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Lionel Messis soccer skills masterclass


How to lift a large car lar Train like a rain gl gladiator Bre Breakfast up upgrades









Aurelien Ducroz World Champion Freeride Skier Lofoten, Norway

Scandinavian Design is the cornerstone in all Helly Hansen gear. The optimal combination of purposeful design, protection and style. This is why professional athletes, patrollers and discerning enthusiasts choose Helly Hansen.













150 BEST
tip s in fitnes s
To mark MFs 150th issue, here are 150 ways to get you in the shape of your life






p26 Hot work

Burn fat, work your abs, and see your six-pack emerge in less than a month

Four weeks to a six-pack


The gym move that makes you irresistible Barcelonas little wizard explains how he does it and why he never dives Use a medicine ball to torch your flab

For our 150th issue we provide 150 of the most important tips you'll ever need, starting with building muscle

The magic number


p56 Messi business

p139 Throw away fat

Talking turkey

Spice up the Christmas favourite by turning leftovers into a strength-boosting curry Give your morning porridge a makeover to feel energised for the whole day


p121 Heavy metal

Get your oats


Strongman training isnt just for Nordic behemoths. MF gave it a try Train like Spartacus star Manu Bennett

p37 When in Rome


Model Kirk Miller@WAthletic Photography Glen Burrows Grooming Danielle Ogilvie using Kiehls products

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17 Fit List
Dominate the court like Novak Djokovic + Train better with music + Sprint tips + Eat like clockwork for successful fat loss + Festive fragrances + The sexiest move in any workout



41 Experts

Inspiration from the elite + GB rower Greg Searle on finding success at 40 + Coach Ben Titley talks swimming

48 Features

50 essential muscle-building tips + Lionel Messi + The missing link in your muscle-building programme + Get fit for the apocalypse

77 Out There 95 Eat Fit

The MF winter sports special + We try splitboarding + Gearing up with the best ski jackets + MF takes to the skies on freestyle skis + Mountain biking in snow

Gold medal strength


Building muscle with espresso + Sleep-enhancing snacks + Turkey curry + The immunity-boosting vitamin + 50 healthy-eating tips and tricks 50 best tips for faster fat loss + Olympic champion Anthony Joshua + Torch fat with medicine balls + Posterior chain perfection + Training for balanced strength

111 Trainer

The hottest workout


Leaps of faith


Its celebration time in the MF office because this is our 150th issue. To mark the occasion, weve assembled a century and a half of the best fat loss, muscle building and nutrition tips. Since issue one in July 1999 some things havent changed at all. There are still must-do exercises such as squats and deadlifts, and building muscle has always required protein. But other things have moved on: kettlebells have re-emerged as a training staple and gyms are shifting from being crammed with machines to offering functional kit that gets you ready for anything. Until recently, every nutritionist would tell you that skipping breakfast is a fast track to weight gain. Now the phenomenon of intermittent fasting is questioning how often we should eat. Fitness will continue to evolve and you can be sure well bring you the latest methods as they develop. But right now, the magazine you have in your hands is a complete guide on how to eat and train for a better body. Jon Lipsey, Editor 10/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk

Editors letter

Build a bulletproof back


Baras tiny magician


Burn off Christmas calories p98

Six-pack secrets





The sta of Mens Fitness are always in the thick of the action
SAM, features assistant



What Ive been up to Learning to freerun with Sbastien Foucan the guy who Daniel Craigs James Bond chased at the start of Casino Royale. He showed me how to bound over waist-high boxes and spring up walls, but after I came a cropper on these simple vaults he suggested I leave the somersaults until Id mastered the basics. To see me in freerunning action go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/foucan. What Ive been up to Trying snow mountain biking, an exhilarating alternative to skiing, on the slopes of Courmayeur in Italy. Pedalling uphill in snow is a thankless task but even on the flat its a gruelling workout and downhill is seriously hair-raising. Thankfully, as I found out several times, snow makes for a soft landing when you lose control. Read the full story on p90. What Ive been up to Running, cycling and swimming in preparation for the Virgin Active Indoor Triathlon. The distances involved a 1.25km run, 5km cycle and 200m swim are much shorter than a usual triathlon, so rather than slow, steady cardio sessions to build up endurance, Ive been building speed using interval sessions. To find out more, check out my training blog at mensfitness.co.uk/links/indoortri. What Ive been up to Lifting cars and pushing sleds at Bigger, Faster, Stronger, an amateur-level strongman contest set up by a couple of our regular MF experts. Although the professionals tend to be on the porky side, it turns out that training with loaded carries and heavy weights for high reps is surprisingly good for fat loss as well. Turn to p121 to find out how I coped with lifting a Vauxhall Astra.

NICK, head of digital content

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Precision timing to 1/1,000th of a second Twelve-hour chronograph function

Accurate to 10 seconds a year, versus traditional quartz watches

which are accurate to 15 seconds a month

Signature continuously sweeping second hand

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14/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


Spirit Ski School instructor Thomas Court performs a huge backflip in the Les Arcs snow park in the French Alps. Freestyle skiing, where skiers perform similar tricks to snowboarders, has blossomed into a mainstream sport and a Winter X-Games staple during the past decade. We sent MFs Ben Ince out to the Paradiski ski area to give it a try for our winter sports special find out more on p77.


menstness.co.uk/AUGUST 2012/15

Photography Mark Chilvers





If you want a solid six-pack, do the twist p18

Get your rep range right to add more muscle p22

Looking to drive women wild? Get squatting p26

A breakfast upgrade that will energise you p28

Novak Djokovic: the secrets of my success p32

Pumpup the volume

Have you been searching for a song with the supposedly perfect tempo to soundtrack your workout? Forget that just pick your favourite tracks. Listening to music you love can reduce perceived exertion during cardio exercise and improve your physical performance during explosive exercises including the bench press, according to a study published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research. So crank up the Elton John and get lifting.

For reviews of MP3 players for gym-goers, turn to p20

Words Sam Jobson Photography Mike Prior


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/17

Add a seated Russian twist to your training for a sculpted core

Twist andshout


Think about your abs


5Lie on the floor with your knees bent and crunch your torso. From this position, with your hands together, rotate your torso to one side.

Words Joe Warner Photography Tom Miles Model David Peters@MOT

5Twist back all the way to the other side, keeping the tension on your abs throughout. Thats one rep.

Focusing on your abs during each rep and consciously feeling them flex and stretch helps you to build muscle faster. It improves the mind-muscle connection, which means your abs can contract harder, and also eliminates momentum so you cant cheat.


he Russians know a lot about many things: making (and drinking) vodka, sending dogs into space and carving a solid six-pack. This move works all the major muscles of your core including your obliques, which are the long, thin muscles that frame your six-pack. The key is to maintain the tensed position as at the top of a standard crunch throughout every rep. Its this prolonged tension on the target muscles that encourages them to grow back bigger and more defined. And in case you were scratching your head wondering what about this great abs-building move makes it Russian, we have no idea either.

Training my abs every day is the best way to build a six-pack

Once you can complete the reps with ease, do them holding a light dumbbell in both hands

f you thought the fastest route to a six-pack was to train your abs every day, youll be disappointed. Your abs are just like any other major muscle group in that once theyve been trained hard, they need time to recover and repair before you work them again. If you dont leave 48 hours between sessions, your muscles will get weaker and consequently smaller and less visible.

For some great pull-up variations go mensfitness.co.uk/links/absmoves For more abs exercises go to to mensfitness.co.uk/links/pullups 18/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




Get faster and tter with these sprint tips from trainer Joe Lightfoot



To accelerate, you need to move your centre of gravity out in front of your base of support. This just doesn't mean leaning forward move your pelvis forward as well.


Move your hands from cheek to cheek (ie from your face to your glutes) and keep your arms bent at 90 for maximum efficiency.


Sprinting requires you to produce a huge amount of force but if you tense up you wont reach your maximum speed. The true secret of running fast is being able to relax while doing so.


Focus on driving your arms and legs forwards and backwards. Any motion from side to side wastes energy and will slow you down.


Focus on taking big steps in the first 10-20m and finish each stride fully, driving back hard to accelerate.


Words Joe Warner, Sam Jobson Photography Julian Velasquez, Getty For more on Joe Lightfoot visit jplightfoot.com


Get a training boost from music with a pair of these smart and simple fitness headphones
Jaybird Freedom Sprint JF4 129
130 Bose has transferred its supreme sound quality into these headphones. Although theyre not wireless, so you could get slightly tangled up during a gym workout, theyre discreet and extremely light with easily adjustable controls, making them an ideal running partner. bose.co.uk

Bose SIE2i Sport

The sleek Freedom Sprints weigh a mere 10g, which means youll barely notice them as you train. Ear cushions ensure a snug fit and they come with an adapter for those without Bluetooth devices. Battery life is up to 4 hours so they will last a marathon for most serious runners. advancedmp3players.co.uk

The Exercise Freak headphones are wireless and Bluetooth-compatible, come with fully adjustable earpieces for comfort and are designed to work with Denons designated Sport App, which provides voice prompts while tracking your progress. Theyre suited to both the gym floor and the running track. advancedmp3players.co.uk

Denon Exercise Freak AH-W150 150

For more expert running tips go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/ontherun 20/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk



Chronograph Wor ld Time Alar m Back-light 10 Bar Water R esistance From the Nairobi Collec tion PV4005X1


Putting on solid muscle requires an intelligent training programme. If you lift too light or too little, you wont force your muscles to adapt and grow. On the other hand, lift too heavy or too often and you risk injury. Fortunately, we have the solution for you. Lifting at 70% of your one-rep maximum with a rep range of between three and 11 per set has proven to induce the greatest hypertrophic

WorldMags.net A COLD? GOT

(muscle-building) effect and improvement in maximum strength, according to research from Ohio University and a Danish study published in the Journal Of Applied Physiology. A low to intermediate rep range was found to be more effective than a high range (between 20 and 28) and heavy-load resistance training at 70% provoked greater muscle adaptations than lifting at 15.5% of 1RM. Vitamin C wont ward off a cold although a survey showed 31% of people incorrectly believe it will. Put down the orange juice and instead stay healthy this winter with immunity-boosting zinc. The recommended daily intake is 5.5-9.5mg per day. Here are the best sources per 100g.


Use this training equation to get the most from your workout

OYSTERS 16.62mg

Apply this tip to your squats, deadlifts, bench and overhead press Calculate your one-rep max with an online tool such as exrx.net



BEEF 5.2mg


Words Sam Rider Photography Shutterstock Sources Henry Potter Committee, NHS Choices, USDA, WHFoods

Morning exercise glory

Abrisk 45-minutewalkinthemorning canreduce yourcravingfor food, astudy publishedinMedicine &ScienceInSports &Exerciseconcluded.Thesubjectsdidnt feelthe urgetomake upfor thecalories theyburnedandatethesame amount of food astheydidonnon-exercisedays. So much for workingupanappetite.


YOGHURT 0.97mg

For loads more muscle-building tips and workouts go to mensfitness.co.uk/exercise 22/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk






Ready steady cook

Stick to regular feeds to stay t and full of energy
THE SMART MOVE Instead of having a lie-in at the weekend, get up and have breakfast at the same time you do on a working day. THE EFFECT Having meals at a fixed time not only helps you avoid gaining weight, it can also help you improve your metabolism, so that you use ingested fat for energy between meals rather than storing it. THE SCIENCE Israeli research compared a fixed diet with an unscheduled one and compared results from high-fat and low-fat diets. A fixed high-fat diet produced a lower final bodyweight than an unscheduled low-fat diet, even though the subjects consumed the same number of calories, suggesting the timing of meals is more crucial than the amount of fat in a diet. If you take this route, make sure you eat a variety of fresh, healthy foods to provide your body with the nutrients it needs.


PRESS AHEAD Get more from the

bench press with these variations

NARROW GRIP Hold the bar with hands less than shoulder-width apart. Beginner-friendly Triceps blaster Go heavy BALLISTIC Push the bar up explosively but under control. Low reps Beginner-friendly Power builder INCLINE Set a bench at a 30-45 incline. Targets upper pecs Shoulder worker Go heavy DECLINE Set a bench at a 30-45 decline. Spotter required Targets lower pecs Works the lats

Take it easy and live longer
Think a little hard work never killed anyone? Think again. Spending too long at work can increase the risk of heart disease by up to 80%, a study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health found. Heres how the UKs average working hours per week compare with the rest of the EU.
EU Average



DUMBBELLS Dumbbells allow a greater range of movement. Increased range Maximum muscle FLOOR Pressing from the floor allows you to focus on your chest and arms.
Words Sam Rider, Sam Jobson Photography Shutterstock Source Office for National Statistics

Core worker




Go heavy Triceps blaster Increased range




menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/25

Become stronger, healthier and sexier
Squats arent just a fantastic strengthbuilding, fat-burning move, theyre also seriously sexy. Thats because they make your testosterone levels surge, something women find especially attractive, according to a study from Abertay University in Dundee. Theres also a link between the sex hormone and resilience to illness. In the study, men deemed the most attractive by 94 women were also found to have the highest levels of testosterone and the strongest immune systems. So why squats? Compound lifts, such as squats, have shown to produce the greatest elevations of testosterone when done at a high volume and intensity with short rest periods, a study published in the journal Sports Medicine New Zealand found.


Know what youre drinking this festive season



CHAMPAGNE 120ML 91 calories

STAND TALL When squatting, ground your feet and keep the soles of your shoes in contact with the floor.

PUSH OUT Always squat below horizontal and push your knees out as you drive up.

PUNCH UP Take a deep breath when standing and exhale hard to punch the weight up.

RED WINE 175ML 120 calories

Words Sam Rider, Sam Jobson Photography Getty, Shutterstock Sources drinkaware.co.uk, weightlossresources.co.uk

Complimenting your date on her outfit is a given, but how do you navigate your way through the first-date minefield that is paying the bill? This is what a Guardian Soulmates survey found

0.3% (two men out of 700 people surveyed) think the woman should pay the bill

SAMBUCA 50ML 181 calories

31% of men and women think the man should pay the bill on the first date

68.7% think the bill should be shared

LAGER PINT 240 calories

To find out how to lift 10kg more on your squat go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/squat10kg 26/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




Discover the best runs with your Neilson ski guides. Feel the exhilaration of driving a Porsche on ice. Savour new chalet menus from an award-winning chef. Or take your skiing or boarding up a level with our Snow Skills camps. These are just some of the peaks in a Neilson ski day.


Call 0844 879 8166 or visit a Thomas Cook store
New bookings only, selected dates & destinations during 2012/13. Terms and conditions apply see neilson.co.uk/fitness


Power porridge
Kick-start your morning with this quick and tasty breakfast recipe
Cereals and toast may seem like convenient morning meals but they wont do your waistline any favours. Porridge, on the other hand, is packed with protein and slow-release carbohydrates to fuel your day. Whats more, its just as easy to prepare and can be customised to your taste with a variety of delicious, healthy toppings. INGREDIENTS 50g porridge oats 200ml milk 1tbsp manuka honey 2tbsp pecan nuts, halved Handful of blueberries TO MAKE Put the milk and oats in a pan Cook over a medium heat for eight to ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Top with the remaining ingredients and serve immediately.


Words Ben Ince Photography packshotfactory.co.uk Food styling Karol Gladki

MILK is packed with muscle-building protein and calcium, which helps your body to metabolise fat efficiently.

MANUKA HONEY contains methylglyoxal, an antibacterial agent that helps the body to fight infection.

PECAN NUTS are high in musclebuilding protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

BLUEBERRIES contain pterostilbene, a compound that helps the body to break down fat and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.

For more healthy meals that are ready in minutes go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/fastfood 28/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk



Your trail starts here

Your Best ride starts at a speCialized ConCept store.

Whatever you need, our highly trained staff have the knowledge and experience to match you to the bike you want, in the size you need. Thats why were Specialized.


Birmingham Bristol

Chester harrogate

london Covent garden london ruislip london Kingston WorldMags.netneWBurY

plYmouth staFFord

Pep yourself up this winter with one of these sharp fragrances


1 Prada Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa combines fresh notes of spearmint and Clary sage with your grandmas favourite floral lavender. But this is no old-lady fragrance its an invigorating, masculine surprise of a scent. 45 for 50ml 020 7494 6220

2 Tom Ford Noir

Fords new fragrance packs a heady punch with its violet top note, while spicy black pepper, nutmeg and rose warm it up to offer a seductive scent that your lady will love. 60 for 50ml Available nationwide

3 4

3 Thierry Mugler A*Men Fragrance of Leather

The original A*Men is a shot of patchouli, vanilla and coffee thats distinctive but divisive. This is more wearable and refined, thanks to the addition of leather which softens the powerful patchouli. 45 for 100ml Available nationwide

4 Joop! Homme Wild

If your Christmas is more about indulging with friends than chatting to Auntie Doris, spray on this sexy scent, which combines pink pepper, rum and blonde tobacco. Cheers! 50 for 125ml Available nationwide

5 Balmain Carbone

Carbone is a contemporary classic thats ideal for winter thanks to a blend of musk, bourbon pepper, incense and black fig. Perfect for Christmas parties and tasty enough for hot dates too. 59 for 100ml Available in department stores

5 Aramis Gentleman

Aramiss new arrival is exotic and timeless in equal measure. Ginger, saffron and tobacco leaf absolute make for a delicious, distinguished and smoky scent. 58 for 110ml Available nationwide

Words Hayley Thatcher, Sam Jobson, Sam Rider Photography Danny Bird Source TGI Fridays, YouGov

Here are the reasons why Brits ditch their healthy-eating plans

7 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Collectors Edition

Le Males sailor shirt is replaced with a gladiatorial metal breastplate that will make this a stunning addition to your bathroom shelf but the familiar mint, coriander and sandalwood scent remains. 55 for 125ml Available in department stores



of gym-goers work out alone, forgoing the proven motivational benefits of training with others. A study published in the journal Obesity showed training in a team can enhance the chances of significant weight loss by 20%. Working out in pairs has an even more positive effect, according to research by Michigan State University exercising with a slightly more capable partner enabled participants to keep going for twice as long as those training solo.

What people really get up to at the oce Christmas party


told a colleague what they really thought of them

snogged a colleague

shared a personal secret they wish they hadnt

stripped or flashed

had sex with a colleague

played a prank on a colleague

30/JANUARY 2013/mensfitness.co.uk




My ambition is to win as many Grand Slams as I can. I dont want to put a number on them because that would be limiting myself. I believe I can win every Grand Slam I enter and that is my focus until I feel I can no longer do it. I dont like to think of how good I can become or how many Grand Slams I can win. When we are all retired we can have a beer together and look back at what we achieved, but for now its just about focusing on the next tournament. Becoming world number one was a dream for me. Growing up in Serbia was not always easy, so to achieve my dream was so humbling. I am forever thankful for the support Serbia shows me.

Pressure is a privilege. If theres no pressure on you it means nobody expects anything from you
I have always struggled with the heat. I have never made any secret of that and the weather at the US Open can be a real issue for me. For that reason, fitness at this level is so important. You have got to prepare yourself for five-set games. The fitness of all the other players at this level is so high you have to at least match it or you have no chance. Pressure is a privilege. If there is no pressure on you it means nobody expects anything from you. I know every time I enter a tournament, my fans and Serbia expect me to win it. Its very humbling to have reached the level where there is that expectation. Momentum plays a big part in sport. Its like anything in life. Things can become a habit. Winning can become a habit and, unfortunately, so can losing. To be the best you have to change your way of life. Working hard at training is not enough. It is about the food you eat, the rest you get, the books you read. To achieve everything, you have to give everything.

Super Serb
Winning Wimbledon 2011 was the turning point of my career. Id already won the Australian Open twice [beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in 2008 and Andy Murray in 2011] but showing the world I could beat Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon final turned things around for me. Before that nobody apart from Rafa or Roger Federer had won it since 2002, but I knew I could beat anybody. Never allow yourself to believe you cant beat somebody. Giving up gluten is the best decision Ive ever made. My team of experts found there was something about gluten that wasnt reacting well with my body. Since giving it up Im so much fitter. I feel like a different player. I went on a winning streak of 70 out of 76 matches in 2011 and Im convinced becoming gluten-free played a big part in that as well as developing a winning habit. I knew Grand Slam titles would come. I never thought about breaking the dominance of 32/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk
Words Thomas Unsworth Photography Getty

Five-time tennis Grand Slam champ Novak Djokovic on creating momentum, ditching gluten and why he embraces pressure
Roger and Rafa instead I knew if I worked as hard as I could, I would be successful. The harder you work, the better you get. Of course you study the other players games, but if you sit there trying to find a weakness in the game of a player like Roger or Rafa, you could find yourself sitting there a long time.

Dominate your service games with Djokovics tips



You need to put in the hours to increase your upper-body strength but on the court make sure you put the majority of your weight on your back leg. That will give you more power when you lean in to hit the ball.


Power is important but its nothing without accuracy and this comes down to practice. Spend a lot of time on the court and get to know its dimensions, so youll get to know where the ball is going.

If you miss out on the ace, your second serve is all about concentration. Take your time, bounce the ball a few times and compose yourself. Forget about double faults and try to serve like its your first serve.

Second serve






WorldMags.net IN STRAP
Stay punctual and look stylish with one of these trendy timepieces

Good times

Wrist straps can help you lift heavier weights. Heres how to use them
STEP 1 Put your hand through the loop, ensuring the end lies between your thumb and forefinger, and fasten it so the strap is snug around your wrist.

Oris Artix GT Chronograph 2,250


Breil Chronograph 215

01628 770988


Nite Hawk 275

STEP 2 Put your hand over the bar with your palms facing down, keeping the strap end on the side nearest you.

STEP 3 Using your other hand, wrap the strap around the part of the bar you will be holding. Twist the bar towards you as if youre revving a motorbike to tighten it.

Words Sam Rider Photography Danny Bird Illustrations Jon Rogers@Phosphorart.com

TW Steel Cool Black TW902 45mm 395


Seiko Sportura 350


STEP 4 Secure the strap in place by gripping the bar and strap together. Twist your hand to tighten it. Letting go of the bar will also release the straps.


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/35





Action Manu
Spartacus actor Manu Bennett reveals how rugby, paddle boarding and ballet helped him achieve a gladiators physique


Manu Bennett

c Where youve seen him As Spartacuss nemesis turned right-hand man Crixus in TV series Spartacus: Blood & Sand and its sequel, Spartacus: Vengeance. On the big screen he was in vampire hit 30 Days Of Night and action thriller The Condemned. c Where youre going to see him Returning to play Crixus for the final time in Spartacus: War Of The Damned and leading the Goblin army in Peter Jacksons eagerly anticipated film adaptation of The Hobbit. c What else Bennett turned down the opportunity to play professional rugby in order to study drama and dance at university.
Bennett credits his gladiatorial aptitude to his varied background in sport and dance


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/37

A-List Fitness Manu Bennett


I like to commit 110% to my fight scenes, says Bennett, so I always expect some pain

he technique, co-ordination and sheer physicality required to fight like a gladiator are enough to leave most actors quaking in their sandals. But for Manu Bennett, who stars as champion gladiator Crixus in the hit TV show Spartacus, it was made much easier by the most unlikely of training backgrounds ballet. My dance background has definitely given me an advantage, says the New Zealand-born actor. It has helped me in terms of learning choreography and being able to move fluidly in unison with another fighter. Great fighters like Bruce Lee and Mohammed Ali actually said that fighting was a form of dancing. In addition to ballet, Bennett has a diverse athletic background that includes rugby, athletics, paddle boarding and, of course, gym training, which helped him sculpt the impressive physique required to play Crixus. With season three of Spartacus in the works and a key role as Azog, King of the Goblins, in the upcoming film of The Hobbit already in the bag, audiences will be seeing plenty more of his fancy footwork in the year ahead. Crixus is an extremely physical role. How much fight and weapons training did you have to do? All the actors on Spartacus have experts to guide us through weapons training, but now that I'm almost four years into filming it, I feel very confident in my fight scenes. Every season we start with a gladiator bootcamp too, which pushes us to reach optimum fitness and polish our weapon skills. Have you had any accidents or injuries on set? I broke three ribs in a fight scene this year. I like to commit 110% to my fight scenes, so I always expect some degree of pain and suffering. What was the key to getting in shape to play Crixus? Ive been involved in many sports and physical activities over the years, from rugby and athletics to ballet and stand-up paddle boarding. I think this variety has helped

me to develop different movements and abilities, and has also given me a more athletic physique, all of which comes in handy for playing Crixus. What does your weekly training routine consist of? I go to the gym a couple of times a week more if I want specific results stand-up paddle board or surf a couple of times a week and, of course, I'm fighting as a gladiator on set almost every day. Im not exactly young any more [hes 43], so I try to balance my muscle-building work in the gym with flexibility exercises. Ive also been an avid swimmer ever since a chiropractor told me hed never had a swimmer as a patient. What do you eat to build and maintain muscle? Theres no other way to gain muscle than to eat protein and get the energy required to train hard from complex carbs and a healthy intake of fresh fruit and veg. What do you eat over the course of a typical day? In the morning I usually have porridge, but I do have it with brown sugar and a little cream. Lunch is usually something fresh and filling, such as chicken or tuna salad or a meat and rice dish. Dinner usually follows my gym workout, so thats when I load with 300500g of steak or chicken and steamed vegetables. Is it hard to sustain being in such good shape while filming for months at a time? We get so busy on set it seems almost impossible to fit the gym in. You really do have to force yourself to overcome that mental obstacle.

The complete season of Spartacus: Vengeance is out now on DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Anchor Bay.

Ive been an avid swimmer ever since a chiropractor told me hed never had a swimmer as a patient

Words Ben Ince

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Ready for anything



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Light work Self-powered GTLS (gaseous tritium light source) technology lets you read your watch in complete darkness.

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The best advice from the biggest names in tness

Machines wear out the more you use them but the human body is the opposite. Youre actually making it stronger and more likely to last

Photography Corbis

WHY YOU SHOULD HOULD LISTEN TO HIM M He is the worlds rlds leading authority ority on strength and conditioning and has trained Olympians in 12 sports.

WHY YOU SHOULD U LISTEN TO HIM He coached Britains d swimming team during the most e successful period l in its history, ry, with six Olympic medals in 2008.

WHY YOU SHOULD LD LISTEN TO HIM After coming out of t retirement, he won an Olympic medal in London at the age of 40, 20 years after winning ning gold in Barcelona.


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Charles s Poliquin in


Ben Titley



Greg Searle



Learnfromthe best
Successful athletes may come from all walks of life but they all have five habits in common, according to Charles Poliquin
Ive been a strength coach for nearly three decades, and over the years Ive met many strong and highly successful athletes. Some have overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve their success, while others have great genetics or seem to have found the fast track to super-strength. But regardless of how these athletes became so strong, they almost always have five traits in common. Heres what Ive learned about these athletes so you can replicate their habits and see your own strength levels soar.

I recently had dinner with Ed Coan, the legendary world powerlifting champion. How good was he? He became the world powerlifting champion at age 21 in the 82kg division, winning by 63kg. In 1991, at 100kg, he totalled 1,090kg (436kg squat, 247kg bench, 409kg deadlift). When lifters faced Ed Coan, they were all fighting for second place. You might expect Eds core belief to be that you should train with Herculean intensity but the secret he shared with me is the exact opposite. He says one of the crucial parts of his training was plenty of rest, including a daily nap. He didnt offer any peer-reviewed scientific papers to support his view but in his mind it was only common sense. You dont recover, then you dont grow, he said.

L They value rest

Theres no such thing as a single, perfect workout for everyone. Experimentation with various methods is simply part of the training process
that works best for them. Through trial and error they learn the most effective ways to adhere to the principle of overload. A great bit of advice is to find someone who is successful and copy what they do. If you want to be a champion powerlifter, seek the advice of a powerlifting guru. And if you cant visit mentors in person and train under them, read their books. Their results prove they know what theyre talking about. Every single one of the athletes Im talking about tried many things to get stronger. This natural curiosity and willingness to experiment and take risks are important concepts. Theres no such thing as a single, perfect workout for everyone every system has some effect and some work better than others. Experimentation with various methods is simply part of the training process. I find it frustrating to see so many coaches and organisations claiming they have the perfect workout system. No one system is the best for everyone. Its essential to experiment to find out what works for you. Successful athletes can see opportunities in unfortunate events or obstacles instead of the drawbacks. Theyve had setbacks, which theyve used to improve. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, What does not destroy me makes me stronger. Get advice, find a course and buy supplements at charlespoliquin.com

L They do what works for them

L They constantly experiment

Ive seen athletes of comparable strength develop with different approaches. Some swear by short training cycles, some by long ones. Some like to pyramid up and down their weights in a single workout, while others do several sets at peak weight. Despite these differences, theres one trait they have in common: theyre body smart. If one training method doesnt work, they try another until they find the system

L They choose a mentor

Get bigger and stronger

REALISE THE IMPORTANCE OF REST Its easy to think you need to work out around the clock to get stronger, but rest is when you get better.

Quick tips to make giant strides

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY You are unique so what works for someone else may not work for you. Listen to your body: its the only gauge you have.

KEEP EXPERIMENTING Give a training programme time to work but if you dont see results, move on. Experiment intelligently and see how you respond.

L Theyre great stress managers

For more muscle-building some great pull-up variationsgo to mensfitness.co.uk/links/poliquin For advice from Charles Poliquin go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/pullups 42/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk






Turnthe tide

Former British swimming coach Ben Titley explains how you can develop a culture of winning both in the pool and in life
British swimming is in a healthy place. We might not have won the Olympic golds that cycling and rowing did this summer, but we had a lot more finalists and fourth or fifth-placed finishers who only missed out on medals by hundredths of a second. I was head coach of the womens team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and until that point, during the previous 20 years, I think wed had just four female individual Olympic finalists [in 2008, Britains women had 14 finalists and won five medals]. The biggest thing weve done is change the mindset of British swimming. Now our challenge is to make the most of the athletes we have in this country and that is done through having great coaches. We still have steps to take to develop a culture of winning like the US team has but we can enjoy a similar success to that enjoyed by British cycling. Changing your mindset to being able to achieve whatever you want, in the pool or out, can be instilled in everyone, from elite athletes to amateurs.

All the athletes Ive been fortunate enough to coach have been great competitors. Not one of them has shirked the chance to pit themselves against the best. The one trait theyve all had in common is that they love to race and be the best they can be. When I first work with someone, I identify if they have that drive and desire to do what it takes to be the best. If someone says they want to be the best in their sport but they also want to go out at the weekend and down ten pints, its never going to happen for them. Our swimmers do a fair bit of work out of the pool [see box, below] because its good to build general athleticism and strength and Id like to see someone try to lift a pair of dumbbells under water but theres no substitute for getting used to being in the water. When Michael Phelps was a child he spent most of his time in the pool because that was what he enjoyed.

L Enjoy the challenge

L Live responsibly

Your actions out of the pool can have a significant effect on your performance in it

L Get comfortable

There's no substitute for getting used to being in the water

He didnt train, he was just playing, but hes been in or around water all his life. The best people in the world get to that level because they live and breathe what they do. Elite athletes will always have an edge but Ive found some of the easiest to coach are very personable and respectful. That makes you as a coach want to spend time with them. Liam Tancock and I get on well and that makes us work well as a team. You cant reach the top in elite-level sport if you dont have your nutrition, training and recovery spot on. In a relatively popular sport such as swimming, there are always going to be people who are just as talented as you. But its what you do with that talent that really counts. The 2012 Gillette Great Starts campaign celebrates community coaches and inspires the next generation of coaches by providing them with grants to fund their next level qualifications.

L Be respectful

Heres how Liam Tancock trained out of the pool to set the 50m backstroke record
Interview Sam Rider Photography Corbis

Titleys alternative methods

ROCK CLIMBING This requires forearm strength, something I need for pulling through the water. After an hour of climbing, my forearms will be on fire. Then Ill get into the pool and swim.

L Dont waste your talent

BALLET Ballet dancers are strong, have a great core and are very aware of their body positions, says Tancock. A swimmer needs to be aware of their hand and foot placement.

KICKBOXING This involves controlled aggression and is a powerful movement, which we need. Theres a lot of crossover between sports and it keeps training fun and fresh.

For more expert cardio training tips go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/cardiotraining 44/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk






Adapting your training can help you achieve peak performance whatever your age, says Olympic rowing legend Greg Searle
Greg Searle won a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and a bronze four years later in Atlanta. He retired from rowing in 2000, only to return a decade later, eventually claiming another bronze medal at London 2012 aged 40. Heres his advice on how to get back into serious training after a long layoff. The most important thing is to set goals, to give yourself a reason to get back into training. It could be competing in a particular race or being able to run the entire time during a game of five-a-side. Since the Olympics, Ive sat on a rowing machine and done some sessions, but it seems like theres no point because without that goal to aim for I dont have the drive to push myself as hard. Its really important not to get stuck in your ways. What made you successful in your 20s wont necessarily make you successful in your 30s and 40s youve got to be ready to listen and to change. When I was younger I used to have quite a traditionally British approach to training a no pain, no gain approach where most of the time I was informally racing people and trying to win. It made me a good racer but I was also somewhat inconsistent. When I came back I had to set aside my old ideas, swallow my pride to a certain extent and focus on doing much more controlled, longer, lower-intensity training sessions. When I came out of retirement, my aim was to be as fit at 40 as I was at 20, so I did everything I could to give myself the best chance of achieving that. I sharpened my diet and made sure I always ate wholegrain cereal for breakfast, and fruit and vegetables with lunch and dinner. I took a decent amount of supplements too, plus I cut out caffeine and alcohol, and made sure I got eight hours sleep every night. Its much more important to take care of your body as you get older. Its important to keep a positive frame of mind and realise that although training hurts, it does you good.

Searle and his team-mates after winning bronze in the mens eight at London 2012

L Set your goals

L Change with the times

L Live a healthy lifestyle

If you're an older guy in a team sport, use your experience and lead by example

Most machines wear out the more you use them but the human body is the opposite of that. Youre actually making it stronger and more likely to last. Working hard also gives you the opportunity to improve yourself. If the conditions are difficult if you go running in the rain, for instance it will feel all the better when youre finished. If youre an older guy in a team sport, its your responsibility to use your experience and lead by example. For me, that included training with a smile on my face, telling my team-mates that I was nervous in order to ease their nerves, or telling them Id messed up rather than criticising them for messing up when things went wrong. I tried to be a good role model and show them that its OK to be open and honest about things like that. Greg Searles autobiography, If Not Now, When?, is out now in hardback, priced 18.99

L Lead by example

L Pain can be good

Interview Ben Ince Photography Getty

STRETCH SMART I always took the time to warm up and warm down properly after training, which I didnt really do when I was younger. For rowing that meant focusing on stretching my hamstrings, glutes and hips, and making sure I kept my back in a good position.

How Searle kept his body in peak shape while training for London 2012

Rules of recovery

ROW TO THE BEAT I also monitored myself better than I ever had before. I checked my heart rate frequently to make sure it stayed in a reasonable band. If my pulse went out of that band, Id moderate my training accordingly.

HYDRO POWER I would also check my bodyweight every morning. If I had a low weight, it would usually mean I was dehydrated, so Id make sure I took on more fluid during the day.

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uscle tips m
Words Joel Snape Photography Tom Miles

Words John doe Photography Jane doe

Want to get bigger? You need to shock your muscles, then help them recover. Heres a half-century of ways to do just that

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menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/49

Words John doe Photography Jane doe

More weight means more muscle, and using chalk means more weight. Chalking up to improve your grip can add 10kg to some exercises instantly, says strength coach Sean McPhillips (supremetraining.co.uk). If your gym doesnt allow it, try the liquid variety or change gyms.

Chalk up


Dont just jump in at the heaviest weight you can lift. Working up to a top set of three to five reps after seven sets of progressively lighter weights allows you to do speed work early on, and then go on to some heavy work too, says strength coach Joseph Lightfoot (jplightfoot.com). It also keeps the volume high. So make sure the bars moving fast when the weights are low.

2 3

Lift heavy
Think big

Big, compound moves such as the squat, bench and deadlift should be the staples of your programme. Studies have shown that theyll lead to surges in testosterone and growth hormone as well as recruiting huge numbers of muscle fibres all essential for growth.

Ramp it up

Heavier weights and more volume will both work - but theyre better together. Lift heavy at the start of each session, using sets of one to three reps, suggests strength coach Ben Coker (bencoker.com). Then, in your assistance moves, drop down to six to eight reps per set, with more focus on muscle damage and metabolic stress. The heavy lifting will recruit the fast-twitch fibres for the whole session. Try mixing heavy bench presses with lighter dumbbell benching for great results. Post-activation potentiation sounds complicated. It isnt. Do a heavy single at 90-95% of your one-rep max, then go straight into a working set, says Coker. This will recruit more type 2 fast-twitch muscle fibres, which youll fatigue throughout the work set. And that means growth.

Add volume

Add variety

Get fired up

This technique is highly effective for building muscle. Rest/pause training stimulates growth through high fatigue in the working muscles, says trainer Mike Campbell (meatmikecampbell.com). Pick a weight you can lift for ten reps and do eight reps. Rest for 20 seconds, then do as many reps as possible, then rest another 20 seconds and repeat. If your arms arent ablaze, youve done it wrong.

To add more volume, try cluster sets. Lets say you can get four reps at 90% of your one-rep max weight, says Coker. If you cluster those sets by taking ten seconds rest after each one, its likely you could manage six reps. Across several sets thatll make a huge difference. This works better on moves with minimal set-up time - think deadlifts, not overhead squats.

Cluster up

When youre lifting for strength, youll often do reps without focusing on movement quality. If you want to build muscle, thats a mistake. At the top of each rep, pause and squeeze the target muscle, says personal trainer Adam Gethin. This process, known as an isometric contraction, can help maximise muscle fibre recruitment.

10 11

Squeezy does it

Supercharge your warm-up

In drop sets, you go until failure, lower the weight, then get some more reps so start high. Youll get the most muscle recruitment if you start heavy and aim for roughly six reps total, says Coker. Start at 90-95% of your max, hit two reps, drop the weight, get two more reps, drop the weight and hit two more. Youll recruit lots of muscle fibres.

Start high, then drop

Train by numbers

Model Ben W@IMM

A solid warm-up will let you lift more weight later, meaning added muscle. Remember, the point of your warm-up is to open joints, stretch ligaments, tendons, increase your muscle temperature and wake up your nervous system, says McPhillips. If youre doing a heavy session, start with basic bodyweight movements to get things firing. Add kettlebell moves to your warm-up to prime your muscles. Swings and presses will get everything firing, says McPhillips. Itll mean you can move more weight for more reps later. Itll also add a bit of volume to your workout. 50/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk

Wake up

12 13

Instead of decreasing the weight, try a technical drop set by making a move mechanically easier for your body. For instance, do a set of strict dumbbell curls, then switch to hammer curls when you hit failure. Finish with cheat curls to fry your biceps.

Go technical

14 15

To add volume without frying your muscles, try a training technique beloved of the Russian military: simply do lots of low-rep chinups or press-ups throughout the day. Or just hit one max set in the morning, preferably before you get in the shower. Your rep schemes for musclebuilding should be based on getting more reps and more weight while minimising fatigue, says Lightfoot. Try the 2-3-5 system: two reps, then three, then five, then go back to two. Do four to six rounds. Even if you use a weight thats heavy for five reps youll need minimal rest before the set of two, so youll get a lot of quality reps in very quickly.

Grease the groove

Unleash bell

In contrast training, a strength movement is followed by an explosive exercise my preferences are jumps, throws or sprints, says trainer Jack Lovett (spartanperformance.co.uk). So follow squats with jump squats or do bench presses followed by explosive press-ups. In order to get the best transfer effect, rest for ten to 20 seconds between exercises, and rest for three minutes between sets.

Embrace contrasts

Try 2-3-5




Theres a reason gymnasts are all built like superheroes. Ring work forces you to create huge amounts of tension - and a general theme for building muscle is maximising time under tension, says Lightfoot. Start by making sure you can hold the top position of a pressup, then go for sets of 20-30 reps, keeping your body rigid.


Ring the changes

Small back? Weak arms? You should do more chin-ups and press-ups, says strength coach Zoran Dubaic (strengthandperformance.co.uk). I like to do anything up to 20 sets of five chin-ups on a medium-intensity day. For fast results, do a set of five between every pushing move on bench day that way youll get a lot of volume with minimal effort.


For chin-ups or dips, try the ladder approach. Do one rep, take a short rest, then do two, says Lightfoot. Go all the way up to five or ten and youll hit high numbers of reps very quickly. For an extra challenge, go back down the ladder once you hit the top.


Climb the ladder

Revamp your rests


menstness.co.uk/AUGUST 2012/51


Bring the thunder

Build action hero muscle

For his roles in Thor and Avengers Assemble, Chris Hemsworth warmed up with heavy Turkish get-ups. They teach your body to move as a unit, and force your stabiliser muscles to grow. Add them to your warm-up you'll find a form guide at bit.ly/scpV3j. During the filming of Warrior, Tom Hardy kept himself busy by hauling his personal trainer around the set, firemans carry-style. Team up with a partner and alternate 30m carries until one of you admits defeat. To get Sylvester Stallone the monumental forearms he has in both Expendables films, his trainer Gunnar Peterson added one simple trick. Hed do deadlifts, then shrug the same weight for reps, says Peterson. It works his glutes, calves, forearms, grip - everything.



Carry on


Arm yourself

For his role as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman constantly hit his muscles from different angles. Wed go from a compound move to an isolation one, says trainer Mike Ryan. A great example is going from dumbbell bench press straight into flyes or cable crossovers.


Get wild

Work each muscle group

Front squat It takes practice, but its worth doing. Bulgarian split squats get an honourable second place.

24 25 26 27

Ring flye Also possible with a TRX. Superset them with ring pressups to supersize your pecs.


Weighted dip Hold a weight between your ankles or invest in a belt.


Words John doe Photography Jane doe

Abs wheel rollout Do five sets of ten at the end of your workout, and build up to the standing version.




Negatives can change up your training and cause increased trauma to your muscle fibres, forcing them to grow back bigger, says McPhillips. To do them, get a partner to help you lift a weight or jump to the top of a move such as the chin-up and then take five seconds to lower it.

Think negative

52/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


Romanian deadlift An easy choice. Do a few sets on deadlift day to strengthen yourself up for sprinting. Close-grip chin-up Bringing your hands together makes your biceps do the lions share of the work. If youve got the space for it, rope-climbing is even better.


28 29 31 32 33




Calf raise Do 100 reps at the end of your regular leg sessions if you want them to grow. Change your foot position for best results. Single-leg glute bridge Not only will this make your glutes grow, itll help injury-proof your hamstrings for sprint sessions. Deadlift Other moves will let you hit your back muscles more directly, but none will let you shift as much weight as this classic move.


Sprinting will develop kick-ass hamstrings and glutes and help prime the body for heavy lifts too, says Dubaic, before adding a note of caution. Sprinting puts your body through a ton of stress, so dont overdo it. Keep it simple and build up gradually. Starting with four to six 15m sprints with as much recovery as you need. If youre in the mood for punishment, try hill sprints. Find a good 30-50m hill and aim for five sprints up you can walk back down, says Campbell. Itll force every muscle in your body to work, putting you in the perfect anabolic state. Bonus: itll also keep you burning fat for hours. If youre doing classic eight-to-12-rep workouts, blast your muscles into growth by adding an explosive move afterwards. Standing broad jumps and medicine ball slams will shock your muscles into growth, says Campbell. Do two or three after every set.

36 37

Be athletic
Sprint to win

Hit the hill




Be explosive

Get strong
Challenge yourself

Exercises such as the tyre flip and log clean and press help train your muscles in a way that barbells and dumbbells cant, says Lovett. They hit multiple muscle groups simultaneously with an increased emphasis on core strength and stabilisation, making them tremendous for muscle mass. If you havent got the necessary kit, power cleans and overhead presses will give the same benefits, and make you look awesome in the gym. The farmers walk will tax every muscle in your body pair it with the bench press and youve got a potent combination. Do three to five reps in the bench, rest for a minute, and do a 30m farmers walk, says Lightfoot. Aim for five to six sets, ramping up to a weight you can lift sharply.

Finish your workout with a couple of max sets on a suspension trainer, suggests McPhillips. Any move you do will engage your core muscles, working your abs and building your foundation for bigger moves.


Hang tough
Build your foundation


Get heavy


Do a suspension drop set, says McPhillips. This means doing as many ring/TRX rows as you can, then changing to a steeper angle when you hit failure and get a couple more reps. More microfibre tears mean more muscle gains.

Row for success

Step up to a new level

Another strongman staple that taxes every muscle in your body is the truck pull. It hits everything, creating the perfect hormonal environment for muscle growth, says Campbell. If you havent got a car to push or pull, use a sled. Go for maximum distance at the end of your workout.


Push it


Try the advanced German body composition method, says Campbell. Pick three exercises that hit the same muscle group, then do six of the first, 12 of the second and 25 of the third. Rest two minutes, then repeat. Thisll promote anabolic hormones and help you grow. menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/53

Go Deutsch



WorldMags.net your Change


44 42
Breathe from your belly and brace your core as you lift, says Lovett. Itll strengthen your core, leading to improved strength meaning more muscle gains. Incorrect breathing will result in poor posture and increased chance of injury.

Vary your tempo to add to muscular recruitment, says Campbell. A good scheme is 4110 four seconds to lower, a one-second hold at the bottom, one second of contraction and zero hold at top. Try 2220, 2010 or 6010 for subsequent sets.


Catch your breath

Get some FatGripz, handles that artificially thicken a bar, and put them on every dumbbell and barbell you use for your upper-body workouts, says Campbell. The increased neural activation and motor unit recruitment will see your arms, shoulders, chest and back grow quickly.

Hit your grip


Ultra-high-rep training has been out of fashion, but its coming back. Performed with intensity, high-rep training can unlock new growth thanks to total muscle fibre stimulation, says Gethin. Try one set of curls to near-failure with an empty barbell, aiming for 30 reps.

Up your reps

46 47

Hitting three moves in one massive set will force your muscles to adapt. Campbell suggests a classic. To hit your chest and shoulders, try a 75 dumbbell press for six reps, follow by a 45 press for ten reps, then a flat press for 15 reps. Take ten seconds rest between each exercise and two minutes between sets. At the end of a leg day put 40% of your max on the bar and do as many reps as you can, resting at the top if you need to, says Campbell. Aim for 50. The recruitment and lactate build-up will have a huge growth effect.

Use tri-sets

Finish strong


Too much stress will send you into a catabolic state. Make sure you totally relax for at least 30 minutes a night, says Campbell. No phone, no gadgets just a book or a chat.


Change your life


Bedtime is prime time for recovery. Make sure youre sleeping for eight hours a night, says Campbell. And turn off all your electronic devices before you hit the pillow.

Hit the sack

You need to overfeed your muscles to let them grow, says Campbell. Consuming 2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight every day is a good start now turn to p103 for our 50 top nutrition tips. 54/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


Eat more





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For some great pull-up variations go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/pullups 56/AUGUST 2012/menstness.co.uk 56/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




Words Sam Rider, Thomas Unsworth

For more meal plans to help you achieve your goals go to mensfitness.co.uk/tktktktktktktk


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Lionel Messi makes football look easy, but his journey to become one of the all-time great players has been anything but. He tells MF how he overcame adversity




t 25, Lionel Andrs Messi has already joined the select elite of football players regarded as the best of all time. His build and courageous playing style mirror that of his legendary Argentine compatriot Diego Maradona, while his lethal finishing is comparable to that of Pel. At the time of writing, he is just 12 goals short of Gerd Mllers calendar-year record of 85 and, with two months left in 2012, appears likely to surpass it. He is already FC Barcelonas all-time top scorer, and when the Ballon dOr is awarded for the worlds player of the year in January he will be going for his fourth consecutive crown. But despite his phenomenal talent, as a young player it wasnt inevitable that Messi would rise to the very top of the sport. Although he ran rings around older boys at his local club Grandoli, from an early age he had to overcome physical disadvantages that cast doubt over his chances of even becoming a professional. MF met him to find out how he defeated the odds and turned his so-called weaknesses into strengths and what drives him on to ever greater footballing achievements. Its obvious many players have a size advantage over me, says the 1.69m Messi, talking to MF just days after scoring a brace for Barcelona against rivals Real Madrid to keep his club at the summit of the La Liga table. But I dont let that affect my game. I dont ever think about getting injured, so that is why I dont seem to be bothered by any treatment I might get on the pitch. Players might have a physical advantage over me but mentally I dont think that. Messi was excelling for the youth team of Newells Old Boys in his home city Rosario when Carles Rexach, sporting director of Barcelona, became aware of his talent. But at the age of eight he had been diagnosed with

Little by little

a growth hormone deficiency, which not only causes adult height to be reduced but can also impede muscular development and bone maturation. Growth hormone injections costing around $1,000 per month were required. I always remember that every night I would sit on my bed and have injections in my legs, says Messi. It wasnt fun, I can assure you, but I wanted to become a footballer so much that it was worth it. At 13, although his talent was obvious, Barcelona were sceptical about signing him. His father, Jorge, fought to convince them. He has had a big influence on me, Messi says. He worked so hard to try and pay for my hormone injections in Argentina and even

I have a natural ability but Ive always wanted to keep on getting better

though he worked two jobs they were still so expensive. When Barcelona offered to pay it was a big decision for him to move the family but it is one he took for me. Over a two-year period the treatment helped Messi get bigger and stronger while he concentrated on impressing in Barcelonas youth team. It was at the Catalan sides youth set-up, based at the centre of excellence known as La Masia (the farmhouse), where Messis ability and the clubs philosophy combined to cultivate the player he is today. It is obvious from the players that La Masia produces that there are great teachers of the game there, he says. But it is about so much more than that.

New beginnings

Photography Getty

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Messi lifts the Champions League trophy in 2011

At 18, Messi scored two goals as Argentina won the 2005 Fifa Youth World Championship

In the past three seasons, Messi has scored 173 goals in 168 club appearances

They teach you respect, humility, togetherness and that is the reason you see the Barcelona you do today. It doesnt just make you a football player it makes you a good man. Messi made his first-team debut in the 2004-05 season. A substitute appearance at the end of the season against Albacete marked his first goal for the club a deftly disguised lob from the edge of the box. Sid Lowe, a Spain-based football journalist who contributes to the Guardian, FourFourTwo, World Soccer and others, noticed his talent immediately. It was apparent when he first made it into the first team that he was potentially very special indeed, he tells MF. The control, the pace, the way he plays now all of that

was already on show. But the game that really made everyone say, Wow! Hes special, came away at Real Madrid, when Barcelona won 3-0. Unfortunately for Messi, that breakthrough performance in November 2005 was followed by a series of injuries, the worst being a thigh muscle tear that caused him to miss the end of the 2005-6 season (when Barcelona won the league title) and a broken foot that ruled him out for three months of the following season. As a result, he didnt establish himself in the Bara team until 2007, although, Lowe says, the notion that Messi suddenly became good is a myth. He was always brilliant. He just needed to be fully fit and be made important. It was when Pep Guardiola became head coach in 2008 that Messi was brought to centre stage. I have a natural ability but Ive always wanted to keep on getting better, says Messi. I am fortunate to play with some of the greatest players ever and I have also listened to the advice of many great men at Barcelona. So how

exactly did the club manage to bring the best out of Messi? Firstly, his diet changed. The turning point came in March 2008, after he tore a hamstring in a Champions League match against Celtic and left the field in nd tears. Messi had struggled with repetitive muscle strains and e Barcelonas senior staff took nior action, constructing a plan to ting manage his diet, sleep and t, stretching. Juanjo jo Brau, a fitness and rehabilitation coach, oach, was assigned as s Messis dedicated ted personal trainer to help him avoid injury. njury. Up to that point he had nt followed a typical Argentine al diet of red meat and carbs but now fish and vegetables nd were prescribed. The changes d. helped him become leaner ome and stronger, recover more cover quickly and, crucially, be less cially, susceptible to injury. Hes njury. not as barrel-chested or as ested immediately powerful as werful Maradona, says Lowe, but if you see Messi now youll

Appetite for success

Pep Guardiola brought Messi to centre stage in si his Barcelona team

Train like Messi to terrorise your opponents with and without the ball

So much focus is on when you have the ball, its easy to forget what to do when you dont. Be aware of other players around you before you get the ball. It makes you more aware when you do have it.


The game is getting so much faster that you have to adapt. In training we do a lot of one-touch work in small spaces. It forces you to think quickly and improve your reactions and decision making.

If the best option is to run with the ball, you need very close control. Again, practise in very tight spaces. The ball must stay as close as possible. It needs to stick to your foot and that only comes by practising.


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Messi takes on South Korea at the 2010 World Cup


Top the scoring tables with Messis shooting tips
To begin with, focus on accuracy. Practise shooting from different angles all over the box and aim for the top corners. Once you become consistent, you can work on adding power.


Body position is important. Dont lean back because youll end up hitting the ball over the bar. Lean into the ball and focus on a clean strike with the top of your foot.


This is all about timing. Dont shoot too soon or too late wait until you see the keeper coming out of his goal so hes off-balance and place it past him with the side of your foot.


If I can stay on my feet, I will There is a way football should be played

see hes got strong arms, hes got an athletes body and hes always been extremely quick. Guardiola, the former Bara and Spain captain, took over a team that was talented but sometimes arrogant and perceived as underachievers, having gone without a trophy since the La Liga/Champions League double of 2005-6. He decided the best way to break the streak was to find the most effective method of harnessing Messis mercurial talents. When Messi broke into the team his best friends were Ronaldinho and Deco but the coach quickly moved them on. They were living the high life and treated Messi as family. For that he idolised them and fears he would be led astray were too great to be ignored. Guardiola basically said to Messi, Youve got a choice. If you want to be the best, back away from them, says Lowe. There have never been negative headlines regarding Messi away from the field but there was a fear of where he might go, rather than where he was going. Messi made the right decision for his career and hasnt looked back since. He has won every

Removing distractions

Picking up his third consecutive Ballon dOr in January 2012

club trophy available, scored a record 15 La Liga hat-tricks and been named his countrys captain. In his last three full seasons he has scored a simply astonishing 173 goals in 168 club appearances. On the field his play is exemplary, not least in his refusal to gain an advantage by exaggerating or simulating or diving, as its more honestly known. My main objective is to win games. If I can stay on my feet and maybe have the chance to set up a goal for one of my team-mates or even score one myself then that is what I will do, he says. There is a way football should be played and a way football should not be played. At Barcelona we choose to play it the way it should be. We have to appreciate that lots of kids will look up to us and that in itself is a responsibility. I dont think every day that I have this responsibility to be a role model. I have a simple lifestyle and just enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a regular guy who just happens to play football for a living. Despite all his individual accolades, records, medals and trophies including Barcelonas

Forward thinking

treble of La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League in 2008-9, the only time a Spanish team has achieved this Messis motivation and appetite remain constant. I owe my success to my family, my coaches, my team-mates but personally I never think about previous success, he says. If the last season was a very successful one, it doesnt matter. I always look to the future and what there is to be won. I can look back when Im retired. And even though his career has brought glittering success and an early elevation to the pantheon of all-time greats, arguably its not even his brilliance with the ball that makes him special. Anyone who watches Messi play appreciates his skill but the lasting impression he leaves is of a man who never thinks of cheating, celebrates his team-mates achievements as much as his own and, most of all, takes great joy in simply playing football. I am in love with the game the same today as I was at five years old, Messi says. Nothing has changed for me at all. I play the game with a smile and that helps me. I love what I do.

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Training, nutrition and recovery are vital to building a strong body but theres one final element to consider. MF explains how to harness the power of your hormones
Words Joel Snape Illustrations Peter Crowther@Debut Art



f you spend any time in a gym, youll probably hear guys talking about how their training is going. Youll also hear them discussing their nutrition strategies for bulking up or getting lean. And you may even hear them chat about what theyre doing to speed up the recovery process ahead of their next session. What youre unlikely to hear, however, is talk about what theyre doing to optimise their hormones. You wont hear it because, even though your hormones dictate everything from your mood to your ability to pack on muscle, this is an area of performance thats almost entirely overlooked. Our guide to the key players in your hormonal cascade (the term used to describe how they work together) will help you solve the final piece of the training puzzle.

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Also known as The man hormone What it does Improves muscle mass, strength and bone density, improves brain function and protects against everything from Alzheimers to cancer To harness its power you should Live like a caveman How to do it The simple way to boost testosterone is to live like a hunter-gatherer and part-time nun, says nutritionist and trainer Ben Coomber (bodytypenutrition. co.uk). Get lots of sleep, preferably with the suns cycle 10pm to 6am is ideal if you can manage it. Eat lots of meat, fats and whole, natural foods. Train with big compound lifts, adding some sprinting, jumping and playing. Avoid alcohol binges they can halt testosterone production for up to two days but do enjoy the odd glass of red wine. Drink lots of water around 2.5 to 3 litres a day is ideal for most guys. Avoid coffee after 4pm and rest and relax when you can. Also, have lots of sex if you can manage it. Hence the part-time caveat.

Growth hormone
Also known as HGH, when its injected as a prescription muscle-builder What it does Stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration To harness its power you should Manage your mealtimes How to do it Your testosterone-boosting plan will also help with your production of growth hormone, but you can improve it further by timing your food intake. The most effective way to boost HGH varies depending on when you exercise, says Coomber. If you train early in the morning, try taking on caffeine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), working out on an empty stomach and then eating 30 minutes after training. The first two or three sessions will seem tough, but youll quickly adapt as your body becomes more efficient at using its own energy stores. If you train in the evening, though, your body should be fuelled without the caffeine and BCAAs. You should still have a postworkout meal 30 minutes afterwards but it should include simple carbs such as potatoes, white rice or protein pancakes,' Coomber says. Theyll promote quicker recovery and larger spikes in insulin, but your high blood glucose level will drop around two hours later, leaving HGH to rise.


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/63 menstness.co.uk/AUGUST 2012/63

Also known as The man-maker What it does Boosts your mood, increases your strength and improves your sex life To harness its power you should Eat good fats from organic and free-range animals How to do it Dihydrotestosterone to use its full title is the most important hormone youve never heard of. According to Warrior Diet creator Ori Hofmekler, its the king of male hormones, and ten times stronger than testosterone. It also cant be converted into oestrogen, unlike testosterone. So how do you optimise your levels? The best way is to consume adequate dietary fat, says strength and conditioning coach Mike Mahler (mikemahler.com). Coconut oil and milk are good sources. Magnesium oil and zinc can also help. And eat freerange. Meat from factory farms is loaded with toxins and stress hormones, says Mahler. You cant eat healthy meat from unhealthy animals, and the fewer toxins you consume, the more energy youll have available for optimal hormone production. Work, family life, emotions, food, booze, late nights and your mindset all contribute to an increase in stress, so you should focus on what you can control and stop worrying about what you cant. The best advice is to force yourself to look at the stress factors in your life, which are unique to every individual, says Coomber. Is your boss acting like an arse? You need take steps to address that. Do you overdo cardio-based training? Cut back and factor in some more resistance training or therapeutic exercise, such as yoga. Is your diet too high in alcohol, processed foods or other unhealthy things? Clean it up. Do you stay up late watching TV? Switch to reading for the 30 minutes before bed. Is a family member or friend causing you stress? Tackle the issue head on and resolve the conflict. As well as solving problems, you may find you need to alter your mindset. If youre generally a stressed person, you need to change your thought process and look at problems and scenarios from a different perspective, says Coomber.

Also known as The carb-and-fat regulator What it does Helps cells take up glucose for energy, and regulates metabolism To harness its power you should Avoid bread and cereal How to do it Youve probably heard of insulin because of its role in diabetes Type 1 diabetics cant produce it, while Type 2 sufferers produce too much because the body isnt using it effectively. Insulin is necessary for carrying nutrients to cells, including glucose for brain function. The thing you need to avoid is insulin resistance.

Also known as The stress hormone What it does Its released in response to stress, freeing up glucose for the brain and generating energy from your stored reserves but theres a price to pay To harness its power you should Keep calm and reassess your life How to do it Lets be honest you cant eliminate all the stress from your life.

Hormonal harmony
You can improve your levels of each hormone independently, but the reality is that they all affect each other so the best way to optimise your health is to get them working together in what experts call a hormonal cascade. Heres how to kick off the process in just one day.

If youre struggling to get out of bed, consider investing in a natural light alarm clock. This will wake you up gradually with fauxdaylight rather than shrill buzzing, gently nudging down your melatonin levels and preventing a surge in cortisol levels.

Get up

Have a power shake

Mix 30-40g of whey protein, a pinch of nutmeg and a handful of chia seeds for a shake thatll keep your dopamine and leptin levels on track.

The mailbox full of unread emails can wait. As soon as you get into work, tackle the most important thing you need to sort out today.

Do one thing

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Carbohydrates are the biggest stimulators of insulin, says Mahler. Protein is a mild stimulator, but it also stimulates glucagon, which helps to balance out the effect. To optimise your insulin levels, get your carbohydrates from low-glycaemic fruits, legumes and vegetables. Focus on healthy fats from nuts and seeds, olive oil, coconut oil and omega 3s. Try a meal with a tablespoon of coconut oil two hours before a workout, and enjoy the benefits.

Also known as The happiness hormone What it does Helps you stay organised, social and confident and free from addictive behaviours To harness its power you should Swap salt and sugar for spices How to do it Dopamine is what gives your body the boost it needs to get out of bed in the morning and take charge of your day, says Mahler. Its important in mood, motivation, attention and learning, and is also connected to addictive behaviour people with low levels are often addicted to quick pleasure and succumb easily to addictions. If youre lacking motivation or feeling tired and burned out, dopamine is the hormone to address. Start by cutting out foods that lower your levels. Sugar, white bread, pasta and other processed snacks hamper dopamine production, says Mahler. To raise your levels, try supplementing with vitamin B and L-carnitine. Fresh spices will help: nutmeg is great for a boost in your morning shake, but cinnamon, basil, cumin and turmeric are all great additions to your diet.

Have a coffee
Caffeine can jump-start low dopamine levels, but stick to 200mg a day or so (no more than two cups of coffee) to avoid bumping up cortisol. Throw in some cinnamon to help with your bloodsugar regulation and keep insulin production on track.

Get scrambling
The saturated fats in egg yolk give you a testosterone boost, while the protein helps regulate insulin and leptin levels. You can easily whip them up in the office microwave with a spot of butter.

Go to the park
Meditation is great for keeping cortisol in check, says Coomber, but that doesnt mean sitting in a darkened room for hours. Five minutes of quiet thinking can be all you need. Finding a sunny spot is a bonus, because vitamin D will boost the effect.

Get through the afternoon slump with a cup of tea, but make it the green variety it helps with production of DHEA, which manages cortisol. Add lemon for an insulin-blunting boost.

Go green

Snack on brazil nuts

The brazil nut is one of natures best sources of selenium, which boosts testerone in men. Its also a potent antioxidant.


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/65


and focus on high-quality organic food, says Mahler, You should also eat protein at every meal especially breakfast. I like a power shake with 40g of protein, low GI fruits such as blueberries and essential fats. Take longer gaps between meals for fat loss you can eat more frequently on training days, but leave longer gaps a few times a week. response to darkness and decreases in response to light, says strength coach Phil Learney (phillearney.com). It plays a large part in sleep, so if its production is disrupted it can affect sleep patterns and hormonal cycles. People with jet lag or those who work night shifts can often have trouble producing melatonin, which affects their sleep and subsequent recovery from stresses. To give it a helping hand, you need to improve your sleep environment. As we no longer wake to the sun rising and sleep as the sun goes down, we need to replicate complete darkness in order to sleep effectively. Any light source, including LED lights on alarm clocks, is enough to disrupt this cycle, says Learney. In other words, turn them off. If youre deficient you can be prescribed melatonin supplements. You can avoid this, however, by eating foods high in folic acid and vitamin C (which includes most green vegetables) and protein (such as beef, poultry and dairy).

Also known as The hunger hormone What it does Acts as the go-between for your fat cells and your brain. To harness its power you should Eat less frequently and better How to do it Leptin is a hormone in fat cells that communicates with the brain to determine energy expenditure, says Mahler. When functioning adequately, leptin acts as a fuel gauge and lets us know when we have enough fuel to stop eating before nutrient spillover occurs, leading to the storage of body fat. Youre likely to have enough of this hormone, but problems start when leptin resistance sets in and your brain doesnt receive the signals properly. Thankfully, its easy to fix. Cut out high-fructose junk foods,

Also known as The sleep hormone What it does Helps the quality and quantity of your sleep, which in turn affects every other hormone To harness its power you should Sleep longer and better How to do it Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland in the brain it increases in

Psych yourself up with a clip from a Jason Statham film. Studies have shown that viewing aggressive scenes heightens testosterone. When you arrive, squat, deadlift or sprint for the biggest release of growth hormone.

Hit the gym

Have a hormonal supermeal

High concentrations of zinc in red meat can increase testosterone levels, as can the saturated fat and make it good-quality meat range for the DHT benefits. Throw in some broccoli and garlic: the garlic regulates cortisol and the broccoli controls oestrogen levels, freeing up even more testosterone. Fancy a drink? Stick to red wine, which contains insulin-assisting resveratrol.

Put away the laptop, iPad and Xbox half an hour before bed. Bright screens can increase cortisol levels. Read a book or think about the most important thing youve got to do in the morning.

Switch off

Switch off anything thats on standby, or otherwise flashing, blinking or humming any light sources affect the production of melatonin. And if you need to go to the toilet during the night youve been drinking plenty of water, right? leave the light off to keep your cortisol steady.

Lights out

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, You ve got a month or so until the world ends - just enough time to get in shape
According to the ancient Mayan civilisation of South America, the world will end on 21st December 2012. Even if the Mayans were wrong and they certainly knew how to build innovative stone clocks, if nothing else theres always the chance that a super-volcano, mutant-virus pandemic or sudden Gulf-stream reversal will get the job done only slightly offschedule. But before you hit the tequila and head underground, youve got a responsibility to stay in shape if only so you can repopulate the planet when things calm down. Heres how to be prepared. Words Joel Snape Illustrations Comic Stripper



pr ep ar e yo ur se lf
Big compound moves will build muscle and make your bones stronger and thicker, making you more prepared for anything, says Rich G of Zombiefit.org (which offers Fitness for the Apocalypse). Focus on moves such as the deadlift and power clean, which mimic the sort of movements you make in everyday lifts. Keep the reps low and the rests relatively long.

Step 1

, , Curls and kick-backs won t help when you re facing down a gang , of cannibal bikers. Here s the four-step fitness plan that will


Long, slow distance running is no good if youre trying to outrun a zombie in a 400m sprint, says Rich G. Add sprints to your training to ensure you arent dinner. Try a Zombiefit classic: 200m sprint, 25 press-ups and 25 squats, five times. Bonus: speed over short distances will also help your efficiency over a 5K, so youll be able to outrun poorly-nourished scavengers.


With ammo in short supply, lobbing rocks at people will become a vital skill. Injuryproof your throwing arm with the Archer press-up: perform a normal press-up with one arm held out straight at a right angle to your side, palm resting on a step or bench. This move also allows you to work up to a onearm press-up, which will be crucial for impressing ladies when its time to repopulate.


Whether youre carrying water canisters to your underground lair or pushing a shopping trolley containing your worldly possessions, moving heavy weights will be crucial. Loaded carries, pushes or drags will build solid, functional muscle. If your gym doesnt have a sled, try the plate push: grab the heaviest plate (or two) you can, put it on a towel and shove it across the floor.



menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/69

Rage -dri ven zom bies ? A mega tsun ami? Disc reti on may be the bett er part of valo ur. , Here s how to stay one step ahea d whe n thin gs go wro ng
The speed vault is the easiest way to clear an obstacle at a full sprint. You need to be running fast enough to clear the obstacle in one jump, says Mark Toonrock of American Parkour. Long, powerful strides will help you keep momentum. Take your final step about a metre from the obstacle on the same side as the hand youll use to vault. You should be almost parallel to the obstacle as you go over once youve passed the plane of the obstacle, push down with your hand to straighten up. Bring your trailing leg forward and take off at a sprint as you land. Bring your knees up as you jump, then extend your legs outwards as youre about to land, almost attacking the ground, says Toonrock. Keep eye contact with your landing area. As soon as the balls of your feet touch the ground, bend your knees no more than 90 to dissipate your momentum. Let your body drop between your knees you can touch the ground with your hands if you need to. For bigger falls, youll need to learn to roll. The cat leap is the move that will allow you to scale obstacles at speed, even with a pack of baying Ebolahounds at your heels. To pull it off, leap at a wall with your arms and legs outstretched your feet should hit the wall first. When you connect, reach for the top of the wall, get a grip and dig your toes in as you muscle up over the top of the wall. The move is a combination of a chin-up and a dip, so make sure you can do five of each before attempting it.

S t ep 2

Step 2: Run Away [sell]

Sprinting zombies? Megatsunami? Discretion is the better part of val one step ahead when things go wrong

Vault an obstacle

Land a jump


Stock Your Bunker

, mea n your of fres h mea t and vege tabl es does n t A lack s Chap man pres crib es body has to suff er. Nutr ition ist Chri cle gain the rati ons you need for emer genc y mus
N Not only are these tasty li little balls of goodness a great source of fibre an and protein, theyre al also high in folate and vi vitamin B6, essential to pr protein metabolism. And th theyre great for chilli. The cancer-fighting lycopene in tomatoes is released by the cooking process, says Chapman (crossfitreading.co.uk). So the preserved version actually gives you more of the good stuff than eating the equivalent in fresh tomatoes.

S t ep 3

Tinned tomatoes

Ti Tinned chickpeas

A convenient and transportable protein source, this stuff is also a good source of readily absorbed iron the iron you get from veg isnt absorbed by the body as well as meat-derived iron. Go for the kind with minimal added salt and sugar.

Beef jerky

70/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




lour. Heres how to stay

Fresh fruit wont be easy to sy come by in a post-apocalyptic ocal alyptic tuff world but the tinned stu can stuff still be a good option. Wh . While some micronutrients s are lost during the canning process, fruit it retains enough fibre and minerals to have nutritional benefit.

Tinned fruit

Lik Like all nut butters, this stuff is a good source of protein, fibre and go tein, mo fa monounsaturated fat, which is linked with improved cardiovascular wi rdiovascular rd he health. Youll need this wh when running away from the aw in inevitable zombie pe pestilence.

Peanut butter

Survived the apocalypse? Well, you deserve a treat. Dark chocolate not only provides ium magnesium and antioxidants, but also causes a similar hormonal reaction to falling in love, making the fallout rmag ageddon of Armageddon easier l wi to deal with.

Dark chocolate


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/71

Step 4

With the immediate danger out of the way, you need to think long-term. Here are the basics
Spies, military personnel and criminals alike keep bug-out bags readyto-grab collections of everything theyll need if things go wrong. A more portable solution, according to survival expert Creek Stewart, ee eek is a get-home bag, containing c the survival basics: water w purification tablets, a small torch, dust mask, ma sanitising wipes and a nd decent multi-tool. Stick it Sti all in a backpack and d youll be ready if things go wrong.

Build a get-home bag

In dire circumstances, remember the survivalist Rule of Three: you can survive (roughly) three minutes without air or medical attention, three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. Tackle them in that order and make sure youre well versed in first aid: the NHS and St John Ambulance both offer free-to-attend courses in the UK.

Stay healthy

Have a plan

Whether youre going to run for hills or fortify your studio flat, you need a plan. If the motorways shut down, how are you going to get out of the city? says Greg T of Survivalcache.com. Alternatively, have a bug-in plan. If you can stay in your house then youll need to think about where youre going to get water from. As a last resort, you can drink the water thats in your wa toilet cistern (usually rn (us usually between four ur and nine litres) but not the bowl. wl.

72/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


Rebuild society
will With the gove rnm ent in ruin s, som eone char ge. It migh t as wel l be you need to take
When assembling a ragtag band of survivors, stay positive. Research found that in the US Navy, annual awards for efficiency and preparedness are most frequently awarded to squads whose officers are openly encouraging. But dont be too generous with praise: in research from the Kellogg School of Management in the US, individuals who were most benevolent to the group saw their perceived dominance drop. In studies at the University of California, individuals within a group were more likely to be perceived as competent and assigned the role of leader if they spoke up early and often, even if their suggestions werent the best on offer. Meanwhile, research in the Journal Of Applied Psychology suggests that confidence projects an air of leadership. The lesson? If you dont know what youre doing, at least pretend.

S t ep 5



Take the lead

Be nice

When somebody does well, show your gratitude in public in studies from the University of Pennsylvania, teams who were given a hearty thank you by their superiors performed up to 50% better than their less motivated peers. Conversely, if you have to reprimand someone for going at the rations, do it in private. According to research in the journal Basic & Applied Psychology, a public dressing-down is ineffective and leads to vengeful thoughts. Not ideal when everyones carrying a shotgun.

Say thanks

Addressing the troops? Take up space stand with your feet apart and arms uncrossed. Not only does this project a sense of leadership, studies have also shown that power posing will lead to small but noticeable increases in testosterone, meaning youll actually feel and perform better. And keep your body language positive when delivering bad news. According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, it softens the blow.

Power pose

The bad news: money wont motivate anyone when society crumbles and looting becomes a middle-class pastime. The good news: money isnt a great motivational tool anyway. In studies, if/then rewards reduced subjects feelings of autonomy, making them less motivated. Instead, focus on progress. A study in the Journal Of Marketing Research showed the impression of moving forward could shift people into a higher degree of work even if it was illusory.

Master motivation


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Get More Out Of Winter

Develop the skill and confidence to enjoy the mountains safely in winter at The National Mountain Centre. Join us in Wales or Scotland this winter. For your free copy of our 72 page colour brochure visit www.pyb.co.uk

Plas y Brenin, Capel Curig Conwy LL24 OET Tel: 01690 720214 Email: info@pyb.co.uk www.pyb.co.uk facebook.com/plasybrenin
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Live life in the t lane

MFs Ben goes for glory on the red jump

Why should snowboarders have all the fun? MF s Ben Ince sets out to prove that tricks and jumps are just as exhilarating on skis


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/77

Photography Mark Chilvers



ts 2pm on a crisp, clear afternoon in the French Alps as I stand at the top of a snowpark, apprehensively surveying the series of jumps ten metres below. After a one-hour crash course in freestyle skiing, its time to attempt my first serious jump and Im feeling pretty nervous. My instructor clears a sizeable jump beneath me, then turns and gives me the all-clear. Heart pounding, I turn my skis down the slope, assume the position for take-off and hope for the best. Freestyle skiing first became popular following the rise of snowboarding in the early 1990s,

when pioneering groups of snowboarders began building skatepark-esque snowparks, replete with jumps and rails that allowed them to develop an array of tricks and grinds. Not to be outdone, skiers who had previously competed in more traditional disciplines such as moguls and aerials began riding the snowparks and developing their own version of freestyle. Freestyle skiing is now a well-established sport, and most ski and snowboard resorts around the world have a snowpark as a standard feature including Les Arcs in the French Alps, where Im taking on freestyling. Having skied a handful of times before, Im not a complete novice but it takes a few hours of practice on some gentle green and blue pistes before Im confident enough to approach the snowpark.

WorldMags.net Given the

likelihood that Im going to crash anyway, I go straight for the red jump

SKI SCHOOL On arrival, I meet Spirit Ski School instructor Thomas Court. My aim for today, he explains, is to learn how to land a jump. Only when this basic skill has been mastered can I progress to learning more complicated manoeuvres such as mid-air tricks. It sounds reasonable enough, until I catch sight of some of the huge jumps further down the slope. Dont worry, says Court with a smile after following my gaze. We start small. Court begins by explaining the basic mechanics of a ski jump. If you ride straight off the jump, youll end up leaning backwards in the air and landing at the wrong angle, he says. The key is to keep your weight over your skis as you hit the kicker and spring upwards and forwards as you take off. This will allow you to tip your skis down in midair and land at a safe angle. To illustrate this he demonstrates a crouching and springing motion similar to that used by a traditional ski jumper. Keeping your arms tucked in by your sides will help you maintain good form in the air too, he says. Then when you land, its crucial that you bend your knees to absorb some of the impact. To put this into practice, Court leads me over to a set of small practice jumps, each around half a metre

high. Following his lead, I ski towards the first jump, then crouch down and spring upwards and forwards as I hit it. Im in the air for less than a second before my skis hit the snow again and, to my surprise, I manage to keep my footing and land without crashing. So far, so good. After another couple of successful attempts, Court leads me back to the top of the park to explain the final element of a jump, the run-up. If youre riding a large jump, youll need to build up enough speed to clear the gap in the middle and reach the landing area on the far side, he says. So its crucial that you work out how fast you need to be going and how much of a run-up you need to generate that speed before you attempt the jump. If youre not going fast enough, youll clip the backs of your skis on the edge of the landing ramp and crash. This sounds ominous but at least Court is with me to help gauge my run-ups. With my brief training complete, I follow him halfway down the park to the first big row of jumps. RED ALERT Much like pistes, jumps in snowparks are colour-coded for difficulty either green, red or black. Given the angle of the kicker, a green jump would easily propel you more than a metre into the air, while a red jump would send you two metres high or more. Black jumps are considerably bigger than both and are generally only ridden by instructors, professionals or very talented amateurs. The prospect of me attempting a black jump is clearly out of the question but, to my surprise, Court is adamant I can manage a red jump. Our cameraman, Mark, helpfully suggests I try a green jump first to warm up. But given the high likelihood that Im going to crash anyway, I decide to just go straight for the red jump, figuring that if Im going to fail it might as well be as spectacularly as possible. Impressed by my apparent disregard for my own health, Court leads me to a spot directly above the red jump. If you start your run-up from here, youll

Ben gets the hang of the practice run

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The snowpark contains an array of increasingly daunting challenges for freestylers


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Les Arcs is one of the most scenic and popular Alpine ski resorts

The key to a successful jump is picking up enough speed on the way in

build up enough speed to clear the gap. But you have to ski as fast as you can if you turn or break on your way down, youll clip the landing ramp and crash, he says, solemnly. Ill go first, and then you follow me. He proceeds to ski straight for the jump, picking up an alarming amount of speed before hitting the kicker, sailing gracefully through the air and landing smoothly on the other side. He turns around and gestures for me to follow.

I reach the kicker and sail o the end, holding my position in the air for what seems an eternity

and I can feel the adrenaline pumping as I follow them down to the bottom of the park. TRICK OR TREAT Now you know how to jump, the next step is to learn some tricks, says Court with a grin, before skiing down to the button lift. Minutes later he reappears at the top of the park, skiing at full speed towards the biggest of the black jumps. My jaw stays rooted to the floor for the next half an hour as he runs through his full arsenal of tricks, including a variety of huge back flips and a suicidal 720. Seeing someone perform with this much skill and bravery is an incredible experience but what impresses me most about Court is his resilience. On the handful of occasions when he does crash he gets straight back up and tries the trick again, without a seconds hesitation. Watching him persevere makes me realise that with freestyle skiing as with many extreme sports having the guts and determination to keep putting yourself in harms way is critical. So I think landing a red jump after crashing on my first attempt is definitely a good start.

NOW OR NEVER After a few seconds of hesitation, I turn and start skiing tentatively towards the jump. Despite Courts warning that I cant afford to brake, I instinctively slow myself down for the first couple of metres. Im not doing it on purpose it just seems inherently wrong to ski as fast as you can towards such a big jump. Despite this, within a few seconds Im hurtling towards the kicker, keeping my weight over my skis and getting ready to spring. I hit the kicker and leap up, forcing myself forward as hard as I can as Im propelled high into the sky. Im airborne for two or three seconds, fighting to keep my weight forward For freestyle skiing lessons in Les Arcs and my arms tucked in as the landing ramp looms (en.lesarcs.com) or the wider Paradiski area, into view ahead of me. A second later my skis touch contact Spirit Ski School (spirit1950.com) down and I faceplant impressively, tumbling down the slope in a heap before eventually coming to a halt. After a split seconds panic, I realise all my limbs Spirit Ski School instructor Thomas Court explains how to perform a railslide are still intact and that, bruised ego aside, I dont have any serious injuries. Court skis down to check Im all right, before admonishing me for my stunted run-up. 1 As you hit the kicker at the top Ben tries his of the box, do a small jump and If you hadnt slowed down you would have made hand at a trick rotate your skis 90, says Court. it, he says. You just clipped the landing ramp with the back of your skis. Determined to make amends 2 You need to land with your skis flat on the box. If you catch an for my rookie mistake, I drag myself to my feet and edge, either theyll pitch you trudge back up the slope for a second attempt violently forward into the box or This time I ski straight for the jump as fast as I youll slip out and fall backwards. can, using all my concentration to maintain control of my skis as they pick up speed at a frightening rate. 3 When you reach the edge of the box, do another small jump Within seconds I reach the kicker and sail off the and rotate your skis back 90 end, holding my position in the air for what seems an to their original position before eternity before hitting the landing ramp. I bend my they hit the snow. knees to absorb the impact and, to my amazement, manage to ride it out without crashing, eventually bringing myself to a halt a few metres later. I turn round to see Court cheering as he skis down to meet me. Its an exhilarating feeling To watch MFs Ben in freestyle skiing action go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/redjumps


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A fantastic challenge for teams of four in the Brecon Beacons. Cycle 40 miles, climb Pen y Fan and canoe Pontsticill Reservoir. Start at sunrise and nish by sunset.



Cycle Climb Canoe

NEW FOR 2013

29 June 2013

The race is on. Sign up today to secure your place in this exciting new challenge. Pay a registration fee of 195 and commit to raising funds that could change childrens lives.
Managed by

For further information and an application form



ction for charity

01590 677854


Race the Sun Brecon Beacons is managed by Action for Charity on behalf of Action Medical Research




Look good and stay warm while you ski with one of these jackets

Words Ben Ince Photography Danny Bird

lish acke offers comfortable, lish jacket offe ket fers omfortable, fortable This stylish jacket offers a comfortable, loose fit that gives you plenty of freedom to t that gives you plenty freedom to ives lent nty reed edom move while skiing. Made from a lightweight while skiing. Made from lightweight hile kiin ing. ade ightweig htweight waterproof material with fully tapered seams and water-resistant zips, itll keep you dry without making you overheat. Strategically positioned pockets on the sleeve and chest provide easy access to

Dakine Clutch 400 ne Clutch lutc tch


your kit on the slopes, while removable slopes, whil removabl opes ile movable your kit on the slopes, while a removable powder skirt will keep snow out if required. powd powder skirt will keep snow out required. wder kirt ill now equired. uire Its tasteful colours and sleek design mean tasteful olou stef ours leek esig ign Its tasteful colours and sleek design mean you can even wear it as a casual jacket, although you might want to layer up underneath it in the depths of winter. A great all-round jacket at a reasonable price.

For all these thes jackets, goggles and much more, visit snowandrock.com

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This jackets bold colour scheme is sure to turn heads on the slopes. It also has a cleverly designed hood with a wire frame to ensure that it keeps its shape in challenging weather conditions. A word of warning its not the thickest jacket, so be prepared to layer up under it.

Arcteryx Rush 450


With plenty of padding, this jacket is sure to keep you warm in the worst weather conditions. Its generous cut ensures a comfortable fit whatever your body shape, and pockets on the chest and sleeve are useful for securing your valuables. Its perfect for anyone looking for a versatile, affordable jacket.

Eider Tamos 400


It might cost more than the other jackets on test, but the Sonic is loaded with useful features to keep you dry and warm on the slopes. These include a powder skirt to keep snow out when you crash and thumbhole-equipped hand-warmers to keep your mitts warm when you take off your gloves. The extra padding along the bottom of the hood will help to keep your neck warm too.

KJUS Sonic 600


Considering its relatively low price, this jacket has a host of useful features. The powder skirt and hand-warmers will help to keep you dry and warm, while a phone pocket with headphone access on the inside of the chest allows you to listen to music while you ski. Its fairly well padded but youll probably need to wear an extra layer or two under it if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Salomon Odyssee II GTX 400


Eyes cold

For clear vision on the slopes, get a good pair of goggles to go with your jacket

These are optimised for comfort, with lenses you can change depending on the light, so youll always be able to see clearly.

Oakley Airbrake 200

The frame remains rigid to minimise any distortion in the wide field of vision, but it has a pliable mid-frame to give a comfortable fit.

Salomon X Pro 10 110

The stylish I/Os allow you to change lenses quickly to suit the conditions, while their QuickFit strap is easily adjustable.

Smith I/O 150


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MAXIMUSCLE, MAXIMUSCLE and star device and MAXI-MILK are registered trade marks of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.


Whether youre working out or walking home, if you need a quick hit on the go, grab yourself a Maxi-Milk. Its got 30g of high quality protein, its rich in BCAAs and its also fat free. So, basically its great at building lean muscles and helping you do manly things.




Xxxxxx x xxx xx xxxx xx xx xxx x xxxxxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx x xx xx xx

Cant decide whether to go snowboarding or skiing? Try something that gives you the best of both worlds. MFs Nick Hutchings gets ready to split


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/85

Photography Sani Alibabic, Shutterstock



ve spent my 15-year winter sports career going downhill sideways on a snowboard. Im not prejudiced against skiing Im just terrified that if I put on skis and attempted a run, Id end up doing the splits before wrapping my legs around a tree with the sort of injuries no man wants to contemplate. If I was to have a go at skiing, it would need to be a type that allowed me to (a) still produce offspring afterwards and (b) quickly get back on a board if I couldnt get the technique right. And that is where splitboarding comes in. A splitboard is a snowboard that breaks down into a pair of skis on to which you

Splitboarding allows you to ski-hike to areas of untouched powder


slap soles with grips that allow you to slide over snow and ski up steep pitches. This means you can ski-hike your way to far-flung spots before reassembling the board and charging through untouched powder. MOUNTAINS OF KIT Splitboards have been around for over a decade but only recently have manufacturers managed to produce boards that perform well in both modes. In snowboard form, splitboards used to rattle as if they were going to fall apart at speed, while as skis they were clunky and hard to turn. Im in Innsbruck, Austria, at the European headquarters of snowboard manufacturer Burton to try one of its new breed of splitboards, the Family Tree Freebird. At the test centre I meet Burtons Patrick Alegritti, whos a handy rider and promises that while the Freebird might not cope that well with spinning off big kickers or hitting massive rails, its excellent edge-to-edge control and stability mean it can handle anything else youd encounter on the mountain, and it works particularly well in deep powder. We head to the nearby Wipptal valley with a mountain guide to test the board. We start by breaking our splitboards down into skis, a fairly simple process that involves undoing the catches at the front and back of the board, unpinning the bindings and then locking each one to what are now skis. The final step is to attach skins to your planks these have a cohesive base and a clasp that hooks over the front of each ski. The side that comes into contact with the snow is covered with fine hairs that stand up and offer fierce grip when rubbed against the grain, which stops you sliding back down the slope youre climbing. You also have ski poles to gain extra purchase on the ground and special bindings that partially lift off the skis during each step. This allows you to perform an energy-saving glide as you motor along. SNOW BUSINESS The first ten minutes of splitboarding does not go well for me. I fail to realise that the bindings front straps which are helping to keep the boots attached to the board can come loose when you take them

We come to a descent that wouldnt faze me on a board but on skis feels as if I have to ride down Everest

off and I lose one. Fortunately, Alegritti has spares but I get myself into more trouble when I put my skis on with the pointy parts on the insides, rather than the outsides as theyre meant to be. In the first couple of steps one catches part of the skin on the other ski and rips straight through it. I resolve to stop tackling splitboarding like a bull in a china shop, carefully tape up the skin and start walking again. Im not sure the gaffer Ive used will hold the skin to my ski but with no spares, I dont really have an option. The day quickly picks up. Sliding up a 30 slope is fairly easy but even when it gets steeper, the skins grip the snow brilliantly. Then we come to a descent that wouldnt faze me if I were on a snowboard but on skis it feels as if I have to ride down Everest. I edge nervously towards the top of the 1m slope, drop over and promptly fall painfully on my arse. My embarrassment is tempered by the fact that Alegritti does the same. Maybe hes trying to make me feel less like a moron. READY TO RIDE We continue hiking upwards to the treeline and beyond. After a couple of hours the guide decides weve come far enough to get a decent ride back down, so we stop on a plateau for a bite to eat and to turn our skis back into boards. To get them to fit back together its important to get rid of the snow and ice that builds up around the bindings while you ski. Once weve set the boards up, were ready to ride. The mountain guide drops off the plateau

MFs Nick takes some time getting used to the skis

86/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


Splitboarding is an eco-friendly way to reach virgin snow

Nick prepares his splitboard for the challenges ahead

It's important to keep the bindings clear of snow


Fancy having a go? Here are three top splitboarding spots

BANANA COULOIR, GLENSHEE, SCOTLAND The ride down this lesserridden, fruit-shaped route is fairly short but it has an atmospheric big-mountain look, thanks to exposed faces, and is long enough to give you an idea of how demanding skiing uphill is. KOOTENAY MOUNTAINS MOUNTA MOUNTAINS, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA CAN Nonstop Ski & Snowboard rd (nonstopsnow.com) offers a ers six-week backcountry course rse called Master The Mountain, and one of the highlights is a four-day splitboarding mission that gives you the chance to ride some of Canadas best hidden powder fields. KARWENDEL RANGE, KAR INNSBRUCK, A INNSBR SBRUCK, AUSTRIA Thanks to a group of sma satellite resorts Tha small around the town, if youre sta staying in Innsbruck your splitboarding options are almost limitless. Top freerider and splitboarding fan Jeremy Jones filmed a lot of his latest movie Further here because of the stunning vistas you take in on the hikes up and challenging tree runs you get on the way down.


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/87


Nick is finally back in his element, leaping over a fallen tree

first and puts in a few power-spraying turns, coming to a stop 200m ahead of us. Then he beckons for us to ride to him one at a time well follow this format the entire way down the mountain to ensure were not putting too much weight on the avalancheprone snow and dont crash into each other. I go first and am immediately surprised at how responsive the board feels in deep powder. Being back on a snowboard after skis is a bit like coming home after staying in a Travelodge. I whoop as I pop a little ollie over a root. The best feature we come across is a broken tree thats sticking out over one slope. Alegritti hits it first, riding along the trunk and using the end of it to buck him out into nothingness. I figure its best to get on and off the tree as quickly as possible to reduce the time I have to fall so I hit it fairly fast and it proves successful, as an exhilarating leap into the clear blue ends in a soft landing. The final section of the run is a 1km powder field that takes us the other way over the slope I fell down earlier. Riding it on a snowboard is an entirely different kettle

Being back on a snowboard after skis is a bit like coming home from a Travelodge

of fish to skiing down it. We each fly off it effortlessly before burning back down to where we started our jaunt. EARTH MISSION As we pack up our kit we talk about how splitboarding compares with a heliskiing or ski mobile mission its essentially the eco-friendly alternative to these, a purely man-powered way of travelling to far-off locations in search of perfect powder. When youre ski-hiking up the mountain, youre barely moving at walking pace as opposed to the 100km/h youd go on a ski mobile or the 200km/h youd fly in a helicopter. Naturally, that means it takes much longer to get to a spot and youre much more tired by the time you get there. However, neither heliskiing nor ski mobiling makes you feel as if youve earned your ride back down, and they dont help to protect the mountain environment skiers and snowboarders love so much. If you want to ride some epic powder, test your cardio and do your part for the environment, splitboarding is where its at. Even if you are the worlds worst skier.

Split kit

These items will make splitboarding excursions safer and more comfortable

BURTON POWERSTRETCH LINER GLOVES Because you have to fiddle with small pins, thick snowboard gloves make breaking down a splitboard nigh impossible. These thin, quick-drying gloves offer excellent grip and are warm enough to stop your fingers becoming useless chunks of numb flesh. 20, blue-tomato.com

RED HI FI HELMET When youre zooming through trees on a splitboard, a helmet with a protective polycarbonate shell is vital. This also has vents to keep you cool during a hike, a pump-up headband to improve the fit and pads to protect your ears from the cold plus headphone clips so you can set your ride to music. 90, gb.burton.com

HELLY HANSEN DRY STRIPE CREW BASE LAYER Thanks to its hydrophobic Lifa tech, the Dry Stripe Crew retains 40 times less water and is 60% warmer than your bog-standard polyester base layer. Youll find that useful whether youre sweating buckets during a big hike or standing around in the cold trying to pull apart your splitboard. 30, hellyhansen.com

Watch MFs Nick take on the Austrian Alps on a splitboard at mensfitness.co.uk/links/splitboard 88/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


NAME: Children with Cancer

WorldMags.net Centre NAME: Prostate Cancer Research

Occupation: Combating male cancer

To advertise here call Kathryn on 020 7907 6557


Occupation: The UKs leading childhood cancer charity

Join our CAPITAL to CAPITAL team! Get on your bike to help save young lives and cycle from London to Amsterdam for our second exclusive CAPITAL to CAPITAL bike ride! During this three-day challenge, youll cycle 300km through stunning British countryside, towards rural Holland. Youll criss-cross canals and finish in Amsterdam, the cycling capital.
3More info: Visit www.childrenwithcancer.org.uk/ capitaltocapital to find out more about the event and how your fundraising will help.

Secure your place on our 2013 CAPITAL to CAPITAL team today! For further information, please contact Yvonne on 020 7404 0808 or yvonne@ childrenwithcancer.org.uk Children With Cancer UK is the leading national childrens charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. Our aims are to determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer.

What is the PCRC Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge? Three iconic mountains 2,864m of ascent and descent 35km of walking One great weekend in Wales! The PCRC Welsh 3 Peaks challenge is an event raising much-needed funds for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC). This is a serious challenge and is strictly limited to 150 participants. It requires a

high level of fitness as well as good navigational and organisational skills. Which mountains? Pen Y Fan and Cadair Idris and Snowdon. When is it happening? Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2013. Registration is 45.

3More info: For more information call Paul on 07446 534436, email info@snowdon500.co.uk or visit www.snowdon500.co.uk

NAME: Mind
Occupation: The mental health charity

NAME: Impsport
Occupation: Stylish performance sportswear
Impsport, the UKs largest manufacturer of custom cycling, triathlon and athletics clothing, is proud to present its new innovative cycling winter training jacket in stylish Hex and Podium designs. Features include: Full-length front zip and three rear pockets. Manufactured in Thermocore fabric for superior wind and water resistance and unbeatable warmth for winter riding. New side panels and zipped rear pocket for valuables. Finished with reflective piping within seams for all-round visibility in all weather conditions. Available in three great colour combinations in each style. All this for less than 100!
3More info: Visit us at www.impsport.com and receive 10% off your online order with promo code IMPMF10. Proud supplier of kit to Action Medical Research, CTC and many UK clubs.

Three Peaks Challenge - the ultimate UK challenge! 14th-16th June or 6th8th September 2013 Work off that Christmas excess and join Mind for the UK Three Peaks challenge. You'll be trekking to the top of the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in just 24 hours! You'll ascend Ben Nevis (1,344m), Scafell Pike (978m) and Snowdon (1,085m)

to complete the challenge. The sleep deprivation can be tough but the whole experience was so enjoyable and incredibly rewarding, said one 2012 trekker. Were Mind, the mental health charity. Were here to make sure everyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support. Help us change lives - join us today!

3More info: visit mind.org.uk/ ThreePeaks, call 0871 872 1144 or email eventsteam@mind.org.uk



For a thrilling alternative to skiing and boarding on the slopes, MF s Sam Rider takes to the Italian Alps on two wheels


ou need solid shoulders, strong thighs, a cool head and a lot of padded protection and thats just for regular mountain biking. To get an idea of what is required to control a bike across snow, you need to double all that. I found this out the hard way, buried face first in a powdery bank. The sport of winter mountain biking is heavily associated with the 1,600km Iditarod dogsled trail of Alaskas frozen tundra. The book Wheels On Ice by Terrence Cole documents the origins of using bicycles for transportation along this trail when men followed the gold rush from Dawson City to Nome on the Yukon River around the turn of the 20th century. Over a century later, the sport has come into its own.

I gradually discover the secret to riding in snow is slow, steady movements

with courses and jumps built out of snow and wood has been running since 2006 in Leogang, Austria. In Courmayeur, a town on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, mountain biking is starting to rival crosscountry skiing as an alternative to hitting the slopes on skis during the winter months. Of course, when I headed out on a bike to hit the slopes, I didnt mean to do it literally but its exactly where I find myself, waist-deep in snow, shivering and panting heavily. UNEASY RIDER The main thing is to relax, says Dan Milner (danmilner.com), an adventure photographer and experienced snow mountain biker who is helping me acclimatise to these conditions. If you take a vice-like grip on the handlebars, your arms will tire straight away and youll lose control. If youre in soft snow, the front wheel will go wherever it wants. Then youll instinctively grab the brakes, which is the last thing you want to do. Naturally, its the first thing I do. And its why Ive ended up in this mess. I gradually discover the secret to riding in the snow is slow, steady movements. You need to ride at

BAMBI ON ICE Wide-rimmed, fat-tyred winter bikes are made especially for hard-packed, icy trails such as the Iditarod Trail Invitational, a race along the classic route that is held every March, attracting athletes from all over the world. Freeriding has even embraced winter biking. Elsewhere White Style, an annual winter mountain biking contest 90/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


MF s Sam finds that cycling even on a flat icy surface is a tricky challenge


Padded and lightweight kit is vital

SIXSIXONE SUB SHORT Any mistake on ice will bring you crashing to the floor but EVA pads on these shorts cover your hips, thighs and tailbone. They also double as compression gear to improve blood flow, boost muscle recovery and, thankfully, keep you warm. SixSixOne gloves provide dexterity and insulation. 40.49, oneindustrieseurope.co.uk ANATOM V3 Footwear with a good grip is important but snowboarding boots are too heavy. These light and supportive trekking boots will keep you on your feet. The upper is fully waterproof yet breathable and the Vibram Gironda outsole offers grip and thrust if you find yourself needing to push the bike uphill. 120, cotswoldoutdoor.com

Sam digs in on a gruelling uphill section

OAKLEY SPLIT JACKET SUNGLASSES Concentration is paramount for safety when travelling at speed, so remember to pack a secure-fitting, robust pair of sunglasses. These from Oakley have anti-smudge and glare-reduction lenses that can also be easily switched thanks to the clever frame design. Theyre useful for different conditions and cost-effective if they get scratched. 171, surfdome.com

a lower cadence and higher gear than normal and, when going downhill, keep your weight centred but off the seat. If the bike wants to slip in one direction you should let it. Dont brake too hard, Milner reiterates. Feather the front brake to just slow down but never lock it out or youll start skidding and it will be hard to right yourself. TRAINING WHEELS Putting Milners advice into practice takes me out of harms way but after just ten minutes of slow progress on the flat path Im breathing hard and my legs are on fire. Despite an early start, the sun has quickly warmed the path were riding on, turning what was hard-packed ice into slush. Riding uphill is virtually impossible without considerable momentum

Thanks to Ford Ranger (ford.co.uk/ranger) and Momentum Ski (momentumski.com).

To watch MFs Sam take on the snowbound Alps on a mountain bike go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/snowmtb


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/91

Photography Jamie Lipman

or metal-studded tyres which we dont have but riding on the flat in these conditions feels as tough as a slow climb on the Tour de France to me. Although Im crawling along, its giving me a terrific workout. Downhill riding is a different story. Most people think its all leg work, says Milner. But you pretty much never sit on the saddle. I find putting all my weight on the pedals and handlebars keeps my centre of gravity lower and the front wheel planted for control, while pressing the saddle into my inner thighs helps push the bike around. When we eventually set the bikes to rest, the sun is high in the sky and the path weve been riding has started to resemble an improvised mogul slope. As Milner warned, my arms are aching but it has been a terrific test of fitness and a great way to explore the beautiful winter landscape. For the moment, though, I think the Iditarod is a bit out of reach. Next time, I think Ill go by dogsled.






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Words Ben Ince Photography Mike Prior

If youve hit a plateau in your muscle-building attempts, try adding a caffeinated drink to your pre-workout routine. While the aerobic performance-boosting benefits of caffeine are well documented, its specific effects on resistance training have been relatively unclear until now. A new study published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research found that participants who ingested a drink containing 179mg of caffeine one hour before training were able to complete significantly more repetitions to failure than those who ingested a placebo. The study covered a variety of resistance exercises, including the bench press, deadlift and back squat.

CAFFEINE CONTENT 140mg Average cup of filter coffee 100mg Average cup of instant coffee 75mg Average cup of tea


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/95 menstness.co.uk/AUGUST 2012/95

1 2


foodstohelp yousleep
These will help you get a good nights rest

ALMONDS contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps your body to produce the sleep-inducing neurotransmitter serotonin.

GRAPES are naturally high in melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate your body clock.

MILK is a great source of calcium, which your body uses in combination with tryptophan to produce serotonin and melatonin.

OATS and other wholegrain carbohydrates stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain.

BANANAS are rich in magnesium, a known muscle relaxant that can help to reduce the periodic limb movements that disrupt sleep.


LaurentBannockis asports scientistandperformancenutritionistfor prorugbyteamsandothereliteathletes (guruperformance.com)

Kitchen Gadget

22 homeandcook.co.uk


Words Ben Ince Photography Shutterstock


What are the best non-grain carbohydrate sources?

Grainsformthebulkofmostpeoplescarbohydrate intakeinthestandardWesterndiet.Buteatingthem regularlyespeciallytheprocessedkindcanleadto avarietyofhealthproblems,includingweightgain. Luckily,fruitandvegetablesalsoprovidelots ofcarbsandeatingthemwitheverymeal shouldprovideyourbodywithenough energytofuelitsdailyactivities,without havingtoeatgrains. Addstarchyvegetables suchasyamsandsweetpotatoestoyourmain mealsandsnackonfruitssuchasapplesand bananas,allofwhicharerichinhealthycarbs.

Blenders can be a good way to get plenty of fruit and veg into your diet by allowing you to make healthy t smoothies and nutritious soups, but they can also be expensive, bulky and difficult to clean. Enter the s Turbomix, a handheld blender thats affordable, compact and efficient. Its detachable plastic wand is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean, while its stainless steel blades will make short work of the toughest veg.

96/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk



MAXIMUSCLE, MAXIMUSCLE and star device and MAXI-MILK are registered trade marks of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.


Whether youre halfway through a workout or halfway up a mountain, if you need a quick hit on the go, grab yourself a Maxi-Milk. Its got 30g of high quality protein, its rich in BCAAs and its also fat free. So, basically its great at building lean muscles and helping you do manly things.




This spicy dish makes a tasty, healthy Boxing Day meal
Its a great Christmas tradition to get a turkey thats twice the size you need it to be so if youve got stacks of leftover meat on Boxing Day, try this healthy curry recipe. Packed with a host of spices, its guaranteed to get your metabolism firing, helping your body to burn off all the extra calories from the booze and mince pies you no doubt consumed the day before.


How to make it
INGREDIENTS Serves 2 250g cold roast turkey, cut into chunks / 1tsp olive oil / 1 onion, diced / 2 garlic cloves, crushed/ 3 green chillies, diced / 1 green pepper, sliced / 2cm fresh ginger, grated / 1tsp ground cumin / 1tsp ground coriander / 1tsp turmeric / tsp garam masala / 1tsp tomato pure / 400g can chopped tomatoes / 1tsp lemon juice / 60ml water/ A handful of fresh coriander, chopped / Salt and pepper, to season INSTRUCTIONS Heat the oil in a pan. Add the onion, garlic, chillies, pepper and ginger, and cook over a high heat. After two minutes, lower the heat and add all the spices. After a further two minutes, add the tomato pure, chopped tomatoes, lemon juice and water. Stir and simmer for ten minutes. Place the mixture in a blender and blend until a smooth sauce. Return the sauce to the pan, add the turkey and cook gently until the turkey is warmed through. Add the coriander and serve.

98/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


WorldMags.net Boxing clever

If youve got lots of leftover vegetables on Boxing Day as well as turkey, make bubble and squeak just put the veg in a frying pan (adding extra mashed potato if necessary) and cook until warmed through. Chris Chapman, nutritionist at CrossFit Reading (crossfitreading.co.uk), explains the health benefits of this classic dish.

are packed with vitamin C, which boosts immunity and also helps with protein synthesis by playing a key role in the formation of collagen.


are a great source of vitamin A, needed for processing visual imaging, particularly in dim light. Its fatsoluble, so is best absorbed when eaten with a meal containing some fat.


are full of fibre that feeds your gut bacteria, which in turn can improve nutrient absorption, boost your immune system and even lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.


contains high levels of glucosinolates, which may have a protective effect against certain forms of cancer studies have shown they can block the initiation of tumours.
Words Ben Ince Photography packshotfactory.co.uk, Shutterstock Food styling Karol Gladki



Try shallow-frying your bubble and squeak in coconut oil, because its very heatstable, says Chris Chapman.
For more meals to help you achieve your fitness goals go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/nutrition


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/99


Boost your bodys immune system with crucial vitamin A





THE PROBLEM You get ill frequently.

% Vitamin B12 Also known as cobalamin, vitamin B12 is used by your body to convert food into glucose for use as energy. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to a decrease in the production of red blood cells in the body, causing fatigue. % Vitamin B3 Vitamin B3, or niacin, also plays a key role in converting food into energy. Deficiency is rare but even a mild case can lead to depression and fatigue. Niacin is also needed for the proper functioning of the bodys endocrine and neurological systems. % Vitamin C Your body needs this water-soluble nutrient to maintain energy levels. It also plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy immune system. % Guarana This herb is naturally high in caffeine, which causes stimulation in your neurological system characterised by a boost in energy levels, according to an American study.

THE SOLUTION Start taking vitamin A supplements. As well as promoting healthy skin and good eyesight, vitamin A also known as retinol plays a key role in the bodys immune response, helping it to fight bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

THE SCIENCE Retinoic acid, which is made in the body from vitamin A, promotes a response in the immune system during the early stages of infection, allowing it to respond rapidly to fight illness, according to researchers at the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases. They also concluded a lack of vitamin A compromised the bodys immune response, making it more susceptible to disease.

Words Ben Ince Illustration Barry Downard@DebutArt Photography Getty

S SupplementQ&A

Aaron Deere is a functional medicine consultant at KX Gym London (kxgym.co.uk) Aa


Do fat burners actually work and, if so, should I use them?

suggests that green tea extract and caffeine, often found in fat burners, promote thermogenesis and a slight Most fat burners work on rise in the bodys metabolic two general principles: rate when taken in the correct by increasing your metabolic amounts. Natural herbs such rate and by suppressing your as geranium root extract and appetite to create a calorie ma huang are often used as deficit. Existing evidence appetite suppressants, but

they tend to have undesirable side effects such as insomnia and raised blood pressure. Regular exercise combined with a balanced, high-protein, calorie-specific diet will have a much greater thermogenic effect and promote fat loss more effectively than any fat-burning pill.

For our guide to all the major supplements go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/suppknowledge 100/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




Glutamine BCaa essential amino aCids

the Branched-Chain amino acids (BCaas) leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are essential because our bodies cant manufacture them. they account for 35% of the essential amino acids in muscle proteins. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human blood. Glutamine may become conditionally essential in certain situations, including intensive physical training, when the body cannot meet its needs by synthesizing glutamine. these (conditionally) essential amino acids can be provided by dietary protein intake, including by food supplements. our G-BCaa formula contains a 1:1:1:1 ratio of Glutamine, leucine, Isoleucine and Valine!

former nfl player (Buffalo Bills, atlanta falcons tight enD) fitness cover moDel team scitec usa

Joe Donnelly

CheCk out our other 200 produCts as well!

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trition tip s nu
You wont get the body you want if you dont eat right, so keep on track with these tips
Words Ben Ince Photography Danny Bird


Studies have shown that cutting your vegetables with a sharp knife will help to minimise the bruising effect that can cause them to lose more nutrients.

Get a goodquality knife

2 3

Breakfast tips
Eat breakfast

Studies have shown that eating breakfast will help your body to maintain high energy levels and reduce the risk of obesity, says leading strength coach and MF muscle guru Charles Poliquin.

Most breakfast cereals are packed with sugar, salt and high-fructose corn syrup [HFCS], says Poliquin. HFCS is a type of sweetener that has been linked to numerous health problems, including obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Avoid cereals


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/103

Research has shown that starting the day with a high-protein breakfast can help to improve your appetite control, increase fullness and help you make better food choices throughout the rest of the day, says Poliquin. If you can stomach it, you should eat meat and nuts for breakfast, says Poliquin. The meat will allow for a slow, steady rise in blood sugar levels, while the nuts provide healthy fats that help keep your blood sugar stable for longer.

4 5

Eat protein

Eat meat and nuts

Milk contains high levels of calcium, which helps to build strong bones and defend the body against diseases such as osteoporosis. Carrots are high in the soluble fibre calcium pectate, which not only fills you up but also binds with acids in the body to reduce the amount of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Spinach and other leafy green vegetables are rich in vitamin A, which boosts the immune system by maintaining the bodys mucous membranes, which trap germs as they try to enter the body.

The best food to

Boost your immunity

8 9

Honey is a natural sweetener and a rich source of quick-release carbohydrates that boost your blood sugar levels faster, providing a quicker burst of energy when you need it than foods that take longer to digest.

Provide instant energy


Salmon is packed full of omega 3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation within the body, among other health benefits. Its also a great source of muscle-building protein.

Combat inflammation

Strengthen your bones


Fight bad cholesterol

Oysters contain large amounts of zinc, which helps to raise testosterone levels and increase sperm count. The body cant store this essential mineral, so its important to include it in your diet.

Boost testosterone

Post-workout shake ingredients

Apples are packed with boron, which studies have found can increase memory test scores by up to 10%.


Improve your memory


Whey protein helps to reduce muscle damage and delayed onset muscle soreness, says sports nutritionist Laurent Bannock

25g whey protein

Words John doe Photography Jane doe

104/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




These stimulate the bodys hormonal response to insulin, which increases the absorption of whey into the muscles, says Bannock. They also help to refuel your glycogen supplies, which will have been depleted by exercise.


(guruperformance.com). It also helps you to build muscle size, strength and power.

50g carbohydrates

recovery, help strengthen damaged muscle tissue and boost your immune system, says Bannock.


15 16 17

Water will enhance your bodys absorption of the shake and assist its transportation through the gut, says Bannock. Ideally it should be either filtered or bottled.



is full of protein and conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, a naturally occurring fatty acid that has been proven to build muscle and reduce body fat, according to studies. contain all the amino acids needed for lean muscle tissue growth on your abs. Theyre also a great source of zinc, which helps the body to produce testosterone. contain plenty of muscle-building protein and tryptophan, which helps the body to regulate appetite and therefore reduces the urge to snack.


This increases your muscle size by drawing more water into the muscle cells and replenishing the muscles creatine stores, says Bannock.

5g creatine



These provide extra amino acids that enhance the recovery components of the whey protein, helping to heal damaged muscle tissue and promote growth, says Bannock.

2-5g BCAAs

are high in monounsaturated fats, which research has found can help to reduce central body-fat distribution in areas such as the abdomen. provides a rich supply of protein and creatine, which increases muscle size by drawing more water into the bodys muscle cells, including your abs.

5-8g L-glutamine
This will provide a further hit of amino acids to aid

19 20

Six-pack foods





is a great source of testosterone-boosting zinc as well as selenium, which kills off harmful free radicals that interfere with muscle growth.



menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/105



eight to ten Vegetables should form the bulk of your daily carbohydrate intake because they supply vital vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting phytochemicals, says CrossFit nutritionist Chris Chapman (crossfitreading.co.uk). Most of these servings should be low-GI vegetables such as peppers, spinach and broccoli, although some can come from starchier sources such as sweet potatoes and beetroot.


Daily servings

26 27

three to five An active man needs extra protein for muscle repair and meat, poultry, fish and eggs are the best natural sources of this, says Chapman. Protein is also closely linked to fullness, so an increase in dietary protein should stop you from snacking too.

Meat, poultry, fish and eggs

are packed with immunity-boosting vitamin A and capsaicin, which can ramp up your metabolic rate and help your body to burn more calories. Chilli can add a kick to a variety of dishes, says Clancy. Experiment to find the heat level that works best for you.


has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, numerous studies have found, and has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of conditions. If youre looking for a way to add it to your diet, try sprinkling a little over scrambled eggs at breakfast, suggests food expert and writer Jules Clancy (thestonesoup.com).


Spice up your life


Chilli flakes

two to three Fruits provide plenty of micronutrients but they also tend to carry a heavy fructose load, which can spike your insulin levels and lead to unwanted fat storage, says Chapman. For weight loss, you should choose low-fructose fruits, such as melons and berries. two to three Essential oils are so called because your body is unable to make them itself, which means you have to get them from your diet, while healthy fats are crucial for vitamin absorption, says Chapman. Both can be found in avocado, olives, nuts and seeds.


has been proven to help control blood sugar levels, cholesterol and free radical production in the body. Sprinkle some over cooked fish or pork, suggests Clancy.


Ground coriander


Fats and oils

34 35

one to two While some dairy products are good sources of protein, they can also contain high levels of saturated fat and lead to insulin spiking, so make sure you dont have too much, says Chapman.


Milk, cheese and yoghurt

contains plenty of vitamin C, which aids with wound healing and iron absorption. Like chilli, its also very high in capsaicin. Use it as a dry rub on chicken or with tomatobased dishes, suggests Clancy.

Smoked paprika


one to two For optimum nutrient intake, you are far better off getting your carbohydrates from green vegetables [see tip 25] than cereals, says Chapman. If you want to eat grains, restrict yourself to one or two servings of porridge oats or wholegrain rice.
106/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk

Grains and potatoes

is high in manganese, which helps to control blood sugar levels and vitamin K, which works with the manganese to improve bone strength. Theres no substitute for the taste or smell of freshly ground pepper and it adds flavour to any dish, says Clancy.

Black pepper


Smart food swaps

Ditch dark tea, drink green tea
Green tea triggers similar




5 CREATINES L-CARNITINES AMINO ACIDS VITAMINS & MINERALS ANTI-OXIDANTS CAFFEINE AND BETA-ALANINE WITH BIOPERINE ASPARTAME FREE When you train or are engaged in physical activity and you reach a certain intensity, your body and blood heat up so you can work more efficiently. Our HOT BLOOD complex pre-workout formula is carefully designed to support your body in physical activity, especially during high-intensity training! Our 5 component, multi-creatine matrix is 4500 milligrams and provides - among others - the most studied Creatine form ever! Creatine in this dose is scientifically proven to increase performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise like weight training and interval cardio!* Many of our select ingredients contribute to one or more of the following beneficial physiological effects*: Normal muscle function Normal functioning of the nervous system: neurotransmission and muscle contraction including heart muscle Reduction of tiredness and fatigue Normal energy-yielding metabolism Normal amino acid/protein synthesis Normal psychological function Electrolyte balance
*These statements have been scientifically proven and authorized by the European Food Safety Authority.





41 37
levels of attentiveness as black tea, despite having only a third of the caffeine. It also contains higher levels of polyphenols, which help your muscles to recover faster.

Dark chocolate is surprisingly healthy, containing plenty of antioxidants and key nutrients such as tryptophan, seratonin and dopamine. Just stick to the high-quality, high-cocoa variety and try to avoid cheap, sugar-packed confectionary.

Ditch milk chocolate, eat dark

joint and heart health and prevent pre-fat cells from being converted into fat.

Unlike cereal (see tip 3), porridge is packed with muscle-building protein, filling fibre and low-GI carbs that will sustain energy levels through the morning.

Ditch cereal, eat porridge

42 43 45


While no less indulgent than chocolate spread, peanut butter is much healthier, thanks to the high levels of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and protein.

Ditch chocolate spread, eat peanut butter

Vegetable oil contains high levels of unhealthy hydrogenated trans fats, while olive oil contains lots of healthy unsaturated fats and oleic acid.

Ditch vegetable oil, use olive oil

Dos and donts

Do eat healthy fats

46 47 48

These typically contain refined sugars and carbs and trans fats, which are leading causes of weight gain.

Dont eat processed foods

Free-range meat and fish contain more protein and omega 3 fatty acids than their alternatives.

Do eat free range

Sweet potatoes are lower GI than spuds and will cause your blood sugar to rise approximately 30% less. Theyre also high in vitamin A and betacarotene.


Ditch potatoes, eat sweet potatoes

Healthy fats wont make you fat. Most nutrients are fat-soluble, so its good to eat healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with each meal.

It can be tempting to pile your plate high after a hard training session, but regulating your portion sizes is important no matter what youre eating.

Dont eat huge portions


Brown rice is far lower GI than white rice and contains three times as much filling fibre. Its also a great source of energy-boosting magnesium and metabolism-boosting vitamin B6.

Ditch white rice, eat brown rice

When it comes to weight loss, calories arent the be-all and end-all. Its more important to focus on the quality of the food youre eating.


Dont just count calories

Its easy to confuse hunger with dehydration, especially if youre training, which can cause you to overeat. Drink water at regular intervals throughout the day.


Do drink more water

Do eat omega 3

The omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish can improve


Alcohol adds a large amount of nutritionally empty calories to your diet and stimulates your appetite when youre most likely to give in to snack temptation.

Dont drink to excess

108/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


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Occupation: Fuel your winter training
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BODY BEAUTIFUL Bodylean CLA Plus to help your workout work well. Bodylean CLA Plus can help reduce body fat and in turn increase muscle tone. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is added to manipulate the way the body stores fat and helps you utilise it as energy, regulating and lowering body fat percentages and increasing muscle tone. Other ingredients include L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine and CoQ10 for enhanced metabolism, together with chromium and Gymnaema Sylvestre to regulate sugar cravings and blood sugar levels. Maximum benefit is achieved if it is taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

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WorldMags.net i aPProve JuMBo ProFeSSional

For Your queST To aChieve MaxiMuM MuSCle and STrengTh gainS! - CedriC McMillan

CedriC McMillan iFBB Pro new York Pro 2012 ChaMPion TeaM SCiTeC uSa







How Olympic boxing champ Anthony Joshua gets fit and fast p115

MF lifts some heavy metal including a Vauxhall Astra p123

All the fat loss advice youll ever need to get lean p132

Get explosive with a quickfire medicine ball workout p141

Target your abs with these supersets for a solid six-pack p147

Power down
Squat depth is key to greater muscle eort
If youve spent any time in the weights room then youll probably have heard someone say that you shouldnt squat below parallel. Well, that person doesnt know squat, because new research says that your quads respond well to going deep when you do the classic legs move. A study in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research showed that the lower you go, the greater the effort made by the front of your thighs. The study also found that this was the case when working at a fairly low intensity (50% of the subjects one-rep max), so you can still get the benefits even if youre not comfortable with piling weight on and going deep. Keep your chest up as you squat below parallel to avoid stressing your back
Words John doe Photography Jane doe

MF tip

Words Jon Lipsey

For more meal plans to help you achieve your goals go to mensfitness.co.uk/tktktktktktktk


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/111


One Punch One PrOtein

BrAD One-Punch PicKett
teAM MOnKeY AnD uFc FiGhter







Fast fists

Olympic boxing gold medallist Anthony Joshua has had Olympic boxing gold medallist Anthony Joshua has had a meteoric rise to the top of his sport. He tells MF that he F owes his success to commitment and dedication in training

any of the British successes at the 2012 Olympics told stories of how they have dedicated their entire lives to their sport, with glory in the London Games representing the pinnacle of everything they hoped to achieve after years or even decades of striving. This was not quite the case for super heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, who won GBs final gold medal of the Olympics at the age of 22. After all, he only took up the sport when he was 18. While anyone who goes from novice to Olympic champ in just four years must have huge natural talent, such a meteoric rise would not be possible without highly effective training. Joshua, who was born in Watford but now lives close to his boxing club Finchley ABC in north London, understands the importance of being as fit as possible. I dont think anyone is fitter than me, he says. No matter

what happens, I can give a good account of myself because Im fit enough to. It wont ever be my fitness that lets me down in the ring. MF met him to find out how he developed the speed, mobility and strength to succeed. Why did you only start boxing at 18? Five years ago I started to take my cousin to boxing training and Id watch him train. After three weeks of sitting there bored, I decided to get a pair of boots and get involved, to take up the time. What do you think enabled you to pick it up so fast? It must be something to do with my co-ordination. I just joined the dots together, learning how to throw jabs, right hands, hooks the basics. And over time I polished those skills. When youre in the gym training you watch other fighters and pick up great

Anthony Joshua
Age 23 Height 1.98m Weight 106kg Achievements 2012 Olympic gold medal, super heavyweight 2011 World silver medal, super heavyweight

Words Matthew Ray Photography Tom Miles, Getty


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/113

stuff they do and then put it into your training. I think whoever wants it more becomes the best. So there are no shortcuts that would get someone else to the top in four years? Ha ha! No, being part of GB boxing and an Olympian thats what comes with it, the hard work, the training. Ive been in the gym twice already today and Ill be back in later on. I train twice a day Monday and Thursday, three times a day Tuesday and Wednesday, twice on Friday and once on Saturday. Its tough. What did it feel like to step into the ring for the Olympic final? I felt good about myself. I felt I should be there. It was new territory and Id never fought in front of such a big home crowd. I didnt want to get into too much of a scrap, just keep it a clean fight. Did you believe youd win gold? I had belief in myself from all the work Id put in, and I did have belief I could win. Ive learned confidence is underrated. Whats your ambition right now? To stay at the top in amateur boxing. As an amateur, you can fight in the Olympics. You also fight with a headguard and its all sponsored by Adidas. Once you turn professional youre contracted with a

Once you walk into the gym youre the same as everyone else. Hes got to do ten and so do you
promoter, you cant box in the Olympics and you represent yourself. Boxing is the only sport you cant do in the Olympics and as a profession, but both versions are the same sport. In 2013 headguards are coming off, so theyre getting closer. What advice would you give someone who wants to start boxing? Get ready to be taken out of your comfort zone. Be prepared to hear noise and to be treated like a student. You may be successful outside boxing but as soon as you walk into the gym youre just the same as everyone else: hes got to do ten, youve got to do ten. And cut out the chips a couple of weeks before you start training. Youll learn to box no matter what but what will hit you hard is the circuits at the end of the training session. If you stop eating chips you wont be throwing up at the end of each session!

Words John doe Photography Jane doe

For some great pull-up variations go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/pullups 114/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




Joshuas strength and conditioning workout

These are the key moves Anthony Joshua uses he does them as a high-intensity weights circuit without rest, but you should rest for one to three minutes between the exercises

Hammer-grip chin-up

c Start with your palms facing each other on the bars and your core braced.

c Pull up with your arms without swinging your body. c Lower slowly all the way back down.

Joshua says Using this grip means you are lifting with the muscles that run alongside your arms and down into your lats for punching power.


c Start with your back straight and core braced, looking forwards.

c Keep the weight central and above your knees as you lower. c Drive up with your glutes and thighs while breathing out.

Joshua says This is a basic move but your legs and core are very important to punching power and this is the classic exercise for that.

One-arm dumbbell snatch

c Drive up with your legs and push your hips forwards to jerk the weight up.

c Keep your core braced as the weight rises. c Pause at the top of the move in a strong, upright body position.

Joshua says This exercise works best if you use your hips to flick the weight up in front of you. The move increases the connection between your upper and lower body.
For more meal plans to help you achieve your goals go to mensfitness.co.uk/tktktktktktktk


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/115

Words John doe Photography Jane doe



Leg lift

c Keep your legs as straight as possible as you lift.

Dumbbell press-up to row

c Start with your glutes in line with your knees.

Wrist roller

c Retract your shoulder blades and roll the weight to the top using alternating hands.

c Brace your core to stop your shoulders rolling forwards. c Bring your legs up quickly, then lower them back slowly under control.

c Lower, press back up, then row one arm up to your chest and down. c Alternate arms on the next rep and keep your torso level throughout.

c Let the rope down again slowly, keeping resistance on your wrists. c If you dont have a way to secure the bar, just hold it at arms length instead.

Joshua says Your lower abs often get missed out but your hips are your power connection to your legs, so these build your boxing strength. Its good to target your side abs too to protect against body shots.

Joshua says This hits your lats, arms and chest all at once. It really helps you to pack a punch and increase your power. I do eight full reps as part of a boxing circuit. Doing it with your feet on a bench makes it harder.

Joshua says I do four reps of these theyre good for protecting your wrists. Its easy to hit the bag or someone at an angle and the wrist can bend over. This move helps to keep your wrist strong all the way through the punch.

116/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk



@METRx_UK facebook.com/METRx.UK

Follow us at:

For more information call 01283 492819. MET-Rx is available nationwide at all good health food stores and online at www.metrx.co.uk


Joshuas boxing cardio drills
As well as endurance running sessions, Joshua relies on high-intensity cardio to push his boxing fitness to gold medal-winning levels. No-one can beat me on fitness, he says. I really push myself all the time.
c High-intensity sprints are great for pushing up your anaerobic threshold and giving you more stamina in the ring. Joshuas intervals are three minutes long to make them specific to the length of boxing rounds. c keeps going like that, he says. Each interval lasts three minutes with 30 seconds rest, then you go again twice. You cant run at your own pace so its really tough. If you dont have ten training buddies, just sprint for 30 seconds, fast jog for 30, sprint for 30 and so on until three minutes are up. You can try these drills too.

c I do sprint caterpillar 3x3s, which is when ten of us run around the track in a line and the person at the back sprints to the front and it

c This is important for building boxing skills, according to Joshua. Start by moving around the ring in a relaxed way, building gradually by throwing jabs and combinations so your movement is flowing and you dont slow down from tensing up. Once youre warmed up, try three-minute rounds or 30-second sets of high-intensity work.

Joshua says Start relaxed with your arms low, rather than coming out in a Mike Tyson stance. You couldnt do 20 rounds on the heavy bag but you could do that shadowboxing and youd see the benefit from the muscle memory that repetition gives you.

c Joshua uses skipping as a warm-up but also does fitness-boosting six ones: one minute of high-intensity skipping and 30 seconds' rest, then going again for a total of six times. Skipping at speed will also improve your footwork, which is vital in a boxing ring.

Joshua says My co-ordination is a strength and skipping helps that. You can use it at the end of a session to really blast it out.
For more of our interview with Anthony Joshua go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/joshua 118/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk





with a free shaker and Smart-Tec Canvas bag* Choose a stack only


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Heavy duty
Strongman contests are no longer restricted to men who can pull a plane. MFs Joel Snape chalks up

Photography Tom Miles


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/121

ccording to the manufacturers specs, an unladen Vauxhall Astra weighs 1,995kg, or just under two metric tonnes. Factor in a metal lifting platform and handles, calculate the leverages involved and add in a pair of furry dice, and its clear that hoisting it off the ground even once is going to require close to the best deadlift Ive ever managed in my life. I check my wrist straps for the third time and wait for the whistle. Long considered the domain of giant men with arms like bridge cables, strongman competition is becoming an equal-opportunities sport open to everyone in the same way a 10K or triathlon is. This shouldnt be surprising. The events involved can be done without high-level technical expertise unlike, say, Olympic lifts and theres an appeal to hauling a car or hurling a beer keg overhead thats hard to replicate in other sports. Just as important is the fact that most of the events last less than two minutes, giving you the rest of the day to drink protein shakes, work on your tan and hang out with the other competitors. Its also, I soon discover, a great excuse to eat an enormous amount of barbecued meat.

everything from strict dumbbell shoulder presses to behind-the-neck snatch-grip push presses, known as Klokovs after the giant Russian who popularised them. Realistically, though, no kind of barbell work can really mimic the action of lifting a 70kg metal log up to your chest and then above your head, which requires a sort of exaggerated cheat curl followed by an explosive push press. In my sole attempt with a training log, I couldnt get it over my head even once. In the competition, well rested and buoyed by adrenaline and screaming crowds, I blast it overhead a monstrous

Ive been looking forward to the car deadlift and dreading it in roughly equal parts
(for me) eight times, then collapse to the floor after realising it has sucked all the oxygen out of my body. While I recover I watch the women who are using a 30kg log achieve numbers in the 20s. My girlfriend, who has come along for moral support, tells me shes already thinking about training for next year. Then comes the car deadlift. Ive been looking forward to this event and dreading it in roughly equal parts looking forward to it because Im pretty good at deadlifting and dreading it because its a car. Worlds Strongest Man competitors regularly do this sort of thing with trucks and Humvees, but even one practice rep with the Astravan takes everything Ive got. When its my turn to lift, I get my girlfriend to give me

The competition Ive been roped into entering is the inaugural Bigger, Stronger, Faster meet. As is common for this type of event, its taking place in a rugby club car park, this time in East Grinstead, West Sussex. Like many modern events it has weight categories, as well as competitions for women and teams of four. Im at the lighter end of the under-90kg category. There are five events, three of which weve been told about. The other two are surprises. First up is the log clean and press. Ive been training for this by upping the volume of my overhead presses in the gym and adding

Open to all

Tyred and emotional

Barbell training in the gym cant prepare you for the log clean and press

122/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk




MFs Joel puts everything hes got into the car deadlift

a motivational slap nothing wrong with a bit of showmanship and strap in. When the whistle goes, everything becomes a blur. My first lift is disallowed because my hips arent forward enough, and I make a mental note to lock out every rep for the rest of the event. After that I settle into a cycle: chest up, heels through the floor, grit teeth, drive, wait for the judges call, drop, reset, do it again. After about 30 seconds, even the mental effort of thinking this through seems Herculean. Helpfully, though, one of the judges starts talking me through the lifts so I dont have to worry about anything xxxxxxx but driving and dropping. Im wobbling up through my 11th (legitimate) rep when the second whistle goes, at which point I realise I havent even noticed the audience, which has been shouting for about a minute. I highfive one judge, man-hug another and then almost fall over. This is definitely going well. After the car, the three head-to-head events that make up the rest of the competition feel almost anticlimatic. In the farmers walk, which involves carrying a 70kg handle in each hand as far as possible in 75 seconds, Im pitted against Dominic Doyle, a police officer who has come up for the day with his wife and daughters. Hes only been training for three months after a long layoff and tells xxxxxxx

Well beaten

A tug-of-war tournament was one of the surprise elements of the competition

Joel completes the final event, a medley


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/123




The right kit could be the difference between a PB and A&E. MF assembles the strongman basics


Some prefer Vibrams for grip or Olympic lifting shoes for stability but Converse high-tops provide a mixture of both. Caution: they may explode under pressure.

The team part of the event included a car flip

me that by doing exactly as instructed by event co-organiser Ben Coomber, he has dropped 10kg in weight, most of it fat. Hes clearly been doing something right because,

During the tug-of-war I'm dragged across the mats by a director of National Grid
although were closely matched for the first two laps of the car park, he pulls steadily ahead in the next two. By the time the final whistle goes, hes a good 4m ahead. The first surprise event is a tug-ofwar tournament. Not having much experience or weight on my side, Im dragged helplessly across the mats by George Mayhew, a director of National

Surprise package

Grid. He trains with Gym Jones, the team responsible for the Spartans physiques in 300. Mayhew also drubs me in the final medley, a combination of prowler-pushing, duck-walking, rope-pulling and sandbagloading, but we both put in a decent time. I come last, thanks mainly to my woeful performance in the tug-of-war, but the main thing is that my training worked. Ive put in a respectable performance in every event, smashed my personal best on the log, met some new people, got a bit of a tan and eaten a genuinely heroic amount of flame-grilled pig. The next day, I dont feel any worse than I would after any serious workout and the day after that Im back in the gym doing a spot of bench-pressing. My training has a renewed focus, Ive pushed through what I thought were my limits and I havent had to run 42 muscle-destroying kilometres to do it. Oh, and theres a picture on Facebook of me lifting a car. If my girlfriend does enter next year, shes already got a partner.

Most competitions allow them, so its crucial you get used to them and the heavier loads they allow you to lift. You should also lift without them to give your grip a workout.


Any decent strongman competition will have a warm-up area but having your own bands with you is handy for loosening up before an event.

Resistance bands

To watch MFs Joel in car-lifting strongman action go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/astra 124/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


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Chain gang
Strengthen your posterior chain fo Strengthen St e g he yo r p s e i r ha n for t a bigger s on er body bigger, on e b gg r, stronger od bigger stronge body gg r
ts all too easy to focus your training time on the muscles you see every day in the mirror. After all, youre bound to notice each minute change in how these muscles look and that helps you maintain the motivation to keep working them. But doing so will limit how ripped youll be able to get and it can also be dangerous. Neglecting the muscles that run down the back of your body from neck to ankle known as your posterior chain in favour of the mirror muscles will lead to muscular imbalances and injury, while at the same time preventing all muscles from reaching their maximum mass, says trainer Nick Mitchell. This workout will rectify this imbalance and set you on your way.
Words Joe Warner Photography Danny Bird Model Ben W@IMM

is the founder of personal training company Ultimate Performance (upfitness.co.uk). He has advised clients including professional bodybuilders, rugby league players, boxers and Premier League football coaches. Here he shares the expertise that has made him one of the worlds foremost body composition experts.

Ive been told tempo is a key component of a workout why is this and whats the ideal tempo to use? Tempo, or the time you take to lift and lower each rep, dictates the amount of tension that you put the target

muscle under. The duration for which your muscles are under tension is a key factor in determining the type of stimulus youre subjecting your muscles to. If each set lasts less than 20 seconds, youre training for strength; 20-40 seconds results in a balance of strength and muscle building; 40-70 seconds is pure muscle building; while over 70 seconds is pure endurance. Using the correct tempo and eliminating momentum on each rep also ensures your muscles, rather than momentum, are responsible for moving the weight. Turn over for a posterior chain workout menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/127



Posterior chain workout



Lying hamstring curl

Sets 4 c Reps 5 c Tempo 5010 c Rest 45sec



Weighted glute bridge

Sets 4 c Reps 10 c Tempo 3011 c Rest 60sec

c Lie with your upper back supported on a bench, your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent, with a barbell resting across your hips. c Brace your core and lower your glutes towards the floor. c Squeeze your glutes to lift the weight and return to the start position. TARGET MUSCLES

c Lie on the machine, following its instructions to position yourself correctly and safely. c With the pad against the back of your lower calves, raise it by contracting your hamstrings. c Return slowly to the start.

Illustrations Sudden Impact





128/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


How to do this workout


Warm up with some bodyweight squats, then squats with an empty barbell.


Perform exercises 1A and 1B as a superset, resting as indicated. Then move on to exercises 2 and 3.

Each move has a four-number tempo at which it needs to be performed: the lowering phase, the pause, the lift and the pause at the top.


Snatch-grip deadlift

Sets 3 c Reps 10 c Tempo 4010 c Rest 90sec

TARGET MUSCLES Trapezius Lats Erector spinae Glutes Hamstrings


Walking dumbbell lunge

Sets 3 c Reps 20 c Tempo 2010 c Rest 120sec

c Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand, with a long, clear pathway in front of you. c Keeping your core braced, take a big step forward and lunge down until both knees are bent at 90. c Push off from your back foot and lunge forward with that leg, then repeat. Hamstrings TARGET MUSCLES

c With the barbell on the floor, take a double shoulder-width grip with your core braced, your shoulders retracted and over the bar, and your back flat. c Use your glutes to power the initial lift, pushing down through your heels. c Keep the bar close to your body and, as it passes your knees, push your hips forward. Lower the weight so it just touches the floor, then repeat.



Next month


For more great workouts to build every muscle group go to mensfitness.co.uk/links/mustdomoves


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/129



Short, sharp bursts of anaerobic exercise create an oxygen debt that must be replenished, says trainer Nick Mitchell (upfitness.co.uk). Repaying this debt elevates your metabolism so you continue to burn fat long after youve stopped exercising.

Start sprinting

Words John doe Photography Jane doe




lo s s tip s fat
Words Joe Warner Photography Tom Miles

Why build muscle only to hide it under a layer of fat? Strip away the flab with our expert tips


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/131


You can also do high-intensity interval training. After a warmup, vary between bursts of fast, all-out effort and periods of medium- and slow-paced effort to recover to keep your body guessing, says Mitchell. Find yourself a good hill with a steep gradient or a stairwell and sprint up it as fast as possible, then slowly jog or walk back down to recover, says trainer Pete Geracimo of KX Gym (kxgym.co.uk). The ascending phase should be an all-out burst of between ten and 15 seconds, so aim for enough reps so the workout lasts between ten and 15 minutes.

Plodding around the block for hours on end isnt an effective way to lose fat, says Mitchell. In fact it can be detrimental to trying to get a leaner stomach because the stress on your body of long-distance cardio encourages the release of the hormone cortisol, which causes you to store body fat and also eats away at lean muscle mass.

Boost your cardio

Ditch long runs


Get intense

Over the hill

Water running is a great option if you want to burn more fat and protect your joints at the same time, says Geracimo. Faster movements create greater resistance and intensity. Intersperse a length of sprinting with a slower recovery pace. And dont worry about the strange looks. The key to keeping your heart rate elevated and muscles working to burn fat is to keep the period between sets and exercises as brief as possible. Only rest for as long as it takes to recover enough so you can attack the next set head-on, says Mitchell. Taking any longer than that means you wont be working to full capacity. If your sets end before you feel a burn in your muscles, either youre not doing enough reps or youre not lifting enough weight, says Mitchell. You want a high build-up of lactic acid when training because this prompts your body to release more fat-burning growth hormone.

In the deep end

6 7

Keep rest brief

Grab a barbell and don't stop lifting until youre sweating. A complex is a series of moves done back to back without putting the weight down, says Mitchell. Do squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows and overhead presses.'

Get complex

Feel the burn

10 11

get used to it but after that you wont want to go back to sickly-sweet tea again. All these little changes add up. Good-quality sleep increases melatonin production, which lowers your levels of a hormone that encourages fat storage, says strength coach Mike Mahler (mikemahler.com). Melatonin is also a potent antioxidant and prevents the accumulation of stomach fat and increases insulin and leptin sensitivity. If you have a whole loaf of bread or multipack of beer at arms length, youre more likely to polish it off. Stick the loaf in the freezer and keep the beer out of the fridge so its warm, says trainer and nutrition expert Scott Baptie (foodforfitness.co.uk). That means you cant just have a slice of toast or open a can without making the effort to get it ready.'

Get enough sleep

Putting your knife and fork down between mouthfuls will slow the rate at which you eat, says Baptie. This allows your stomach to send signals to your brain saying its full. If you scoff food youll overeat before your brain realises youve had enough. If you never use cutlery then youve bigger problems to address.


Clever cutlery

Model Oliver Jedrej@WAthletic

Its far easier to change your diet than start a new one from scratch, says health author Jason Vale (juicemaster.com). Try removing sugar from your tea: it may take a week to 132/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk

Form good habits

Dont go on a diet

Make snacking harder


Excessive amounts of caffeine stimulates insulin production, which instructs your body to store fat rather than burn it, says Mahler. Stick to one or two cups a day ideally as a pre-training boost.

Avoid coffee

Hopping on the scales every day keeps your mind focused on your weight-loss goals. A review of 3,500 people in a US study found that of those whod lost the most fat, 44% weighed themselves daily.


Scale up



Try eating with your nondominant hand. Subjects in a US study ate more popcorn, even though it was stale, with their stronger hand than those who were forced to use their weaker side, suggesting we continue to eat out of habit even when the food isn't tasty. When you make a protein shake, consider making it thicker by using less water. In a study from Purdue University in the US, subjects who drank a thicker shake experienced significant and longer reductions in hunger than those who had more watery ones. Calcium, found in milk, yoghurt and cheese, prevents your body from making fat and breaks down existing cells, according to a study at the University of Tennessee. Aim for 1,200mg a day through a couple of glasses of milk, one pot of yoghurt and a bit of cheese.

17 18

Taking your time with each mouthful not only means food will be better digested, it also means your stomach has time to let your brain know that its full, says Mahler.


Help your body burn more fat by taking longer breaks between meals. Try to leave at least six hours between meals, says Mahler. Or eat more frequently on days you train and less frequently on your rest days.


Mind the gaps


Chew your food

Eating eggs for breakfast instead of high-carb bagels will result in you consuming 264 fewer calories over the rest of the day, according to a US study.

Banish bagels

Switch hands

Thicken your shake

20 21

Drink more milk

Many processed foods contain the sugar substitute high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This plays havoc with your bodys insulin levels, meaning youll store excess calories as fat rather than burn it for energy, says sport nutritionist John McClinton. HFCS is found in all kinds of sweets, snacks, fizzy drinks and even canned foods and condiments.

Avoid processed foods

If youre constantly stressed through work, relationships, lack of sleep and other problems, your body becomes resistant to adrenaline, says


Lose fat at work

Dont stress


menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/133


Mahler. Adrenaline receptors are abundant in areas where fat is stored, such as the stomach. Too much adrenaline wears these receptors out so your brain gets a signal that you dont have enough energy at these sites, resulting in more fat storage there.

of alternative uses for common snacks make you less likely to gorge on them. Almonds can flatten your belly thanks to their high level of monounsaturated fatty acids. Researchers at Kings College London found the fat in almonds isnt completely absorbed by the body and this can help to prevent fats from other foods from being stored too. Stick to no more than 20 nuts at a time.


Subjects who ate an apple before lunch ate 187 fewer calories at that meal, including those from the apple, than those who ate nothing or drank the equivalent calories from apple juice in a study by Pennsylvania State University. Is that a bag of Maltesers or giant rabbit droppings? And are those tortilla chips or wood chips? A study published in the European Journal Of Social Psychology found that thinking


Try West Wing-style walk and talks rather than sitting for hours in a meeting room. An Australian study discovered that workers whose jobs require more than six hours chair time a day are up to 68% more likely to become overweight or obese.

Walk and talk


Eat almonds

An apple a day


Allow yourself one cheat meal a week when you can eat whatever you want, says trainer Jamie Baird. A little bit will satisfy your craving and take the pressure off. After a while, as your results really kick in, you may even find you no longer crave the junk food.

Dont be too strict

You need to have an achievable objective in mind and know the small steps of progress you need to take to get there, says Baird. Preparation really is the difference between success and failure. Having two weekly plans one for nutrition and one for exercise is a great way to break it down into manageable chunks. Trick your mind when avoiding high-fat or high-sugar foods, according to Utrecht University in the Netherlands. So dont tell yourself youre not going to have a pizza, but that you are going to have a delicious steak with veg. Positive reinforcement prevents you thinking youre missing out. Youre more likely to lose weight if you do it with a buddy, according to the University of Leeds, thanks to added motivation and having someone at hand who understands exactly what you want to achieve.


all your energy on losing fat, according to research by BJ Fogg, author of Persuasive Technology. Taking on too many challenges at once makes you less likely to succeed.

Prepare for success


Play it positive


Snack attack

Refine your approach


Focus on fat loss

You increase your chances of success by focusing


Join forces

Before every meal, do three sets of 20 bodyweight squats and ten diamond press-ups. This means more of the energy you consume is driven into muscle cells to replace the energy youve burned, says Baptie.


Pre-meal press

The post-training, glycogendepleted window is the only time refined carbohydrates, glucose and fructose should be tolerated, says McClinton. 'Mistimed refuelling and lazy eating habits underpin why so many athletes of varying levels train hard yet struggle with high levels of body fat.


Time your refuel



If youre massively craving something you know you should be avoiding to lose weight, dont rule out eating it forever just tell yourself youll have it later. This postponement strategy helps you to get over temptation, says psychology researcher Nicole Mead.

Cancel cravings

Remove the temptation of high-calorie junk food by considering what goes into making it, says Vale. Would you enjoy a box of chocolates if I told you if was made from cows milk, refined white sugar, vegetable fat and numerous chemicals?

See what you eat

You eat an average of 288 more calories when sitting in front of the box compared with when sitting at the dinner table, according to the University of Massachusetts. Belgian researchers also found that people consume up to 71% more food while glued to the TV. 134/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk


Avoid TV dinners



Available at Bodybuilding Warehouse, Predator Nutrition, Monster Supplements, Muscle Finesse, Tropicana Fitness, leading gyms & participating retailers nationwide. For UK enquiries, contact Body Temple on 01782 281222. visit: www.gasparinutrition.co.uk GaspariUK Gaspari Nutrition UK



Add more green vegetables to your meal, suggests Baptie. Green veg has a very low calorie-density, so you can be far more generous with your servings and the fibre will help keep you feeling full. The colour blue is a natural hunger suppressant because weve evolved to be wary of blue foods, which indicate poison or mould. Studies have found people who eat off a blue plate consume less than other colours.


The Turkish get-up is one of the best fat-burning moves because it involves the whole body, says Lloyd. It works every muscle group to burn fat and tests your core to craft a six-pack.

Go green


Turkish delight


Use blue plates

Reducing the size of your portion by 25% will result in you eating 10% fewer calories without feeling any hungrier, according to Pennsylvania State University.


Shrink your servings

If you must drink, choose a glass of red over a pint of lager or cider. Wine contains fewer calories and more antioxidants, especially if you pick a merlot, zinfandel or syrah, according to the University of California.


Switch your drinks

Ditch beer, drink red wine


Fizzy drinks are packed with sugars but diet pop isnt the answer. Those who drink a can a day still have a 43% greater risk of strokes and heart attacks than those who drink none, according to New Yorks Columbia University Medical Centre. Instead have a sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon and lime juice.

Ditch cola, drink fizzy water

Work out first thing before breakfast. At this time, your glycogen stores are completely depleted and your body relies mostly on your fat stores for energy, says Lloyd. Perform highintensity kettlebell training for around 15 to 45 minutes three or four times a week after a ten- to 12-hour overnight fast because this is the best way to stimulate fat oxidation.


Train early


People who ate their main meal at 8pm burned exactly the same amount of calories as others who ate their main meal at lunchtime, according to a study.

Eating late makes you fat

42 43


Eating one rather than drinking a glass of its juice will dramatically cut down the number of calories you consume, while adding a big hit of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.

Ditch orange juice, eat oranges

Grab some kettlebells

Kettlebells are ideal because so many muscle groups are activated when training with one, says kettlebell expert Jamie Lloyd (russiankettlebellsuk.com). Using your whole body will rev up your metabolism so youll continue to burn fat as energy for up to 48 hours post-workout. 136/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk

If this were true, sit-ups would be the only way to a six-pack but thats not the case. Fat around the stomach is stubborn and often the last bit to be shifted, so the only way to burn enough fat consistently so you lose it from everywhere is through the right training, diet and nutrition plan, says Baptie.


Bust the myths

You can spotreduce fat

People who skipped meals lost 3.6kg less over the course of a year than those who didnt and kept a food diary, according to a US study.

Skipping meals burns fat

Body blitz

If youre worried that training will make you want to eat more, dont be. Research has shown that after 20 minutes exercise people ate no more than those who sat on the sofa doing nothing. The only difference was that those who had exercised thought the food tasted better.


Exercise makes you eat more

The 150th tip in this comprehensive three-part guide is an appropriate one and it will definitely help you get the lean body you want. This is a quick but highly effective 150-rep fat-burning workout, says trainer Martin Rooney (trainingforwarriors.com). You do one set of ten press-ups followed by five chin-ups, then rest for as long as you want before repeating for a total of ten sets and 150 reps. The key to its effectiveness is doing it in the shortest time possible. Each week you want to keep beating your time. If you struggle with the chin-ups, do five bodyweight squats instead.


Burn baby burn

The 150-rep workout




FO WorldMags.net R





Available to order in WH Smith High Street


And all good independent Newsagents

Power ball
ome bits of workout kit are more fun to use than others. Unless youre a masochist, you probably dont relish using a recoveryenhancing foam roller at the start and finish of your session. Medicine balls, on the other hand, are a lot more enjoyable. Theyre a great bit of kit because you can chuck them around, says personal trainer Adam White (awpts.co.uk). You can also use them for maximal efforts, such as wall throws and slams. That will help develop explosive power. The other big training benefit they offer is developing stability. When you do a move such as a diamond press-up, your smaller stabilising muscles have to work hard to control the movement, says White.
Sessions per week Length of session Reps of each move Circuits Rest between circuits




Use a medicine ball to build explosive strength




3 15min 12 4 2min

4 20min 15 4 90sec

4 24min 20 5 1min


c Start by holding the ball between your legs with your back flat. c Explosively straighten up to raise the ball overhead.

Beginner 3kg Intermediate 4kg Advanced 5kg



menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/139

Words Jon Lipsey Photography Tom Miles Model Toby Rowland@WAthletic

What weight?

Value | Service | Advice
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Diamond press-up

c Place both hands on the ball in the top of a press-up position.

Just 44.99

c Lower your chest to the floor, keeping your elbows tucked in.

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Passing crunch

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c Start with the ball in your hands with your hands and feet off the floor.

Just 34.56

c Crunch up to place the ball between your knees. Return to the start then repeat the move to grab the ball back.

USN 19 Anabol Testo 180 caps + FREE Creatine X4 30 caps


order hotline

Words John doe Photography Jane doe

0844 745 1345

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Wall throw

c Stand in front of a wall, holding the ball in one hand.

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c Explosively push forward to throw the ball against the wall.

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Squat throw

c Squat down, holding the ball to your chest.

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c Explode upwards so that you leave the ground and simultaneously throw the ball.

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What are unilateral moves? Simply put, a unilateral movement uses one arm or leg rather than both to move a resistance from point A to point B. One of the most popular unilateral moves is the single-arm dumbbell biceps curl. Exercises that require the use of both arms or legs are called bilateral lifts. Why should I do them? There are many benefits to using unilateral moves. One of the main ones is the improved isolation of a target muscle with a unilateral exercise youre able to focus more on the specific area of your physique that you are trying to stimulate. Your range of movement also often increases, which can allow for a better overall muscle contraction, especially during the eccentric (lowering) phase of the repetition. Are there any other benefits? Unilateral moves will help to build a six-pack. When you take position to perform an exercise, your core will probably be recruited to some extent to hold that position. During unilateral exercises, the core will often have to fix certain muscles in place more than if you were doing the bilateral equivalent. Such moves are also great for eliminating any strength bias on one side of your body (see box). Are some unilateral moves better than others? Some exercises do lend themselves better to unilateral versions than others. For example, a flat dumbbell press performed unilaterally is very hard to stabilise, especially with a heavy weight. This makes it a poor choice of exercise. In contrast, a single-arm dumbbell row is a fantastic exercise because the body position is more stable. When deciding whether to perform an exercise unilaterally, always consider whether the body is in a stable position if it isnt, the emphasis is


Lifting with one arm or one leg at a time is a great way to balance growth, work your core and minimise injury, says trainer Adam Gethin

With a unilateral move youre able to focus more on a specific area of your physique
immediately diverted from the target muscle group, which takes away some of the tension on that muscle. Should I use free weights, bodyweight or machines to perform unilateral moves? This is almost totally dependent on your goals. There arent many bodyweight exercises the average person could do unilaterally: a single-leg bodyweight squat is probably the easiest but I wouldnt recommend it unless theres a specific reason for it. There are some fantastic machine exercises, such as the unilateral leg press and certain variations of the row. There are also many great free-weights exercises. Using a combination of free weights and machines for unilateral exercises is best. Can unilateral moves build muscle and burn fat? Of course, in the same way a bilateral movement can. Its the application of training overall rather than a specific form of exercise thats responsible for building muscle or burning fat and make no mistake, its always a good idea to include unilateral exercises in a workout if you want to achieve these goals.

Three steps that will bring balanced gains for maximum size and strength


Adam Gethin is a personal trainer, body transformation expert and editor of monstersupplements.com

Doing bilateral moves exclusively can lead to muscular imbalances because your stronger side may take control of more of the weight.

1 2

An unbalanced physique can lead to injury and poor posture, and make hitting big lifts harder.

Include unilateral moves in most workouts to give your weaker side the opportunity to develop and grow to mitigate these risks.

142/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk











Words Joe Warner Photography Duncan Nicholls Model Kirk Miller@WAthletic

Get hard abs

Build muscle and burn fat to reveal a solid six-pack

he key to building a rock-hard six-pack is to work your abs hard, regularly and from various angles to tax the different types of muscle fibre. However, training your abs exclusively wont lead to a chiselled midriff. For that you need to elicit a big growth hormone response from your body, which will add muscle everywhere and this in turn will have the added benefit of burning lots of body fat, helping to reveal your impressive abs muscles. So doing compound moves that hit numerous muscle

groups is the best way to build an impressive physique from top to toe while also giving you a six-pack and thats exactly what this months main workout will deliver. All three sessions in this programme are divided into three parts. The first is a pair of compound lifts that will test your major muscle groups while also recruiting your abs to stabilise your body. The second is a single tough move to work different muscles while still asking your abs to help out. The final superset is abs-specific to blitz those muscles for maximum response.

HOW TO DO THIS MONTHS WORKOUTS Warm up using the guide at the start of each workout. Perform a set of exercise 1A, rest for the time indicated and then perform a set of exercise 1B. Repeat until all sets of 1A and 1B are completed. Then move on to exercise 2 and complete all the sets. Finish by doing 3A and 3B as a superset, which means you complete a set of the first then immediately do a set of the second without resting. Turn over for your first workout menstness.co.uk/ menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013 menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/145



cWarm up thoroughly before you start this workout by doing some deadlifts and empty-bar bent-over rows.



Bent-over row

Sets 4 / Reps 8 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 60sec

c Start with your core braced, your back straight and your shoulder blades retracted, holding a barbell with an overhand grip. c Bend your knees slightly and lean forward from the hips so the bar hangs at knee level. c Pull the bar up to your lower chest, retracting your shoulder blades, then lower slowly to back the start.




Sets 4 / Reps 8 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 60sec

c With your core braced, shoulders retracted and back flat, squat down and grip the bar with an alternate grip. c Use your glutes to power the initial lift, pushing down through your heels. As the bar passes your knees, push your hips forward. c Lower until it touches the floor and repeat.

146/ 146/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk 146/JANUARY 2013 menstness.co.uk






Sets 3 / Reps 8 / Tempo 4010 / Rest 90sec

c Using an underhand grip, grasp the handles or a bar with your hands shoulder-width apart. c Start from a dead hang with your arms fully extended. c Pull yourself up by squeezing your lats. c Once your chin is higher than your hands, lower yourself back to the start.



Sets 4 / Reps 12 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 0sec



Sets 4 / Time 30-45sec / Rest 60sec

c Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. c Contract your abs to lift your shoulders and curl your chest towards your knees. c Pause at the top of the move, squeeze your abs, then lower slowly to the start.

c Hold your body in a straight line from head to heels with your elbows beneath your shoulders and head looking down. c Hold the position without letting your hips sag.


menstness.co.uk JANUARY 2013/147 menstness.co.uk/JANUARY 2013/147 2013/


cWarm up for this workout with bodyweight squats followed by emptybar squats and shoulder presses.



Shoulder press

Sets 4 / Reps 8 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 60sec

c With your feet shoulder-width apart, position a bar on your upper chest, gripping it so your hands are just wider than shoulder-width apart. c Keep your chest upright and your core muscles braced. c Press the bar directly upwards until your arms are extended overhead. c During the lifting phase, keep your core braced and dont tilt your hips forward. c Lower the bar back down to your chest and repeat.





Sets 4 / Reps 8 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 60sec

c Rest the bar against the back of your shoulders not on your neck and hold it with an overhand grip slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your elbows pointing down. c Your feet should be just wider than shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointing outwards slightly. c Squat until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. The deeper you can squat, the better. c Drive back up through your heels.

148/JANUARY 2013/ 148/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk /JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk /




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Three workouts a week

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Tests to rate your progress

WorldMags.net (workout_2_of_3)





Sets 3 / Reps 8 / Tempo 4010 / Rest 90sec

c Using an overhand grip, grasp the handles or a bar with your hands shoulder-width apart. c Start from a dead hang with your arms fully extended. c Pull yourself up by squeezing your lats together. c Once your chin is higher than your hands, lower yourself back to the start.


Hanging leg raise

Sets 4 / Reps 12 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 0sec


Barbell rollout
c Extend until your torso is parallel to the ground, then contract your abs to pull the bar back towards your body and return to the start position.

Sets 4 / Reps 6 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 60sec

c Get on your knees with your arms extended, holding a barbell on the floor with your hands shoulder-width apart. c Slowly roll the barbell away from your body, keeping your core braced throughout.

c Hang from a bar with your body straight. c Keeping your legs as straight as possible, use your lower abs to raise them up until they are parallel to the ground.

150 JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk 150/JANUARY 2013 menstness.co.uk





cWarm up before this workout by doing empty-bar lunges and diamond press-ups.



Triceps dip

Sets 4 / Reps 8 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 60sec

c Grip the parallel bars, keeping your body upright. c With your elbows pointing straight back, lower your body as far down as you can comfortably go without stressing your shoulders. c Keep your core braced and dont swing your legs for momentum. c Press back up powerfully but dont lock out your elbows at the top.



Barbell lunge


Sets 4 / Reps 8 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 60sec

c Stand tall with a barbell resting on the back of your shoulders. Point your elbows behind you to retract your shoulder blades and keep your back upright and core braced throughout. c Take a big step forward but make sure your knee is over your front foot and does not go beyond it. Lower until both knees are bent at 90 before pushing back off your front foot to return to the start position.

152/ 152/JANUARY 2013/ 152/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk 2013/menstness.co.uk




WorldMags.net (workout_3_of_3)




Press-up renegade row

Sets 3 / Reps 12 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 90sec

c Place a pair of dumbbells on the floor shoulder-width apart and assume a press-up position over them, with your body in a straight line from head to toe. c Lower your torso until your chest almost touches the floor, then press back up. c Shift your weight to the left side of your body, and pull the right dumbbell towards your hip in a rowing fashion. Return it to the floor slowly. c Repeat on the other side. Then perform another press-up and continue repeating.



T press-up

Sets 4 / Reps 12 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 0sec



Sets 4 / Reps 12 / Tempo 2 010 / Rest 60sec

c Start in a press-up position and lower your chest to the ground, keeping your elbows close to your side. c Press back up powerfully and at the top of the move, lift one arm off the ground and twist your torso until that arm is pointing towards the ceiling. c Lower back to the start and repeat on the other side.

c Lie flat on your back with your arms behind your head and your feet together all should be off the floor. c Contract your abs and bring your hands and feet up to meet above your stomach. Keep your legs as straight as you can and squeeze your abs at the top of the move, then slowly return to the start.

154/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk
















The NBA star on his two Olympic golds, developing a winning mentality and eating burgers every night

LeBron James

Unusually, you went straight from high-school basketball to the NBA with no college career. Was that difficult? Ive always had a good work ethic and I knew that to make the transition I was going to have to work harder than anybody else. I believe I adapted so well because of three simple reasons: confidence, natural talent and hard work. Youve lost twice in NBA finals in 2007 playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and in 2011 playing for the Miami Heat. What did you learn from those experiences? I learned that I dont like to lose. It sounds pretty obvious but you can take a negative emotion and turn it into a positive. When youre out on court, you can use a feeling of past defeat to give you focus and make you more determined. Your free-agent move to Miami brought you a lot of scrutiny and negative attention. Did it affect you? It bothered me for a while but I made a decision that was right for my family and myself. All I ever wanted was to do my talking on the court. I think that winning the NBA championships with Miami in 2012 has shown everybody what Im capable of. In 2012 you also won your second Olympic gold medal. What was that like? It was great winning gold for my country in London it shows how seriously Team USA takes the Olympics. Ill be 31 when Rio 2016 comes around but if Im fit and the coach wants me, Im there. To win three golds would be something special. How do you develop a winning mentality? In a training game you need to play with the same intensity and desire you would in a real game. You cant think it doesnt matter that you missed a shot because its only training. If you have that mentality, how will you switch to a winning one on court? Whatever sport you do, you have to approach all aspects of your training with a winning mentality. Whats your favourite aspect of training? My favourite part of training is being out on court, but when it comes to gym work I love my bike. There are so many training options on offer for top athletes today, but in my opinion its still the simple stuff that works best. The bike can give me a workout like nothing else. Whats the most unusual aspect of your training? I guess the strangest thing about my training is that I do my squats on a vibrating platform. To be honest I didnt understand it to start with, but I trust my coaches 100%. The vibrations activate more muscle cells, so youre essentially getting stronger than you would be if you were just doing normal squats. How important is nutrition to your game? Being blessed with natural talent isnt enough to make it in the NBA in 2012. You need to focus on everything. You can have all the talent in the world but if you dont take nutrition seriously youre going to be shown up on court. Would I like to eat burgers every night? Yes. I dont, because I like NBA championships and Olympic gold medals more.


Words Thomas Unsworth Photography Getty

What did I learn from losing in finals? I learned that I dont like to lose. You can use that feeling to give you focus and make you more determined
162/JANUARY 2013/menstness.co.uk



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