. ______ Develops effective teams. ______ Sacrifices local needs for larger organizational needs when necessary. ______ Respectfully questions if what is being done is the right thing. ______ Takes responsibility for her/his actions. ______ Strives to do the right thing. ______ Leads by example, is a positive role model for others. ______ Is honest and trustworthy, has high standards of personal conduct ______ Takes action to ensure stewardship within her/his organization and the university. ______ Makes work challenging, meaningful, and engaging for their team. ______Delegates and provides good exposure for their team. ______ Creates an environment free of fear where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning. ______ Provides others with helpful and timely feedback. ______ Recognizes and develops talent. ______ Demonstrates an openness and belief in others ability to grow beyond their current role.

______ Articulates and delivers results in support of the Universitys goals. ______ Demonstrates a can-do attitude. ______ Mobilizes resources to respond to opportunities and problems. ______ Acknowledges the support and contributions of others in achieving results. ______ Sets achievable goals, milestones and deadlines. ______ Follows through on commitments, can be depended upon. ______ Utilizes a depth of knowledge and experience, either their own or others, in decision making. ______ Balances the need to seek input and information with the need to move a decision forward. ______ Able to synthesize complex information towards a positive outcome. ______ Stands behind her/his decisions and, when appropriate, is willing to re-evaluate a decision. ______ Identifies and focuses on the most significant few priorities. ______ Assesses internal and external drivers, opportunities and risks to achieve a goal. ______ Secures and utilizes necessary resources. ______ Considers different perspectives, including self, others, and big picture when creating a path forward. ______ Monitors and re-evaluates decisions, priorities, and plans to achieve a vision. ______ Maintains an optimistic attitude during change. ______ Demonstrates a willingness to listen to new information to determine a best approach. ______ Is tolerant of ambiguity and has an ability to accept those things that are not completely known. ______ Takes ethical actions necessary, no matter how difficult or contrary. ______ Embraces, promotes and implements change. ______ Recognizes the importance of how personal behaviors impact performance. ______ Manages emotions and responds calmly in stress inducing situations. ______ Provides reliable and dependable leadership in times of ambiguity. ______ Willingly admits when to mistakes and offers apologies if warranted. ______ Develops new skills necessary to succeed. ______ Has a passion for self-discovery and actively seeks feedback. ______ Conveys respect and professionalism in interactions. ______ Develops your trust in her/him. ______ Supports use of inclusion related policies and the use of the University resources and tools. ______ Provides leadership in creating an environment where everyone feels valued. ______ Provides suitable orientation and training to enhance understanding and acceptance of differences. ______ Values and respects each member of the Cornell community, regardless of position. ______ Is open to new ideas, alternatives or perspectives, is willing to learn from anyone. ______ Demonstrates fairness and consistency in decision making.